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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 144


Chapter 144

Visited by Unruly People

The matriarch dropped her onto a chair. The impact caused a sudden jolt of pain to shoot through her waist.

’’Who did you say you saw?’’

Chen Yu trembled and said: ’’I saw mother and grandfather.’’ As she spoke, she looked around the room once more, her face filled with horror, ’’Grandfather said he misses Chen Yu and misses everyone in the family. Mother said she died unjustly and that she is lonely being alone at the old home.’’ Chen Yu spoke as tears fell from her eyes, ’’Grandfather's appearance has changed so much. Chen Yu really misses grandfather! Wu...’’

In the room, Chen Yu burst into tears. The matriarch, who had been frightened initially, now began to feel distressed by this crying.

Old man Feng had passed away ten years earlier. At that time, Chen Yu was already four years old, so she naturally had some memories.

Sighing for a while, the people of the family rushed over in this direction. Yao shi and An shi, along with Jin Zhen, entered the room together. Just as Han shi entered the room, her voice sounded out ’’Oh dear, my eldest young miss! What happened to you now?’’

Everyone felt a chill. Ever since Fen Dai left the manor, this Han shi had truly changed far too much. Very slightly, she began developing in towards the same direction Chen shi had.

Today, Chen Yu did not argue with anyone. She devoted herself fully to this act. Instead, she was very happy to have someone like Han shi to play along with her ’’I saw grandfather! And I saw mother!’’

Han shi shuddered and shut her mouth.

An shi frowned and shared a look with Yao shi. Neither had anything to say.

Yao shi walked over to Feng Yu Heng, her gaze full of inquiry. She pulled Yao shi's hand and quietly whispered a few words into her ears. Yao shi's brow furrowed even tighter.

’’Could it be that eldest young miss was possessed?’’ Han shi could not longer hold it in and spoke once more. Her words were no different than what Feng Yu Heng had just said.

The matriarch also believed this, but she did not know what should be done.

Chen Yu continued to ramble incoherently. She would call out to her mother one instant, then her grandfather the next. Her act caused everyone to have a headache. The doctor that was brought over could not give an explanation, only saying that it was a possession, and he could not treat it.

The matriarch waved her hand and dismissed the doctor. She held her waist and sighed, as it began to hurt.

Yao shi turned around and looked out the opened window. After a long while, she let out a soft sigh and quietly whispered: ’’If possible, I really do not want to remain in this family.’’

These words were not heard by anyone else, but Feng Yu Heng heard it. Her lips curled into a smile, and her mood improved drastically ’’Mother, such a day will come.’’

’’It seems that big brother is sick. I saw big brother fall ill.’’ Chen Yu's nonsense started up again. It was mysterious and moving, ’’Grandfather misses me and mother also misses me. Grandfather, do not blame grandmother for not visiting you. There are simply too many things happening in the manor. Grandmother is unhappy too!’’

The matriarch became flustered upon hearing this, but also began thinking it over. Ever since entering the capital, she had not returned to the old home even once. When old man Feng's coffin was carried back to the old home, it was done so by the younger generation. That old man shouldn't be blaming her, right?

Chen Yu acted up for a full four hours. It just so happened that it was a busy day at court. Feng Jin Yuan was delayed and delayed again without returning. Only after Chen Yu fell asleep from exhaustion did he quickly enter the room.

At this time, after the matriarch had pondered for a four hours, she finally made a decision: ’’The 28th of next month is your deceased father's birthday. Take note of the day and prepare to pay a visit to Feng Tong county to make offerings to our ancestors.’’

With this, the matriarch had made a large decision. Passed out on the bed, Chen Yu's eyebrows slightly moved, a smile appearing on her face.

That night, Yi Yue dismissed all of the servants in the courtyard, remaining in the room alone with Chen Yu.

Chen Yu personally put an incense burning table on her table. She then personally placed three sticks on incense and knelt, kowtowing three times before saying: ’’Mother, for your hatred, Chen Yu will definitely take revenge. Big brother must return from Feng Tong county to the capital. All of the things we have lost, Chen Yu will definitely retrieve them one at a time. Mother, just wait and see. Feng Yu Heng absolutely must die!’’

