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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 155


Chapter 155

Feng Chen Yu, You Can Not Escape

At this time, Jin Zhen swapped places with Chen Yu and began moving hands up and down the matriarch's shoulders. The massage allowed the matriarch's heart to finally calm down.

’’In five days, the entire family will go up the mountain to make offerings to the ancestors.’’ Finally, when the last person to arrive, Yao shi, sat down, the matriarch began speaking on official matters. ’’The things that should be prepared are more or less ready. All that remains is you children. You must be filial to your grandfather.’’ As she spoke, she looked at Xiang Rong. Yesterday night, this third granddaughter and her concubine mother had stood together with Yao shi in a stand off against Feng Jin Yuan. The matriarch felt that this was truly an eyesore. In her mind, Xiang Rong had always been timid, but at some point, these children had changed from what she had remembered. ’’Xiang Rong, go to the servant's room and prepare some joss paper. Personally prepare two hundred mock ingots for your grandfather.’’

Xiang Rong frowned upon hearing this. She had searched for Feng Yu Heng outside for an entire morning, so she had not yet eaten lunch. She had been prepared to continue looking afterwards, but having been given this job by the matriarch, she would not longer have any time to go look for Feng Yu Heng.

Xiang Rong felt very wronged but did not dare rebel against the matriarch's wishes. She could only joyfully nod her head: ’’Granddaughter understands.’’

An shi helplessly sighed but did not say anything. After all, they were only Feng Jin Yuan's concubine and his daughter by a concubine. In this family, they had absolutely no standing at all.

’’There is still one more important matter.’’ The matriarch spoke once again: ’’In a while, I will send people to bring Zi Hao back. Making offerings to the ancestors should be done as a family. These days, you should properly prepare yourselves. If there is nothing for you to do, don't keep going outside.’’

Once these words came out, she received a fierce gaze from Yao shi.

The matriarch subconsciously looked away, not daring to face off against Yao shi.

There was nothing she could do. Feng Jin Yuan had made it clear that he wanted to protect Chen Yu. Between the two granddaughters, she actually slightly favored Feng Yu Heng;however, with her own son, it was a different matter.

The Feng family was still reliant on Feng Jin Yuan to support it. For a granddaughter, they were only raised in the home temporarily before being married off.

Feng Zi Hao returned to the clan residence at dusk. The moment he returned, he rushed over to the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan to kowtow.

At that time, Chen Yu was also present. She did not know if it was some psychological phenomenon, but she felt that Feng Zi Hao was looking at her with eyes filled with lust.

She turned her head away in disgust but heard Feng Zi Hao say: ’’It has been a long time since we last met, little sister. I truly have missed you. Has little sister been well?’’

Feng Chen Yu rolled her eyes and only made a single sound: ’’Hmph!’’

The matriarch frowned: ’’Your elder brother is speaking to you. Why do you take this attitude?’’ Ever since the matter with Feng Yu Heng, the matriarch did not want to show a good expression to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu had not other choice and could only grit her teeth and reply: ’’Everything is well. Many thanks elder brother for your concern.’’

’’If little sister is well, then I am at ease. Now that mother is no longer here, only little sister is closest to me. Little sister absolutely must not become distant with me because I have been watching over the grave!’’

Chen Yu's heart was truly tumultuous. She truly wanted to pick up a knife and stab Feng Zi Hao to death, but before Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch, she maintained her obedient appearance.

Thus, she forced herself to endure the disgust and replied: ’’How could that be. Chen Yu really missed elder brother.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded: ’’Un, a family should be like this. You are fully related siblings. Who could possibly be closer than the two of you?’’

’’Father is correct.’’ Feng Zi Hao grinned, ’’Chen Yu is the most dear person to Zi Hao.’’

When Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch heard these words, they felt that they were simply the feelings between siblings. However, only Chen Yu understood the true meaning behind this double entendre, which caused the hate in her heart to burn even more fiercely.

