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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 133


Chapter 133

Second Young Miss is Underhanded

Feng Jin Yuan previously only felt that this daughter was a little different than three years ago, when she left the manor. Ignoring how she had become a little colder, she had also become fiercer. He knew that she knew martial arts, and he knew that her medical skills were even more impressive;however, he never thought it would be like this. He now began to feel a fear towards this daughter.

Subconsciously leaning back, he wanted to increase the distance between himself and Feng Yu Heng, but she was already leaning against the arm rest. The oppressive and frightening feeling that Feng Yu Heng brought did not decrease in the slightest.

’’A-Heng.’’ The matriarch saw that something was not quite right and wanted to say a few comforting words, but when she saw Feng Yu Heng's cold expression, a cold sweat broke out. After calling out, she did not know what else she should say.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall was very ominous. The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan were both scared stiff by Feng Yu Heng. But to a person with a discerning eye, the two were slightly trembling, and Feng JIn Yuan's eyebrow was twitching rapidly.

’’Father.’’ Finally, Feng Yu Heng spoke once more, ’’You have been the prime minister for many years, yet you do not know what sorts of things can be said and what sorts of things can't be said. You also do not know what sorts of things can be said in front of certain people, and what sorts of things should not be said in front of certain people. Daughter truly does not understand, how did such a stupid person become the current court's prime minister.'

’’You...’’ Feng Jin Yuan was both embarrassed and angry. He was the current court's first rank high official. Aside from the Emperor and the few princes, when had someone ever dared to insult him like this? Yet now, he had been derided by his own daughter. How could he tolerate losing face like this? ’’Evil creature!’’ He glared at Feng Yu Heng as he trembled, his face pale and his eyes bulging.

But how could Feng Yu Heng be frightened by him. This father being shameless was something she could endure, and she could even remember to leave him a shred of dignity and respect owed to an elder. However, him insulting Xuan Tian Ming, this, she could not endure!

’’If daughter is an evil creature, then what is the meaning behind insulting your future son-in-law?’’ IF you do not act like a father, then do not expect me to act like a daughter.

’’I am your father!’’ Feng Jin Yuan felt this daughter have never looked at him as a father. Three years ago, he had not treated the mother and daughter well, but Yao shi and her two children were now back at the manor. As the younger generation, Feng Yu Heng should be feeling grateful, so why did she have such a fierce vengeful heart?

’’That's right, you are the father.’’ Feng Yu Heng's face inched forward just a little bit more, leaving Feng Jin Yuan with no place to run, ’’But father, do not forget. You are a citizen of Da Shun and one of the Emperor's officials. For an official, insulting the imperial family is a crime that can result in the exterminating of the entire family. Father, do you want the entire Feng family to follow you to the chopping block?’’

Her words were powerful and effective, leaving Feng Jin Yuan speechless and causing the matriarch's face to turn pale white in fear.

Standing to the side, granny Zhao's heart nearly stopped completely. She silently thought to herself, this second young miss is underhanded, too underhanded!

Seeing that the matriarch was struggling to breathe, granny Zhao had no other choice but to do her best and break the deadlock: ’’Matriarch, you must take care of your body!’’

Feng Yu Heng heard the sincerity and raised the corner of her lips. She then fiercely glared at feng Jin Yuan, her gaze carrying a warning look.

But very quickly, she straightened her body and retracted her forceful gaze. When she turned towards the matriarch, her expression seemed very concerned ’’Grandmother, what happened?’’

The matriarch was temporarily panicked and felt that what she had just seen was not real. Feng Yu Heng had not acted fiercely towards Feng Jin Yuan. She was still the good granddaughter who would treat her well and could treat her illness.

Granny Zhao continuously helped the matriarch catch her breath and saw Feng Yu Heng rush forward. She took the initiative and said: ’’Second young miss, come take a look. It seems the matriarch swallowed some air and can't get it back up.’’ When she spoke with Feng Yu Heng, she did not dare look up at her. Her scalp felt numb in short spurts, as she feared that Feng Yu Heng would bring out the same expression she had earlier.

But fortunately, Feng Yu Heng was already completely different from earlier. Now standing there was just a granddaughter who was concerned about her grandmother's health.

She reached out her hand and patted the back of the matriarch's neck. They did not know what spot she patted, but the breath the matriarch could not exhale immediately came out.

’’Grandmother absolutely must take care of your healthy. Even if father provokes your anger, you must endure!’’ These words pushed the blame for the earlier discomfort on Feng Jin Yuan.

What could the matriarch say. She changed her mind, as she nodded and acknowledged the things Feng Yu Heng said.

In any case, the things Feng Jin Yuan had said were indeed a mark on his position as the prime minister. If the relationship of father and daughter were cast aside, Feng Yu Heng's lecture was correct.

’’Jin Yuan, you must be careful of what you say.’’ The matriarch bit the bullet and said it. Seeing Feng Jin Yuan slightly nod, she finally calmed down a little. She then looked at Feng Yu Heng and saw that she still appeared concerned, so she mustered up her courage and said: ’’Do not get mad at your father. He did not sleep for an entire night and has been missing you and your sister.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled, ’’That's right! Father loves being anxious over us daughters, and A-Heng was very moved by it, but I do not know why eldest sister wore a set of red clothes to act as Qing Le's servant. Did she not think she might implicate father and implicate the Feng manor.’’ She spoke without a hint of emotion. It was the cold expression she was accustomed to having before others. Cold and indifferent, it caused people to feel a chill.

The matriarch feared that Feng Jin Yuan would annoy Feng Yu Heng if he spoke again, so she quickly tried to mediate: ’’Your eldest sister is also anxious because she can't enter the palace. This is all because of that Chen shi. Even with her death, she did not give her children anything good.’’

