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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 151


Chapter 151

Shit, This Great One Has Been Plotted Against

Feng Zi Hao's old problem reared its ugly head once more. So long as it was a beautiful girl, even if it was his own little sister, he would not let her go.

Feng Chen Yu was also quite fierce today. When Feng Zi Hao came forward, she fiercely bit his neck. Having been viciously bitten, Feng Zi Hao's neck dripped with blood, as he screamed loudly.

Chen Yu took advantage of this opening to stand up and desperately run down the mountain. Feng Zi Hao chased behind her, angrily cursing: ’’Shitty girl, wait for me! Sooner or later, there will come a day where you will become mine! The most beautiful girl in the capital? Hmph! Even if you were the most beautiful on earth, you could only become someone who sleeps in my bed!’’

The more Chen Yu heard, the more disgusted she felt. She increased her pace even further. Even if she tripped here, she would only roll down a certain distance before she could stand back up. She knew that her brother had already lost all sense of reason. If she did not run, she would definitely be violated by him.

’’Damn it!’’ Feng Zi Hao used his hand to cover his neck and came back with a hand covered in blood, ’’Wait for this great one to first deal with that slut Feng Yu Heng tonight. After that, there will be plenty of time to deal with you. Feng Chen Yu, you can not escape the palm of my hand.’’ As he spoke, he glanced at Yi Yue's corpse and kicked it in disgust. He muttered to himself: ’’Fortunately, the old guys that old man sent were not here tonight. Otherwise, there might be an even bigger commotion.’’ He bent down and began taking care of Yi Yue's corpse.

Feng Yu Heng watched him dig a hole next to the ancestral grave and buried Yi Yue there before leaving. She mentally noted the location of that hole and called for Wang Chuan before heading down the mountain.

By the time she returned to her room in the ancestral residence, it was already past three in the morning. Huang Quan had waited for them in the courtyard the entire time. Seeing the two of them return, she asked: ’’How was it?’’

Wang Chuan's face became red and did not speak. It was Feng Yu Heng that said: ’’It was quite the sight.’’

Huang Quan did not understand what this so-called sight meant, but she saw that the two of them had returned safely, which allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief.

The two servant entered the room and lit a candle before taking care of cleaning up Feng Yu Heng. Seeing her fall asleep, they retreated from the room.

Feng Yu Heng was still not accustomed to having a servant keep watch overnight. Even Ban Zou was chased far away when night came.

But tonight, she felt a little regret in not having one of the two girls stay behind because not long after she lay down, she felt that something was not quite right. It felt like something in the room was slowly beginning to spread. It was odorless and colorless, but it attacked her sensory organs quite fiercely.

Feng Yu Heng was very certain that there were no problems with the room when she entered. Moreover, when she brought Wang Chuan up into the mountains, Huang Quan had kept watch over the courtyard. If anyone had entered her room and done something, they definitely would have been discovered.

The only possibility was that there was something in the bedroom to begin with.

What could it be?

She leaned over and was hit by a sudden feeling of dizziness. A warmth rushed to her face, and her cheeks immediately began to feel hot. This heat extended to her ears.

Feng Yu Heng was a medical officer. How could she not know what drug this was. It was a potent aphrodisiac that took effect when inhaled through the nose. The potency was so great that it caused her to feel a certain urge that was impossible to resist.

She forced her eyes open, as her vision was already becoming blurry. It was in this panicked haze that she stared at the bedside table.

That's it! It must have been a problem with the candle.

In the day time, she was outside. Even when it reached the evening, she had prepared to go out, so she did not enter her bedroom. These candles had been lit for the first time when she returned. If it had been lit beforehand, it would have spread out even more completely. Feng Yu Heng knew that even if it were her, she could not continue to handle it.

Using the last of her consciousness, she moved her right hand to the phoenix-shaped birthmark on her left wrist. With the movement of her consciousness, her entire body vanished from atop the bed, leaving behind only some scattered sheets and a boiling hot body temperature.

Entering her space, Feng Yu Heng finally relaxed a little. No matter what, at least this space was hers alone. Whether she had fallen ill or was treating an illness, she could avoid being disrupted by other people, and it would not taken into consideration by the plans of others.

The effects of the drug were becoming more and more serious. Her body felt unbearably hot and her mouth incredibly dry. Feng Yu Heng desperately crawled along the floor . She remembered that there was a case of mineral water under the counter. So long as she had water, so long as she could outlast the effects of the drug, she would be fine. Either way, nobody would be coming to this space. This was the best place for her to seek refuge.

Inside the space, Feng Yu Heng was doing her best. Inside the room, the candle that had been tampered with drugs broke at the middle. When it landed on the ground, it just barely touched the curtain, but flames immediately sprang up and engulfed the bed in an instant. It was also in the blink of an eye that everything from blankets to the bed frame caught fire.

Hidden in the darkness, Ban Zou felt something was not quite right. Moving his body, he arrived at the side of the bed and reached out. He wanted to pull Feng Yu Heng out, but he found nothing.

Ban Zou did not dare believe it and felt the bed once more. Once again, he found nothing there.

The flames became bigger and bigger. He had no time to worry about his skin being burned, so he simply felt around the bed. When he was certain that there was absolutely nobody there, he felt his heart drop.

He was Feng Yu Heng's hidden guard. His mission was to ensure his master's safety. He could definitely ensure that Feng Yu Heng had not left the bedroom, but why was there nobody on the bed?

The fire had become so large that he could no longer stand next to the bed. Ban Zou called out a few times: ’’Master? Master!’’

