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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 140


Chapter 140

Let’s See Who Has a Better Backing

The matriarch retreated a couple steps in fear of that white shadow. Tightly holding on to granny Zhao, she asked with a quivering voice: “What…is that thing?”

Xiang Rong was also frightened, as she trembled and grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hand.

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and looked at the “thing”that floated towards them. Patting the back of Xiang Rong’s hand, she turned around and told the matriarch: “Grandmother, do not be afraid. It’s eldest sister.”

Hearing these words, the matriarch quickly rubbed her eyes and carefully looked. And there it was! In a pure white dress with her hair falling to her shoulders, she even wore a white flower at her temple. Her face was unbearably pale, so pale it was frightening.

Xiang Rong did not understand, “Eldest sister, what are you doing?”

The matriarch was furious, as she tapped her cane on the ground: “Chen Yu! What are you doing dressing like this?”

Chen Yu leisurely stepped forward and gave a slight salute before saying: “Granddaughter is naturally going with grandmother to offer condolences to Lord Bu!”

“Who told you to dress like this?”

“Going to mourn, it is natural to wear white!”Chen Yu spoke as if it were natural, “That day, Lord Bu passed away. Chen Yu personally saw it. These days, so long as I close my eyes, I can remember that day’s scene. It is a shock that is hard to endure, and I also can not sleep. Chen Yu just thinks that if I do not properly offer my condolences for Lord Bu, then perhaps…this will plague my conscience!”

With her saying it like this, the matriarch found it hard to continue blaming her.

Thinking about it, it was the case. An unmarried girl had witnessed a person die before her. What sort of scare would that be!

Originally, the matriarch was annoyed by Chen Yu, but in the blink of an eye, it became sympathy and pity. She could not help but take a couple steps forward and gently pat the back of Chen Yu’s hand, “Good granddaughter. Do not be afraid. Today, we will go light a stick of incense for Lord Bu. After that, everything will be fine!”Her voice was gentle, as though she were a kind grandmother.

Feng Yu Heng was disgusted with what she saw. This matriarch was greedy for money and material goods. She never had her own proper ideas. She and Feng Jin Yuan were similar in that they both hoped that Chen Yu would excel and be able to ascend the treasured throne that they had dreamed of for many years.

Turning around, Feng Yu Heng pulled Xiang Rong and walked out of the manor. There were two carriages outside waiting. One was a normal carriage, while the other was Chen Yu’s personal-use rosewood carriage.

She pulled Xiang Rong and got in a normal carriage. After that, Chen Yu and the matriarch also left the manor. They heard Chen Yu invite the matriarch: “Grandmother, come sit in granddaughter’s carriage.”

This was originally meant to curry favor with the matriarch, but when she heard this, she felt very put off. She was the most honored and respect female in the family. Why did such a good carriage not belong to her?

But this sin was not placed on Chen Yu’s person. Instead, she internally cursed Chen shi.

Seeing the matriarch’s expression turn for the worse, Chen Yu immediately understood. Thus, she supported the matriarch while saying: “This carriage was something mother gave me for my birthday. Over these years, granddaughter felt reluctant to use it. Firstly, the wood used is expensive. Secondly, Chen Yu keeps thinking of how such a great item does not suit someone as young as me. I have always been thinking of giving it to grandmother. Grandmother having a personal-use carriage is most suitable. If grandmother does not mind, please accept it. Today, Chen Yu is only able to sit with grandmother because I have been blessed by grandmother!”

Ever since Chen shi died, the matriarch had not received any direct benefits. Today, hearing that Chen Yu was going to give her this carriage, she immediately became alert. A smile surfaced on her face, with her wrinkles crashing together. She repeatedly said: “Good! Good! It really is Chen Yu that is most filial!”

Chen Yu covered her smile and lowered her head, as she cursed the matriarch internally.

The two carriages from the Feng family carried the four people towards the Bu manor.