The matriarch waved to Feng Zi Hao: ’’Come over to grandmother's side. Let grandmother take a look... How did you become so thin?’’

Feng Zi Hao knew how to play the victim. Holding the matriarch, he began complaining, saying how he lived an incredibly poor life up in the mountains, and how the people of the clan residence were supervising him. This caused the matriarch to feel for him.

Feng Jin Yuan also felt for him but said: ’’This teaching was something that should be done, otherwise you truly would not know the complexities of the world!’’ But he still made a decision. After they made offerings, Feng Zi Hao would return with them to the capital.

After dinner, Jin Zhen made an excuse and did not finish eating. Bringing along Man Xi, she strolled around the residence. Her original plan was to wander over to Wang Chuan and Huang Wuan's side to ask about the situation, but just as she rounded the corner of the small courtyard, she heard an odd yet familiar sound from in front.

She pulled Man Xi and stood off to the side. Hiding behind an old tree, they looked towards the source of the sounds. There, they saw some rockery and what appeared to be the corner of some clothes rocking back and forth repeatedly.

Man Xi pointed to an area with a better line of sight to Jin Zhen and headed over. Just as the two changed locations, they clearly saw Feng Zi Hao hugging a servant girl from the clan residence and whispering sweet nothings. A pair of naughty hands had even reached into the girl's collar.

Jin Zhen immediately recalled that she had also done such a thing with Li Zhu. She could not help as her face turned red. She was very aware of Feng Zi Hao's personality. Wherever he went, he was not lacking in women. She believed that he was merely feeling lustful and was about to pull Man Xi away. But at this time, she suddenly heard Feng Zi Hao say: ’’This time, you have done well. There was both drugs and a fire. What was needed was this sort of insurance policy.’’

The two immediately froze and looked at each other. The step they had just taken was quickly retreated.

After this, the servant's voice also came over: ’’Eldest young master said that the second young miss was fierce. How could using drugs alone be enough. What if she didn't die! How good was this. Even if she didn't die from the drug, that fire would definitely burn her to death.’’

’’But I still heard that she went missing.’’ Feng Zi Hao used a bit of force in his hands, causing the girl to scream for a bit.

’’Be gentler! You're hurting me. What do you mean missing. That's just optimism. As I see it, she was burned to death in that room. She was burned to ash, so she naturally can not be found.’’

Feng Zi Hao's lust surged forth, as he began doing even more things. He even continued to praise: ’’Otherwise, how could I say you are the smartest. I also feel that she has burned to death.’’

The servant girl giggled for a while then showed off her cleverness, saying: ’’Making that sort of candle is really bothersome, as the drug was quite scarce. It took me quite a long time.’’

’’The drug specially sent by my sister via a fast horse must be extremely rare.’’ He spoke while lamenting, ’’That Chen Yu really can get some nice things, huh! Oh! Tell me, is that drug potent?’’ A flicker of light flashed through his eyes, as he thought of something.

’’It's potent.’’ On this point, the servant was very certain, ’’Not only is it potent, its content was very pure. When I made the candle, I accidentally came into contact with it and felt unbearable. If it weren't for eldest young master coming back on that day...’’

’’No wonder you were so lively on that day.’’ Feng Zi Hao squinted his eyes into cracks, as he began moving his hands and removing the girl's clothes.

The servant clearly had some things she did not understand, as she quickly asked Feng Zi Hao: ’’I don't know why eldest young miss wanted to come resolve things out here? Could it not be done in the capital?’’

Feng Zi Hao coldly snorted: ’’What do you understand? Feng Yu Heng's courtyard is even more secure than a cage. Who could enter? If she did not get her out here, how could she act?’’

’’Then the matters performed by this servant, is eldest young master satisfied?’’ As the servant spoke, a look filled with love appeared in her eyes. Her entire body was already stuck close to Feng Zi Hao.

Feng Zi Hao nodded repeatedly, ’’Satisfied, too satisfied! If I can successfully return to the capital this time, I will definitely bring you back too. When we return, I will have you as the head concubine to thank you for helping me.’’

