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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 150


Chapter 150

Indulging in Pleasures on the Ancestral Grave

That night before midnight, Feng Chen Yu covered herself in a dark hooded cloak. With Yi Yue in tow, she sneaked out from the residence's side door.

The two were extremely careful, as they feared being discovered. Fortunately, the county was different from the capital. Once night fell, there was not a single person on the roads. There was not even a night patrol.

They practically trotted the entire the entire way to the base of Qi Feng Mountain. Chen Yu leaned against a large tree, gasping for air.

’’Young miss, just hang on a little longer. It will be better once we enter the mountain.’’ Yi Yue felt a little anxious, as she saw that Chen Yu appeared to be unable to continue walking.

Chen Yu fiercely glared at her and cursed: ’’You worthless bitch. Don't think I don't know what sorts of ideas you have. In a while, when we meet with my brother, watch your mind, mouth and eyes, or else you will need to watch out for your own ass!’’

Yi Yue was sharp and quickly promised her: ’’This servant is only here to accompany young miss and will not even glance at eldest young master.’’

’’Knowing your own identity is enough.’’

Yi Yue nearly cried, ’’Young miss, this servant is not anxious to see eldest young master. It's that this place is not safe. Let us get into the mountains first before resting.’’

Chen Yu coldly snorted but did not continue to rest. Tightly wrapping the cloak around herself, she moved her legs and headed into the mountains. However, she did not know taht there were two people walking just behind them, dressed like ghostly shadows. Their footsteps were light and soundless, and they heard every word of Chen Yu's conversation.

Feng Yu Heng smiled while pulling along Wang Chuan. She quietly said: ’’I never would have thought that Feng Zi Hao would take in his younger sister's personal servant!’’

Wang Chuan felt her young miss loved gossip too much, but upon thinking more on Feng Zi Hao's conduct, it was nothing to be surprised about, ’’Wasn't it said that he's even slept on the Feng family's eldest young miss' bed. The children of the Feng family really are quite intriguing.’’

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow and looked at her, as Wang Chuan felt that she had said something wrong and quickly said: ’’Aside from young miss.’’

Only then did she smile with satisfaction and continue to drag Wang Chuan along on this chase. At this time, she heard Ban Zou's voice float by as though it were the wind: ’’Do not only pay attention to idly chatting. Pay attention to the surface of the road.’’

Feng Yu Heng was driven mad and replied through gritted teeth: ’’Your master has not yet become that blind.’’

Wang Chuan slightly laughed but did not speak.

As for Chen Yu and Yi Yue, who were up ahead, neither had entered Qi Feng Mountain before. The two wandered around back and forth in large a large circle until Yi Yue suddenly called out in surprise: ’’Not good!’’

Chen Yu was startled and hastily asked her: ’’What happened?’’

’’Eldest young master's note only said to meet in the mountains, but it did not say where in the mountains? This Qi Feng Mountain is quite large, so where would we go to look for him?’’

Only then did Chen Yu react. Yi Yue was correct. For such a large Qi Feng Mountain, where were they going to go look for Feng Zi Hao?

She looked around then pondered a little before saying: ’’Let's go to the peak. I heard that big brother is living in a room up at the peak. We can't go wrong if we go look for him there.’’

Feng Chen Yu only remembered that Feng Zi Hao lived at the peak, but she neglected the reason he lived there.

Because that was the Feng family's ancestral grave, and Feng Zi Hao was keeping watch over the grave, if they wanted to meet Feng Zi Hao, they first had to see a patch of graves.

Thus, when the two finally reached the peak, Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan successfully heard the two scream ’’Ah!’’ in surprise.

Feng Yu Heng grinned, ’’Have they not just entered the graveyard. Is there a need to shout in surprise?’’

Wang Chuan very seriously replied: ’’Normally speaking, a young miss from a large family running into a grave in the middle of the night should scream.’’

