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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 137


Chapter 137

I Will Stab You to Death!

When Feng Yu Heng accompanied the matriarch to see Chen Yu, Feng Jin Yuan was also present. Also accompanying Feng Jin Yuan at Chen Yu's side was Jin Zhen.

Seeing them arrive, Jin Zhen quickly stood up and saluted. The matriarch did not have the heart to pay any attention to Jin Zhen, only asking: ’’How has Chen Yu been?’’

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly shook his head: ’’She still has not woken up.’’ He then looked at Feng Yu Heng then coldly said: ’’What have you come to do?’’

She revealed a scared look and hid behind the matriarch, saying in a frightened voice: ’’Grandmother.’’ However, there was not even the slightest trace of fear in her eyes.

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to slap her. He thought to himself, can you not pretend to be like a child? But, in the end, he did not dare.

The matriarch hit the ground with her cane and angrily said: ’’I brought A-Heng to come take a look at Chen Yu! Do you have any objections?’’

Once the matriarch spoke, how could Feng Jin Yuan dare have any objections. Furthermore, Chen Yu's illness could not be treated even after having called for many doctors. If Feng Yu Heng could take a look, perhaps there was a way.

He lowered his eyes and retreated half a step, giving way to Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng glanced sideways at her father then walked over to Chen Yu. Feng Jin Yuan was still a little worried and urged again: ’’You must take care when treating her.’’

She rolled her eyes: ’’With doctors coming from all over and not being able to treat her properly, is this not giving medicine to a dead horse.’’ After speaking, she did not wait for her father to speak again. She placed one hand on Feng Chen Yu's wrist and the other gestured for Feng Jin Yuan to remain quiet.

Feng Jin Yuan immediately shut his mouth. Glaring daggers at Feng Yu Heng, it was as though he worried that she would harm Chen Yu.

She felt this situation was incredibly interesting. Pinch a little more... Hmm pinch a little harder. How about using nails!

Thus, Feng Yu Heng meddled about for a while and arrived at an understanding. What did they mean when they said that they called many doctors and they could not treat her properly? The saying goes ’’You can never wake a person that is pretending to sleep.’’

Chen Yu was pretending to be ill!

She did not want to wake up, so there was naturally no effect when giving her medicine.

She had come to an understanding. Putting on a grave expression, she gently put down Chen Yu's hand and tucked it under the blanket. Only then did she turn around and shake her head to the matriarch: ’’Eldest sister's illness... it truly is worrying!’’

The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan both took a step forward. Feng Jin Yuan was the first to ask: ’’What sort of illness is it?’’

Feng Yu Heng sighed: ’’A fire is attacking her heart. There is a resentment in her chest that she can not resolve. This has damaged her central nervous system, which is causing eldest sister to be unable to wake up.’’

The matriarch did not understand, but thankfully, Feng Yu Heng explained more clearly than other doctors. She had named the illness. It must be said that the previous doctors could not even give an explanation. Some even simply waved their hands and left without a single word.

’’Fortunately I went and called A-Heng over. Otherwise, Chen Yu would have been in danger.’’ The matriarch was very proud of her decision to call Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Jin Yuan could not be bothered with aruging too much. He directly asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Then how is it treated?’’

Feng Yu Heng put on a troubled look.

Feng Jin Yuan became anxious: ’’If you have something to say, then say it. So long as Chen Yu can be woken up, any conditions you raise, father will agree to.’’

’’Oh?’’ She raised an eyebrow: ’’Father should make sure not to be overzealous. What if A-Heng says I want my mother to become the Feng family's head wife again, what then?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was stunned. He had never expected that he had said something so direct. Normally, were these polite words not meant to be followed by daughter being able to do something for the family is an honor? And they would never dare to ask their father for a reward?

Really... there was no way to communicate with this daughter.

Seeing Feng Jin Yuan's many different expressions, Feng Yu Heng smiled: ’’Father, do not worry. A-Heng definitely will not have that sort of request. To speak nothing of troubling father, even my mother would not be pleased.’’

’’Hmph! Since when has there been a time for her to say if she was happy or not?’’ Feng Jin Yuan's anger surged forth once more, ’’For a simple concubine, being promoted to the head wife is her good fortune!’’

’’Then saying it like that, father is agreeing?’’ Feng Yu Heng blinked and looked at him, but she saw her father turn his head away.

’’Jin Yuan!’’ The matriarch became angry, ’’You are a father. Are you incapable of speaking properly with your daughter? Both your palm and the back of your hand are made of flesh. Your love for Chen Yu is not fake, but you can not mistreat A-Heng so much.’’ She took a couple steps forward and grabbed Feng Yu Heng's hand: ’’A-Heng, grandmother will open the storage tomorrow. You can pick and choose what good items or fabrics you want. Also, some more Autumn clothes and Winter clothes will be prepared. When the weather cools down and new materials come in, you can choose first. Is this good?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was very satisfied with this sort of arrangement and also nodded.

Feng Yu Heng smiled. The position of head wife, this was simply Feng Yu Heng probing Feng Jin Yuan's attitude on the matter. She understood Yao shi's thoughts on the matter. After these years, she had already stopped thinking of being together with Feng Jin Yuan.

She smiled and nodded, ’’Everything will be as grandmother arranges.’’ This gave the matriarch plenty of face.

The matriarch was very happy and felt that she was the only one in the family who could handle this second granddaughter. Feng Yu Heng did not give anyone else face, but she would definitely give face to her. This instantly caused her to become even more conceited.

Feng Jin Yuan hurried her: ’’Since there is an agreement, quickly tell us how to treat your eldest sister's illness.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, her face becoming grim. This caused the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan to also become nervous.