Not an hour later, the carriages stopped. When the curtain was raised, they heard the sound of chanting sound. Before their eyes was a manor even more dignified than the Feng family’s.

For the Bu family’s funeral, there was a large white funeral banner draped at the gate. They also invited ten Buddhist monks to chant sutras and perform ceremonies.

When Huang Quan helped Feng Yu Heng, she quietly whispered into her ear: “The Bu family’s people are all outside. It seems they are waiting for someone.”

Feng Yu Heng paid attention and observed. Sure enough, everyone in the Bu family had come out of the manor, including someone she recognized, Bu Ni Shang. Each and everyone of them appeared respectful and anxious.

Before she could think, the Feng family’s matriarch walk forward, with Chen Yu behind her. The Bu family’s people glanced at them. Aside from a single person around Feng Jin Yuan’s age, who advanced a couple steps, everyone else was clearly hostile.

The man faced the matriarch and greeted her, taking the initiative to say: “The elderly madam Feng personally coming is our good fortune.”

Once these words came out, there were a few faint snorts from the members of the Bu family behind him, clearly disdainful. The man felt undignified. Turning around, he glared at them, and the members of the Bu family showed a bit of fear, as they lowered their heads.

Feng Yu Heng came to an understanding. Perhaps this one was the Bu Bai Qi who had some relations with the Yao family, was head imperial concubine Bu’s elder brother, and was Bu Ni Shang and Bu Cong’s father.

While she thought of this, Bu Bai Qi looked towards her. In his gaze, she could see a lot of emotions, but he did not say anything. He only nodded as a greeting.

Feng Yu Heng saluted and heard the matriarch say: “Lord Bu’s passing was sudden and really causes people to mourn. Today, this old one brought along the three granddaughters to light some incense for Lord Bu. When Jin Yuan is finished with court duties today, he will come over.”

Bu Bai Qi quickly bowed and gave his thanks. Glancing sideways, he saw Chen Yu’s set of white clothing, especially the white flower at her temple. With that, he missed his father even more.

He once again bowed deeply towards Chen Yu: “Many thanks eldest young miss Feng.”

Chen Yu also returned a bow, immediately saying: “Lord Bu is modest. This is something that ought to be done. Today, the Bu family’s funeral is more important than anything else. Please, return to the manor. There is no need to gather so many people outside the manor to welcome people.”

Bu Bai Qi was stunned, not understanding what Chen Yu meant. For a while, he was stunned in place.

The Feng matriarch had similar thoughts to Chen Yu and followed up: “That’s right, quickly return to the mourning hall.”

Just as these words came out, a few sounds of laughter came out from the crowd of Bu family’s people. The matriarch’s expression slightly sank, but before she could speak, a shrill announcement came from behind them “Head imperial concubine has arrived!”

In this moment, Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong laughed.

The matriarch and Chen Yu timing had reached quite a high level!

Everyone turned around in unison, facing the manor’s road. From the west came a dignified palace carriage. On the carriage, there stood two palace maids dressed in white. Below, there was a eunuch. The announcement just now came from that eunuch.

The members of the Bu family and the people who had come to offer condolences but could not enter the manor knelt down in unison. The Feng matriarch also pulled Chen Yu and knelt down while shooting a look over at Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng had never been one to argue over this sort of thing, so she followed Xiang Rong and knelt ont he ground. She then slightly raised her eyes and saw the carriage stop with a stretcher being carried out.

On the stretcher lay the severely injured head imperial concubine Bu Bai Ping. With two strong eunuchs to carry the stretcher, they carefully exited the carriage.

Bu Bai Ping had been violently thrown by the Emperor. Although her father had acted as a bit of a cushion, she had still injured all of the bones in her body. As for coming to her father’s funeral, she could only do it in a stretcher.

The faces of the Bu family turned dark upon seeing this scene. Bu Bai Qi held his little sister dear. After paying respects and saluting her, he rose and went to her side. With tears in his eyes, he said: “Imperial concubine.”

