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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 157


Chapter 157

Prime Minister Feng, Can Your Lowly Hidden Guard Defeat Us?

She was completely unable to accept this reality. Holding her head with both hands, she let out a shrill shriek then desperately ran outside.

The matriarch anxiously shouted: ’’Quickly stopped her!’’ She then prodded granny Zhao at her side: ’’Find some clothes! Quickly go find clothes!’’

Where was granny Zhao to go find clothes. Helpless, she could only take off her own cloak. Seeing that a servant had stopped Chen Yu, she quickly went forward and wrapped her up in the cloak.

Chen Yu's entire body trembled. This time, she was not pretending. She had truly lost her mind. As she trembled, she repeatedly shouted: ’’Kill him! Kill Feng Zi Hao! Quickly! Kill him!’’

Looking at Chen Yu's current appearance, Han shi felt a joy swell inside her chest. The fall of Feng Chen Yu allowed her to see a glimmer of hope for Fen Dai. She looked to the side at Xiang Rong, who had her eyes covered by An shi. She then felt that this girl was also a huge eyesore. If something also happened to Xiang Rong, the Feng family would only have Fen Dai left as a young miss. Whether she was a daughter of the first wife or daughter of a concubine, what difference did it make?

’’Ah!’’ Han shi let out a long shout and mysteriously said: ’’The person has been killed long ago. If he's to be killed again, it would just be flogging a corpse. Tsk tsk, eldest young miss, did you not see it! You usually maintain the appearance of a saint, but you are actually so unrestrained in private. This isn't your first time with the eldest young master, right? I remember that year that the eldest young master had already climbed into your bed. What's more, he was even sleeping on the same pillow.’’

’’You're spouting nonsense!’’ Chen Yu raised a hand, wanting to hit Han shi;however, this was dodged by Han shi. Chen Yu then turned around to face Feng Jin Yuan and shouted: ’’Father, Chen Yu is innocent! Innocent!’’

Everyone rolled their eyes. Innocent? Everyone had clearly seen it, so what the hell sort of innocent was this!

Feng Jin Yuan had never been this angry before. He even felt a trace of despair.

Coldly looking at Feng Chen Yu, he began pondering. Did this daughter have any value left?

This was Feng Jin Yuan. He actually did not dote on Chen Yu. What he doted on was how Chen Yu had been proclaimed the aspect of the phoenix from a young age. If this aspect of the phoenix were shifted to another daughter, it would be the same.

Feng Chen Yu understood her father too well. The trace of despair that could be seen in Feng Jin Yuan's eyes was spotted by her. In that instant, a single sentence popped into her mind: ’’It's over!’’


She desperately shook her head and shouted loudly- ’’No! Father, you can't give up on me! I am your Chen Yu. I am your most beloved daughter. I will become the Empress! Father! Daughter promises that after becoming the Empress, the Feng family will be protected. When that time comes, the Feng family will get whatever it wants!’’

’’Shut your mouth!’’ The matriarch felt more and more disgusted the more she looked at Chen Yu, ’’What sort of nonsense are you spouting? How will you become the Empress? The Empress is still happily sitting in the palace!’’

’’It's in the future!’’ Chen Yu completely could not understand what the matriarch was saying, as she continued explaining: ’’I am talking about the future! In the future, when I am the Empress and the third prince is the Emperor! The Feng family will immediately become prosperous! So long as the old Emperor dies, the world will become our Feng family's!’’


Furious, Feng Jin Yuan stomped over. Raising his foot, he kicked at Chen Yu's chest- ’’A bunch of nonsense!’’

Chen Yu was kicked quite a distance, as she coughed up a mouthful of blood. A dizzying feeling began to surge forth, but she forcefully stopped herself from fainting. Fainting would be death. She had just lost her honor, so the Feng family definitely would not pity her any longer.

Chen Yu did her best to maintain her consciousness. Raising her head, she just happened to see Wang Chuan looking towards her from Yao shi's side. In a sudden realization, she seemed to recall that before this matter, she suddenly felt her entire body turn hot. That feeling was similar to having been drugged. As for when Feng Zi Hao touched her, she even felt that he was very cool to the touch.

