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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 147


Chapter 147

The Truth Comes Out

The personal pharmacy of a special medical officer from the 21st century, how could it simply sell medicine.

Feng Yu Heng smirked. This smile having a bit a resemblance to the devilish charm Xuan Tian Ming had.

Reaching out with her hand, she grabbed the corpse's collar. A twelve year old little girl dragged the grown man as though he were a chicken and headed for the second floor. She stopped before a chart of the human anatomy.

In her previous life, she had added some rooms to the second floor of her pharmacy, one of which was an operating room. Inside, all of the equipment was exactly the same as in a military hospital. Regardless of how large the surgery, so long as she knew how, it could be completed in this operating room.

As for the corpse in her hand... Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes. He was not completely dead. This was something she could tell from a glance. He was definitely not completely dead.

In later generations, medicine determined that only with brain death could someone truly be considered dead. As for the method to determine brain death, this was something the doctors of this age truly could not accomplish. Others go off of breathing, the heart and the pulse to determine if a person is alive or dead. In her eyes, this was incredibly ignorant.

Looking at the chart of the human anatomy, she pressed a mechanism on the wall, causing a small door to open.

Feng Yu Heng dragged the corpse and walked in. The smell of disinfectant washed over her, as the lights in the room turned on. It was as though the room knew that someone wanted to enter. Everything was ready for use.

She smiled. After having experienced living in the ancient era for so long, she realized how useful the inventions of the 21st century were.

Putting the body on the operating table, Feng Yu Heng was accustomed to putting on her white lab coat, which was hanging at the door. Connecting the EEG1, she prepared the defibrillator and placed a stomach pump to the side.

Taking a deep breath, she retrieved the familiar feeling of being a doctor.

She calmed herself down and looked at the data presented by the medical instruments. All of the data produced by the instruments showed that this man had indeed not yet suffered brain death.

Feng Yu Heng now had a good understanding. She gave him a cardiac stimulant and attached the defibrillator. Only after he recovered his pulse would she use the stomach pump to get rid of the poison in his stomach.

The clock in the operating room showed that a full hour had passed. She wiped away some sweat for the last time and finally completed the ’’revival of a dead man.’’

In reality, this was just essential knowledge for her;however, for the ancient people, this was no different than the ’’revival of a dead person.’’ Feng Yu Heng did not dare think about what would happen if there came a day when the people of Da Shun learned that organs could be replaced. Would this world go crazy over it, or perhaps.... would they say she had gone crazy.

She smiled bitterly and did not think on it any further. Removing her white lab coat, she dragged the person back down to the first floor. Standing in the place she had been when she first entered, she moved her consciousness and returned to the small room in Hundred Herb Hall in the blink of an eye.

With Huang Quan and Wang Chuan keeping guard, everything outside was normal. Feng Yu Heng placed the person who had been saved on a soft bed and left the room.

The people outside were very patient. Perhaps it was because they knew that ’’reviving a dead person’’ must not be an easy matter. There was nobody who anxiously rushed her. Even the two representatives of the troublemakers were standing obediently behind Xuan Tian Hua. Seeing her come out, and that she had changed her clothes, they subconsciously asked: ’’He was revived so quickly?’’

In truth, they did not believe that he could be saved. A dead person was sure to be dead. The Feng family's second young miss was not a deity. How could she have the ability to revive a dead person.

But at the very moment, Feng Yu Heng very seriously nodded her head: ’’He has been revived, but the effects of the anesthetic have not worn off yet. That will need another hour.’’

Once these words were said, the two people were so shocked they nearly fell to the ground. The revival of a dead person was one matter. What the revival signified to them was another matter.

For a while, the two looked at each other in dismay. They subconsciously retreated a step, wanting to leave this back area and return to the front, so they could discuss this matter with everyone else.

But before they could move a full step, they heard Xuan Tian Hua, who had been sitting there the entire time, speak up and ask: ’’Where are you going?’’

On that day, the two stood in place, with neither leaving nor remaining being good options.

Feng Yu Heng watched these two and felt a wave of contempt for them.

’’Regardless of what you do, check your conscience first. If money is acquired at the cost of a life, then I trust that there will come a day when someone else trades your life for wealth.’’ Her words were gloomy and frigid. It was as though an emissary from hell had come, causing the two to begin sweating profusely.

Feng Yu Heng, however, no longer paid any attention to them. She only looked at Xuan Tian Hua and spoke with a slight smile: ’’Seventh brother, I've troubled you.’’

Xuan Tian Hua shook his head, ’’It's not much trouble. Ming'er is still at the military barracks. If there is a matter here at your end, then I will naturally come over. Since you call me seventh brother, there is no need to be this modest.’’

The two chatted for a while when she heard a clerk from Hundred Herb Hall call her: ’’Boss, that person woke up.’’

Feng Yu Heng immediately invited Xuan Tian Hua and the two troublemakers: ’’Let's go in and take a look!’’

The two people naturally did not want to go in, but this was to no avail, as Wang Chuan and Huang Quan each took a side and dragged them into the room. The two could not understand how two thin girls could have such strength. Even if they struggled, they could not break free, and running away was even more impossible.

After the two entered the small room, they saw that the person that everyone thought was dead was now very much alive and sitting on the bed. The only problem was his current condition was still a little poor. He needed help from the clerk from Hundred Herb Hall to remain sitting.

Feng Yu Heng walked forward and placed her hand on his wrist. After a while, she slightly nodded and said to the man: ’’There are no longer any major problems. There is no need for you to worry.’’

That person was at a loss. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, he said: ’’They said I was already dead?’’

She nodded, ’’In the eyes of others, this is true. However, to me, you were still alive.’’

