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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 142


Chapter 142

Why Show Sympathy for a Measly Second Rank Official?

Hearing the familiar voice, Feng Yu Heng's lips curved in to a charming arc. This voice also caused the hearts of the Bu family to sink to the lowest point possible.

The ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming, why had he come?

The members of the Bu family never thought that the ninth prince would come offer condolences because Lord Bu's death was very directly related to his imperial concubine mother. No matter who came, he could not come.

But there was someone who did not act according to common sense. The more they should not come, the more likely they would come.

There was nothing that Bu Bai Qi could do. Leading the rest of the Bu family, he knelt towards the palace carriage. Leading the way, he said: ’’Greetings to your Highness, Prince Yu.’’

The curtain of the carriage was lifted and a wheelchair flew out. Seated impressively on this wheelchair was Xuan Tian Ming in his purple robes and golden mask. Following him off the carriage was a young man in a light-colored robe. This was the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua.

Bu Bai Qi added a few more words: ’’Long live his Highness Prince Chun.’’

The members of the Bu family repeated this in unison. The Bu matriarch's heart was in her throat. Intuition told her that these two princes definitely had not come to offer their condolences.

But at this time, Bu Bai Qi had already begun speaking ’’Having your Highnesses come to offer condolences is truly our Bu manor's good fortune.’’

Xuan Tian Ming furrowed his brow and let out a questioning sound: ’’Hm?’’

Feng Yu Heng watched this scene in amusement, her eyes falling on the purple robes Xuan Tian Ming was accustomed to wearing. With such an appearance, how could he have come to offer his condolences. It seemed like the Bu family was like Feng Chen Yu. They liked to take things for granted.

Xuan Tian Ming's question froze Bu Bai Qi. He did not understand what Xuan Tian Ming meant, but he did not dare ask. He could only stay put and remain silent.

It was Xuan Tian Hua that gave an explanation: ’’Lord Bu has made a mistake. This prince and ninth brother were going to the military barracks on the outskirts of the capital and just happened to be passing by here. Hearing that younger sister had come with the elderly madam Feng to offer her condolences, we decided to come take a look.’’

Bu Bai Qi's forehead was covered in a cold sweat, as he told himself he had said too much. The more he said, the more mistakes he made.

Xuan Tian Ming also spoke up, still using the same mysterious voice: ’’It is a good thing this prince came over. Otherwise, wouldn't our Heng Heng be bullied to death by you?’’ As he spoke, he waved to Feng Yu Heng. She walked forward and placed her small hands in his large hands. Xuan Tian Ming asked head imperial concubine Bu: ’’Bu Bai Ping, could it be that you find lying down like this uncomfortable and want to lie down with your eyes closed?’’

Feng Yu Heng nearly laughed out loud and quickly lowered her head. She thought that for better or worse, she should leave some face for the Bu family.

Lying down with closed eyes, was that not just a dead person.

The dignified head imperial concubine had been rendered speechless by his remark. Xuan Tian Ming, however, added: ’’This prince can fulfill that desire.’’

Bu Bai Ping's face blanched in terror. She still remembered how Xuan Tian Ming had whipped the Emperor's favored concubine to death. That whip truly was ruthless, as he said it without even blinking.

Even more frightening was how the Emperor did not say even a single word of reprimand. Instead, he hastily dispatched people to carry that favored concubine out and had her buried. The favor he showed in the past was as fleeting as a cloud. Even that favored concubine's family was implicated. Of that clan of 45, not a single one survived.

She understood that in the Emperor's heart, women and sons could not be mentioned in the same breath, especially a woman like her who did not have a son.

The members of the Bu family did not dare let out a single sound. Even the younger children had their mouths covered by the adults, as they feared that anything they said could cause this deity of disasters to be annoyed.

But this deity of disasters had no time to pay them any heed. He only devoted himself to speaking with his future wife, but the words he spoke were not very kind ’’A second rank official died, so for what reason have you come to mourn?’’

’’Just to show some sympathy.’’

’’Your father is a standard first rank official and is the current prime minister. Why would he show any sympathy for a measly second rank official?’’

