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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 145


Chapter 145

Debts of Blood Are Repaid in Blood

Everyone rushed over to the gate in a hurry. When they arrived, they saw that there were at least 20 people crowded around causing a ruckus. They were all in the primes of their lives, and they were all shouting ’’Murders pay with their lives! Debts in blood will be repaid in blood!’’

Feng Jin Yuan stood outside the gates with his hands clasped behind his back in a dignified manner. The people who had come to cause trouble did not dare move forward, but their shouts continued and did not stop.

The worst part was that there was a man on a stretcher in front of the gates who lay there like a ’’dead man.’’ His ragged clothes could hardly cover his body, while there were countless holes in his straw sandals.

That morning, Wang Chuan and Feng Yu Heng had gone to gather at Shu Ya courtyard. At this time, Huang Quan appeared out of no where and ran over. Leaning close to her ear, she quietly said: ’’Ban Zou said that something happened at Hundred Herb Hall.’’

Feng Yu Heng frowned, a strong irritation washed over her heart, ’’I got it.’’ She coldly spat out these words then immediately broke through the crowd. She took the initiative and stood next to Feng Jin Yuan.

Whether it was because she had appeared too suddenly or because she had recently been too vicious recently that she gave off a fierce aura, the originally arrogant troublemakers all shut their mouths. Each and every one of them looked at her, cautious and afraid.

One person was a little slower to stop shouting, as he shouted ’’Hundred Herb Hall's pills caused the death of someone. Feng family, blood debts must be repaid in blood!’’

Feng Yu Heng fiercely glanced over at him, causing that person to shut their mouth. Feng Jin Yuan then said from her said: ’’A-Heng, it is a matter of Hundred Herb Hall. You must give the citizens an explanation.’’

She did not even look at her father, only coldly saying: ’’Father, do not worry. A-Heng naturally will not allow the Feng family to be tarnished.’’ As she said this, she advanced a couple steps and looked around at the crowd of troublemakers. Raising the corner of her lips, she coldly said: ’’Since it is a matter with Hundred Herb Hall, why did you not go surround Hundred Herb Hall and instead came to Feng manor's gates?’’

The people in the crowd looked at each other, pushing one another for quite some time. In the end, they pushed out someone to act as a representative. It was a man around 30 years old with a sturdy build. At this time, he deliberately put on a menacing face and took a step forward. Facing Feng Yu Heng, he shouted: ’’Hundred Herb Hall is the Feng family's business, so we naturally must come to the Feng family to talk! Since you are the shopkeeper of the Hundred Herb Hall, then you must give us an explanation. The medical pills that you sell have caused someone to die. How should this debt be sorted?’’

Feng Yu Heng was beside herself, ’’How do you know that I am the shopkeeper? A twelve year old girl like me is able to manage a shop of that size?’’

The sturdy man clearly did not have many spare brain cells and subconsciously said: ’’The boss told us!’’

Feng Yu Heng became spirited ’’Who is the boss?’’

Someone in the crowd immediately realized that they had revealed too much and quickly prodded the sturdy man. That man then immediately reacted and retracted what he said: ’’What boss? Where did this boss come from? I said that there was a neighbor that told us. Hundred Herb Hall's shopkeeper is the Feng family's second young miss.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed. She no longer wanted to argue with them. Lowering her head, she looked down at the dead person lying down before saying: ’’Bring your dead and follow me to Hundred Herb Hall.’’ As she said this, she raised her voice. Facing the ever growing crowd of civilians and members of the Feng family, she said: ’’If anyone wants to continue watching, then come along. When the time comes, I want everyone to act as witnesses to see if there is any truth behind what they said about pills from Hundred Herb Hall causing someone's death. Or if they are simply people with ulterior motives who have come to cause trouble.’’

In the crowd of civilians, someone immediately shouted to head towards Hundred Herb Hall. The unruly troublemakers did not mind. They had caused a ruckus in front of the Feng family's gates, but this was still something to do with Hundred Herb Hall. Them wanting to go was not unreasonable.