But Chen Yu's screams did not continue for very long. Yi Yue tightly covered her mouth in fear and anxiously said: ’’Young miss, you absolutely must not scream! Aside from eldest young master, there are other members of the clan living here!’’

Chen Yu felt a cold sweat break out because of the graveyard. Her face also paled from fear over what Yi Yue had said. Yi Yue wanted to look away from this pale face.

From the capital all the way to Feng Tong county, Feng Chen Yu had applied the black blush. Now that it was finally night time, she could relax a little. For Yi Yue, however, who had looked at her darkened face for roughly ten days, she felt this white face was a little awkward.

’’Who is over there?’’ Suddenly, a male voice came across and caused Chen Yu to tremble in fear once more.

Yi Yue's eyes, however, lit up. She had listened carefully to that voice and spoke with a little excitement: ’’Young miss, do not be scared. It's eldest young master.’’

Chen Yu's gaze turned towards the source of the voice. Sure enough, she saw Feng Zi Hao's figure approach from the graveyard.

She let out a sigh of relief and pulled away Yi Yue's hand from her mouth. Quickly walking towards Feng Zi Hao, her heart was filled with joy.

Feng Zi Hao also saw the two of them and quickly walked over to them and hurriedly asked: ’’Why did you come? I have already completed the arrangements. What have you come for? If you were discovered coming here in the middle of the night, wouldn't all of our efforts have gone to waste?’’

Chen Yu was stunned, ’’Was it not you who called me here?’’

’’When did I call you here?’’

Feng Zi Hao's response caused Feng Chen Yu's heart to immediately skip half a beat. Had she been tricked?

Looking again at Feng Zi Hao, she saw that he did not even look at her. Instead, he was looking directly behind her.

Chen Yu's heart twitched and suddenly turned around. Sure enough, Yi Yue had a charming look, as she welcomed Zi Hao's gaze. The two gazed passionately at one another with a thick aura of love!

’’So it was you!’’ Chen Yu fiercely spat out these words and slapped Yi Yue. ’’You shitty slave! For the sake of meeting my brother, you actually came up with this sort of plan to have me come up the mountain!’’

Yi Yue dropped to her knees. Her hand covered her face in grief, she said: ’’Young miss, please calm down. It really was not this servant! This servant does not know anything! This servant does not know anything!’’

’’That piece of paper was given to me by you. If it wasn't you, then who was it?’’ Anger burned at the bottom of her heart. She then angrily turned her head towards Feng Zi Hao ’’I was bullied at home by Feng Yu Heng, while the matriarch wholeheartedly favors her. How much have I been forced to suffer? With great difficulty, I sent someone back to the old home in hopes that your plans are successful. But you actually partnered up with this servant to deceive me? Feng Zi Hao, who have you not let down? Have you not let down our dead mother?’’

Feng Zi Hao was stunned by her insults, ’’When have I partnered with anyone to deceive you? When have I ever deceived you?’’ Previously, from a young age to present, the one thing he hated to see the most was Chen Yu's grief. This little sister of his had been born too beautiful. She was so beautiful that when she teared up or got angry, it caused others to want to dote on her. Feng Zi Hao took a couple steps forward to hug Chen Yu: ’’Good little sister, brother truly did not deceive you.’’

Chen Yu hastily retreated a couple steps: ’’Don't come over here!’’ She patted the area Feng Zi Hao touched with disdain and shouted: ’’You even want to corrupt the maidservant at your little sister's side. You are too shameless!’’

Spitting out these words, Chen Yu turned around and ran down the mountain. Feng Zi Hao called out to her from behind: ’’Chen Yu! Do not run, listen to brother!’’ But he only called out a couple times before stopping. As for Yi Yue, she did not make a single sound.

Chen Yu felt that this matter was too cruel. This elder brother had never done a single proper thing from a young age to this point. The year he turned twelve, Chen shi arranged a knowledgeable person for him. Ever since that moment, it seemed as though Feng Zi Hao had become addicted. Every day and every night, he repeated two things: finding women and changing women. His hands actually extended to the maidservant at her side. What sort of use would she have for such an elder brother?

