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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 154


Chapter 154

Clues Emerge

Feng Jin Yuan glance gratefully at the matriarch, ’’Many thanks mother for understanding. Son knows what is necessary.’’

’’Un.’’ The matriarch nodded. Turning around, she headed out of the courtyard with granny Zhao's assistance. As she left, she said: ’’Son, you are grown now. You will have your own plans. Your children will also be the same. I hope that when you grow old, you will not be as powerless as I am. Yao shi is right. If there comes a day where the Yao family returns to its former might, it would be too late for you to regret it.’’

Feng Jin Yuan scowled but did not speak. In truth, he had considered the words Yao shi said before. The Emperor's attitude towards the Yao family was already clear based on how Zi Rui had entered Yun Lu Academy and how the Yao family's grandchildren would be permitted to participate in the Imperial exams. But with the ninth prince's feelings for Feng Yu Heng, so long as he desired, pardoning the Yao family was as simple as saying it.

But with matters reaching its current situation, if he did not continue to be unyielding, then what face... would he have left!

He pondered for a long time then slightly raised his head and called into the emptiness: ’’Hidden guard!’’

A person's shadow flashed forward, and a hidden guard dressed in black stood before Feng Jin Yuan.

’’Have you discovered any movements?’’ He asked.

The hidden guard replied: ’’The hidden guard at second young miss' side is also searching, but he still has not found her. It seems... second young miss suddenly went missing.’’

The news brought by the hidden guard caused Feng Jin Yuan to scowl. The hidden guard at Feng Yu Heng's side was sent by the ninth prince. If even he could not find her, then what did that mean?

Feng Jin Yuan could not help but turn his attention towards the burned down room. Could it be that she had really been burned to death inside?

That's impossible! He shook his head self-servingly. If Feng Yu Heng had really died so easily, she would not have caused him such a headache.

’’Watch over the movements of the other side.’’ Feng Jin Yuan handed down this order to the hidden guard, ’’You guys also go search. If she is alive, I must see her. If she is dead, I must see her corpse.’’

The hidden guard cupped his hands then disappeared in a flash.

Feng Jin Yuan stood alone, but the more he thought, the more he felt this matter was odd. For example, like how Jin Zhen had said that this fire was odd. He also did not believe that the Feng clan residence would catch fire for no apparent reason. Thinking a little more, tonight's Chen Yu was also quite unusual.

But he still would prefer for Feng Yu Heng to have perished in this fire. Although he would not be able to give the ninth prince an explanation, he had no control over such things as fire. When the time came, he would push all of the responsibility on Feng Yu Heng and pretend that it was her carelessness that caused the fire.

In the worst case scenario, he would greet the Emperor first. He still had a trump card left. Every year, as Winter began, the Winter would hit hardest in the northern parts of Da Shun. This year, he had made preparations before hand. Not only had he been in contact with all the rice merchants in the area, he had also put quite some thought into the construction of city defenses. When the time came, so long as he told these things to the Emperor, matters of the country came first, after all. He estimated that the ninth prince would not act out randomly.

Feng Jin Yuan had such a plan, so he began to look forward to the complete disappearance of Feng Yu Heng.

Yet at this time, inside Yao shi's room, An shi and Xiang Rong were at her side. Wang Chuan desperately held back Huang Quan, as Huang Quan struggled to head out while shouting: ’’Don't stop me! Let me go kill Feng Chen Yu! Regardless of how the young miss is, I must kill that girl before I can calm down.’’

Wang Chuan helplessly held her back: ’’Huang Quan, listen to me. We can't be disorderly! Once we do become disorderly, it will be even harder to look for young miss. Presently, we can't find her and Ban Zou can't find her. If the Feng family is only occupied with Feng Chen Yu and gives up on searching, then young miss will be in even more danger!’’