Thus, two strong men went and picked up the stretcher. Yao shi, hearing that something had happened with Hundred Herb Hall, became panicked and rushed forward. When she reached Feng Yu Heng's side, she quietly said: ’’Might as well resolve matters here. If something happened at the Feng family's gates, your father will not ignore it.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’Mother, he really might ignore it.’’

Yao shi frowned tightly. No matter what, she did not feel at ease with Feng Yu Heng going to Hundred Herb Hall. Thinking for a little, she simply turned around and said to the matriarch: ’’A-Heng is the manor's second young miss. Regardless of whether she is the daughter of the first wife or a concubine, this matter is related to the Feng family's face. Mother-in-law will simply watch idly as A-Heng suffers grievances by a group of troublemakers?’’

Ever since Yao shi returned to the capital, she had not made a single request of the manor. She had also put away her mannerisms as the former head wife. She had always remained submissive. Now that she spoke up and said such reasonable things, how could the matriarch allow Feng Yu Heng to go alone. She quickly followed up on Yao shi's suggestion: ’’Let us all follow along. Prepare the carriage as well. Once the matter is sorted, we will depart immediately.’’

Thus, the Feng family followed the troublemakers as a group towards Hundred Herb Hall.

The matriarch and Chen Yu sat in the rosewood carriage. While heading over, she comforted Chen Yu: ’’Do not worry. I trust that, based on your second sister's skills, matters will very quickly be resolved.’’

Chen Yu was in a trance. Nodding her head, she appeared absent-minded.

The matriarch felt a little regret over sitting with Chen Yu. Ever since this granddaughter became possessed, she would call out to grandfather or mother. Which of them was not a dead person. Just sitting at her side, she felt horrified.

What she did not know, however, was that Chen Yu was currently trying to figure things out. All of her plans had been made for Feng Tong county. Which person could not even wait for them to leave the capital before setting a tripwire for Feng Yu Heng?

But, this was also good. Regardless of who it was, so long as it frustrated Feng Yu Heng's spirit, she would be happy.

When they arrived at Hundred Herb Hall, shopkeeper Wang Lin was presently standing at the door. Seeing a large crowd approaching, Wang Lin felt his head swell. Picking out Feng Yu Heng from the crowd, he quickly trotted over and bowed, saying: ’’Boss.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and lowered her voice: ’’Carefully watch over the shop. Do not give any observant people any openings.’’

Wang Lin solemnly replied: ’’A little earlier, Huang Quan girl came by. Now, there are people keeping watch on the inside and outside. It is absolutely safe.’’

Only then did she relax. She quickly took a couple steps towards Hundred Herb Hall before turning to face the group of troublemakers.

The members of the Feng family all exited their carriages and stood at Feng Yu Heng's side. Yao shi stood closest to her with a serious expression. She no longer had a timid expression, instead returning to the aura she had when she was the Feng family's head wife.

An shi and Xiang Rong were also at her side. Xiang Rong had always been easily frightened;however, she did not appear to be scared today. Instead, she stood as close to Feng Yu Heng as possible, showing that she was on her side.

There was also Jin Zhen. Although she stood at Feng Jin Yuan's side, everyone could hear her clearly speaking in a sweet tone into Feng Jin Yuan's ear: ’’Husband, this is not just a matter for the second young miss alone. It is a matter involving the entire Feng manor. You must provide us support!’’ Her voice was soft as a whisper with a warmth that was different from Han shi's. After all, a servant raised by the family was a step up from Han shi, who came out of the red-light district.

Feng Jin Yuan felt that the things Jin Zhen said were very reasonable. These unruly people actually dared go to the Feng manor's gates. Did they think he was simply a showpiece of a prime minister?

