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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 136


Chapter 136

A Presumptuous Request

Feng Chen Yu could no longer endure and dropped to the ground.

This terrified the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan, as the two quickly rushed over. With one person on each side holding Chen Yu's hands, they called out in unison: ’’Chen Yu! Chen Yu!’’

Unfortunately, no matter how they shouted, Chen Yu's eyes remained tightly shut. She had completely fainted.

Feng Jin Yuan angrily shouted: ’’Who went to call a doctor? How has one still not come?’’

A servant immediately ran over and helplessly said: ’’Master, the doctor came a long time ago, but with the imperial decrees coming one after another, the doctor was too scared to enter the manor and has been standing outside the entire time!’’

Feng Jin Yuan was furious: ’’Then go and quickly bring the doctor over!’’

’’Oh!’’ The servant complied and quickly ran out. Not long after, an old doctor carrying a medical kit was brought forward.

Feng Yu Heng felt that there was no need for her to remain, thus she walked over to Yao shi and grabbed her hand, saying to the matriarch: ’’Eldest sister's illness requires rest. A-Heng will not stay and cause trouble.’’ She bowed and left with Yao shi.

Seeing this situation, An shi also quickly said: ’’Then this concubine will also bring the third young miss back.’’

The matriarch did not want to deal with them and waved her hand: ’’You can all leave!’’

An shi quickly pulled Xiang Rong and left.

Xiang Rong walked quickly and caught up with Feng Yu Heng, asking: ’’Second sister, you did not come back all night. Nothing happened, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng could see a great deal of concern on Xiang Rong's face, which made her feel warm inside. Although she did not like this family, there were still some people that she felt close to.

She raised her hand and patted Xiang Rong's cheeks, ’’This little girl has become chubbier recently!’’ Finally showing a smile that a twelve year old girl should have, ’’Xiang Rong, do not worry. Second sister is fine.’’

Only then did Xiang Rong let out a sigh of relief, ’’Last night, after leaving the palace, I said I wanted to wait at the gates for second sister, but father would not agree no matter what I said. After returning to the manor, father immediately sent a carriage to the palace's gates to wait for eldest sister. Concubine mother An wanted to send a carriage to pick up second sister, but she was found out by father. He then locked us in the manor and said that nobody can go out.’’ While Xiang Rong spoke, her face became cold. After hesitating a little, she quietly said: ’’Second sister, Xiang Rong hates father.’’

An shi was startled and quickly looked around then warned: ’’Speak quieter. Did you not take a look around and see where we are. Do not speak so loosely!’’

Feng Yu Heng gave An shi a comforting and grateful smile, ’’Concubine mother, do not worry. A-Heng does not have much ability, but protecting Xiang Rong can still be done.’’

An shi frowned and grabbed Feng Yu Heng's hand with concern: ’’I am not worried about Xiang Rong. I am worried about you. Second young miss has great wisdom, that is something this concubine knows;however, no matter what, you are still a girl who has yet to get married. There are still over two years remaining and the situation in this manor is unstable. Who knows what can suddenly happen. Second young miss must be more careful.’’

Yao shi also nodded: ’’Your concubine mother An is right. A-Heng, your father has not been the prime minister for this many years for nothing. Next time, do not refute him directly.’’

Feng Yu Heng knew that these two were speaking entirely for her benefit, but she did not say anything. She only gave them a comforting smile, as she brought Yao shi back to Tong Sheng pavilion.

The servants of Tong Sheng pavilion had heard that Feng Yu Heng had returned to the manor. Congee and some side dishes were already prepared. Just as she returned to her room, Qing Yu brought the food in.

Yao shi told her to get some sleep after eating and not do anything else. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng nodded, she then urged Qing Yu keep watch over her before bringing her own servant back to her courtyard.

Qing Yu first poured her a cup of water then said: ’’Young miss has not slept for a night, so do not eat too much greasy food. The congee and vegetables will be easy on the stomach.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at Qing Yu and could not help but smile, ’’Being so busy outside all the time, you have become thinner. The monthly salary I give you isn't too little, right? How come you aren't eating better?’’