The two did not speak further, as they held each other and began making love.

Man Xi's face turned bright red and turned her head away.

Jin Zhen also felt that there was not much else to listen to, so she dragged Man Xi and returned to her room.

When the two returned to their room, they rested for a while before they had recovered mentally. Man Xi fiercely stomped her foot: ’’The eldest young master was already naughty while in the capital. I never thought that he would still be unable to fix that personality while out here.’’

Jin Zhen coldly said: ’’Whatever the type of mother, the son will also be similar. Dog's can't change to not eat shit. Man Xi,’’ She gave an order: ’’Find a way to look for Wang Chuan. Tell them about the things that just transpired. Remember to tell her that the drug was given by the eldest young miss. Also remember well the servant who was complicit and tell that to Wang Chuan as well.’’

Man Xi nodded and quickly left the room.

Roughly an hour later, Man Xi returned and told Jin Zhen: ’’It has already been told to Wang Chuan. Wang Chuan wants for you to find a way to lead master over to eldest young miss' courtyard tonight. It would be best if you could find a way to rouse everyone in the manor.’’

Jin Zhen was puzzled: ’’Why?’’

Man Xi shook her head, ’’I don't know either. Either way, just doing as instructed will be best.’’

That night, Wang Chuan made use of her qi gong and sneaked into the room of the servant Feng Zi Hao was with.

She determined that based on this servant's personality, it was impossible for her to not keep a bit of such a pure and potent drug. Moreover, she had even had a taste of it, so it was even more unlikely that she would use it all for the candle.

Sure enough, her efforts were rewarded. Not long after, Wang Chuan felt a small paper pouch on one of the upper shelves. Taking a slight whiff of it, her body began feeling hot.

She was frightened and did not dare smell it again. At the same time, she knew that she had found the right thing, so she quickly left. However, she did not return to her own room. Instead, she rushed straight for Chen Yu's room.

When she arrived, Chen Yu had still not slept. The candle in her room was still lit, as she sat on the bed. Who knows what she was thinking.

Wang Chuan entered through the back window and sneered, as she looked at her shadow.

Feng Chen Yu, one must not have the heart to harm others, did you not know this?

Now, I will return the favor to you. Whether you can endure the urges will depend on your luck.

Wang Chuan opened the pouch and took out a pinch of the powder. Gently shaking her finger, she directly put the powder into the fire of the candle.

She disappeared in a flash, not even looking to see if there was any change in the room. With only the remaining light of the candle from Chen Yu's room, it told her that Feng Chen Yu had become infected.

While Wang Chuan was stealing the drug and contaminating Chen Yu's room with it, Feng Zi Hao received a note. On it, there was a simple message: I need to talk to you. From: Chen Yu.

The note had been written by Huang Quan. Huang Quan completely lacked Feng Yu Heng's ability to reproduce Chen Yu's handwriting, but she knew that Feng Zi Hao was a moron. No matter who wrote something, it all looked the same. Especially since it was Chen Yu's request, he definitely would not think about it before rushing to the appointment.

Sure enough, as Wang Chuan was returning, she saw the sneaky Feng Zi Hao seem to be heading towards Chen Yu's courtyard. Her lips curved into a silent smile. Feng Chen Yu, tonight, you will not be able to escape.

Indeed, Feng Chen Yu would not be able to escape!

Once the small bit of powder that Wang Chuan had put into the candle burned up, it was colorless and odorless, as it spread around Feng Chen Yu's room and entered her nose.

At that time, she just closed the window of her room and was about to blow out the candle to sleep;however, a strange heat surged forth in her body.

That heat rose from both the inside and out. She felt terribly hot and also a little indescribable irresistible urge.

Chen Yu began tearing at her clothes, from outside to inside, one layer at a time. With no more clothes left for her to remove on her upper body, she began taking off her pants.

Just as her pants were taken off, the door to her room was suddenly opened.


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