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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 152


Chapter 152

If Your Brother is a Bastard, Then What is Your Father?

Chen Yu felt her mind explode!

The three words ’’eldest young master’’ immediately caused her to consciousness to return to the graveyard at the top of Qi Feng Mountain. Countless images flashed before her eyes. There were the countless tombs, there was the se*ual relations between Feng Zi Hao and Yi Yue, there was her smashing Yi Yue's skull open with a rock, and there was Feng Zi Hao pressing her into the ground while coming closer with his disgusting face.

Feng Chen Yu let out a scream and held her head. Burying her face in her knees, she repeatedly shouted: ’’Get away! Get away!’’

The people of the Feng family noticed the peculiar circumstances on this end and came over. Feng Jin Yuan walked at the front. Just as he came closer, he heard Wang Chuan asking: ’’Eldest young miss, what happened?’’

He quickly walked forward and reached to push Wang Chuan aside. He pushed but could not push her away. Feng Jin Yuan scolded her in embarrassment: ’’Out of the way.’’

Only then did Wang Chuan back up a couple steps. At the same time, she did not forget to remind Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Second young miss' room caught fire, so why has Prime Minister Feng not ask a single word about how second young miss is?’’

Just as Feng Jin Yuan's hand grabbed Chen Yu's arm, he heard Wang Chuan say this. Only then did he realize that he truly had not asked how Feng Yu Heng was. But he had his own way of thinking ’’Doesn't your young miss have a hidden guard at her side?’’

’’But you are her biological father.’’ Wang Chuan continued to press Feng Jin Yuan. The court's prime minister was actually capable of being biased to this degree. To treat his own daughter like this, then what of the country's people.

’’Are you lecturing this prime minister?’’ Feng Jin Yuan also became furious, ’’Although you come from Yu Palace, do not forget your own position! You are still just a servant. There is no need for you to worry about this prime minister's family matters.’’

Wang Chuan curled her lips into a sneer. She completely disregarded Feng Jin Yuan's warning. Simply glancing at Feng Chen Yu, she changed the subject: ’’Is eldest young miss not feeling well? Why do I not see your personal servant, the one that Yi Yue girl that came with eldest young miss?’’

Chen Yu trembled then suddenly raised her head to look at Wang Chuan. In her mind, she only had one question repeat itself: ’’Could it be the matter of her killing Yi Yue had been exposed?’’ She desperately tried to find a trace of the truth from Wang Chuan's eyes, but Wang Chuan's face was stoic and her eyes clear. How could there be anything for her to discover.

Feng Jin Yuan did not understand the situation and also asked: ’’Where is your servant?’’

Chen Yu shook her head, her breathing becoming ragged, ’’I do not know. Daughter does not know! Father, daughter is very scared. Just now I saw mother and grandfather again!’’

She had pretended to be ill and insane for this long, so she could not be more familiar with the routine. Once Feng Jin Yuan heard this, he immediately shut his mouth. He feared that he would say something he should not and would incite something inside of Chen Yu's consciousness.

It was Wang Chuan that responded: ’’Eldest young miss, don't worry. In a few days, we will go to the peak of Qi Feng Mountain to make offerings.’’ She deliberately emphasized ’’ the peak of Qi Feng Mountain’’ and succeeded in caused Chen Yu to break out into another cold sweat.

At this time, Yao shi's cries became even more hysterical: ’’A-Heng! A-Heng, where are you?’’ There continued to be no movement from inside the room. Aside from the people putting out the fire, there was no sight of anyone coming out of the room. Yao shi cried and begged Huang Quan: ’’Go save A-Heng. Don't you know martial arts? The fire is not that big now. I beg you to go same my A-Heng.’’ As she said this, she went to kneel on the ground.

Huang Quan quickly supported her and once again told her: ’’Young miss really is not in the room. Us servants have already searched inside.’’

’’Then where did she go? Why did she not return after such a large incident?’’

Huang Quan did not know how to reply and could only shoot a troubled look begging for help towards Wang Chuan.

