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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 127


Chapter 127

divine Doctor Displays Her Skills

Very quickly, the Emperor realized that he had been naive. He had waited for a long time, yet he had only heard imperial concubine Yun's voice but not caught even a glimpse of her.

Just when everyone began to feel as though they had a hallucination, imperial concubine Yun's voice once again sounded, this time saying: ’’This one came out to take a walk through this Liu Li courtyard and just happened to hear these remarks. It seems that over these years, there truly have been quite some changes! A simple favored beauty from many years ago now dares to beat people at a banquet. Tsk tsk, it truly is frightening. This one has not met with the Emperor for many years. This one originally wanted to chat about the past, but now I do not dare. This one is also an imperial concubine and does not want to be beat. Your Majesty, this one will be going back first.’’

Having heard these words be spoken, everyone waited the duration of half a stick of incense, but imperial concubine Yun's voice did not speak again. Xuan Tian Ming the spoke up: ’’Father Emperor, my imperial concubine mother has already left.’’

Only then did the Emperor recover. Without thinking, he picked up his cup and smashed it towards Bu Bai Ping's forehead.

A sufficient amount of force was used, and Bu Bai Ping did not dodge in time. Having been struck directly in the head, her head began bleeding, and she fainted.

Down below, the officials immediately began kowtowing and begging for forgiveness: ’’Your Majesty, please calm down!’’

But how could the Emperor ease his anger. He thought and hoped everyday that he could see imperial concubine Yun. The pillar in his bedroom was nearly filled with lines. He felt that he could no longer wait another day. Today, imperial concubine Yun finally came out today for a walk, but she had been scared away by Bu Bai Ping.

Although he understood in his heart that there was no way imperial concubine Yun feared Bu Bai Ping, imperial concubine Yun did not even fear him, so why would she fear Bu Bai Ping? But, she had found this as an excuse, so he used her to vent his anger.

Just as Bu Bai Ping used imperial concubine Hua to vent her anger, the Emperor presently hated that he could not just pick her up and begin beating her. What use was Minister Bu begging for forgiveness. If he did not beat her enough, how could he relieve the rage in his heart!

Thus, Bu Bai Ping became the unlucky one. She had already fainted, but she was still picked up by the Emperor, raised up high then violently thrown towards the hall.

Feng Yu Heng thought about it carefully. If he truly threw her down, even if Bu Bai Ping did not die, her entire body would have suffered from shattered bones. She could tell that the Emperor had used his internal energy.

Kneeling down below was Minister Bu. Seeing his daughter fall from the sky, it seemed that the place she would land was where he knelt. He could not dodge in time and was smashed by Bu Bai Ping.

Just like that, the standard second rank official from the ministry of Appointments was killed by being crushed by his own daughter. He could not even utter a cry.

A perfectly good banquet immediately became a murder scene. The murderer as the current Emperor.

Who dared say anything?

Eunuchs came to clean up the scene. Minister Bu was taken away, while the area was quickly cleaned with water. It very quickly returned to its original state. If it were not for the two sturdy grannies supporting the severely injured and passed out Bu Bai Ping on the side, everyone would have assumed it was all a hallucination.

’’Your Majesty.’’ At this time, the only one who dared to speak with the Emperor was the Empress. The Empress was also doing her best despite not having any choice. During a celebration, they could not just leave everyone hanging. She did her best to make her voice softer and said to him: ’’Your Majesty, please calm down. Your body is not well. Sir Mo even warned you not to use your internal energy.’’ She got closer and spoke even more softly: ’’The matters of the harem can be taken care of later. Just finish up with the banquet. Regardless of outcome, it is still the Mid-Autumn Festival.’’

With his heart full of anger, how could the Emperor suppress it. He felt his blood pressure rapidly rise! His face became bright red, as he swayed a bit and narrowly avoided falling.

The people down below were shocked and all knelt down, saying: ’’Your Majesty, please calm down!’’

It is unknown where Mo Bu Fan came from. Rushing the eunuchs, he had them rest the Emperor on his chair. He then checked his pulse before pulling out a medical pill from his sleeve and sticking it in the Emperor's mouth: ’’Your Majesty, keep this in your mouth and do not swallow it.’’

Imperial concubine Hua no longer cried. She had shut her mouth when she heard imperial concubine Yun's ghostly voice. At this time, she slightly went forward and squeezed into the crowd of imperial concubines surrounding the Emperor's body.

This scene caused Feng Yu Heng to frown. The Emperor's symptoms were the exact same as the Feng family's matriarch. It was severe high blood pressure. Being provoked, it would quickly rise. Now that he was surrounded by so many people that no air could make it through, it would be odd for him to do well.

Not long later, Mo Bu Fan came out of the crowd and quickly went over to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Princess, the medicine that you gave to elderly madam that day, did you bring any?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded. She had brought it.

Bo Bu Fan quickly cupped his hands towards her: ’’Would princess please make use of it to help.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not argue, as she walked up the stage.

Feng Jin Yuan was watching from the side and developed an incorrect assumption. This daughter of his walking up the steps of the stage was not going to treat the Emperor, instead... she was there for the coronation of a new emperor.

He quickly shook his head and reined in his thoughts.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had already walked to the middle of the crowd, where she loudly yelled: ’’Everyone back up!’’ She then said to Mo Bu Fan: ’’His Majesty's blood pressure is rising rapidly. This symptom is very dangerous. If you want to save a life, you must first ensure that there is good circulation of air.’’

Mo Bu Fan faced the Empress and nodded, ’’Young miss Feng is correct.’’

