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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 163


Chapter 163

Receiving an Imperial Grace From the Emperor

The official princess of the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, had been sick over the past few years. The imperial physicians had been to see her who knows how many times, but they could not discover anything. This continued year after year, and apparently she was becoming weaker by the day.

Zhang Yuan heard the Emperor's question and went forward to reply: ’’Princess Xiang's illness remains untreatable for the doctors. Recently, I heard that her condition has worsened, and there are worries that she might not survive through this Winter.’’

The Emperor frowned and pondered for a while, but his gaze slowly moved towards Feng Yu Heng.

How could Feng Yu Heng not understand the Emperor's thoughts. She quickly took the initiative and said: ’’Allow daughter-in-law to take a look.’’

The Emperor was very satisfied with Feng Yu Heng showing initiative and followed up with a question: ’’Do you have a handle on how to cure her?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’No, daughter-in-law has never met Princess Xiang, and do not know what sort of illness she is suffering from.’’

’’Un.’’ The Emperor felt her words were reasonable. He then said to Zhang Yuan: ’’Go inform the Empress. Have her pass along notice to Princess Xiang to enter the palace. If she is so ill that she can not walk, carry her in for Us.’’

Zhang Yuan complied once more and personally trotted towards the Empress' palace.

The Emperor had indeed become advanced in age. At this time, he felt a little tired. Xuan Tian Hua personally helped him move to the throne side of the partition and also helped him change clothes, wash his face and clean his mouth.

Feng Yu Heng also made use of the tea preparation room in one of Zhao He hall's side rooms to prepare a calming tea.

But in reality, using the tea preparation room was just a cover. The calming tea was actually something she had pulled out of her space. Not only was the quality of the tea leaves higher, most importantly, the way in which it was made and the technology used to make it far surpassed what was available in this era by many times. The fragrance of the tea was thicker and the texture more pure.

A cup of tea was carried out from the tea preparation room. It was brought all the way over to the throne, when the lid was taken off. The Emperor felt the fragrance of tea coming over, but it did not have that as strong a stimulating effect. Light and gentle, it made him want to smell it some more.

’’What tea is this?’’ He received it and smelled it for a while, not able to determine what tea it was.

’’Daughter-in-law prepared it for father Emperor to relax.’’ She avoided the important details and gave a broad explanation.

The Emperor did not find it odd. Raising it up, he took a sip. After it entered his mouth, it was even more pure than when he smelled it. He took another couple sips then could endure no longer. He tossed his head back and downed the entire cup.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’If father Emperor likes it, after A-Heng returns home, I will send some more into the palace, does that sound good?’’

The Emperor looked at her and was a little amused, ’’Your father is performing a funeral on his way back to the capital. That funeral is for you and that son of the first wife.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled helplessly and did not say anything.

The Emperor continued: ’’We will also give you an opportunity. If you can successfully cure Princess Xiang's illness, We will give you an Imperial grace. How is that?’’

Feng Yu Heng took a step back and knelt down then solemnly said: ’’Daughter-in-law thanks father Emperor for the Imperial grace.’’

These words of thanks for the imperial grace caused the Emperor to be stunned. He then reacted and said: ’’What sort of imperial grace do you want from Us?’’

Feng Yu Heng covered her mouth and did not speak.

The Emperor waved his hand: ’’Forget it, when the time comes, We will agree to give you what you want.’’

Feng Yu Heng bowed her head down once more: ’’Many thanks father Emperor for allowing daughter-in-law to treat Princess Xiang's illness.’’

The Emperor nodded, ’’Smart girl. With Princess Xiang treated, that eldest sister who wants to marry into the Xiang Palace will be given an even harder time.’’

Feng Yu Heng lightly smiled but did not speak.

The Emperor turned around and sat on his imperial bed. Xuan Tian Hua helped him take off his shoes and socks. At the same time he flipped over some brocade, the Emperor once again sighed with emotion: ’’No matter who is cured, it can not be compared to curing Ming'er's legs. When your family's matters have calmed down a bit, take care of Ming'er's legs.’’

’’Daughter-in-law has received the order.’’

That night, Xuan Tian Hua left the palace and returned to Chun Palace. Xuan Tian Ming accompanied Feng Yu Heng and went to imperial concubine Yun's Winter Moon Palace.