She realized that something was not quite right and suddenly stood up. She staggered a few steps then rushed towards Wang Chuan and grabbed her collar- ’’ It was Feng Yu Heng, am I right? It must be that Feng Yu Heng has returned! Did she come to take revenge on me? Hahaha! Feng Yu Heng, that drug was originally meant for you. How did she not die in that big fire? Feng Yu Heng! Get out here! Come out!’’

Chen Yu shouted wildly in the room as though she had gone crazy. Wang Chuan truly wished that she could bring Feng Yu Heng out, unfortunately, she would not appear.

Yao shi, however, heard something worth mentioning and immediately asked Feng Chen Yu: ’’What drug are you talking about? What drug did you give to A-Heng?’’

’’The exact same drug that I was given!’’ Chen Yu shouted herself hoarse, ’’That drug was originally for her to consume. Who was it that sent it to my room? Father, I was drugged by someone!’’

Xiang Rong could no longer endure and loudly said: ’’Eldest sister, you personally admitted to drugged second sister. Why must you still make unfounded counter-claims? Where exactly did you send second sister off to?’’

Unfortunately, Chen Yu did not respond to her question. She only fell to the ground and cried.

An shi looked at Feng Jin Yuan and helplessly said: ’’Husband, do you not feel that you owe second young miss too much?’’

Jin Zhen wiped away a tear and also said: ’’Second young miss is truly too pitiable.’’

’’Pitiable?’’ Chen Yu began shrieking: ’’How can she be pitiable as me? She is a wretched person! What about me?’’

Han shi looked as though she were enjoying a good play, as she watched Chen Yu throw her tantrum. Licking the corners of her lips, she spoke without fear: ’’Ah! As I see it, the Feng family has most likely become possessed, or it is seeing retribution. Thinking about it, this is also the case. Previously, the second young miss was chased away into the mountains, and what was the result? She came back with the sole intent of revenge. After that, you have chased away the fourth young miss to a residence in the suburbs of the capital. How are things now? Retribution has come, right?’’

The matriarch swung her cane over, causing Han shi to yelp in pain and shout- ’’What are you hitting me for? Was what I said wrong? Now that eldest young miss has been wasted, and the second young miss is most likely dead, why can my Fen Dai not come back? Think about it carefully. The Feng family is almost out of young misses!’’

Han shi's words caused the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan to think carefully.

That's right! The Feng family was almost out of young misses. Not only that, even their eldest son to the first wife had died.

The matriarch looked at Feng Zi Hao's corpse in the middle of the pool of blood. Tears flowed from her old eyes, as she could not help but begin to hate Chen Yu- ’’You had the heart to harm others, but in the end, not only have you harmed yourself, you caused your brother to die. Feng Chen Yu, how could you be the aspect of the phoenix. As I see if, you are the natural enemy of the Feng family!’’ The matriarch fiercely glared at Chen Yu and continued to press her: ’’Just like this, my grandson was killed because of you. Feng Chen Yu, you should have never existed in this world! What aspect of the phoenix? What Empress? How much has the Feng family lost because of you? You caused Zi Hao's death, and you caused A-Heng's whereabouts to be unknown. The Feng family does not have a daughter like you!’’

Feng Jin Yuan walked over and held the matriarch, ’’Mother, do not get angry. Take care of your body.’’

’’How can I not be angry?’’ The matriarch looked at Feng Jin Yuan: ’’I originally did not approve of your decision to develop Chen Yu, but that Chen shi would frequently bring up the words of Taoist Zi Yang as advice. I saw that you took his words to heart, so I also gave my consent. Now, whoever, Jin Yuan, I must ask you. Marrying a daughter like this to the third prince, are you sacrificing the Feng family or ruining the Feng family? The Feng family will meet with a disaster!’’

Feng Jin Yuan naturally understood this logic. Earlier, he truly wanted to slap Chen Yu to death with a single slap. But when he raised his hand, he could not bring himself to do it.

There was always a trace of hope in his heart. This matter was only known by the Feng family's people. If they did not speak of it, could it not be taken as having never happened? As for the matter of Chen Yu no longer being a virgin, they would find a way to fool the other party. This was not impossible.