’’You can't say it like that. They are all the Emperor's officials, so they need to coexist in harmony!’’

’’The person's already dead. Who is he going to coexist with? As I see it, Feng Jin Yuan has also lived long enough.’’

Feng Yu Heng used her eyes to glare daggers at him: ’’When speaking before others, be more careful.’’

’’Un, either way, your family has given plenty of face to the Bu family, but since they are shameless when given face, there is no need to go in. Let's go. Go back and retrieve your Hou Yi bow. I will bring you to tour the barracks.’’

The two spoke as though there were nobody else present. In reality, their words revealed quite a bit of news. Especially that last part. When the Bu family heard that the Hou Yi bow was in Feng Yu Heng's hands, each and every one of them gasped in shock.

Bu Ni Shang became even more resentful!

It turned out that the archery competition allowed Feng Yu Heng to not only win the phoenix hairpin, there was also a treasure like the Hou Yi bow.

Seeing the Bu matriarch glaring at her, Bu Ni Shang lowered her head. She knew that she had lost too severely.

’’Not now.’’ Feng Yu Heng spoke up and shook Xuan Tian Ming's hand: ’’Since you have come. It would be best to go in and light a stick of incense. After all, Lord Bu died right before my eyes on that day. If I do not go light a stick of incense, I will not feel at ease.’’

’’That is fine too.’’ Xuan Tian Ming still did not look at anyone else. The only one in his eyes was his not-yet-wed future official princess. ’’But if you go in, then you must go in with an imperial aura. You must not lose face for this prince. Even more, you must not lose face for father Emperor!’’

’’I know.’’ She smiled thinly, her tone obedient.

Xuan Tian Ming straightened himself out and reached out to pat her head. Bu Ni Shang then said: ’’Your Highness, do you not find the Feng family's second young miss to be too arrogant?’’

Xuan Tian Ming did not argue with her, nor did he get angry. He only replied with a question: ’’This prince is happy to have her like this. What is it, do you have an objections?’’

A jealous expression appeared on Bu Ni Shang's face, with a stubborn look appearing in her eyes. They were both girls who were engaged to princes, so why did the fourth prince not treat her as well as the ninth prince treated Feng Yu Heng?

She was unhappy!

At this point, Xuan Tian Ming and Xuan Tian Hua did not intend to remain for much longer. The two both gave some advice to Feng Yu Heng. Only after this did they get back in the carriage.

Everyone present knelt on the ground, sending them off. Only after the carriage departed did the members of the Bu family let out a sigh of relief.

But at this time, they heard the already parting Xuan Tian Ming's voice clearly say: ’’People of the Bu family, do not forget to go kowtow at the Feng manor for the departed head madam. Kowtow from the manor's gates all the way to memorial tablet, do not miss a single step.’’

Immediately following, Xuan Tian Hua's clear voice also sounded, admonishing Bu Ni Shang ’’A girl should not be too aggressive because sometimes, the more something is controlled, the more likely it will be lost.’’

Bu Ni Shang lowered her head, her mind filled with how well Xuan Tian Ming treated Feng Yu Heng. The more she thought about it, the unhappier she was.

As for the head imperial concubine, Bu Bai Ping, she had lost her momentum from earlier. Simply lying on the stretcher, she faced the sky with an emptiness in her eyes.

It had to be said that the one who was most entertained at this very moment was the Feng matriarch. Originally, she felt that the ninth prince was only targeting the Feng family. Only now did she know that the one he was targeting was anyone who treated Feng Yu Heng poorly. So what if it's the Bu family? What of the head imperial concubine? Did they not all suffer from a torrent of abuse! They were al left completely speechless!

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Feng Yu Heng had fought well for the Feng family. She wanted to pull that child over and comfort her for a while. Quickly turning, she saw that Feng Chen Yu was flustered and looking in the direction of the departed carriage, a faint blush appearing on her face.

She suddenly recalled that Feng Jin Yuan had once mentioned Chen Yu's feelings. She could not help but calm her emotions and tug at Chen Yu, finally bringing her back to reality.

