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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 141


Chapter 141

Heng Heng, Could it be That Someone is Bullying You?

When these words came out, everyone looked towards Feng Yu Heng. They saw she had already stood up and was standing there calmly, looking directly at head imperial concubine Bu. In her eyes was an indignant look ’’Lord Bu dedicated half of his life to the country. He did his best for Da Shun. When he grew old, not only could he not peacefully enjoy the latter years of his life, he was even smashed to death by his own daughter. This truly is... enough to cause others to weep.’’

When she said these words, her grief was shown clearly in her words.

The people of the Bu family were all stunned in place. Some of the children that did not really understand the situation began thinking after hearing what Feng Yu Heng had said.

They completely did not understand why Bu Ni Shang and head imperial concubine Bu wanted to place the cause of death of Lord Bu on this daughter of the Feng family. It was as she said, Lord Bu was smashed to death by head imperial concubine Bu. As for the person that threw her, it was the current Emperor. Could it be that they had to go ask the Emperor for a judgement?

Presently, the feelings of the Bu family members were changing. Head imperial concubine Bu was so furious her internal organ hurt, ’’Feng Yu Heng!’’ She practically squeezed these words through the gaps between her teeth, ’’You sharp-tongued girl, you should be clear on the reason behind the outcome!’’

Bu Ni Shang also fiercely said: ’’You should not be too arrogant!’’

Bu Bai Qi did not dare tell off the head imperial concubine, so he could only scold his own daughter: ’’There is no place for you to speak here!’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, nodded towards Bu Ni Shang and head imperial concubine Bu, saying: ’’You are indeed correct! This matter started when Bu girl looked to compete with me in archery. I refused many times, but she continued to insist. Only after I won the competition, head imperial concubine felt a little angry and began venting on imperial concubine Hua. This offended imperial concubine Yun and caused the Emperor to become angry.’’ As she spoke, she suddenly began looking straight at Bu Bai Qi then raised her hand and pointed towards head imperial concubine and Bu Ni Shang. Putting on a stern face, she said: ’’The chief culprits are all here. Minister Bu, what are you waiting for?’’

The members of the Bu family all took a deep breath. They had heard that the Feng family's daughter had been sent to a village in the mountains, and outsiders called her wild daughter of the mountains. But at the palace banquet, Feng Yu Heng's stunning triple arrow shot caused everyone to change the way they looked at this wild daughter of the mountains. Especially today, the Bu family's people had experienced her skill with words. They thought that she really lived up to the expectations of a prime minister's daughter with her oppressive aura, which made them feel as though breathing were difficult.

Feng Yu Heng's words also froze Bu Bai Qi in place. In truth, he understood that this matter could not be blamed on the Feng family, but wanting him to offend the head imperial concubine and offend his own daughter was something he could not do! For a while, he stood there embarrassed with no way of ending it.

Just as everyone was speechless, and while the number of people who had come to offer condolences but could not enter the manor increased, a deep and hoarse voice came from within the manor ’’Enough!’’ With just one word, everyone in the Bu family turned around and bowed in the direction of the voice. Even head imperial concubine Bu shut her mouth and looked in that direction, her expression appearing respectful.

Feng Yu Heng turned her hand to look and saw an elderly woman coming out from the manor's gates. She appeared five or six years older than her own grandmother and was dressed in a white funeral outfit with a white head cloth. Her expression was sad, but her eyes shone. In her hand was a cane. When she walked, it was powerful and heavy, her aura instantly enveloping the Feng matriarch.

Bu Bai Qi faced the elderly woman and said: ’’Mother.’’

After the Bu family's matriarch stopped, she fiercely glanced at Feng Yu Heng then said in a deep voice: ’’What day is it today? The people of the Bu family becoming a mess like this, who are you worthy of?’’

The elderly woman was furious, and nobody in the Bu family dared speak up.