Wang Chuan also came back. Helping Huang Quan support Yao shi, she began comforting her: ’’Young miss had something to do and left before nightfall.’’ She then leaned towards Yao shi's ear and quietly said: ’’Young miss has a hidden guard from his Highness. She is fine.’’

Only then did Yao shi calm down a little, but she still had some doubts. She continued to ask: ’’What sort of matters did need to attend to?’’

Also worrying, An shi and Xiang Rong also came over. An shi comforted Yao shi, while Xiang Rong held Wang Chuan and asked: ’’Sister Wang Chuan, nothing happened to my second sister, right?’’

Wang Chuan nodded: ’’Third young miss, do not worry. Nothing happened.’’ In reality, she did not know that she would be fine. The size of the fire caused her to feel an inexplicable irritability. Regardless, she was left with a bad feeling, but she could not speak of it before Yao shi.

The Feng matriarch was the last one to arrive. When she arrived, the fire was already more or less put out, but the air was still filled with a suffocating smoke. The moment the matriarch entered the courtyard, she began coughing. When she saw that the room had burned to the point of leaving behind only a frame, she immediately stopped in place.

The Feng family's clan elder also stood in the courtyard. Facing the room, he frowned tightly.

He felt that this large fire was quite odd. The Feng clan's residence had stood for a hundred years and had never caught fire. Why would it suddenly catch fire after the group from the capital had returned?

On the other side, there was Feng Chen Yu, who would occasionally begin shrieking. The clan elder looked at the one sitting next to the well and was deemed most the beautiful of the Feng family's children. He always felt that there was a bit of ferocity mixed in her eyes. Even when she was ill and shouting nonsense, it was unbearably fake.

He did not understand. Seeing as it was the astute Feng Jin Yuan and Feng matriarch, how could they be fooled by such a poor performance?

But what angered him most was the clan home being set of fire!

Feng Jin Yuan always wanting to compete and fight was something he could not control. Even if there was a life and death struggle in the capital, it had nothing to do with him. But now that it had implicated the clan residence, he was at the end of his patience.

’’Since your grandfather misses you, I will have servants send you up the mountain. Personally kowtowing to his tombstone will be better than being frightened all day long.’’ The clan elder stared at Chen Yu and spoke without a shred of emotion.

Chen Yu subconsciously shrieked again: ’’No! I don't want to go up the mountain! I don't want to go to the graveyard! No! I don't want to!’’

Feng Jin Yuan grabbed her endlessly flailing arms and heavily said: ’’Chen Yu! Wake up a little!’’

The clan elder could not help but feel curious when listening to Chen Yu's screams: ’’Since the illness stems from the heart, why not treat it at its source? Why did you come back to make offerings? If you do not go up the mountain and make offerings to your ancestors, how will this illness be treated?’’

The matriarch finally recovered a little and came over. Seeing that the clan elder was speaking to Chen Yu, she quickly tried to mediate: ’’Let's wait until the day of her deceased grandfather's birthday and go up the mountain together!’’

The clan elder looked at the matriarch and asked in confusion: ’’Why not treat the illness earlier?’’

The matriarch did not know how to respond. Wang Chuan, however, spoke up: ’’Why not bring eldest young master down the mountain. Brother and sister are close, this way eldest young miss will be a little more comforted.’’

’’No!’’ Chen Yu's screamed became even more shrill than previous, ’’I don't want to see him! Even if I die, I don't want to see that bastard!’’

’’Precisely.’’ Standing off the side, watching the show, Han shi spoke up, ’’That is your full brother. He is also husband's son. If you insult him as a bastard, then what is husband?’’

’’You shut your mouth!’’ Feng Jin Yuan felt himself losing all of the face! How could this insignificant concubine and daughter be so careless before the clan elder and servants of the Feng clan?

’’Has the fire been put out? If the fire has been put out, then return to your rooms and sleep! There is nothing for you here!’’ He scolded Han shi. On his face now was just annoyance. There was no longer any of the doting love he previously had.

Han shi grieved in her heart, as tears filled her eyes. Turning around, she left.