Bu Bai Ping seeing the Bu family also felt quite emotional. Tears fell one by one, as she said: “Brother, it is me that is unworthy of father.”

“Don’t say such things.”Bu Bai Qi interrupted her, “At this point, the Bu family does not blame anyone.”

Bu Bai Ping also wore a set of white clothes, and on her head was a mourning cloth, but her brother’s words “does not blame anyone”triggered something inside her. She suddenly turned her head, not caring for the pain. Gritting her teeth, she slightly raised her body a little, as she looked towards Feng Yu Heng.

Bu Bai Qi said to himself not good and wanted to say something to change the subject, but he heard Bu Bai Ping’s voice was already stern and resolute “Her! Kill her! Kill her!”She shouted herself hoarse.

Her agitation caused the injuries on her body to hurt, which resulted in her being bathed in a cold sweat.

“Imperial concubine, do not get agitated. Taking care of your body is most important!”The Bu family went forward and begged her while glaring at Feng Yu Heng.

The things that happened at the banquet were known by everyone. The origin lay with Feng Yu Heng winning an archery competition over Bu Ni Shang. As an aunt and head imperial concubine, she had to vent her anger, so she began hitting imperial concubine Hua. As a result, she “scared”away imperial concubine Yun, who was about to make an appearance. Listening to it, the relations were quite messy, but it could all be traced back to Feng Yu Heng.

Thus, the Bu family’s people began adding details to Bu Ni Shang’s story. They always believed that it was Feng Yu Heng that caused Lord Bu’s death. Now that their head imperial concubine had been angered to this degree, how could the younger generation endure. Immediately, a few boys around around ten years old charged over, wanting to take action and hit Feng Yu Heng. As for Bu Ni Shang, she also had vicious eyes and said to Bu Bai Ping: “Aunty, we must get revenge for grandfather.”

When the boys rushed over towards Feng Yu Heng, it frightened the Feng matriarch terribly, but she did not go up and stop them. Instead, she only shouted “A-Heng, be careful!”

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not even move. She only stared at Bu Bai Qi, a hint of disdain in her eyes.

Bu Bai Qi’s face was red with embarrassment. He repeated shouted “Everyone get back here! What are you doing?”

He was Lord Bu’s only son. With the elder dead, this family was naturally left to him. This shout was very loud, and the boys stopped before Feng Yu Heng.

They then heard Feng Yu Heng say in a neither loud nor quiet voice: “Listening is good. Listening will not lead to losses. I dare guarantee you this. Even if another eight or ten come, you will not be able to hurt me in the slightest.”

The matriarch also became furious: “What is it your Bu family wants to do?”She then looked at head imperial concubine Bu and said in confusion: “Might I ask head imperial concubine, what does Lord Bu’s death have to do with our A-Heng?”This was the first time the matriarch used such a tone when speaking with a person of power. To say that she was not afraid was a lie, but she did find it a little enjoyable. It was not that she suddenly became more courageous, nor was it because she favored Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it was because she remember that this head imperial concubine Bu was personally thrown by the Emperor that smashed Lord Bu to death. As for her family’s A-Heng, she was permitted by the Emperor to call him father Emperor. With the relationships as they are, she naturally knew who had a better backing.

Bu Bai Ping glared fiercely at Feng Yu Heng, completely ignoring the Feng matriarch, “Relation? If this one says there is one, then there is one!”

Bu Ni Shang was also to the side chipping in: “Father, could it be that we should not get revenge for grandfather?”

“Brother! The one who caused father to die is just before us. What are you still waiting for?”

Bu Bai Qi was given no other option by these two. He could not curse at the head imperial concubine, so he could only curse at his own daughter. He went all out and dragged Bu Ni Shang by the arm behind him: “Shut your mouth!”

But at this time, a voice faintly floated over “That’s right! Lord Bu was smashed to death by head imperial concubine. If the Bu family does not get revenge, then how will Lord Bu find peace in the netherworld?”


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