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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 143


Chapter 143


Feng Yu Heng's brow furrowed tightly. Her ability to recognize voices was very good. Once she had heard someone's voice, she could definitely recognize who it belonged it. Just like the words ’’be careful.’’ She did not need to raise her head to know who it belonged to.

Gently moving her arm and slightly bowing, she had a calm and serene expression, ’’A-Heng greets your Highness Prince Xiang.’’

The third prince Xuan Tian Ye!

Immediately, everyone knelt once more.

Xuan Tian Ye raised his hand and said: ’’Everyone, get up! Today is Lord Bu's funeral. These mannerisms are not necessary.’’ As he said this, he looked at Feng Yu Heng, ’’Nothing happened, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: ’’Many thanks for your Highness' concern. Nothing happened.’’

Xuan Tian Ye did not say anything further, instead he took the initiative in helping Feng Yu Heng to the side. Only then did he go up and light a stick of incense for Lord Bu.

He was someone who wanted to accomplish great things. Although the Bu family's attentions were clearly not on him, he still had to do act the part.

Feng Yu Heng moved back to the matriarch's side and quietly said: ’’Grandmother, we should be returning, right?’’

The matriarch had been a little shaken by Xuan Tian Ye's earlier attitude. Hearing Feng Yu Heng's reminder, she finally reacted, ’’That's right. The incense has already been lit. It's time to return to the manor.’’

She took the initiative in waving to Bu Bai Qi then led her three granddaughters out of the mourning hall.

The number of people who came to offer their condolences today was high, so it was impossible for the Bu family to take complete care of the Feng family. After exchanging greetings, they could no longer continue to send them off. But just as they reached the front yard, Bu Ni Shang appeared from out of no where, stopping Feng Yu Heng.

’’Young miss Bu.’’ Feng Yu Heng faintly smiled and looked over. She knew that some people would refuse to turn back unless they reached a dead end, ’’Could it be that you feel the Bu family's funeral was too peaceful today?’’

’’Hmph!’’ A fierce look flashed through Bu Ni Shang's eyes, ’’Feng Yu Heng, remember this. Sooner or later, there will come a day where I will trample over you and have you kneeling at my feet.’’

’’Oh!’’ Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’Might I ask Bu family's young miss, the way you are speaking, is it on the back of your aunt, who was thrown by my father Emperor and smashed your grandfather to death? Or is it your future husband, the fourth prince? If it is the fourth prince, I will remember to report this to father Emperor.’’

’’You...’’ Bu Ni Shang found that the moment Feng Yu Heng opened her mouth, she had lost. Leaving aside how she had said that she would tell the Emperor, she had directly went and called him father Emperor. This completely suppressed her offensive. They were both the Emperor's daughter-in-law, yet he had permitted her to call him father Emperor. What about herself?

Bu Ni Shang resentfully glared at Feng Yu Heng and no longer spoke. But when she turned to leave, she gave Chen Yu a look showing that they were of kindred spirit.

The Feng matriarch angrily snorted and did not show Bu Ni Shang a kind expression. She even said: ’’The children of the Bu family are raised to be like this?’’

Bu Ni Sheng was angry, but she did not dare speak out against the Feng matriarch, no matter what. Once she did speak out, then it would truly show that she did not have a good upbringing. She was so angry that she almost could not breathe. She left, practically running the entire way. In her heart, she hoped that big brother Bu Cong would quickly return. The big brother who had doted on her since she was young would definitely support her.

The Feng family was delayed in leaving the manor because of Bu Ni Shang. When they finally left the manor, the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, had also finished lighting incense and quickly followed them out.

Chen Yu lowered her head, her cheeks becoming a little red. She wholeheartedly thought that Xuan Tian Ye had chased after them because he wanted to speak with her. She did not, however, think that he would face Feng Yu Heng and say: ’’Do you want this prince to send you back?’’

Chen Yu was extremely shocked. She suddenly raised her head and looked towards Xuan Tian Ye, but his eyes remained on Feng Yu Heng, not even glancing in her direction.