’’Eldest sister's illness is very rare. Whether the treatment is successful or not depends on if she can wake up. Previously, the reason the valuable medical herbs did not work is because she did not wake up.’’

’’Then how can we make her wake up?’’

’’Acupuncture!’’ Feng Yu Heng said firmly: ’’Using silver needles on the patient, they will be used to stimulate certain points by twisting and poking at them. From there, we can treat this illness.’’

The matriarch felt that what she had said was very professional. While listening, she nodded.

Feng Jin Yuan followed up with a question: ’’Where will the needles be used? You just said that she had resentment in her chest area. Could it be that you will be using the needles in that area?’’ He was a little worried: ’’Would that not be too risky?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: ’’I naturally will not be using such a risky method. As the saying goes, the index finger is connected to the heart. My needle will be used on her finger. If I can connect the heart and the lungs, then eldest sister will wake up.’’

Hearing her say this, Feng Jin Yuan relaxed, ’’Then quickly get to work.’’

Feng Yu Heng turned around and nodded to Huang Quan. Huang Quan took two steps forward and placed the medical kit that she had been holding next to Feng Yu Heng. From inside, she took out a set of silver needles used for acupuncture and ordered Huang Quan: ’’Prepare high degree alcohol and bring the candle over here.’’

In reality, she very rarely used this method of disinfection. She had plenty of medical use alcohol in her space, but she did not want to show it to these people.

The matriarch saw that she was acting cautiously, so she could not help but feel a little more satisfied. She repeatedly praised: ’’If we are speaking of the children in the manor, it really is A-Heng that is the most outstanding and the best at fighting for the family.’’

Feng Yu Heng graciously replied: ’’Many thanks grandmother for the praise.’’ However, Feng Jin Yuan simply snorted.

The matriarch quickly glared at Feng Jin Yuan. She did not understand, why was her son so disdainful of A-Heng? Could he no longer even keep up an act?

What she did not know, however, was that Feng Jin Yuan originally felt remorse towards her, but he did not want to openly face her. Now, however, he was almost afraid of her. So long as he could avoid interacting with Feng Yu Heng, he would ignore her for the rest of his life.

Very quickly, Huang Quan and the servants from the courtyard finished the preparations. Feng Yu Heng held the needle and disinfected it. Finally, when she grabbed Chen Yu's hand, she felt the once cold hand began to sweat. Observing a little more closely, she found that Chen Yu's brows were slightly furrowed. There was also no shortage of quivering.

She laughed to herself. You want to feign illness? I will poke you to death, let's see if you're still unwilling to get up?

The silver needle that had been disinfected in the high degree alcohol had a unique odor. When smelled, it would make people think of illness. It was like when modern people smelled disinfectant, they would think of getting a shot at a hospital. It was like a conditioned reflex.

She tightly clasped Chen Yu's hand to prevent the other side from escaping after she began the acupuncture. She had made up her mind that she would get full enjoyment out of poking her. She definitely would not stop.

’’This acupuncture will require 49 needles spread out between the fingers and the palm. Grandmother and father must pay attention. Once eldest sister appears to be awake, you must hold her steady on the bed. The 49 needles must be completed for the treatment to take effect;otherwise, I fear that the effect will only be temporary. Even if eldest sister wakes up for the moment, she will also mysteriously faint and not wake up again.’’

Feng Jin Yuan solemnly nodded. The matriarch even ordered a servant: ’’Go climb to the other side of the bed. In a while, help hold down the eldest young miss.’’ She and Feng Jin Yuan then spread out, prepared to cooperate with Feng Yu Heng's acupuncture.

Feng Yu Heng saw that everything was ready. The corners of her lips formed a sneaky smile. Holding the needle between two fingers, she stabbed down at Chen Yu's right index finger with almost no warning.

They heard the originally fainted Chen Yu loudly scream ’’Ow’’ and struggle to get up to free her hand.

Feng Yu Heng anxiously concentrated on the people at her side: ’’Quickly hold her down! The acupuncture must not be done haphazardly, and it must definitely not stop. Otherwise, all the previous efforts would be in vain!’’

The matriarch, Feng Jin Yuan and the servant all took action, pressing the half-sitting Chen Yu back down to the bed.

Feng Jin Yuan pressed down while saying: ’’Chen Yu, you must not move! You absolutely must not move! A-Heng is saving your life, so endure it a little!’’

The matriarch also added: ’’Thankfully, your second sister being a divine doctor. You have been fainted for an entire afternoon. If it were not for A-Heng, grandmother... grandmother really fears that you would not have woken up!’’

As the two spoke, Feng Yu Heng's second needle stabbed down. This time, she used even more force. It seemed as though the entire needle went through her flesh.

Chen Yu cried out loudly in pain. Her screams were like a pig being slaughtered. Her entire body bounced around wildly on the bed, causing the matriarch to sweat from exhaustion.

Feng Yu Heng did not stop moving. Her wrists fluttered, as one needle followed another. Every time a needle came down, she would stab Chen Yu's hand twice.

Gradually, Chen Yu's cries weakened. She no longer had the strength to struggle. Feng Jin Yuan looked at this and was afraid. He could not help but begin to blame Feng Yu Heng: ’’Could it be that you have over done it? Why does it look like Chen Yu is about to faint again?’’

Feng Yu Heng sneered internally, but she said: ’’Father, do not get angry. If the set of 49 needles does not help eldest sister, A-Heng can try a set of 81 needles on eldest sister's other hand.’’

Hearing these words, Chen Yu's entire body trembled, as she loudly shouted: ’’No need! I am fine! I am really fine!’’


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