Tears fell from Huang Quan's angry face: ’’That Feng Chen Yu spends her days deceiving others, as she pestered the Feng family enough for us to come to Feng Tong county. How could she possibly have been possessed? Didn't you follow her up Qi Feng Mountain? Did you discover something?’’

Wang Chuan shook her head. She did not want to hide the truth from Huang Quan, but she also did not want to bring up what happened at the peak of Qi Feng Mountain before Yao shi, An shi and Xiang Rong. Thus she just told Huang Quan: ’’Nothing much. She only went up the mountain to meet Feng Zi Hao.’’

Yao shi also advised Huang Quan: ’’Don't be so hasty to go settle debts with others. You two first carefully think a little. Aside from the Feng family's people, who else is an enemy of A-Heng? Since A-Heng went missing, it is very likely she was kidnapped by someone. Being able to kidnap a human being is not something a normal person can accomplish.’’

Huang Quan finally calmed down and looked at Wang Chuan, as Wang Chuan began analyzing things for everyone: ’’It must be said that aside from the Feng family, there is the Chen family. Just as we arrived in Feng Tong county, everyone saw it. The Chen family really hates the second young miss.’’

Huang Quan added: ’’There is also Qing Le and the Bu family. They are also enemies.’’

An shi thought for a while then said: ’’Lord Ding An's family should no longer have that ability. With their title stripped, how could they have the ability or courage to hard a young miss from the prime minister's manor? Also, given Qing Le's appearance, she can't go out.’’

Huang Quan did not agree: ’’Concubine mother An, do you remember the matter with Hundred Herb Hall? Didn't that group of troublemakers say that it was a woman wearing a bamboo hat that sent them to trouble the second young miss?’’

Hearing Huang Quan say this, An shi pondered for a while, but Yao shi shook her head, saying: ’’I also do not think it was Qing Le that did it. She already had a bare head. Wearing a bamboo hat to harm others, wouldn't that be like saying she did it? Although that girl is not smart, she should not be that stupid.’’

Huang Quan was out of ideas and looked towards Wang Chuan. Wang Chuan then said: ’’Based on our previous understanding of Ding An palace, that imperial daughter Qing Le should not have this much reach. Madam's analysis is correct. It should not be her.’’

Xiang Rong suddenly spoke up at this time: ’’The Bu family has the support of the head imperial concubine. They also have a son who is a general. Ever since Bu Ni Shang made an appearance, she has been opposing second sister. This matter is most likely related to her.’’

Yao shi nodded: ’’It's possible. The Bu family has always been ambitious and proud. Lord Bu's funeral has just ended. It has yet to be 100 days, so it's impossible for the Bu family to not be angry. Doing extreme things is very possible.’’

Wang Chuan lightly sighed and advised Yao shi: ’’Madam, do not think too much on it. Young miss has a hidden guard from his Highness at her side. Now, that hidden guard has already begun searching. I will also send a letter to his Highness to have him quickly come over towards Feng Tong county.’’

Yao shi was a little apologetic: ’’We are always troubling the prince, truly...’’

’’Madam, do not speak like an outsider.’’ Huang Quan responded: ’’Second young miss will be troubling his Highness for a lifetime, and his Highness enjoys it too.’’

An shi also comforted her: ’’Big sister, be at ease. With his Highness the ninth prince here, second young miss will definitely be fine.’’

Yao shi nodded, but she still felt anxious. At present, she had no other options.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan helped Yao shi lie down and rest before leaving the room with An shi and Xiang Rong.

After sending off An shi and Xiang Rong, the two returned to their own rooms. Only then did Huang Quan pursue the earlier subject and ask: ’’What exactly happened at the peak of the mountain?’’

Wang Chuan recounted all the events that took place at the top of Qi Feng Mountain for Huang Quan. Hearing about it caused Huang Quan to feel another urge to kill Feng Chen Yu. But, her rational mind still remained, and she reminded Wang Chuan: ’’We must go take a look at the peak of the mountain. If it really was them, then there will be movement on Feng Zi Hao's end.’’

