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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 164


Chapter 164

Return to Me My Life!!

Feng Yu Heng could do nothing but quickly finish eating her breakfast then get cleaned up with the help of the palace maids. Only after this did she say to the palace maid: ’’Tell imperial concubine mother for me that I have gone over to see her Highness the Empress.’’

The palace maid complied and continued to help her tidy up her dress. Only then did she relax and allow Feng Yu Heng to follow the eunuch.

In order to ensure Feng Yu Heng was not seen by anyone, the sedan was carried into Winter Moon Palace. The moment she exited her bedroom, she climbed into the sedan and sat, as the sedan was carried by some strong eunuchs over towards the Empress' palace.

When she arrived, the Empress was accompanying Princess Xiang sitting in a heated area of a side hall. Princess Xiang was so ill that she could not sit under her own power. She relied upon a servant to help her remain sitting. The Empress was advising her: ’’Lying down is fine. Wait for the Heng girl to come, and she will take a look at your illness.’’

Princess Xiang was very stubborn and resolutely shook her head: ’’Many thanks mother Empress for the sympathy. Daughter-in-law is meeting younger sister for the first time. It would not be too good to not even be sitting up straight just because of illness.’’

The Empress lightly sighed: ’’She is a doctor. How could she not understand a patient's needs. Aren't you over thinking it?’’

Princess Xiang still shook her head, resolutely remaining seated.

Upon seeing this scene, Feng Yu Heng sped up her pace and quickly walked over to the two then knelt to greet: ’’A-Heng greets your Highness the Empress. Long live the Empress.’’

The Empress smiled and said: ’’Just as we were talking about you, you arrived. There is no need for such ceremony, get up.’’

’’Many thanks your Highness.’’ Feng Yu Heng stood up and greeted Princess Xiang: ’’Greetings to Princess Xiang.’’

Princess Xiang looked at her, her gaze containing a bit of probing.

Feng Yu Heng did not evade it. She calmly met her gaze, and the two looked at each other for a while. Princess Xiang finally could not endure and acknowledged her loss in exhaustion, but she also let out a sigh of relief, saying: ’’You and your extremely beautiful elder sister are different.’’

Feng Yu Heng understood. With the matter of Chen Yu wanting to enter the Xiang Palace and become the official princess, and her being bedridden for many years with an illness, it was impossible for her to have no awareness. Although it was said that she was coming to treat her illness as a doctor, she was still Feng Chen Yu's little sister. The other side being cautious and probing her was inevitable.

She smiled and advanced a few steps and personally took over supporting Princess Xiang: ’’The Emperor permitted me to call him father Emperor, so A-Heng will not be an outside and will call you third sister-in-law. Third sister-in-law should lie down first. After A-Heng has finished checking your pulse, we can discuss other things.’’

The Empress stood up from the sofa and said: ’’Inviting you into the palace was the Emperor's idea. Having A-Heng treat your illness was also the Emperor's idea. Just relax and allow her to take a look at now. Regardless of whether she can treat your or not, this was the Emperor's desire.’’ The official Princess Xiang is you. Feng Chen Yu wants to enter Xiang Palace, but there will be no entrance.

Princess Xiang was a smart person and naturally understood that the Emperor and Empress had put in some thought and quickly said: ’’Daughter-in-law thanks father Emperor and mother Empress.’’ She then looked at Feng Yu Heng, her facial color recovering slightly, ’’I will trouble younger sister.’’

Seeing her finally lie down, she smiled. Only then did she also sit down on the side of the sofa and fell the other person's wrist. She carefully checked her pulse.

’’Third sister-in-law, every morning when you wake up, will your face be severely swollen? After noon, your legs will also swell, but after some rest, it will slowly disappear. Every day, you feel weak and tired, and you sweat often and even urinate blood. This is accompanied with dizziness, feelings of breathlessness and swelling in the chest?’’

Princess Xiang nodded, ’’The problems you have mentioned, I have all of them.’’ Thinking a little more, she added: ’’A-Heng, really has been more accurate than other doctors.’’