The Feng matriarch seemed to have been frightened by the other side and appeared a little unnatural. Feng Yu Heng leaned close to her side and quietly said: ’’Grandmother, you are a first rank official's mother. Even if the elderly madam Bu is is an honorary lady, there is no need for you to lower your head.’’

The Feng matriarch also felt this was right. Because the other side had a daughter who became the head imperial concubine, they made her an honorary lady, but her son was actually a first rank official, and he is of higher rank than the deceased Lord Bu. Why should she lower herself?

Thinking up to this point, the Feng matriarch slightly raised her head.

The Bu family's matriarch did not refer to herself as a lady. Taking the initiative, she bowed towards the Feng matriarch: ’’The Feng family coming to offer condolences to my late husband is our Bu family's good fortune.’’

Head imperial concubine Bu, who had remained quiet for this time, was no longer able to endure. Glaring at Feng Yu Heng, she said: ’’If you want to go in to offer condolences, you may. You must kneel before this one. With every step, you must kowtow all the way to the mourning hall!’’

She had used all her strength to say these words, causing her throat to strain. In an instant, her aura as head imperial concubine was displayed, scaring everyone.

But kowtowing with every step to the mourning hall, such a grand ceremony was given to such a young girl?

For a while, the people who had come to offer condolences discussed this and accused the head imperial concubine of oppressing people. The Bu family was completely out of line on this matter.

The eunuch at the head imperial concubine's side suddenly shouted ’’Silence!’’ and the crowd fell silent.

’’Feng Yu Heng.’’ Head imperial concubine Bu could not longer support herself and lay back down, ’’This one is a high ranking imperial concubine. Why is it that when I told you to kneel, you still did not kneel?’’

The Feng matriarch felt this was a difficult situation. She was an elder. If she could not see it, then it would be fine, but since she had come along today, it would not be good to allow other people to bully her granddaughter.

The matriarch wanted to say a few words to stick up for her, but she was suddenly stopped by a small hand. Turning her head, she saw that it was Chen Yu.

’’Grandmother, second sister has always been smart and naturally has a plan. If you become involved in it, perhaps things will implicate the family.’’

The matriarch listened to Chen Yu's reminder and immediately closed her open mouth. That's right! When had Feng Yu Heng ever eaten a loss? At this time, she could not speak. If she spoke, she feared that the Bu family was even more likely to make them pay.

The head imperial concubine was openly oppressing before them. Everyone present was interested in seeing a conclusion. Bu Bai Qi was utterly helpless and could only quietly ask the Bu matriarch: ’’Mother, can you say something to head imperial concubine. Today is father's funeral. Harmony should be prioritized!’’

The Bu matriarch, however, turned her head away, ignoring Bu Bai Qi.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng took a few steps forward, arriving before the Bu matriarch. Looking around at everyone in the Bu family, she then said: ’’Head imperial concubine is a high ranking person and is also an elder. If she wants A-Heng to kneel, then A-Heng will naturally kneel. Except there is one thing A-Heng is not clear on and want to consult with Lord Bu and elderly madam Bu.’’

Bu Bai Qi quickly said: ’’Please speak.’’

Feng Yu Heng's expression became a little odd, ’’A-Heng just does not understand. If the current prime minister's daughter must perform such a grand ceremony for the second rank Lord Bu, then when my mother passed away, did the Bu family's younger generation kowtow with every step all the way to our Feng manor's mourning hall to offer condolences?’’

Bu Bai Qi was stunned. At the time, the Feng family conducted Chen shi's funeral, only he had gone from the Bu family.

Feng Yu Heng continued: ’’If not, then how about this. On the anniversary of my mother's death, Lord Bu must remember to bring the children over to make up for the kowtows that were missed. Thinking about it, my father is generous and will not argue over it happening a year late.’’ After she finished speaking, she turned around and walked over to the Bu manor's gates. When she was directly before the gates, she stopped and prepared to kneel.

It was at this moment that another palace carriage was slowly coming along the same path that head imperial concubine Bu had come from.