Wang Chuan said: ’’Ban Zou has definitely already gone over. What we must do now is take good care of madam. With the situation being what it is on the young miss' side, we must not allow anything to happen to madam. Also...’’ A sad look appeared on her face, ’’When we see his Highness again, I fear the two of us, as well as Ban Zou... will need to commit suicide to atone for our failure.’’

Huang Quan was a little startled then immediately recalled the rules set by his Highness Prince Yu and could not help but become gloomy.

That's right. His Highness the ninth prince had always been very clear when awarding and punishing people. Today, under their watch, their princess was lost. How could they possibly meet with his Highness.

The two fell silent for a while, with neither speaking. After roughly two hours, Ban Zou returned. He still had his usual devilish appearance, as he floated into the room;however, a cold breeze followed him in. Wang Chuan knew that Ban Zou was also in a state of disarray, as his qi gong was no longer at its peak performance.

’’Do you have any news?’’ Huang Quan quickly asked.

Ban Zou shook his head: ’’No news. I have thoroughly searched the entirety of Feng Tong county. I have even looked in the Qi Feng Mountain range, but there were no clues.’’

’’What about on Feng Zi Hao's side?’’

’’He has been sleeping the entire time, and there have been no movements.’’ Ban Zou wiped away some sweat, ’’I have already sent a letter to his Highness and written about the happenings over here. For the three of us here, none of us will be able to escape.’’ In regards to the punishments from the Yu Palace, the three were all very clear.

On this side, the three thought of countless ways to look for Feng Yu Heng. As for Feng Jin Yuan, his hidden guard held a pigeon and stood before him: ’’This was a carrier pigeon sent by the hidden guard at the second young miss' side. It was captured by this servant.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded in satisfaction. Reaching out his hand, he received it and skillfully removed the note from the pigeon's leg. Glancing at it, he coldly snorted ’’He still wants to call Prince Yu over to Feng Tong county? They truly are optimistic!’’ He crushed the pigeon to death in his hand then coldly ordered the hidden guard: ’’This matter absolutely must not be known in the capital. The ninth prince and seventh prince especially must not find out. Starting today, capture all of their carrier pigeons!’’

’’This servant obeys.’’

That night, not a single person in the Feng clan residence slept happily. The air was still thick with the smell of fire, which reminded everyone that a child from the Feng family disappeared without a trace.

When the sun finally rose, some of the servants who had gone to search for Feng Yu Heng returned. Feng Jin Yuan swapped them out for another group of people to go search. It appeared that he was putting in effort.

Yao shi sat in her own room without moving. Her breakfast had to be brought in by the servants. An shi and Xiang Rong also had their maidservants go help search. For everyone, they only had one objective. That was to find Feng Yu Heng.

The matriarch quietly arranged things for when they would go make offerings in five days time. She did not mention Feng Yu Heng at all, but when she watched people come and go, as they searched for Feng Yu Heng, a look of worry appeared in her eyes.

In the afternoon, as the matriarch was feeling anxious, everyone gathered. Chen Yu had always been at her side like an obedient small cat. Every now and then she would pour some tea or massage the matriarch's shoulders. The matriarch was a little distracted and felt that Chen Yu was not doing a good job, so she simply pushed her away: ’’Go rest to the side. There is no need for you to do such things.’’ As she said this, she waved to Jin Zhen: ’’Come massage my shoulders.’’

Chen Yu drew back the corners of her lips as she was pushed away. A light flickered in her eyes before she immediately recovered. A young servant came forward to help Chen Yu sit down. When she helped Chen Yu sit down, the servant leaned close to her ear and quietly said: ’’The results of the drugged wax, is eldest young miss satisfied?’’

Chen Yu was extremely shocked. She turned her head to look at the servant, but the servant had left immediately after helping her sit down. Holding the tea tray, she left the room.


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