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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 156


Chapter 156

Mixing of Men and Women

Outside the door, Feng Zi Hao energetically burst through the door. The instant he saw Chen Yu, however, he was completely stunned.

He had always been a womanizer, and even he did not know how often he dreamed of his beautiful younger sister. But no matter how much he thought, he was never able to imagine what Chen Yu's body looked like. A national beauty, what exactly did that phrase mean. Feng Zi Hao had never been able to witness it.

Today, he finally witnessed it!

Furthermore, it was Chen Yu who took the initiative!

Feng Zi Hao truly did not know what sort of thing he had amassed for his ever proud younger sister to actually take the initiative to meet with him in her room. Not only that, but she also gave him this beautiful scene to look at.

Feng Zi Hao drooled as he went forward and hugged Chen Yu. In an instant, his mind became a haze.

Along with Chen Yu's beauty causing a suffocating feeling, there was also seemingly an some sort of external stimulus causing this restlessness.

But Feng Zi Hao was completely incapable of realizing that there was something wrong with the room. In his eyes, him coming across a Chen Yu in this state could not possibly be more normal.

He hugged Chen Yu while slowly backing her up to the side of the bed. Her soft chest was causing his mind to become a little dazed.

As for Chen Yu, it seemed as though she was in a firestorm but had suddenly found a pillar of ice. She had to hug it tightly;otherwise, she would be lost in this firestorm.

Just like this, a brother and a sister fell together onto the bed.

But at some point, another person was thrown onto the bed.

The two were now under the influence of the drug and could hardly keep their eyes open. Feng Zi Hao subconsciously pulled that person over too. Not paying any heed, he began moving his hands.

Chen Yu was a virgin, as the bed now had a patch from a bloodstain;however, how could she have the time to pay attention to such things. She was still under the influence of the drug. As Feng Zi Hao no longer paid her any attention, she desperately dragged Feng Zi Hao back, tightly holding him and refusing to let go.

Suddenly, the door to the room was pushed open. Immediately after, a female voice shouted: ’’Eldest young miss, what happened to you? Have you fallen ill?’’

As she spoke, Jin Zhen directly barged into the room. Following behind her, Feng Jin Yuan also hurriedly asked: ’’What exactly happened? Chen....’’ Before he could finish speaking, he swallowed the second half of the sentence back down.

Feng Jin Yuan nearly bit off his own tongue. Standing there stunned, he looked at this erotic scene and felt alarms go off in his mind.

He closed his eyes. He would rather be dead than believe what he had just seen.

At his side, Jin Zhen's voice grew loud once again. Her voice trembling, it was obvious that she had suffered a great shock too: ’’Husband... husband, wh-what is going on?’’ Although she said this, she felt quite happy. She only thought that Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were truly fierce! The dignified Feng family's eldest young miss had been wasted by them just like this. It must be known that this was the child the Feng family placed their hopes in. Now that this matter had happened, she did not know how angry Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch would become!

How could Feng Jin Yuan know what was going on. Originally, he had been sleeping quite well, but Jin Zhen suddenly woke him up. Holding her chest, she said that she was feeling excessively nervous. There was no doctor at the Feng clan residence, nor could they bring one over at this time of the night. The only one who had any medical knowledge, Feng Yu Heng, had disappeared. Feng Jin Yuan had no other options but recalled that Chen Yu was also having mental issues. Before coming, they had prepared plenty of medicine, so they had been preparing to come take some from Chen Yu.

Who knew that once they entered the courtyard, they would hear an odd noise. Jin Zhen was worried that there was something happened to Chen Yu, so she quickly pulled him inside, allowing him to see the scene before him.

Feng Jin Yuan felt that there might be a problem with the Feng family's karma. Otherwise, it was just Feng Zi Hao and Feng Chen Yu becoming possessed. How else could such a thing happen?

The two stood stunned in the room, but the two in the bed continued to remain tangled together. The sounds coming out of their mouths caused others to feel sick. The two continued, seemingly not noticing that others were now present and watching, as the two were uninhibited.