Chen Yu could see the pity appear on Feng Jin Yuan's face, which caused some hope to appear in her heart. She quickly knelt before him and bitterly begged: ’’Father! This was not Chen Yu's plan. It was big brother. Big brother had barged in! Chen Yu was the one who was hurt! Wu... father must support Chen Yu. Chen Yu has been so terribly harmed!’’

Feng Jin Yuan was still pondering and did not immediately respond. The clan elder could no longer continue watching this scene. Letting out a long sigh, he said: ’’I will give you two days. After two days, please immediately leave the Feng clan residence. There is no need to go up the mountain to make offerings. From this day onward, Feng Tong county's Feng family has no relation with you. You lot... look out for yourselves!’’

It was another look out for yourselves. The clan elder did not look back as he left.

This time, the matriarch did not have the face to go beg. To speak of going up the mountain to make offerings, what face did she have now to go meet with old man Feng?

’’Servants!’’ Finally, Feng Jin Yuan began giving orders, ’’Drag Yi Yue's corpse out of here. Place the eldest young master's corpse in a coffin and bury it on Qi Feng Mountain outside of the ancestral burial ground. The happenings of today must be kept a secret for this prime minister. Anyone who speaks a single word of it to outsiders, do not blame this prime minister for being ruthless!’’

These words gave Chen Yu a path to freedom.

Yao shi frowned and looked at him, her eyes filled with scrutiny.

Feng Jin Yuan turned his head away, not wanting to look at Yao shi. Waving his hand again, he called for his hidden guard: ’’Keep watch over the eldest young miss. Do not allow her to leave your sight!’’

’’Yes!’’ The hidden guard moved and directly stood behind Feng Chen Yu.

How could Chen Yu care whether a hidden guard watched over her or not. So long as she had a chance at life, she was willing to do anything.

The matriarch, however, felt her heart cool upon hearing Feng Jin Yuan's arrangements. After enduring it for a long time, there was still a question that escaped her mouth: ’’Then what about A-Heng? Your other daughter, will you continue searching?’’

Feng Jin Yuan said: ’’We will continue searching for another two days. If she can't be found, then she will be considered dead.’’

’’Feng Jin Yuan!’’ Yao shi gritted her teeth, ’’You are not human!’’

Feng Jin Yuan frowned tightly and gave another order to the hidden guard: ’’Also keep watch over Yao shi!’’

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan immediately took a step forward and said in unison: ’’Who dares?’’

Feng Jin Yuan became furious: ’’At what point in time did two servants from the outside have a say in my Feng family's matters?’’

How could Wang Chuan and Huang Quan fear him? They continued to stare at Feng Jin Yuan as though they were looking at sand. Wang Chuan then said: ’’The matters of the Feng family, us servants can do nothing about, but madam is the future princess' mother. Us servants must care about such things. Moreover’’ she glared at the hidden guard standing behind Chen Yu, ’’Prime Minister Feng, are you certain that your hidden guard has the ability to deal with us?’’

The hidden guard lowered his head following Wang Chuan's words. He indeed did not have the ability to deal with them. With just the two girls, it was already enough of a problem;moreover, there was still the even-more-terrifying Ban Zou.

Feng Jin Yuan also knew that Wang Chuan was not exaggerating, but he truly could not feel reconciled. Thus, he stared at Yao shi and said: ’’At the end of the day, you are still the Feng family's concubine. Think carefully on how you should behave.’’

He angrily snorted and no longer spoke. He simply watched the servants enter and exit the room, as they took care of the room. Chen Yu was still kneeling on the ground, endlessly sobbing.

It was at this time that Jin Zhen noticed from the corner of her eye, a servant girl sneakily looking into the room.

She immediately recognized the servant girl and quickly pointed out the door, loudly shouting ’’Grab her! Quickly grab her!’’

Nobody knew what Jin Zhen's words meant, but Huang Quan immediately began moving. In a flash, she firmly grabbed the servant and forcefully tossed her into the room.

This servant was none other than the servant who had collaborated with Feng Zi Hao to harm Feng Yu Heng.

Having been pushed by Huang Quan, she landed before Feng Zi Hao's body, which had not yet been put in a coffin. Once the servant saw Feng Zi Hao's face, she let out a frightened scream and fainted.


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