He did not understand her words, but he did understand that it was this girl who had saved his life. Assuming a posture, he was about to kowtow;however, he was stopped by Feng Yu Heng ’’Rather than kowtowing here to me, how about we go outside together, so you can tell everyone about your experiences.’’

That person naturally wanted to cooperate, so he vigorously nodded. Borrow the strength of the clerk, he stood up and followed Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua out.

After everyone was once again standing outside Hundred Herb Hall, and everyone was able to see that the corpse had been revived, the area fell silent.

It remained silent for the duration of half a stick of incense. There was not a single sound to be heard.

After that, who knows whose child it was that suddenly began crying. They cried while shouting: ’’Mother, I am hungry!’’

Everyone broke into laughter over this child. Either way, it managed to dilute the shock and fear that came from the ’’revival of a dead man.’’

Thus, everyone began to discuss: ’’To actually have revived him, is the Feng family's second young miss a deity?’’

’’A deity she definitely is not, but she is certainly a divine doctor.’’

’’I heard that she is the former divine doctor Yao's granddaughter.’’

’’This is the Hundred Herb Hall's true medical ability! In the future, when we need to see a doctor or fetch medicine, we need to remember to come to Hundred Herb Hall.’’

Just like this, Feng Yu Heng had performed a live action advertisement for Hundred Herb Hall.

As for the unruly troublemakers, when they saw the person who was originally a corpse standing there, they all wanted to turn around and leave. But before they could turn around, some government officers appeared behind them and surrounded them. They managed to control the entire crowd very well.

Feng Yu Heng took a couple steps forward and loudly said: ’’You said my Hundred Herb Hall's pills have poison, right? I have revived the person for you, so I will request that everyone present listen carefully. Is it my Hundred Herb Hall's pills that have poison, or is it your hearts that are poisonous!’’

Once these words came out, the man who had been saved took a couple steps forward with the help of the clerk. He then extended his hand and pointed at the sturdy man and angrily said: ’’It's him! It was him that brought along a girl with her face covered that found me. I just happened to have caught a cold, so they gave me some money to come get treatment at Hundred Herb Hall. They also demanded that I had to buy a medical pill from here. I did as they said and ate the pill. They then pretended to buy me a steamed bun in goodwill;however, after I ate that steamed bun, my insides began to hurt. What happened after that, I do not know. It is not the medical pill that was poisoned. The poisonous ones are him and that girl that brought the steamed bun!’’

Once the truth came out, Xuan Tian Hua immediately shouted: ’’Take them away!’’

The officers did not say a single word. With each officer taking one, the entire crowd of troublemakers was led away.

They were all ordinary civilians, but because they had seen money, they had done something incredibly stupid. Once such a thing was revealed, how could they have the ability to refute it. One by one, they dropped to their knees and begged for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, to have their lives spared, there were conditions.

’’This prince asks you,’’ Xuan Tian Hua looked at the sturdy man and said: ’’What sort of person is the person with a covered face? If you speak truthfully, this prince will allow you to not die.’’

The sturdy man's face was at a loss, ’’She always kept her face hidden. She was very wealthy. With a wave of her hand, she gave each of us 100 taels of silver. But I really do not know who she is!’’

Someone echoed: ’’We could not even see her appearance clearly.’’

’’That's right!’’ The sturdy man said: ’’She wore a plaited bamboo hat on her head and had a very thick gauze that hid her face and went all the way down to her waist. We could not see anything clearly.’’

Xuan Tian Hua shook his head helplessly, ’’Since that is the case, we can only put you all in the condemned cell for the crime of murder.’’

He did not say anything else, only raising his hand. Countless officers moved in unison and took the crowd of unruly troublemakers away, as they shouted and begged for mercy.

Finally, the area before Hundred Herb Hall became peaceful.

The Feng matriarch let out a long sigh of relief, as she thought to herself about what a narrow escape this was. However, she was also very impressed by Feng Yu Heng actually being able to revive a dead person.

Feng Jin Yuan also felt the same way. In just three short years, this daughter's medical prowess had actually improved to such a degree. If she were given another three years, would she improve even further?

Not waiting for them to think any further, the surrounding civilians suddenly dropped to their knees. One by one, they kowtowed towards Hundred Herb Hall and Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Jin Yuan saw this scene and felt shocked. As for the civilians, their shouts began to pick up: ’’Hundred Herb Hall benefits society and saves lives. divine doctor Feng is capable of regrowing bones! The Feng family is our savior!’’

With these words, the Feng family had managed to share some of the spotlight and received the courtesy of the people.

The Feng matriarch could not help but feel smug. Just as she said, this second granddaughter had always been a heaven-defying expert. How about it, now even the Feng family had been praised.

Feng Yu heng smiled and waited for them to finish kowtowing three times before saying: ’’Please, get up. Benefiting society and saving lives is the purpose of Hundred Herb Hall. I just hope that this sort of thing never happens again. Human life is of the utmost importance. Nobody should ever take someone's life and trade it for wealth. Da Shun's laws are not just to punish the wicked, it is also used to keep a person's heart within bounds. Both good and evil are equally noted, as karma affects reincarnation. Laws keep the heart at ease.’’

Xuan Tian Hua led the applause, and the citizens also began applauding.

Feng Chen Yu, however, glared at this scene with eyes filled with bitterness. She hated that the person behind this had been so stupid. Not only did they fail to deal with Feng Yu Heng, they even helped bring applause for her Hundred Herb Hall. She really did not know if this person was hurting her or helping her.

Nobody saw that across the street from Hundred Herb Hall, there was a girl wearing a bamboo hat with a gauze covering her face hidden in a corner. She watched on with even more bitterness than Chen Yu. Leaning slightly against a brick wall, one of her fingers dug fiercely at that brick wall, as blood dripped from her finger nail...

1: Brain wave scanner


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