Jin Zhen's eyes were sharp and saw another person along with Feng Zi Hao and Feng Chen Yu. She saw that there seemed to be another person lying on the bed.

Her heart trembled and for some reason felt a little afraid. Although Feng Jin Yuan stood at her side, she could not help but begin to sweat.

Jin Zhen wanted to go out. She suddenly felt a rush to not remain in this room. But she then remembered Wang Chuan's advice. Not only did she need to bring Feng Jin Yuan over, she also had to find a way to bring all of the Feng family members to this room. She had not yet completed the second matter. It was very possible that the other person lying there was an opportunity given to her.

She gritted her teeth and walked forward. As she walked, she said: ’’This concubine will go separate them.’’ But before she reached them, the person lying in the bed was clearly seen by Jin Zhen. She let out a shrill ’’Ah!’’ shriek, piercing the silence of the night. This caused everyone in the clan residence to wake up.

Feng Jin Yuan walked over in large strides to help support Jin Zhen, who was now sitting on the ground. He saw Jin Zhen raise a hand and point with a trembling hand towards the bed. She repeatedly shouted: ’’Ghost! There's a ghost!’’

Following her shrill shrieks, for some reason, Feng Zi Hao reached out to the person that was called a ghost and pulled them close. He then began feeling the body up and down.

Seeing this, Feng Jin Yuan was completely stunned. A grown man had actually been scared witless. His mouth half open, he could not even close it out of fear.

In the room, Feng Zi Hao's heavy breathing and Feng Chen Yu's charming moans continued. Who knows how long after, the people of the Feng family began arriving in the room.

Everyone was stunned by this scene with no exceptions. Especially upon seeing that ’’ghost,’’ they all let out a scream.

With this many screams, Feng Jin Yuan was brought back to reality.

Suddenly coming to, he felt as though he had just lost his soul. He actually had no idea what he was doing.

Presently, everyone in the family had arrived. Everyone had seen what Chen Yu and Zi Hao were doing. Feng Jin Yuan's blood pressure soared, and his entire head felt like there was an uncontrollable pressure.

He pushed aside Jin Zhen and rushed towards the bed. Arriving at the bed, he reached out and pulled and threw Feng Zi Hao off the bed!

’’Dirty swine!’’ He swung an arm and slapped him. This slap caused Feng Zi Hao to immediately sober up. Just as he was about to call father, he saw that his father's face had a ferocious expression. He had become vicious, as he pushed and charged at him.

Feng Zi Hao did not know where Feng Jin Yuan wanted to push him to. He retreated subconsciously and found that he was retreating faster and faster. Suddenly, a pain came from the back of his head. It seemed as though something warm was flowing from the back. It flowed onto his shoulder, down his back and all the way down to his leg. Finally, Feng Zi Hao's vision began to blur;however, his father raised him up at this time and prepared his strength once more. He then forcefully thrust him backwards. In that instant, Feng Zi Hao completely lost consciousness.

The people of the Feng family once again shouted, as Han shi said: ’’Eldest young master... is he dead?’’

Also having come over, the clan elder had a dark expression. He walked forward and bent down to feel for Feng Zi Hao's pulse. Not long later, he stood up and nodded to Han shi: ’’He is indeed dead.’’

Everyone in the Feng family gasped in shock. Even Yao shi looked at Feng Jin Yuan incredulously.

He killed his own son?

But when she thought a little more, shouldn't this sort of son be killed?

The answer was naturally, he should be killed.

The matriarch once again began to wheeze. Moment by moment, her condition worsened. She looked to be on the verge of fainting.

Granny Zhao quickly pulled out the bottle of medicine given by Feng Yu Heng. Pouring out a little, she poured it in the matriarch's mouth and waited for a while. Only then did the matriarch recover.

’’What sin did my Feng family commit!’’ The matriarch slid to the ground, her voice filled with grief, ’’What sin was committed!’’

