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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 148


Chapter 148

Are You All Tired of Living?

The case at Hundred Herb Hall was finally resolved, and Feng Jin Yuan also let out a sigh of relief.

Recently, matters of the court were unclear. The Emperor showed bias towards certain princes and would punish and demote others. The only one he doted on was the ninth prince, and he was a good for nothing. This caused the high-ranking officials to have plenty of private discussions.

Something even more unclear than the state of the courts was his own Feng family. Between two of his daughters, one was praised repeatedly, while the other was punished repeatedly. As a prime minister, this was something that confused him.

But Feng Jin Yuan had always been cautious. No matter how much praise Feng Yu Heng received, he did not hope that this matter would escalate to the point where it was hard to control. Feng Yu Heng had the support of the wild ninth prince, but his Feng family had absolutely nothing.

Feng Jin Yuan bowed deeply towards Xuan Tian Hua and said: ’’Many thanks to Prince Chun for helping keep control of the situation for the Feng family.’’

Xuan Tian Hua still maintained his gentle appearance and slightly raised his hand, saying: ’’Please rise, Minister Feng. It's only as much trouble as raising a hand. It is also to help out my little sister.’’ Both directly and indirectly, his words made it clear that he had only come to help Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Jin Yuan had become accustomed to how the two brothers treated the Feng family. He also did not mind, so he thanked him once more before saying to Feng Yu Heng: ’’We have been delayed quite some time. We should get going.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and also said to Xuan Tian Hua: ’’Many thanks to seventh brother for helping me out of a predicament. A-Heng needs to go with the family today and return to Feng Tong county to make offerings to our ancestors. It will take around one month before we can return to the capital. When Xuan Tian Ming returns from the military barracks, seventh brother, please tell him about it.’’

’’Yes.’’ Xuan Tian Hua backed up two steps, ’’Be careful on the road. Even after you have arrived, take care. I will make sure to inform Ming'er, so there is no need for you to worry.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and glanced at him, backing up a few steps as well before returning to the matriarch's side, ’’Grandmother, let's go.’’

The members of the Feng family once again bid farewell to Xuan Tian Hua and got in their carriages.

Feng Chen Yu, however, tripped as she passed by Xuan Tian Hua. Her body fell sideways towards Xuan Tian Hua;however, he suddenly dodged. Chen Yu was taken by surprise and fell tot he ground.

Yi Yue rushed forward in fear to help her up. The matriarch was also pretty shaken by this fear and repeatedly asked: ’’Have you been hurt?’’

Chen Yu teared up in sorrow, but she did not have the nerve to raise her head to look at Xuan Tian Hua. Raising her skirt, she rushed to enter a carriage.

Already seated in a carriage, Feng Yu Heng lifted the curtain and happened to see this scene. Seeing Xuan Tian Hua look in her direction, she could not help but cover her mouth and laugh, causing Xuan Tian Hua to helplessly shake hishead.

Finally, the carriages slowly began moving. Having been dragged around for an entire morning, they were tired physically and mentally. Each and every one of them closed their eyes for some sleep in the carriages. Feng Yu Heng was no exception.

This trip was calm and peaceful. After twelve days, Feng Tong county entered their sights. Only then did Yao shi let out a sigh of relief and said with some worry: ’’I was always worried that something would happen on the road.’’

Feng Yu Heng comforted her: ’’Do not fear. There are measures that can be taken in any situation.’’ But she knew that this peaceful journey was but the calm before an inevitable storm. Feng Chen Yu had expended a great deal of energy to return to Feng Tong county, so it could not possibly be truly for the sake of making offers to the ancestors.

She squinted her eyes and lifted the curtain to look outside the window. Far away, Feng Tong county could be seen. It was like a net that was prepared and waiting for her arrival.

The carriages stopped at the boundary marking stones to Feng Tong county. It was precisely noon on the 22nd of the ninth month. The sun at the end of Autumn was still strong. When everyone in the Feng family was helped off their carriages, it was so bright that they could not open their eyes.