’’A-Heng, do not worry!’’ Feng Jin Yuan finally spoke up, ’’Regardless of the outcome today, father will stand on your side.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled, ’’Since that is the case, many thanks to father.’’ But the ones she actually thanked in her heart were Yao shi, An shi, Xiang Rong and Jin Zhen for their support. People, in life, could not fight and stand alone. Perhaps, at the start, you would not feel anything. But when you had people at your side, they would support, trust and help you. Also, when they remain loyal to you, that is when you realize that remaining alone is the saddest thing.

The group of troublemakers saw that they had arrived at Hundred Herb Hall and placed the stretcher on the ground. The sturdy guy then began speaking once more: ’’Originally, it was just a slight cold. Buying from your Hundred Herb Hall was to treat his illness. Who knew that after eating a single pill, he would die. Comrades, do you not think that this Hundred Herb Hall is fraudulent store? Is this Feng family's second young miss not a black-hearted boss? Having killed someone, should you not atone with your life!?’’

These words were originally very provocative;however, perhaps this man lacked a way with words. Aside from the people who had come with them, nobody else became incensed.

Feng Yu Heng patiently waited for them to finish shouting before turning her head and asking Wang Lin: ’’The pill our Hundred Herb Hall sells to treat a cold, how much does it cost?’’

Wang Lin was a very intelligent person. He had determined long ago that despite the boss' young age, there was not a single wasteful word that she spoke. Everything she said had multiple meanings. Now that he heard Feng Yu Heng ask this question, he straightened his waist and raised his voice for all to hear: ’’Hundred Herb Hall has 15 kinds of medical pills. All of them need to be prescribed by one of the doctors here. The usage and dosage are strictly controlled. The pill that is mainly used for treating colds is called Yin Qiao Detoxifying Pill. Each pill is 2 taels of standard silver.1 Each prescription requires five pills to be effective.’’ After he finished speaking, he glanced at the troublemakers and added: ’’That is also to say, each medicine would be sold five pills at a time. That is ten taels of silver.’’

After he finished speaking, he finally understood Feng Yu Heng's meaning. He could not help but glance happily at the dead person. He then looked at the crowd of troublemakers: ’’This lowly one will ask for the boss, when the deceased was still alive, where did he work? How much salary did he earn each month?’’

After he asked this, the surrounding crowd began laughing. There was even someone impolite enough to shout: ’’Ten taels of silver is enough for him to work a full year.’’

’’So what if it is worth a year of work?’’ The sturdy man became unhappy, ’’Is money important or is life important? We wanted to use a year's worth of money to buy medicine and have him treated. Is that something for you to care about?’’ As he said this, he actually pulled out a prescription from his sleeve.

Wang Lin went forward and received it. Glancing at it, he nodded: ’’It is indeed a prescription written by one of the doctors at Hundred Herb Hall.’’ He then handed it to a partner to check with the records. The partner very quickly ran there and back before whispering something in his ear. Wang Lin then said: ’’There is a record of him buying the medicine. The deceased did indeed come to buy medicine at Hundred Herb Hall yesterday.’’

’’Then you still dare to deny it?’’ The sturdy man was aware of the situation and began speaking even more fiercely.

But Feng Yu Heng shook her head, saying: ’’Even then, there is no way to prove that it was the pill from our Hundred Herb Hall that caused his death.’’

’’You still dare to be unreasonable?’’ The sturdy man refused to accept it. Together with his comrades, they began another round of shouting: ’’Relying on your power and superiority, you dare do this to the common citizen? Does Da Shun still have any laws? If you do not give us an explanation today, then we will go kneel at the palace gates and file a suit directly to the Emperor!’’

Seeing that the voices of the people were becoming louder and louder, Chen Yu tugged at the matriarch's sleeve and quietly said: ’’Grandmother, if this continues, then the Feng family's name will be ruined.’’

The matriarch also thought this way and wanted to remind Feng Jin Yuan to think of a way to end this situation;however, she heard Feng Yu Heng say: ’’Guards, guide these people over to the Imperial palace!’’

1: This is as opposed to shattered silver.


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