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan recovered a bit of his consciousness. Looking at the ground, where the Feng Zi Hao, whom he had killed by ramming against a pillar, lay. In his heart, there was no a shred of pity.

This son had ruined Chen Yu. This was equivalent to ruining the Feng family's hope of having someone become the mother of all under heaven. A person like this, how could he allow them to continue living on this planet!

An shi looked at Chen Yu, who was still on the bed. No matter how she looked at her, she felt that something was a little off. But no matter how off Chen Yu looked, it could not be compared to the other ’’person.’’ She forcefully suppressed her nausea and said: ’’That corpse... it seems... is the eldest young miss' personal servant, Yi Yue.’’

Only then did the others remember. Ever since the fire last night, Yi Yue could not be found. But on the bed...

’’That girl Yi Yue has a birthmark on the left side of her neck.’’ An shi reminded everyone.

Only then did everyone react. But of course, that corpse indeed had a birthmark on the left side of her neck that was similar to Yi Yue's. But... it was also too disgusting. Her head was split open, and her face could not be seen clearly. It was unknown how long she had been dead. Her body was covered in mud, and her limbs were already hard. Having been hugged and loved by Feng Zi Hao, her lower body was disorderly.

Now, a corpse was lying next to Feng Chen Yu on the bed. Chen Yu was still squirming around and suddenly hugged Yi Yue. With no other concerns, she began getting closer.

Feng Jin Yuan angrily pulled Chen Yu away. The matriarch, fearing that he would beat Chen Yu to death, quickly shouted: ’’That is Chen Yu!’’

Feng Jin Yuan naturally knew that it was Chen Yu. He did not want to kill this girl, but he had anger that needed to be vented. After pulling her up by the arm, he began slapping her across the face, ’’pa pa pa.’’ Like this, she was slapped a few times.

The amount of drug that Wang Chuan used was not much. With Feng Jin Yuan and Jin Zhen opening the door, there was no longer any remnant of the drug in the air. Since Chen Yu and Feng Zi Hao made love for such a long time, the effects of the drug were about to wear off. Having been hit by Feng Jin Yuan, she was completely woken up.

The instant she woke up, she discovered that her cheeks hurt. She then noticed that her father's angry face was before her. Chen Yu was a little shy: ’’Father, wh... what happened?’’ She looked around and found that everyone in the Feng family was in the room, even the clan elder was there. But the clan elder had turned his head away, deliberately avoiding looking at her.

Chen Yu was confused, ’’Why is everyone here?’’ Her senses slowly began to recover, and she felt a bit of pain coming from her wrists. She could not help but scream, ’’Father, you're hurting Chen Yu.’’

How could Feng Jin Yuan care if she was hurting or not. Raising his hand, he slapped her another two times, as he even began cursing her: ’’Little beast! I really did waste my time raising you!’’ After he finished speaking, he suddenly tossed her away. Chen Yu shrieked and was thrown to the bed once more.

She had fallen. When she fell towards the bed, she just happened to see the corpse lying there. The birthmark clearly visible on her neck caused her to immediately recognized the identity of the corpse and subconsciously screamed: ’’How did she return to this place? Didn't she die? Why did she come back? Why is she lying on my bed?’’

Chen Yu screamed while on the verge of collapse. When she turned her head, she saw another pool of blood. In the middle of this pool of blood was Feng Zi Hao.

In an instant, she was stunned witless. What surprised her was not Feng Zi Hao's death. It was the fact that he lay there without any clothes on.

It seemed as though a few stray memories floated to the top of her consciousness. It was like a dream but also not a dream;however, if it was not a dream, then she...

Chen Yu subconsciously lowered her head and looked at herself. At first glance, it looked alright, but she had the same appearance as Feng Zi Hao. Her body nearly caused her to break down once more, especially the countless red marks on her body. They reminded her even more of what she feared. That the dream was not truly a dream. Instead, it was very truly something that happened.

She and her brother... had se*!


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