Since she had come to the palace, she would have to go greet imperial concubine Yun. Feng Yu Heng decided to stay in Winter Moon Palace. Since Winter Moon Palace could not be entered by anyone other than the two princes, imperial concubine Yun could be considered on her side. Given her current refugee status, this could not be more perfect.

Along the way, Feng Yu Heng pushed Xuan Tian Ming along. A twelve year old girl's body pushing along a grown man required a bit of energy. Especially since it was an ancient wooden wheelchair made of wood, which was already very heavy. Adding on Xuan Tian Ming's weight, it was truly a bit of a struggle for her.

Feng Yu Heng walked and sighed: ’’Even if I treat your legs, it is not something that can be treated in just a few instants. At a later date, I will give you a different type of wheelchair.’’ She recalled that there was a modern wheelchair in her pharmacy. It was both light and shock absorbants thanks to the rubber on the wheels. If Xuan Tian Ming sat in one of those wheelchairs, it would be easier for her to push him.

Xuan Tian Ming did not have much of a concept of such things. Either way, Feng Yu Heng said she would give him something, so he nodded and agreed. Thinking a little more, he recalled some news that Ban Zou had brought back: ’’Do you want to know how Feng Zi Hao died?’’

She obviously wanted to know.

Thus, Xuan Tian Ming spoke in an excellent voice and told her about what happened at the Feng clan residence. Of course, these were all things told to him by Wang Chuan and Huang Quan. He was simply embellishing the story slightly. His original intention was to watch Feng Yu Heng's little face turn red. Who knew that not only did this girl's face not turn red, it showed a joyous expression, as she shouted: ’’That is to say, Feng Zi Hao finally had his way? Hahaha! Xuan Tian Ming, this is truly good news.’’

He grinned, what the hell! A twelve year old girl hearing this type of thing would actually have this type of reaction?

But he also expressed his feelings: ’’Feng Zi Hao has died. Feng Chen Yu, however, is still alive. Do you want me to help you do deal with her?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head like a pellet drum: ’’No need no need! Daring to drug me, her future should not be something as simple as just death. Xuan Tian Ming, just you wait and see. I must skin every layer Feng Chen Yu's skin for all to see!’’

Her words were said with ferocity, and a glimmer filled her eyes. Xuan Tian Ming just happened to turn around to look at her and could not help but give her a few words of advice: ’’Dealing with others is fine, but don't get angry yourself.’’

She then turned back around and said with a giggle: ’’Don't worry! I will treat dealing with her as a pleasure. Moreover, I definitely do not believe that this was something that only involved Feng Chen Yu and Feng Zi Hao. That medicine for example, where exactly did Feng Chen Yu is something worth looking into. Either way, we must keep her around to find the people acting behind the scenes.’’

’’You truly do not need my help?’’

’’No need.’’ The corners of her lips curled up into a beautiful arc, ’’This is a fight between women. A man like you should not interfere. It is as father Emperor said. When the matters of my family have been taken care of, it will be time to treat your legs.’’

’’Good.’’ Xuan Tian Ming nodded, but made some basic rules: ’’But you must promise me, in the future, no matter what happens, you must tell me. You absolutely must not keep me in the dark. After a while, there will be training at the military barracks, so I will not be able to visit Tong Sheng pavilion at night. Be a little more careful.’’

’’It's fine.’’ She easily replied, ’’You busy yourself with your matters. I will definitely go look for you if anything arises.’’

When the two arrived at Winter Moon Palace, imperial concubine Yun had not yet rested. She was currently in the hall next to the moon viewing platform playing with a cat.

The cat was a grey color, and its shape was round and fat. Its four legs covered in short coarse hairs, and its coat was short and thick. Its head was large and face round, which made it very cute.

Feng Yu Heng did not have much knowledge of small animals, but she could still tell that this cat was most likely what was called a later generation British short hair. She thought to herself, did this era have British shorts?

She pushed Xuan Tian Ming and walked over. She then let go of the wheelchair and went to pay respects to imperial concubine Yun: ’’Daughter-in-law greets imperial concubine mother. Good evening imperial concubine mother.’’

Not waiting for imperial concubine Yun to respond, the small cat suddenly let out a ’’meow’’ and ran over. It rushed straight for Feng Yu Heng. That closeness would cause people who weren't familiar to think that the cat had seen its mother. After Feng Yu Heng subconsciously put out her hand to hold it, it even stuck out its small tongue and licked it a few times.