The moment he called out the second time, the bedroom door was broken open. He turned around, desperately hoping that it would be Feng Yu Heng. Unfortunately, it was Huang Quan and Wang Chuan.

A big fire had started in the room. When the two girls had been in a light sleep realized that something was wrong. When they rushed in, they only saw Ban Zou standing in the room, stunned in place. The flames caused his face to appear bright red. They also made the hard contours of his face quite apparent.

Huang Quan became angry, ’’What are you standing there in a daze for? Quickly pull the young miss out!’’

Wang Chuan, however, had already rushed over to the side of the bed. Without worrying about the flames, she rushed onto the bed.

After a while, she came back out. The corners of her clothes had caught fire, and some of her hair had been burned. Huang Quan quickly went over to help put out the fire when she heard Wang Chuan say: ’’Young miss is not on the bed.’’

Ban Zou also added: ’’Master is missing.’’

Huang Quan did not understand: ’’Missing? What do you mean missing? Ban Zou, what are you saying?’’

Ban Zou had already recovered from his initial horror and told Wang Chuan and Huang Quan: ’’I immediately noticed the fire and searched the room. I came when the fire was not very big, wanting to save master, but there was nobody on the bed.’’

His face was cold, and a fierce look appeared in his eyes. There was actually someone capable of taking someone from under his nose. For a hidden guard, this was the greatest failure.

’’I will definitely find and bring master back.’’ Ban Zou threw out these words and disappeared.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan faced the fierce fire feeling no less anxious than Ban Zou. Huang Quan's lips trembled and asked Wang Chuan: ’’What do we do. We lost our princess. Won't his Highness skin us?’’

Wang Chuan's skin crawled and felt numb, ’’Being skinned would be considered light punishment.’’ She pulled Huang Quan and backed up. The fire had already reached the door, and more servants began to gather in the courtyard after having been woken up in shock. Each and every one of them began shouting: ’’Fire! There's a fire!’’

Huang Quan gritted her teeth in annoyance: ’’So god damn annoying! I really want to kill them all and forget about it!’’

Wang Chuan comforted her: ’’Calm down a little. Ban Zou has already gone to go look for her. Let's put out the fire first then look to see if any clues have been left behind.’’

Huang Quan nodded, ’’Alright, then I will go get some more people.’’ After she said this, she turned around and left the room. As she ran, she loudly shouted: ’’Fire! Someone come put out the fire!’’

Wang Chuan was choked by the smoke and could no longer remain;however, she still wanted to search around the room once more. Thus, she simply tore her dress and covered her mouth and nose. Picking some places where the fire was less severe, she searched around some more.

Unfortunately, up until Huang Quan returned with people to put out the fire, Wang Chuan did not find a single clue.

The large fire on this side caused everyone to wake up, including the old clan elder. Everyone gathered in the courtyard where Feng Yu Heng was staying. Yao shi sobbed while desperately trying to rush forward. Huang Quan held her tightly while repeatedly saying to her: ’’Young miss is not inside. Madam, you absolutely must not rush in there!’’

But how could Yao shi listen to her, ’’If she is not in there, why does she not come out to see me? A-Heng! A-Heng, say something! Do you want to scare your mother to death?’’

Feng Chen Yu listened to her calling her A-Heng and calling herself mother and felt a fire begin to rage inside her, but when she looked at how the room had been turned to ash, she also felt very happy.

Her lips curled into a sneer with a trace of joy. Gritting her teeth, she quietly muttered: ’’Feng Yu Heng, it would be best if you burned so thoroughly that not even bones remained. For a person like you, you absolutely must die!’’

’’What did you say?’’ Suddenly, she heard a ghostly sound beside her ear.

’’Who?’’ Chen Yu was extremely shocked and suddenly turned her head, looking around, ’’Who are you?’’

In the time it took for her to turn around, that voice spoke into her other ear. It was a man's voice. It was very quiet, but it was loud enough for her to hear clearly, ’’If Feng Yu Heng burns to death in today's fire, Feng Chen Yu, I will strip you down and throw you into a group of wild men in the northern suburbs of the capital.’’

Chen Yu's legs trembled and continuously asked: ’’Who is speaking? Who exactly is it?’’

Unfortunately, she did not hear that voice again. The words that person spoke, however, left a deep impression on her heart.

What sort of situation was there in the northern suburbs of the capital? She had heard that it was where the lowest class citizens lived. The men spent all day standing around waiting for someone to hire workers. If there was no work, they would stand around and talk about women. Every family's wives just stayed within their straw hunts. Nobody dared mingle with the groups of men. Apparently last year, there was a wife who was about to give birth. Without any other options, she went out to look for her husband. As a result, the moment she reached a group of men, they acted like hungry wolves and rushed forward. They did not care that she was about to give birth. They just pushed her down and did her.

In the end, the child was crushed in the womb, and the woman died.

Chen Yu dropped to the ground and gasped for air. If she were thrown out there... then she might as well die.

’’Eldest young miss.’’ Suddenly, a voice came from above her. Chen Yu was surprised and raised her head to take a look. It was Wang Chuan. Not knowing whether it was some psychological factor, she felt that Wang Chuan looked at her with an inquisitive look that had a bit of understanding. At a glance, she felt that everything had been uncovered. She sat on the ground and shifted back a little, hoping to put some distance between her and Wang Chuan. But when she retreated one step, Wang Chuan advanced one step. Only when Chen Yu was backed against a well and had nowhere left to run did she heard Wang Chuan faintly ask her ’’What exactly are you and eldest young master wanting to do?’’


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