The matriarch also felt something was off. Staring at Xuan Tian Ye and Feng Yu Heng with uncertainty, she saw the Feng Yu Heng maintained her habitual indifferent expression. It was even a little similar to the ninth prince's indifferent expression. She only shook her head towards Xuan Tian Ye and said: ’’The Feng family has a carriage. I will not trouble third brother.’’

When she called him third brother, it reminded Xuan Tian Ye of their relationship. Chen Yu, however, did not see it this way. She said with great envy: ’’Second sister and his Highness the third prince are really close.’’

Feng Yu Heng felt that this big sister truly did not know the difference between right and wrong. As for Xuan Tian Ye, he turned an annoyed and disgusted gaze towards her, causing Chen Yu to tear up, as she prepared to use her most pitiable expression to change Xuan Tian Ye's attitude.

Unfortunately, Xuan Tian Ye did not even look at her. He only focused on talking to Feng Yu Heng: ’’A-Heng treats this prince as too much of an outsider. Either way, this prince must pass by the Feng manor on the way back into the capital and thought to bring you along.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head once more, expressing that there was no need.

Xuan Tian Ye did not persist, only nodding his head. His ever angry expression even revealed a bit of a smile. After that, he waved to the Feng matriarch and left.

The Feng matriarch was stunned silly. As she saw it, the only people in the Feng family the third prince had any interactions with aside from Feng Jin Yuan was Chen Yu! Why was it today, that he suddenly became so close with Feng Yu Heng?

She really wanted to ask Feng Yu Heng what really happened, but when she saw Feng Yu Heng's cold expression, the words that had reached her mouth were swallowed back down. She only said: ’’Let's return!’’

Just as she said this, the first one to move was Chen Yu. She rushed straight for the carriage and climbed into the carriage herself, ignoring the help of the maidservants.

The matriarch knew her mood was sour, but she did not fuss over it, following her into the carriage.

Feng Yu Heng brought Xiang Rong and the servants into the other carriage. On the way back to the manor, Xiang Rong suddenly said: ’’Why do I feel like something is about to happen?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and patted the back of her hand, comforting her: ’’It is fortune not disaster, but if it is disaster, it can not be avoided. If it is a disaster, we will deal with it. There is no need to fear.’’

Xiang Rong nodded, her heart calming down slightly, but she still had concerns, ’’Second sister, be a little more careful. Without mentioning the Bu family, I feel that eldest sister is a little off.’’

’’Then let's treat it as watching a good play and see how good of a performance she can put on.’’ Feng Yu Heng threw out these words. If Xiang Rong could see something, how could she not have felt something. Feng Chen Yu was already a little off since the day she feigned her illness. Having been instigated today, perhaps the play would begin very shortly.

The carriage slowed before the Feng manor's gates. The servants of the manor had been preparing to welcome them back since early in the morning. Seeing the carriages stop, they swarmed like bees up to the rosewood carriage, helping the matriarch out first then helping Chen Yu.

Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong also exited their carriage with the help of their two maidservants. Just as their feet touched the ground, they heard a surprised cry from the side of the other carriage!

Xiang Rong was still easily frightened and trembled in fear. She then came to a realization: ’’That was eldest sister's voice.’’

Feng Yu Heng smirked and said to herself: Here it is!

Sure enough, following that shrill cry, they heard Chen Yu, who had not yet exited the carriage, begin screaming ’’Mother! Mother, you must not stand in front of the carriage. Allow Chen Yu to exit, ok?’’

Xiang Rong retreated a couple steps in fear, but Feng Yu Heng grabbed her: ’’Don't be scared.’’

But the one closest to Chen Yu, the matriarch, was quite scared. Having been given a great shock, she loudly said: ’’Cease your nonsense!’’ The volume of this shout shocked even herself. The tone sounded as though it were meant to scold Chen Yu, but it was more so to help herself build some courage. Seeing a ghost in the middle of the day, what sort of thing was that?