Feng Jin Yuan subconsciously followed along and nodded. He did not dare look at Feng Yu Heng, as he followed the matriarch's words: ’’Our entire family has been implicated by that vile woman!’’

Feng Yu Heng's eyes held some contempt. Placing all the blame on the scapegoat, this was the Feng family.

At the time, a young servant hurried in and saluted the three then said: ’’Matriarch, master, eldest young miss has returned to the manor!’’

Hearing these words, Feng Jin Yuan immediately stood up, ’’Chen Yu returned to the manor?’’

The matriarch also asked: ’’How is she. Is she hurt?’’

The young servant responded very properly: ’’Eldest young miss returned with the support of the servants. It seems that there is an injury to her legs, and she has returned to her courtyard to rest.’’

Feng Jin Yuan hurriedly said: ’’Send someone to get a doctor!’’ As he said this, he walked out, ’’I will go over and take a look.’’

Seeing him quickly leave, the matriarch could not sit still. Standing up from her seat, she looked at Feng Yu Heng and used a neutral tone to say: ’’Let us also go and take a look?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, taking the initiative in helping the matriarch, ’’If grandmother is going, granddaughter naturally must accompany. But grandmother absolutely must not get angry with father. Causing trouble for your body is absolutely not good.’’

The matriarch felt her head go numb from listening to Feng Yu Heng. She had clearly been frightened by her, but how did it become her getting angry with her son? This granddaughter telling such lies with a straight face was something she finally witnessed.

Feng Chen Yu returning to the manor alerted everyone in the manor. The concubine mothers and young misses who were going towards Shu Ya courtyard to pay respects to the matriarch now turned in the direction of Chen Yu's courtyard. Everyone knew that with Chen Yu's return, the master and matriarch would definitely go take a look.

The matriarch was the one who walked the slowest. When Feng Yu Heng and granny Zhao supported her into Chen Yu's room, Yao shi, An shi, Han shi, Jin Zhen, and Xiang Rong were already present.

Dark circles appeared on Yao shi's eyes. She clearly had not slept all night. Feng Yu Heng knew that she was worrying about her, so she sent a comforting smile. Yao shi finally let out a sigh of relief and relaxed.

At this time, Chen Yu was seated on her bed, her face thin and pale, as she sobbed.

Feng Jin Yuan stood at her side. Cursing her was not right, nor was doting on her. Pacing back and forth, he did not know what he should say.

This daughter was the one he had placed a great deal of hope in. He had clearly laid out a perfectly good path for her, yet who knew that she would fail to live up to expectations and do such a thing.

Previously, she could not enter the palace because of Chen shi, and this could not be blamed on Chen Yu. Yesterday, however, the matter at the banquet, Chen Yu had truly caused too much trouble.

Feng Yu Heng saw that nobody spoke and could not help but lightly sigh twice. Filled with uncertainty, she said: ’’Yesterday at the palace, it was not convenient to ask, but now that eldest sister has returned to the manor, younger sister is curious and must ask. Eldest sister, what are you dressing up like this to enter the palace for?’’

Everyone felt that Chen Yu's red clothes stood out too much. Now that Feng Yu Heng asked, they looked at her with doubt.

Because of what happened to Fen Dai, Han shi always felt a great deal of grief. Her personality was no longer as charming as before. Now, when she looked at the daughters of the manor, she felt it was them that ruined Fen Dai's future. She wished that she could tear the daughter of the first wife and the daughters of the other concubines apart, so Fen Dai would become the manor's sole child.

Feng Yu Heng's words and Chen Yu's red clothes succeeded in agitating the most sensitive of her nerves. Han shi suddenly began giggling, but it was no longer as pretty as it once was. Instead, it was a bit more gruesome: ’’Eldest young miss' mother dying must have made her happy beyond belief!’’

An shi frowned tightly and looked at Han shi. After a long while, she quietly said to Yao shi: ’’This woman has most likely gone insane.’’

The matriarch also thought this way. With Chen Yu crying louder and louder, she slammed her cane on the ground and pointed at Han shi: ’’Servants! Take this maniac and send her back to her courtyard!’’

Han shi did not argue. She simply continued giggling. This giggling caused Feng Jin Yuan to feel upset.

It had been too long since he went to Han shi's courtyard. Ever since Fen Dai left the manor, he always felt a little sorry for Han shi. He even did his best to avoid her, but he did not think that Han shi would actually become like this.

’’Chen Yu.’’ As Han shi's laughter drifted further away, the matriarch finally spoke, ’’Although concubine mother Han is not worth listening to, it's just that. You sneaking into the palace is excusable, but this set of red clothing...’’

’’Who is it that you wore it for?’’ Before the matriarch could finish speaking, Feng Yu Heng interrupted and cut straight to the point: Chen Yu wearing such clothes was for the sake of getting someone's attention.

Feng Jin Yuan was not stupid. After returning to the manor, he had pondered Chen Yu's actions for a while.

The seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua was otherworldly. He very rarely interacted with the officials. He had also heard people say that the seventh prince liked the color red. Following this line of thinking, Chen Yu wearing a red dress was explained.

But Chen Yu had not seen the seventh prince many times. Even if she secretly made a voew, she would not have a chance in such a short time to investigate anything about his likes. Then it must be that someone deliberately said it for Chen Yu to hear, which caused her to wear such clothes to enter the palace.

He swiftly turned his eyes towards Feng Yu Heng. Before he could speak, Feng Yu Heng took the initiative in meeting his gaze and said: ’’Da Shun values filial piety the most. Eldest sister committing such a taboo, how will father punish her? Oh right, eldest sister also stole the multicolored stone that father was to present to the Empress, nearly causing father to be punished with death. I truly do not know how father offended eldest sister. If this problem is not resolved, it will eventually become enmity!’’


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