Yi Yue helped Chen Yu up from the ground and quietly said: ’’Eldest young master has finished his preparations on his side. He is just waiting for us to return.’’

An angry look suddenly flashed through Feng Chen Yu's eyes, as she glared at Yi Yue ’’If it weren't for dealing with Feng Yu Heng, I would definitely beat you to death!’’

Yi Yue dropped to her knees in fear, ’’Young miss, this servant knows her wrongs. At that time, it was the eldest young master that forced this servant. Only then did this servant...’’

’’Enough.’’ Chen Yu became more annoyed the more she heard. If it were not for Chen shi dying, she would not have been left without anyone to rely on. She really did not want to deal with her outrageous brother. ’’Remember, you are my servant. It is my brother that likes you. If I do not agree, then he can not have you.’’

’’This servant understands. This servant pledges my life to young miss and to never abandon young miss in this life.’’

’’Un.’’ Chen Yu nodded. Reaching out, she helped Yi Yue up, ’’I am clear on the type of person my brother is. I trust you also understand. What has happened to the other girls he has taken in, I will not say. You should have heard a few things. Thus, Yi Yue, with me present, you can enjoy good days. If I were not present, your future would definitely be like those girls.’’

Yi Yue took two deep breaths, doing her best to calm herself down. She knew that what Chen Yu said was correct. Everyone in the manor knew what sort of person the eldest young master was. Only by relying on the eldest young miss could she give Feng Zi Hao a wake-up call and preserve her own life.

Yi Yue gave Chen Yu a deep bow: ’’This servant thanks eldest young miss for the great favor.’’

’’If matters this time work out, I will support you and send you to brother as a concubine.’’ This was a promise Chen Yu made to Yi Yue. Placing a servant at Feng Zi Hao's side and dealing with Feng Yu Heng, this deal was not a loss for her no matter how she looked at it.

Yi Yue reached a hand into her sleeve and pulled out a wooden box: ’’This was given by the Bu family's young miss.’’

Chen Yu did not even look at it before putting it in her sleeve, a sneer appearing on her face, ’’Feng Yu Heng, the results of your arrogance is public outcry. Just Qing Le being ruined was no big deal. Following that, there will be a second Qing Le and a third Qing Le. Just you wait.’’

After the Mid-Autumn festival in the eighth month, the entire Feng manor began making preparations to return to their hometown to make offerings to their ancestors. Even Feng Jin Yuan informed the court with his leave of absence.

At the end of the month, Qing Yu brought ten girls who stood before Feng Yu Heng. These girls had appearances that were not out of the ordinary, but they were dressed cleanly, which made people feel comfortable.

Feng Yu Heng was very pleased with Qing Yu's ability to choose people. Of these girls, she chose two first rate servants and four second rank servants. The remaining were also to remain at Tong Sheng pavilion to follow Qing Yu's arrangements.

Recently in Tong Sheng pavilion, Qing Yu was just like a manager. Whether it be on the inside or outside, she managed all affairs. Although it was a little busy, she was happy doing it.

Feng Yu Heng gave the two new first rate servants the names Qing Lan and Qing Shuang. Qing Shuang was kept at her side, while Qing Le was sent to Yao shi's side, taking over granny Sun's position.

Just as she finished arranging things on her end, she saw Huang Quan running in while giggling. Before she even reached her, she began speaking very happily ’’Young miss, take a look at who came back!’’

Saying this, she gave way and allowed Feng Yu Heng to see the travel-worn Wang Chuan behind her.

’’This servant greets young miss.’’ Wang Chuan had been out of the manor for quite some time. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng, she truly felt a little moved, especially after hearing Huang Quan mention Feng Yu Heng's spectacular acts. This caused her to feel even more annoyed that she could not return a few days sooner. She really wanted to see the spectacle of the triple arrow shot!