Jin Zhen, who had been following behind Feng Jin Yuan was a little anxious. She took care to look at Wang Chuan and Huang Quan's expressions and felt that something was not quite right. If Feng Yu Heng were really fine, why would these two servants be so panicked?

’’Husband.’’ She gently went forward and softly spoke: ’’Either way, eldest young miss' illness is not something that can be treated in a day or two. How about helping her back to her room first to rest. Husband, the most pressing matter at the moment is looking for second young miss!’’

Feng Jin Yuan obviously knew that he should be worried about what happened to Feng Yu Heng;however, he sincerely hoped that this daughter had suddenly died. It would be best if this fire turned her to ash. Like this, who knows how much headache it would save the Feng family. From this point onward, he would not need to interact with the ninth prince ever again.

Jin Zhen had taken care of Feng Jin Yuan for this long, how could she not know what he was thinking. But, Jin Zhen did not hope that Feng Yu Heng died. Only with Feng Yu Heng present could she live a good life.

Thus she quietly reminded: ’’Second young miss came out with the family. If something happened, I fear that it will be difficult to give an explanation to the ninth prince.’’

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly nodded and ordered two servants to help Chen Yu back to her room. After Chen Yu left the courtyard, he was still confused. Why did he not catch even a glimpse of Chen Yu's personal servant?

Seeing Chen Yu leave, the clan elder spoke up once more: ’’Jin Yuan, you do have plenty of daughters, but my Feng family's genealogical records only have A-Heng.’’

Feng Jin Yuan frowned and wanted to say a few words of rebuttal, but he did not dare.

Da Shun held filial piety as most important. If the matter of him openly confronting the clan elder were spread to the Emperor, that would not be very good.

’’Grandson knows.’’ He replied respectfully. He then asked Wang Chuan and Huang Quan: ’’Where exactly did your young miss go?’’

At this time, Wang Chuan was a little anxious. Normally, based on Ban Zou's ability to find people and speed, if Feng Yu Heng was nearby, he should have found her already, but why was there still not a single movement to this point?

She had calculated the time. From the time they returned from Qi Feng Mountain to when Feng Yu Heng had fallen asleep, she and Huang Quan left the room and the fire broke out. All in all, it did not surpass the time it took for half a cup of tea.1 What sort of person had such great ability that they not only kidnap the not-at-all weak Feng Yu Heng from under Ban Zou's nose. They had even been able to hide in such a short period of time?

Wang Chuan was startled but did not speak. Even Feng Jin Yuan became confused. Could it be that Feng Yu Heng had truly burned to death?

’’Wang Chuan girl.’’ Jin Zhen was anxious, ’’How is second young miss exactly. Say something!’’

Yao shi also felt that Wang Chuan was a little off. The calm she had finally found disappeared once more and subconsciously walked towards the room that had been burned to the ground.

An shi and Xiang Rong held her back with faces filled with worry. An shi saw that Wang Chuan did not say anything and asked Huang Quan: ’’What exactly happened?’’

Huang Quan stomped: ’’Forget it! I will simply tell the truth!’’ She went forward, faced Feng Jin Yuan and loudly said: ’’Our young miss has gone missing.’’

’’What?’’ Everything shouted. Even the clan elder had become angry ’’When was this discovered?’’

’’At the time the fire broke out.’’ Wang Chuan took over, ’’Just after three in the morning, Huang Quan had gone to see if young miss was sleeping well or not. At that time, young miss was still fine and sleeping in bed. After that, not five minutes later, the fire broke out. When we rushed in to save her, the young miss was missing.’’

’’You are certain that you have searched the entire room?’’ The matriarch was very anxious upon hearing that Feng Yu Heng was missing. With the fatigue from the trip, she had been hoping to have Feng Yu Heng help adjust her body. How was it that she went missing on the first night? ’’Has every corner been searched? Did you search under the bed? This is the clan residence. It is not the same place she slept in the capital. What if she could not get used to the bed and rolled under the bed?’’ She still had another sentence that she did not say. Then would she not have been burned to death?

Feng Jin Yuan, however, felt that what the matriarch said was logical and could not help but lament: ’’My poor daughter!’’

1: 5 minutes


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