Chen Yu ran while crying. She did not, however, see that before she had run very far away, Yi Yue and Feng Zi Hao came together.

Wang Chuan turned her head in embarrassment and quietly said: ’’What is the Feng family's eldest young master doing? This is the ancestral grave!’’

Feng Yu Heng sneered: ’’Does someone who has become overwhelmed by lust care about such things?’’

Sure enough, as she said this, Feng Zi Hao truly did not even take note of the ancestral grave. Holding Yi Yue, he began moving his hands up and down her body. In a very short span of time, he had torn open her top.

As for Yi Yue, she had also missed Feng Zi Hao greatly. Having been provoked to such a degree, she put on a seductive appearance. The two did not care for time nor place and actually began indulging in pleasures at the Feng family's ancestral grave.

Feng Yu Heng was exasperated: ’’Wang Chuan, tell me. The younger generation of the Feng family doing this sort of thing before their ancestors, can the karma be good?’’

Wang Chuan was too embarrassed to even look, as she tugged at Feng Yu Heng: ’’Young miss, let's go back.’’

Feng Yu Heng giggled and said: ’’Don't be in such a rush. Watch a little longer. Wang Chuan, don't keep your eyes closed the entire time. There is not much learning material for this sort of thing. It would not do for you to not know a single thing when you get married.’’

Wang Chuan's entire face became bright red from what she had said. She truly could not understand how her family's young miss could dare to say such things!

Just as Wang Chuan was being stubborn, they suddenly heard the sound of running from further down the mountain.

Feng Yu Heng turned her head and saw Feng Chen Yu running back. She laughed: ’’Wang Chuan, Wang Chuan, quickly open your eyes! There is about to be a great scene!’’

Wang Chuan became a little interested from hearing her. Opening her eyes, she saw Feng Chen Yu rushing towards Feng Zi Hao and Yi Yue wildly. While she ran, she shouted: ’’Slut! Beast!’’

Feng Yu Heng had sharp eyes and immediately saw a large stone in Chen Yu's hand. She thought to herself that this was desperate!

Sure enough, just as Feng Zi Hao and Yi Yue, who were immersed in an erotic mood, saw Chen Yu return, they were horribly startled. Before either of the two could react, Chen Yu had already raised the rock. Aiming at Yi Yue's head, she fiercely brought it down!

The pitiful Yi Yue could not even make a sound, as her head was smashed open by Chen Yu, and she lost her life on the spot.

Feng Yu Heng grinned: ’’She truly is fierce!’’

’’Ah!’’ Just as she spoke, Feng Zi Hao suddenly screamed loudly. Looking again, it was Chen Yu who was choking him after she had killed Yi Yue.

’’I killed your bitch!’’ Chen Yu had practically snapped, as she desperately choked Feng Zi Hao. But her strength was not comparable to a male's. After just a few moments, she was pushed away by Feng Zi Hao.

’’Have you lost your mind?’’ Feng Zi Hao angrily threw a tantrum while coughing repeatedly, ’’Damn it. This one is simply doting on a girl. What the hell are you getting fussy about?’’

’’Doting on a girl? Haha!’’ Chen Yu laughed madly, ’’Doting on a girl who was at your little sister's side? Doting on a girl and indulging in pleasure before the ancestral grave? Feng Zi Hao, you are a bastard! Why do you not die?’’ She shouted herself hoarse, as the veins in her eyes could be seen pulsating. She just did not understand. How could a perfectly good girl like her have a brother like this?

Feng Zi Hao also became angry. Rushing forward, he grabbed Chen Yu's arm, as his consciousness became cloudy: ’’Good little sister, could it be that you became angry that brother doted on that girl? Don't cry, don't cry. Brother will also dote on you! Brother loves Chen Yu the most!’’ As he said this, he continued forward and pushed Chen Yu, who was not standing steadily, down to the ground. With his disgusting mouth, he rubbed his cheeks against Chen Yu's...


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