’’Quickly get up.’’ Feng Yu Heng stood up and actively helped Wang Chuan, ’’You have had a hard time.’’

’’It was not difficult.’’ Wang Chuan displayed a smile. Continuously traveling caused her skin to have become a little more tanned.

Qing Yu saw that Wang Chuan had returned and was also a very emotional. While greeting her, she introduced the new servants. The new servants were all very smart. Seeing that Wang Chuan and Feng Yu Heng got along very well, they knew that this girl must be someone very close to their master. Thus they all bowed and obediently greeted her: ’’Greetings to sister Wang Chuan.’’ They then faced Huang Quan and said: ’’Greetings to sister Huang Quan.’’

The two smiled and accepted their greetings. They then exchanged some greetings before Qing Yu brought the new servants to familiarize themselves with Tong Sheng pavilion and the Feng manor. Wang Chuan remained with Feng Yu Heng to report the happenings in Xiao Zhou.

She said: ’’Second young master is very valued by Yun Lu Academy. The welcoming ceremony that the head teacher prepared was extremely grand. Our second young master is very competitive. The day he formally became a pupil, he answered every one of the head teacher's questions correctly and magnificently.’’

Feng Yu Heng was very pleased to hear this. Zi Rui did not read very much, but his foundation in martial arts was taught by herself and Xuan Tian Ming. Especially his understanding of warfare, she trusted that among children of the same age, Zi Rui was definitely the best.

After speaking about Zi Rui, Wang Chuan then told Feng Yu Heng: ’’After arriving in Xiao Zhou, this servant found a girl proficient in medicine who is also obedient. That girl's name is Le Ying Tian. She is 17 this year. She helps out in a local medical clinic. This servant used the excuse of looking for medicine to get to know her. Because she has a birthmark on her face, she has a bit of an inferiority complex. She does not like interacting with people too much, but she has very good knowledge of medicine and medical herbs.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded: ’’I am assured when by your work.’’

Wang Chuan continued: ’’This servant told her of our matters. She also agreed to help develop those young girls. The book that young miss gave was also given to her. After reading it, she praised it as having been written by someone of excellent ability!’’ Wang Chuan recalled the expression Le Ying Tian made upon seeing that book. She could not help but admire Feng Yu Heng just a little more.

’’Pay a little more attention to the matters on that end. When the need arises, you must travel between Xiao Zhou and the capital, either way, Zi Rui is over there. You will have a reason to go.’’

Wang Chuan solemnly complied, ’’This servant understands.’’

The day that the Feng family departed for Feng Tong county was set for the tenth day of the ninth month.

From the capital to Feng Tong county, the trip would take ten days. If they were slower or stopped midway, then it would be even longer than ten days.

The matriarch prepared a great many things. Just offerings alone took up two full carriages.

Just before they left the manor, everyone gathered in Shu Ya courtyard to listen to the matriarch's warnings. Han shi twisted her handkerchief and spoke up when the matriarch paused: ’’Since we are returning to our hometown to make offerings, how can it be done without everyone present. The fourth young miss should go along as well.’’

The matriarch snorted and reprimanded her: ’’How can a child that has made mistakes have the face to go visit the ancestors?’’

’’The eldest young miss has not made few mistakes.’’

’’Can the fourth young miss be compared to the eldest young miss?’’ The matriarch's eyes became fierce. In reality, she wanted to say ’’You gave birth to a daughter of a concubine. How can that be compared to the daughter of the first wife?’’ However, she remembered that Feng Yu Heng was still sitting there, so she felt uncomfortable with bringing up such differences. ’’If you keep speaking, then there will be no need for you to go.’’

Han shi was helpless against this. Wringing her handkerchief, she fell silent.

The matriarch stood up, and granny Zhao put a cloak on her. Just as they prepared to move everyone outside, a servant hurriedly ran in. Out of breath, she did not have time to salute before loudly saying: ’’Not good! The manor's gates have been blocked by a group of unruly people!’’


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