Imperial concubine Yun could not help but exclaim: ’’I have already played with this kitten for almost a month, yet I have never seen it get close to me. Even when it comes to feeding it, it stays far away from me. Holding it is even further out of the question. Instead, it is you who acquired its love... Forget it. Since it seems this is predestined, I will gift it to you.’’

The British short hair was a breed of cat that was really beloved. Normally speaking, so long as it was not someone who disliked small animals, they would all like them.

Feng Yu Heng was the same.

Once she picked up this cat, she did not want to let it go. Hearing imperial concubine say that she would gift it to her, she quickly bowed and said: ’’Daughter-in-law thanks imperial concubine mother for the gift.’’ Thinking a little more: ’’May I inquire if imperial concubine mother has given this cat a name?’’

Imperial concubine Yun nodded, ’’It's called Bao Zi.’’1

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming both praised it, saying: ’’Sure enough, it is shaped like one.’’

Imperial concubine Yun, however, only smiled and said: ’’It's just for relieving boredom.’’ Looking again at Feng Yu Heng, she cut straight to the chase: ’’You came here to my place to hide?’’

Feng Yu Heng replied in embarrassment: ’’Not to hide it from imperial concubine mother. That is indeed the case.’’

’’Then just live here. Either way, there is nobody who will come to Winter Moon Palace. You can accompany me and chat. That should help stave off boredom.’’

Feng Yu Heng originally wanted to chat a little while longer, but after smelling the air, she felt that something was slightly off about the fragrance in the hall. Searching all over, her gaze finally landed on the incense burner in the middle of the hall: ’’Imperial concubine mother, what incense is this?’’

Imperial concubine Yun stared at her, not replying for a while: ’’Those that know medicine indeed have good noses. The Emperor awarded it to the head concubine. I thought it was not bad and decided to use it here.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head in disapproval: ’’Imperial concubine mother, do you know what this incense is used for?’’

Imperial concubine Yun sneered: ’’Of course I know. If it is used for an extended period of time, children can not be born. The Emperor only knows this one trick.’’


’’You will age a little faster than normal.’’ Imperial concubine Yun said this very casually. It was as though she was talking about something unrelated to her. It seemed as though she had already used it for about a month.

Xuan Tian Ming became angry, ’’You still use it even though you know?’’

However, she said: ’’It's better to be a bit older. Nobody will worry once I am older.’’

’’It has been so many years, why are you still troubled over it?’’ Xuan Tian Ming was extremely puzzled by imperial concubine Yun's behavior, ’’Is there any point in getting mad at him like this?’’

A slight change came to imperial concubine Yun's face. It seemed as though she had begun recalling a memory, but it was full of resentment, reluctance and even more heartless.

’’Disgusting.’’ She only said this then turned to leave, but as she left, she said: ’’You two go rest. Do not remain here for too long. A little girl should not smell this for too long.’’

Xuan Tian Ming, however, raised his voice and said to her: ’’You can't use this anymore either!’’ An angry expression appeared on his face. He waved his hand and gave an order to the servants: ’’Get this incense out of here for this prince! Throw it all away. It may never be used again!’’

Imperial concubine Yun only faintly said: ’’We'll do as you say then.’’ She then exited the hall.

Feng Yu Heng could see that Xuan Tian Ming had truly become angry and quickly comforted him: ’’It's fine. I will prepare an incense for her later on to help imperial concubine mother's bdoy. It will be fine.’’

Finally returning to the resting quarters, Xuan Tian Ming sent her into the room then left the palace. She held the kitten named Bao Zi and stood before the bed. The window just happened to be facing in the direction of the Feng manor. The corners of the girl's lips curled up slightly, as she truly began to miss her Tong Sheng pavilion.

The next day, before it was time to pay respects to imperial concubine Yun, the palace maids of Winter Moon Palace brought in an unfamiliar eunuch to see Feng Yu Heng. The eunuch bowed deeply to Feng Yu Heng then said: ’’Princess Xiang entered the palace early this morning. Presently, she is sitting in the Empress' palace. Her Highness had this servant come to invite you over. The sedan has already been prepared.’’

1: She named it steamed bun.


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