Han shi sat in the carriage at the very back. The swaying from the travel caused her to be a little dazed. When she exited the carriage, she did not even raise her head before shouting: ’’Why are we getting out so early? Aren't we still far from the gate?’’

Her shouts voiced the thoughts of everyone else. Everyone believed that the carriages should not have been stopped here at the boundary marker.

But it would not do for them to not stop. After passing the boundary marker, there was only a small road into Feng Tong county. Now, that road was completely blocked by a group of people. It was so thoroughly blocked that even a person would find it difficult to squeeze past, much less a carriage.

Yao shi stared at the group of people blocking the road and frowned. Leaning close to Feng Yu Heng, she quietly said: ’’They are people from the Chen family.’’

Only then did she remember, the Feng family and Chen shi were born and raised in Feng Tong county. It was also because of this that when Feng Jin Yuan participated in the imperial exam, Chen shi could have an opportunity to take care of the matriarch in the old home. But for the Chen family to be blocking the road, what was the meaning of this?

For a while, the Feng and Chen families opposed one another on this small road.

Feng Jin Yuan stood with his hands behind his back, a dark expression on his face. Looking at the group of people from the Chen family, he coldly said: ’’Give way!’’

The Chen family did not respond, nor did they give way. Instead, they advanced a couple steps.

The Feng matriarch felt that this family was truly too despicable ’’What are you doing? Are you acting as kings of this road? Are there still laws in this world?’’

Feng Yu Heng stomped over to the matriarch's side and softly said: ’’Grandmother, do not get angry. Of all things, tranquility is most important.’’

With her going forward, the emotions of the Chen family immediately changed, as two elders around 70 years of age shakily walked forward. Staring at Feng Yu Heng, they asked: ’’Are you that girl from the Feng family?’’

Feng Yu Heng asked: ’’Which girl?’’

However, Feng Chen Yu quickly went forward and grabbed the two elder's hands, as tears began falling from her eyes ’’Third great uncle, fourth great uncle, Chen Yu really missed you!’’

The two old men's expressions immediately calmed down upon seeing Chen Yu. They patted her back while wiping away tears.

The one called third great uncle asked her: ’’Your elder brother said that it was the Feng family's second daughter that caused the death of your mother. Is it this one?’’

Chen Yu appeared shocked: ’’Why would brother say this? Although second sister does not usually get along well with us, to have caused mother's death... this crime is a little too large. Great uncle absolutely would not dare speak randomly.’’

’’Hmph!’’ The old man snorted coldly, ’’Chen Yu, you have had a good personality since you were young, but you do not know that good people are easy for others to bully! Your mother was our family's only daughter in her generation. For her to have died in some outsider's home, how do you want for us to be at peace with this?!’’

Feng Yu Heng watched these two old men and found it quite funny. She could not help but turn her head and ask Feng Jin Yuan, who was at her side: ’’Father, does the Chen family have the ability to settle debts with our Feng family? Was it not said that once a daughter marries into a family, she becomes part of the man's family. Why does the Chen family repeatedly insist that we are considered outsiders to Chen shi?’’

Without needing her reminder, Feng Jin Yuan also felt uncomfortable from hearing those words. He immediately became unhappy: ’’Chen shi entered my Feng family's gates. Disputes and such matters are naturally decided by my Feng family. Either way, she has died, and the Feng family performed the funeral for her as the head wife. What, does the Chen family want to take their daughter out from the ancestral Feng family's grave? Very well, this prime minister will immediately go back to the family residence to write up a divorce document. You can send people for her coffin tomorrow!’’

In the end, Feng Jin Yuan had been a prime minister for many years. The words he said caused a great deal of pressure on the others. For a family of merchants like the Chen family, how could the endure such threats? If Chen shi's coffin were really taken out by the Feng family, what sort of situation would that be?

The two shouting old men immediately shut their mouths. Feng Chen Yu, however, concentrated her attention on Feng Yu Heng and spoke in a soft and sweet voice: ’’Second sister, come greet third great uncle and fourth great uncle. They are elders, so you should salute and pay your respects.’’

Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to speak, the two old men angrily snorted. One of them pointed at Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’You just stand there. You absolutely must not come over and salute us! We can not handle your grand salute. It will overwhelm us.’’

Feng Yu Heng really wanted to laugh, but she also felt that the other side were elders, after all. Whatever the case, she had to leave them some face. She could only hold it in and deal with it.

The matriarch could no longer endure watching on. Glaring at the Chen family's people, she said: ’’Quickly move out of the way!’’

The Chen family's elder shook his head: ’’If you want to enter the county, you may, but this girl and her concubine mother must not enter.’’

Feng Yu Heng let out an ’’eh’’ sound and asked Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Feng Tong county's magistrate is someone from the Chen family?’’

Feng Jin Yuan shook his head: ’’How could that be.’’

’’Then why does what they say about letting us in or not count?’’

Feng Jin Yuan also was not very clear on this point, ’’People of the Chen family, do not be excessive.’’

’’Excessive?’’ The old man became angry once more, ’’Our family's perfectly fine daughter was carried into your Feng manor. Yet at around 30 years old, she had her funeral. Who exactly is the one that's excessive?’’

’’Life and death are determined by the heavens. Her own body was not well, so who could be blamed for that?’’

’’Feng Jin Yuan!’’ The old man trembled with anger, ’’You should be very clear on the exact reason. Today, I will leave things at this point. If you want to enter the county, you must leave that mother and daughter here!’’

A gloominess floated to Feng Yu Heng's face, while a stern look entered her eyes. Seeing it, the Feng matriarch shuddered and subconsciously retreated a couple steps. She then heard Feng Yu Heng speak: ’’You won't allow me and my mother in? Very well! I must ask, which of the seven wrongs did she commit? What reason did the Feng family have to chase my mother out? Chen shi was a concubine promoted to the head wife position and originally did not get much spotlight. Your Chen family profited but did not find a corner to laugh behind. Instead, you now dare to act out like this? How would it benefit you to cause the collapse of the Feng family?’’

As she spoke, she walked forward. A strong and oppressive aura exuded from her body, causing the two old men and the rest of the Chen family to retreat.

Feng Yu Heng had not finished speaking, ’’Your Chen family assumed that simply leaving the capital would be fine? After all these years, so long as the Feng family desires, it can move a finger and see how many officials you have bribed and how much money you have moved. People of the Chen family, have you tired of living? Do you want to live in jail?’’

She peered over with a pair of eyes that seemed to have come from hell. Staring directly at the old man, he dropped to his butt in fear.

70 year old arms and legs, how could they handle falling. Having fallen to the ground like that, he could not stand for a long time.

The other old man stomped angrily, pointing at Feng Jin Yuan ’’This is what your Feng family teaches?’’

The person who answered was the Feng matriarch: ’’Your Chen family has no say in how our Feng family teaches its daughters. If it were not for Chen Yu's face, could your Chen family have continued to exist to this day? You want an explanation? Fine! Isn't Zi Hao watching over the grave? Have Chen Yu watch over the grave with him!’’

The matriarch's words caused Chen Yu's face to turn white in fear. With her mouth partially open, not a single sound came out.

Even the Chen family did not think the Feng matriarch could say such things. For a while, they did not move. The arrogant voices that wanted to get revenge for Chen Yu gradually became lowered.

In reality, they had been frightened by Feng Yu Heng's words. The Chen family was a merchant family. After many years of doing business, bribing government officials was a common thing. Especially after having done magnificent business for many years with the many officials of the court, the amount of money that changed hands was boundless. If they really damaged the Feng family's face, then if a standard first rank prime minister wanted to destroy a merchant family, would that not be an incredibly easy matter.

The Chen family's people opened up a path under the fourth great uncle's instruction. The two old men, one sat on the ground, one stood to the side, as they watched the Feng family's carriages mightily enter Feng Tong county. Eventually, their eyes landed on Feng Yu Heng, who had remained at the matriarch's side.

This concubine's daughter had been back in the capital for how long? To be able to receive the doting of the matriarch, it seemed that she was a threat to Chen Yu's position. She really could not be kept around. She could not be kept around!


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