Qing Yu was a little embarrassed, as she smiled. While filling the bowl, she said: ’’Young miss is making fun of this servant. This servant has clearly gained weight. The clothes made when I just entered this manor can no longer be worn.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at her current clothes and suddenly remembered: ’’Ever since granny Sun left the manor and Wang Chuan went to Xiao Zhou with Zi Rui, there has nobody to manage Tong Sheng pavilion. It is now past mid-Autumn, but I do not seem to have prepared you any new clothes.’’

Qing Yu helped fill her bowl with congee and watched her drink a mouthful before saying: ’’These things do not need young miss to worry. This servant has already gone ahead and prepared new clothes for the servants of Tong Sheng pavilion. I have also prepared an accounts room for Tong Sheng pavilion. The accounts book will be taken care of by this servant. I want to observe the new servants that are being trained. When the time is right, they will be brought to the manor for young miss to take a look. If young miss finds them adequate, they can stay to help. Our Tong Sheng pavilion is a little lacking in servants.’’

Feng Yu Heng was more and more satisfied with Qing Yu. This servant not only had a good mind for business, she was also very meticulous. She, after all, was not someone born and raised in Da Shun, so there were many rules from this era that she did not understand. Qing Yu, however, was very clear on these things. The many things that Feng Yu Heng could not think of, Qing Yu could take the initiative in thinking for her. She would even actively go and do them, which really allowed her to relax.

’’The matters of this courtyard will be left for you to take care of.’’ Feng Yu Heng was very trusting of Qing Yu, ’’Presently, Wang Chuan is out and Huang Quan can not be relied upon for this work based on her personality. You will be troubled a little more. If more servants are required, then go find some more. But when you do go look for servants, make sure to be careful and get the servant contracts. Also, make sure to clarify the things acquired from the government.’’

Qing Yu nodded seriously, ’’Young miss, do not worry. This servant understands these matters.’’

Feng Yu Heng pondered a while then said: ’’Take care to bring in another two first rank servants and four second rank servants. The first rank ones can be brought in from the ones you are raising, and the second rate ones can be promoted or bought.’’

She had already given Qing Yu the power. She allowed Qing Yu to raised a group of servants. On one hand, she taught them knowledge necessary to help out in shops, and on the other, she familiarized them with the Feng manor. She lived here, so there could not be a shortage of helpers. Moreover, Feng Yu Heng's considerations did not end at the Feng manor. There would come a day where she would do great things. The people she developed today would eventually become capable assistants.

’’This servant has remembered.’’ Qing Yu complied, ’’These coming days, this servant will go out and choose. The ones that have been chosen will be brought to young miss. Young miss, please take a look.’’

After Feng Yu Heng finished eating, Qing Yu carried the bowl out on a platter. Huang Quan just happened to run into her while entering the room. She joked with Qing Yu a little then entered the room, handing a letter to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Wang Chuan's carrier pigeon sent this. The pigeon used came from the palace. They only know the way back to the palace. Bai Ze just gave sent this over. Young miss, please take a look.’’

Feng Yu Heng received the letter and opened it. She saw Wang Chuan's handwriting: ’’Everything is well in Xiao Zhou. The things young miss instructed have been completed. Young master Zi Rui is thought very highly of by head teacher Ye. This servant will return to the capital in a few days. Young miss, do not worry.’’

Only then did she relax. Handing the letter to Huang Quan, Huang Quan also took a look and said: ’’The matters in Xiao Zhou being successful is good, but what will young miss do with those girls?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled. Huang Quan's mind was not as sharp as Wang Chuan's. Having her train in martial arts was fine, but she was a little lacking mentally comparatively.

’’Raising some well-taught children will eventually help spread our Hundred Herb Hall all over Da Shun.’’

Huang Quan whispered, ’’Young miss, you want to do business?’’