Who would have thought that the head imperial concubine would take notice of Chen Yu at this moment. Seeing her face, she began to think for a long time before saying in wonder: ’’Is everyone in the Feng family so bold?’’

Hearing her speak this way once more, the Bu matriarch sent a glare over, quietly whispering: ’’Your father is no longer here. Do not cause any more disturbances.’’

Bu Bai Ping felt wronged, ’’Mother, this Feng family's eldest young miss is defying the decree!’’

With these words, everyone froze. Nobody understood what these words meant.

Feng Yu Heng, however, faintly smiled while looking at head imperial concubine Bu but remained silent. She decided for certain that she would watch from the sidelines to cool the Feng matriarch's heart. She had recalled that the Empress had decreed that whenever Chen Yu left the manor, she had to apply the black blush, but today...

’’Head imperial concubine please hear the explanation!’’ Chen Yu was smart and directly knelt on the ground, ’’Chen Yu did not intend to defy the decree, but today is Lord Bu's funeral. Chen Yu is wearing white mourning clothes and is even wearing a white flower. It truly is not fitting to wear blush! Head imperial concubine may send someone to come look. Chen Yu has not used even a bit of blush today and has come solely to mourn for Lord Bu.’’

Bu Bai Ping originally wanted to say a bit more, but she was cut off by the Bu matriarch: ’’The intentions of the Feng family's eldest young miss have been received by this old one. Everyone, please come into the manor. Bai Qi will prepare the tea as punishment.’’ As she said this, she glared again at Bu Bai Ping, her eyes filled with warning.

Bu Bai Ping was not an idiot. She naturally understood when to stop before going too far. After all, the Feng family was above the Bu family. Even if she, the head imperial concubine, were present, she was an imperial concubine without son or daughter. What difference was there between her and those favored beauties? Speaking truthfully, the one the Bu family relied upon recently was Bu Bai Qi's only son, Bu Cong.

She helplessly lay back down on her stretcher. Raising her hand, the strong eunuchs immediately carried her into the manor.

The Feng family's group also followed them into the manor. Xiang Rong was at the back, her palms completely soaked in sweat. She felt that there was a need to improve her courage. Especially when she followed her second sister out, there was not a single time where it ended peacefully. If this continued, she would definitely be scared to death.

Finally entering the mourning hall, because everyone in the manor had left the manor to welcome the head imperial concubine, the only ones left behind were the servants. However, they did not stop burning joss paper, causing the room to be filled with a unique funerary smell.

When the people of the Bu family returned to the mourning hall, they took the places of the servants. The Feng matriarch brought the three girls up, received some incense, lit it and put it in the incense burner. It seemed that everything was going smoothly;however, when Feng Yu Heng went to place her incense in the burner, a child suddenly appeared from somewhere and bumped into her.

With her hand shaking, the incense fell.

She made no effort to catch it, looking on unfeelingly as the half-stick of incense fell to the ground. It lit a piece of joss paper, causing a small flame to burst forth.

One of the Bu family's servants quickly went forward and put out the fire. Bu Bai Qi scolded the child: ’’What sort of place is this? Is it a place where you can freely run around?’’

The child was frightened and began crying. Feng Yu Heng did not mind, only saying: ’’A young child does not understand anything. Minister Bu, do not blame him. But a child must be carefully watched, especially in this sort of place. Just now, he only knocked down a piece of incense. If he knocked over the brazier, then it would become an incredibly big problem. At the time, my mother's mourning hall was burned down like this. Ah, speaking of this, even her body was burned.’’

’’Young miss Feng, please have some discretion!’’ The Bu matriarch became furious.

Feng Yu Heng, however, smiled but did not defend herself. She only said: ’’These pleas were unpleasant. Elderly madam, please forgive me.’’

She properly placed the incense and retreated a few steps. Preparing to stand off to the side and wait for the Feng matriarch. But when she took those steps back, the child that had bumped into her extended a foot. The foot she raised hesitated, and her body slightly swayed, as she felt something support her arm. A voice that held a bit of anger then came from above her head.: ’’Be careful.’’


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