The Empress quickly gave an order to everyone: ’’Everyone back up. Nobody is permitted near the Emperor.’’ She then looked towards Feng Yu Heng, her gaze showing some expectation. Old man Yao's granddaughter! When has a member of the Yao family disappointed.

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything else, as she quickly walked over to the Emperor. Her left hand checking his pulse, her right hand touched her phoenix-shaped birthmark and pulled out a quick-acting anti-hypertension medicine.

’’Father Emperor.’’ She leaned closer and lightly spoke, ’’The medicine A-Heng can be kept in your mouth. There is no need to force yourself to swallow it.’’

The Emperor had not completely fainted and could still understand Feng Yu Heng's words, but he could not display any reactions.

She did not ask anything further and saw the Emperor's eyes turn towards her, thus she knew that he had understood her. She placed the medicine in his mouth and observed him for a while. Seeing the Emperor's facial color recover slightly, her hand remained on the Emperor's wrist, as she continued to observe. Only after the duration of a stick of incense, when his pulse stabilized, did she relax.

’’Father Emperor.’’ Her voice became soft, sounding very gentle, ’’Try and turn your head to look around. Are you still dizzy?’’

The Emperor followed her instructions and looked left and right, up and down before ascertaining that he no longer felt dizzy. He finally spoke once more: ’’The feelings We have for Our family were already not light. Now, We also owe you.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’A-Heng is father Emperor's future daughter-in-law. Even if there are feelings that are owed, then they should be paid to his Highness the ninth prince.’’

These words made the Emperor feel happy, and he could not help but begin laughing loudly.

Seeing that he was truly fine, Feng Yu Heng and Mo Bu Fan help him up and help him back into the throne.

Feng Yu Heng handed the small porcelain bottle to the Emperor. Inside were a total of ten quick-acting anti-hypertension pills. These were pills that she normally kept on her first floor counter, so that she could easily bring them out at any time and any place.

The Emperor looked at the small bottle and asked her: ’’The medicine you just gave Us was this?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Daughter-in-law once had a Persian eccentric for a master. He had taught daughter-in-law many odd ways of making medicine. This is a type of medicine that quickly reduces blood pressure. It is specifically used to get blood to the brain and acts very quickly.’’

The Emperor did not really understand. Either way, he knew that it was a very good medicine for him, so he carefully put it away.

Mo Bu Fan added some information from the side: ’’The elderly madam of the Feng family also has this sort of illness. Previously, when this one wne to the Feng family to prepare food cooked with medicine, I had personally seen the elderly madam suffer from the illness. She was also saved because of princess' medicine.’’

The Emperor was once again quite emotional: ’’At that time, I did not understand how old man Yao could have such good medical skills. Now, out of the blue, A-Heng, at such a young age, does not lose out to her maternal grandfather.’’

Feng Yu Heng felt a little embarrassed from the praise. It was because she had the pharmacy space on her left wrist that she could pull out good medicines. If she did not have this pharmacy, forget about having her make Western medicine in this era, even making Chinese medical pills would be difficult.

The Emperor's vigor had recovered significantly. The Empress proposed: ’’How about the banquet end here. Your Majesty should rest properly.’’

The Emperor, however, waved his hand: ’’Continue! We can not ruin everyone's merriment!’’

The Empress awkward asked: ’’Then head imperial concubine Bu...’’

’’Hmph!’’ The Emperor clenched his fist, forcefully controlling his emotions, ’’Throw her back in her own palace. Nobody is allowed to pay her any heed!’’

The Empress nodded and gestured for the servants to do it. As for the deceased Lord Bu, nobody dared bring it up.

Down below, everyone rose at the Empress' command. Taking a look, the Emperor had returned to his former self. It seemed as though the previous scene were simply a hallucination. How could imperial concubine Yun, who had not set foot outside Winter Moon Palace for many years, have come out? How could Minister bu have been smashed to death by his own daughter? How could head imperial concubine Bu, who had been at the top of the harem suddenly have fallen?

It was a hallucination. It was definitely a hallucination;otherwise, how could the Emperor go from being passed out one moment, to sitting there, being lively the next?

Only when they saw Feng Yu Heng did they realize that the earlier events were all real.

The Feng family's second daughter, the future Princess Yu, divine doctor Yao Xian's granddaughter, even when Mo Bu Fan was at a loss of what to do, she had medicine that could treat the illness.

All at once, the people down below began discussing. One madam from a first ranking official's family said to her daughter: ’’I heard young miss Feng opened a Hundred Herb Hall in the capital. In it, there are some pills and powders that are very quick-acting. Come tomorrow, go buy some. Having some prepared at home would be good.’’

There were not few madams and young misses who had similar thoughts. Even Qing Le asked Feng Chen Yu: ’’Tell me, can Feng Yu Heng treat my hair?’’

Feng Chen Yu was jealous to the point of feeling ill. How could she possibly show a good expression to Qing Le, and she even struck back at her: ’’Even if she could, she would not treat you.’’

Qing Le was furious and immediately forgot where she was. Picking up a cup, she threw it forward.

With a bang, the colorful glaze cup fell to the ground and shattered.

Everyone was shocked by this moment. Looking at the disliked imperial daughter, they felt that the way she used a cloth to cover her head was truly ugly to the point of hilarity. An ugly person causing trouble despite her current appearance, could she not have silently remained a spectator? Did she have to use this sort of method to remind everyone of her existence?

At this time, the Emperor also took notice of Qing Le, but at the same time, he remembered that there was still another mission to accomplish tonight. Thus, he cleared his throat and loudly said to the hall: ’’Today, at the Mid-Autumn festival, there is another matter that must be shared with everyone to enjoy.’’


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