That palace carriage was much more imposing than the head imperial concubine's, and its size was more than double. It had a frame made of gold inlaid with jade, and its exterior had a mysterious gauze for its canopy, which completely hid the interior. The gauze had a white the color of the moon and was mysterious like the moonlight. It made people that looked over unaware of becoming completely enraptured, with it feeling as though the soul were captured by that carriage. There was no way for them to look away.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng's knees had already bent more than halfway. Just as her knees were about to touch the ground, the ever-silent Bu matriarch suddenly and quickly went forward, grabbing Feng Yu Heng's arm. She stopped her from kneeling and said: ’’Stop!’’

Feng Yu Heng licked her lips and looked over. When she looked over, there was a bit of an odd expression, which caused the Bu matriarch's heart to violently twitch for a while.

’’Head imperial concubine had a decree. How could A-Heng not kneel?’’ She spoke in a carefree manner with a bit of a smile, ’’Elderly madam, do let go. Otherwise, head imperial concubine will accuse me of a crime. A-Heng can not handle such a thing.’’

’’Feng family's young miss has overstated it.’’ The Bu matriarch tightly held her arm, refusing to allow her to kneel, ’’Head imperial concubine's words just now were just a joke. There is no need to take them seriously.’’

’’Really?’’ Only then did Feng Yu Heng stand up. Looking around at everyone in the Bu family, she then glanced at the palace carriage that had almost arrived before finally looking at Bu Bai Ping and loudly saying: ’’Elderly madam Bu said head imperial concubine was telling A-Heng a joke. Could it be that imperial concubine came out of the palace with great difficulty just to tell a joke? It really is strange. A-Heng will remember to tell his strange matter to father Emperor and imperial concubine mother. They have been in the palace for a long time. Thinking about it, there is not too much to be cheerful about, so this odd story is perfect. Many thanks head imperial concubine Bu for sharing father Emperor's burdens.’’

Once these words came out, everyone in the Bu family's hearts were racing. Even Bu Bai Ping felt a bit of regret.

How could she forget that this Feng Yu Heng had been personally permitted by the Emperor to call him father Emperor. She had also been permitted by the imperial concubine Yun, who was equivalent to a tyrant in the palace, to call her imperial concubine mother!

Now that Feng Yu Heng made her move, she brought out her father Emperor and imperial concubine mother. Who in the Bu family still dared to say a word?

The Feng matriarch felt extremely entertaining! She just knew that this second granddaughter had never eaten a loss. Not only did she not eat a loss, she was particularly good at countering, oppressing the once arrogant people. Every time, she felt it was entertaining. Today was no exception.

Xiang Rong also felt her second sister had acted too beautifully! She had truly slapped the Bu family's face soundly! You called your head imperial concubine to bully people, but our family has the Emperor and imperial concubine Yun. Which of them were incapable of taking their lives?

However, only Feng Chen Yu gritted her teeth with disappointment in her heart. How much did she hope that Feng Yu Heng would be forced to kowtow with every step to the mourning hall! How much did she hope that this girl would not be able to stand the humiliation and die on the spot. That's right, it would be best if Feng Yu Heng died. If she did not die, then she herself would not have a bright future!’’

Chen Yu's hands were tightly balled into fists in her sleeves, her gaze faintly meeting with Bu Ni Shang. In her eyes, this Bu Ni Shang had a much higher value than Qing Le. One Qing Le was wasted, but this did not mean that she could not find people to cooperate. Just based on the rate at which Feng Yu Heng offended people, it would not take long in a capital of this size to find someone with common goals.

Just as Chen Yu looked over, Bu Ni Shang noticed her. When the two exchanged glanced, they reached a consensus ’’The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’’

The Bu matriarch was anxious and glanced at the now-stopped carriage before hastily urging Bu Bai Qi: ’’Quickly invite the Feng in as guests.’’

’’Yes.’’ Bu Bai Qi had only just said one word of agreement when he heard an ambiguous voice come from the carriage.

’’Heng Heng, could it be that there are people bullying you?’’


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