She laughed, ’’Just consider it business! Diagnosing illness and fetching medicine require money;however, Huang Quan, you must know that in the future, our Hundred Herb Hall will be in every province of Da Shun. If you want to know something, want to control something, would this not be like having countless more eyes?’’

Huang Quan came to a sudden realization, ’’Young miss is really thorough. Huang Quan has received a lesson.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and said to Huang Quan: ’’Relax and wait for Wang Chuan to return. Our days will not lack in brilliance. If you follow me, I will not allow you to be disappointed.’’

Huang Quan trusted Feng Yu Heng's words, of course. Having come to the Feng manor for so long, when had this second young miss ever allowed for them to be disappointed? Especially, the triple arrow shot Feng Yu Heng performed at the banquet. It truly made a lasting impression on everyone. Huang Quan knew that if the Feng family's second young miss had already married Prince Yu, perhaps the Feng manor's door sill would have been flattened by people seeking relations.

Feng Yu Heng began to sleep after eating. With this, she slept through the entire day. She was completely unaware of the troubled hearts of the Feng family that did not know why Chen Yu suddenly fainted. She was devoted solely to sleeping.

In the middle of the night, Huang Quan went to her bed and woke her up, saying: ’’Young miss, the matriarch came.’’

Feng Yu Heng was in a daze and did not hear clearly, ’’Who came?’’

Huang Quan said it again: ’’The matriarch. The Feng family's matriarch came to Tong Sheng pavilion. She said she absolutely must see young miss.’’

’’What time is it right now?’’ She rubbed her eyes and reluctantly got out of bed.

’’It just passed three in the morning.’’ Huang Quan was also very unhappy. While taking care of dressing Feng Yu Heng, she complained: ’’What sort of manners does the Feng family matriarch have to come in the middle of the night.’’

Feng Yu Heng grinned, ’’Who cares. Either way, it is not a good manners. But if it is too much, we can surround her in air-tight walls.’’

After she finished cleaning up, Huang Quan accompanied her to the hall. When they arrived, the servant keeping guard just happened to be helping the matriarch in.

Feng Yu Heng expressed her satisfaction. The rules she set were carried out quite well. Even if it was the Feng family's matriarch, she could not stroll into Tong Sheng pavilion from Liu courtyard as she pleased.

’’Grandmother!’’ Regardless of the situation, the act she put on before the matriarch had to be done. Feng Yu Heng quickly went forward and took over helping the matriarch from granny Zhao. Glancing sideways at granny Zhao, she saw an exhausted face and could not help but smile to herself. They were all older people. How could they endure this trouble? ’’It is so late, has something happened to grandmother? Why not send someone to come call A-Heng, Tong Sheng pavilion is too far. What would we do if something were to happen while grandmother went through such trouble!’’

The matriarch could not be bothered with the small talk. She simply went straight to the heart of the matter: ’’Chen Yu's illness is not getting better. Many doctors have been called, but they all shake their heads. The medicine that she should take have been given to her, but she is still unconscious. A-Heng, grandmother is also out of options. In any case, we are all one family. Could you go over and take a look at her?’’ The matriarch spoke with a begging tone.

A troubled expression appeared on Feng Yu Heng's face, as she looked at the matriarch and said: ’’Grandmother, you also know that father is prejudiced against A-Heng. Treating illness always has a bit of what if. What if A-Heng makes a mistake or something goes wrong, father will definitely blame me. Perhaps A-Heng will be sent to the mountains in the Northwest once more.’’

’’He dares!’’ The matriarch became angry, ’’A-Heng, do not worry. With your grandmother supporting you, your father will not dare do anything to you! So long as you go take a look at your eldest sister, even if something goes wrong, grandmother will definitely stand on your side.’’

Feng Yu Heng displayed her gratitude, ’’Grandmother is truly too good to A-Heng.’’

The matriarch grabbed her hand and spoke with a trembling voice: ’’Dear granddaughter, have you promised grandmother?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Un, with grandmother supporting A-Heng, A-Heng will definitely do a good job in treating eldest sister.’’

After saying this, a glimmer flashed through her eyes that only Huang Quan could see.


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