But Chen Yu's shouts did not stop once. She would yell for her mother for a while then her grandfather the next, saying things like ’’Chen Yu also misses grandfather. Chen Yu will go light incense at the ancestral hall every year. Grandfather, you do not need to worry about the family anymore. Everything is well. Everything is well!’’

’’What nonsense are you speaking?’’ The matriarch truly became angry, grandfather? Was that not just her husband! He had died so many years ago, so why was he brought up again? ’’Quickly bring the eldest young miss out!’’

Having been reprimanded by the matriarch, the maidservants gritted their teeth and pulled Chen Yu out of the carriage. Only then did they realize that Chen Yu appeared to be on the verge of a breakdown!

Her clothes were messy and her hair scattered. The flower at her temple had fallen in parts unknown. Even one of her shoes had fallen off.

The maidservants quickly used a cloak to cover Chen Yu's foot. Chen Yu, however, became even more deranged and afraid: ’’Grandfather! Grandfather, do not blame Chen Yu. Chen Yu also misses you! Do not come over here. Do not come over here!’’

Following this scream, Chen Yu wildly pushed away the servants near her and began legged it into the yard.

The matriarch stomped: ’’Quickly chased after her! Go call a doctor. Quickly call a doctor!’’

Xiang Rong quietly asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Could it be that eldest sister saw something dirty?’’

She shrugged and smiled, ’’Her heart is plenty filthy, so her eyes will naturally see it.’’

Just as she finished speaking, the matriarch came over, her face full of concern: ’’A-Heng, what happened to your eldest sister?’’

She replied in a frank manner: ’’She has been possessed.’’ As she spoke, she looked in the direction that Feng Chen Yu ran. Gradually, her gaze went towards the servant who was chasing her, Yi Yue. At that time, Yi Yue also happened to look back at them. The two made eye contact, and Yi Yue tripped over herself. ’’Hmph!’’ She let out a laugh, ’’Grandmother, eldest sister's illness can not be treated by a normal doctor!’’

The matriarch had been scared witless by Chen Yu. How could she tell that there was a hidden meaning behind Feng Yu Heng's words. She quickly followed up with a question: ’’Then can you treat it?’’

She shook her head: ’’I am also just a normal doctor, so I naturally can not treat it.’’

’’Then what should be done? Then what should be done!’’ The matriarch anxiously wiped away tears.

Granny Zhao reminded her from the side: ’’Matriarch, perhaps a servant should be sent to wait for the master! Have the master quickly return to discuss the treatment of the eldest young miss.’’

The matriarch nodded repeatedly then gave orders to the servants: ’’Go quickly to the court gates to pick up the master. Tell him that there is an urgent matter at home. Have the master come back to the manor immediately after the court session ends.’’

The servants complied and left. The matriarch did not have time to worry about anything else. Bringing granny Zhao, she chased after Chen Yu into the manor.

Feng Yu Heng pulled Xiang Rong along and also entered the manor, ’’Let's go. Let's also go watch this scene.’’

A group of people chased over to Chen Yu's courtyard. When they entered Chen Yu was completely curled up in her bed. With the blanket covering her head, she trembled endlessly.

The matriarch stood next to the bed, not daring to get close. She repeatedly asked: ’’Chen Yu, what exactly happened to you?’’

After a long time, Chen Yu's mood finally stabilized a little. She poked her head out from under the blanket. Appearing quite mysterious, she looked all over the place but never at anyone directly, specifically making sure to look in places without people.

The matriarch felt a sweat break out all over her body. With a room full of women, she felt that the yin energy was too heavy. She quickly asked a servant: ’’Did the one who went to retrieve the master come back yet?’’

The servant was helpless: ’’Madam, I fear that they still have not reached the gates.’’

’’Open the windows and doors! Open them all!’’ The matriarch's mind was in disarray. This room caused her to feel truly flustered.

Chen Yu quivered and spoke with a trembling voice: ’’I... saw mother and grandfather.’’


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