Feng Yu Heng put down her wrist and began feeling her eyelids before saying: ’’Third sister-in-law, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.’’

Princess Xiang did as asked.

After Feng Yu Heng looked at the tongue, she had already reached an understanding. It was kidney inflammation, severe glomerulus inflammation;however, whether it was the original problem or just a secondary problem, she still had no way to determine.

This was considered a chronic disease. It would not be life threatening immediately, but if left untreated, it would cause even more problems. Anaemia and a weakening of the heart would also become more pronounced. In the 21st century, medicine could be used to control it, but in this era, even if heart medicine was given for a few years, it would only end with the person dying. It was truly torturous for the person.

’’Third sister-in-law, has anyone in your maternal family had a similar illness?’’ She had to understand Princess Xiang's family medical history because this sort of illness was mostly hereditary. If this possibility could be excluded, in the worst case, it would mean someone else had done something. Of course, the possibility of glomerulus inflammation as a secondary symptom was also increased.

Princess Xiang heard her ask this and began to seriously ponder. She then shook her head, ’’No, everyone in my maternal family was healthy, and none had ever suffered a serious illness like mine.’’

Feng Yu Heng let out another sigh. Based on this, she could basically determine that this illness was not the origin. She could almost definitely determine that this illness was a result of some other illness. Adding on the lack of medical knowledge in this era, if someone else had done some odd things, it would be odd for the illness to improve.

She looked carefully once more towards Princess Xiang and saw that her face did not have any color. Her lips were cracked and dry, and her eyes looked empty. Her hair was a little yellow. She clearly had not reached 30 years of age, but she actually looked older than the Empress.

’’Third sister-in-law, listen to me. From now on, the medicine you were eating, stop eating them. You must not continue using them. I will personally prepare new medicine for you. They are not permitted to pass through the hands of others.’’ She spoke while looking towards the Empress: ’’I do not know if it is convenient for your Highness to allow third sister-in-law to live her. A-Heng fears that if she returns to Xiang Palace, all of the hard work will have been for naught.’’

How could the Empress not understand the meaning behind these kind words. Since she was to stop taking the medicine, it meant that either the previous medicine accomplished nothing or even caused some problems. Now, she was not even permitted to return to Xiang Palace. It showed what type of place Xiang Palace was on a daily basis.

The Empress sighed and nodded: ’’This side room was prepared exactly for this sort of thing. The Emperor had already given the order to allow Princess Xiang to remain here until her health has recovered before she can return to her palace. A-Heng, you should also avoid returning to Winter Moon Palace. Going there and coming back will increase the chance of being seen. There is another heated room that you can live in.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Your Highness is truly thorough in your considerations.’’

The Empress advanced a couple steps and held Princess Xiang's hand, saying: ’’Calmly live here for a while. This is something your father Emperor agreed to. Nobody can say anything. Either way, Ye'er had chosen you, so he definitely will not be able to enter my palace.’’

Princess Xiang felt grateful and wanted to stand but was held down by the Empress: ’’Don't move around too much. You and A-Heng can chat for a while. This one will go see if his Majesty has dismissed court yet. I need to give him a reply.’’

The Empress finished speaking and left the heated room. Feng Yu Heng also waved her hand to dismiss the palace maids in the room and waited for only the two of them to remain. Only then did she look at Princess Xiang and faintly said: ’’In reality, third sister-in-law, you should be clear how your illness became as severe as it has, right?’’

Princess Xiang was slightly shocked then smiled bitterly: ’’A-Heng, why do you speak so frankly.’’

’’If I do not speak frankly, I truly would not know if third sister-in-law wants to live or die.’’ She was also helpless, ’’You have been forced to take medicine for this long, yet you did not think to resist?’’

Princess Xiang supported herself and rose. Feng Yu Heng put a soft cushion behind her back for her to lean on then heard Princess Xiang say: ’’How could I not have resisted. At the beginning, when I first became ill, I believed it;however, not only did I not get better, I got worse and worse. Thus I became suspicious. One time, I followed my own servant and saw her having intercourse with one of Xuan Tian Ye's bodyguards. As for my medicine, it was all handled by her. That time, I refused to eat the medicine, and Xuan Tian Ye removed the servant. The next person to arrive was a granny invited by my maternal family. The doctor changed, and so did the prescription. Only then did I relax. But this body did not improve up to this point. Now, I even find it difficult to walk.’’

Sure enough.

Feng Yu Heng lightly sighed, ’’Everyone speaks of how good it is after marrying into the palace. There will be no lack of food or clothes;however, with just one slip, life can be over.’’

Princess Xiang held a trace of hope and asked her: ’’Can my illness be treated?’’ Thinking a little more, she frankly confessed to her: ’’I don't want to die! At the time Xuan Tian Ye married me, he was the Emperor's least favored son. It was with my maternal family's showing that he could perform some meritorious services. Only then did this allow him to sit as equals with the other princes. But now that he is fully fledged, my value had exploded into nothing. Now, he wants to look for a new person to act as his springboard. How could I allow that to succeed?’’

Although sick, bringing up her formerly beloved man, who she now hated, Princess Xiang's eyes revealed some hatred. Her listless face finally showed some signs of life.

Feng Yu Heng liked people like this. Hating the enemy was always better than how Yao shi was, always giving way to others. Some people were just shameless. The more you endured them, the more they aggravated. Feng Jin Yuan was like this. Now, it seemed the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, was no better.

’’Third sister-in-law, don't worry.’’ She gave Princess Xiang a calming pill, ’’Your illness, A-Heng can cure, but there were no preparations made for today. Third sister-in-law, rest here for a while and give A-Heng some time to make some preparations. Tomorrow, I will cure your illness.’’

’’If that is the case, then many thanks younger sister.’’ Princess Xiang smiled, the hatred in her face immediately vanishing, as she began to feel exhaustion once again.

Feng Yu Heng pondered for a while then reached a hand into her sleeve. She pulled out a pill of Western medicine from her space. She personally poured a bowl of water for Princess Xiang to wash down the medicine. Only then did she say: ’’Rest. I will be in the heated room next door. Remember, no matter who gives you medicine, do not eat it. For lunch, I will come over and eat with you. Although this is the imperial palace, it is hard to know which people have been paid by the third princes. Not to hide it from third sister-in-law, the granny invited by your maternal family might also be one of his Highness the third prince's people.’’

After Feng Yu Heng finished speaking, she did not remain. She turned around and left.

In reality, she did not need to make any preparations. All of the medical pills and instruments were in her space, but she had to find a reasonable explanation for the origin of these medicines. Pondering, she decided to have the Empress arrange a trip for her to the imperial doctor's courtyard. So long as she remained there for a couple hours, it would be good enough.

This request of hers was naturally accepted by the Empress, thus Feng Yu Heng spent the entire day holed up in the pharmacy of the imperial doctor's courtyard. Only when evening came did she return.

When she returned, she held a basket. In the basket were all kinds of medicines and injections that she had pulled from her space.

Three days later, the Feng family's group reached the capital's gates. The carriage drivers all let out a sigh of relief, as they thought to themselves that they finally completed their journey. They feared that they would meet again with someone similar to Bu Cong. What if their temper was not good, they feared their lives would be hard to preserve.

The people of the Feng family and the drivers felt the same. Feng Jin Yuan was the first to lift the curtain of his carriage and look towards the capital's gates. Only when he saw the familiar sight did he calm down.

Long ago, at some point on the trip, An shi brought Xiang Rong to sit with Yao shi. At this time, Yao shi was anxiously holding An shi's hand and asking her: ’’Tell me, do you think A-Heng will be at home?’’

An shi shook her head, ’’She shouldn't be. Since the ninth prince brought her back, he should not be returning her so casually to the Feng family. If the Feng family wants to bring the second young miss back, I fear that they will need to pay a price.’’

Just as the two were speaking, the sound of the zither entered their ears. The tone was very sad and was clearly a funeral song. Then came a singing voice that sang: ’’Lord Feng, please return the second young miss' life!’’


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