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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 121


Chapter 121

Bu Family

Everyone recognized her. The one with the silk wrapped around her head was imperial daughter Qing Le. No wonder she was so arrogant. Although the madams and young misses were from families of officials, their standings were lower than Qing Le. If the truth, however, was the Emperor would not take the side of a lord and imperial daughter that no longer had a palace. But they had an innate quality, and those with this quality would not pay any heed to those without.

Thus, everyone glanced in her direction before turning back around and continued doing whatever they needed to do.

Feng Yu Heng's gaze, however, continued to rest on the girl behind Qing Le. Although she kept her head lowered the entire time, appeared to be slightly darker and was seen by everyone as Qing Le's servant, she knew that this was Feng Chen Yu.

She already knew that Feng Chen Yu would think of a method to get into the palace, but she had originally thought that she would go through the third prince. She did not think that she would actually go with imperial daughter Qing Le.

After Qing Le exited the carriage, she did not get in line. She went straight for the gate and prepared to enter the palace, but she was stopped by a granny.

Qing Le frowned: ’’Impudent!’’

This palace granny was not a coward. She had spent many years in the palace. Having worked in the presence of the Emperor and Empress, how could some shoddy imperial daughter inspire any fear in her. Hearing Qing Le's screams, the granny began laughing and said: ’’Imperial daughter Qing Le, this old servant was ordered by the Empress to verify the invitations of the female guests entering the palace. If imperial daughter wishes to force her way in, then this old servant can only send someone to inform the Empress.’’

Qing Le frowned and wanted to continue arguing, but Feng Chen Yu had already brought out the invitation and handed it over.

She did not say anything further. It was better to have one fewer problem rather than one more problem. The way Feng Chen Yu dressed had already pushed her close to the edge, but at this point, she no longer wanted to bring it up.

Seeing that there was a maidservant that handed her an invitation, the old granny gave Chen Yu a forgiving look then thought about it for a while.

A servant was dressed in more eye-catching clothes than the master. Having received the invitation and looked at it, she said to Qing Le: ’’Normally speaking, imperial daughter should need to queue up. Look behind you, there are so many madams and young misses waiting. This old servant looking at your invitation first is too unfair. But since you are an imperial daughter, then we will overlook it once. I hope that imperial daughter can arrive a little earlier next year to avoid the problem of queuing up.’’ Having said this, she returned the invitation and Qing Le coldly snorted. Bring Feng Chen Yu, she quickly passed through the gate.

Feng Yu Heng saw them walk further away then retracted her gaze. Feng Xiang Rong quietly asked: ’’Why did imperial daughter Qing Le wrap up her head? That appearance is very ugly.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’She has no choice but to wrap it up. I heard the big fire at Ding An palace burned off all of her hair. How could it grow back so quickly.’’

Xiang Rong heard this and recalled the appearance of Qing Le's hair. She could not help but begin laughing.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng saw Ren Xi Feng and quickly pulled Xiang Rong over.

Ren Xi Feng, Fung Tian Yu and Bai Fu Rong were standing together. Seeing Feng Yu Heng coming over, they became even happier. Feng Yu Heng saw the three, but she began frowning: ’’With the three of you standing together, it seems that you all came together. WHy did you not call me?’’

Bai Fu Rong smiled and pulled her hand: ’’How could it be that we came together. We cut in line to stand together.’’ As she said this, she turned around and smiled to the madam behind her: ’’Aunt Mei, could we add another two people?’’

The one called aunt Mei was clearly very familiar with Bai Fu Rong, as she quickly retreated half a step, allowing Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong to join the line. The two quickly thanked the madam then saluted the people behind her in the queue and gave their thanks.

Everyone was courteous and the atmosphere was peaceful.

Feng Yu Heng introduced the three friends to Xiang Rong and told her: ’’When we enter the palace later, you will be able to see imperial daughter Wu Yang. You have seen her a few times before.’’

This was the first time Xiang Rong met this many people. Each and every one of them was from some prosperous family, so she was a little nervous. Without saying anything, she just obediently nodded.

The was nothing Feng Yu Heng could do: ’’My third sister is just shy and has not really gone out much. Do not mind too much!’’

The group of friends chatted and laughed. Before they realized it, they arrived before the gate. It was at this time that another carriage that came along the road. The speed of this carriage was much faster than Qing Le's carriage, so it kicked up a great deal of dust. This caused the granny who was verifying the invitations to sigh a couple times.

But, there was still nobody who raised any complaints about this. Feng Yu Heng felt this to be odd. Were the madams and young misses from the families of officials in the capital this easy to get along with?

Bai Fu Rong lightly pulled her sleeve and quietly said: ’’It's the Bu family's carriage.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not understand, ’’Bu family?’’

Ren Xi Feng turned around and said: ’’A-Heng just returned to the capital not too long ago, so it's natural you do not know about the changes that occurred in the capital these few years. The Bu family was originally a small official's family. Their highest rank was the sixth rank. Ever since three years ago, however, the Bu family's daughter went from a favored concubine to the official princess' position. Thus, the Bu family also managed to climb up.’’

Fung Tian Yu added: ’’Princess Bu's father recently became a high official, a standard second rank official.’’

Just as they were discussing this, they saw the Bu family's carriage stop where imperial daughter Qing Le's carriage had stopped. With the curtain being opened, a girl leisurely exited the carriage. Wearing a set of purple clothes that flowed in the wind, her long hair flowed down like a waterfall. She had smooth and glossy skin and picturesque eyebrows. She should have looked like a beautiful woman made of water, but her cold face gave her an icy appearance.

Bai Fu Rong quietly explained to Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong: ’’She is Princess Bu's niece, Bu Ni Shang.’’

The old granny saw Bu Ni Shang and was much warmer than when she saw Qing Le. Not only did she take the initiative in going forward to greet and salute her, she did not even look at the invitation. She only hastily allowed Bu Ni Shang into the palace.

Bu Ni Shang, however, did not pay her any heed. Instead, she looked around the crowd, with her eyes stopping on Feng Yu Heng.

She leisurely blinked then walked towards Feng Yu Heng. Only when she arrived directly before her did she stop and stare at her for a long time. SHe then asked: ’’Was it you that took care of that slut Qing Le?’’

Feng Yu Heng continued to look over, her eyes holding back a cold light. Instead, it had an evil look like Xuan Tian Ming. Her entire body exuded an aura of regal indolence.

Bo Ni Shang frowned then heard Feng Yu Heng say: ’’Miss should direct this question to Xuan Tian Ming.’’ She did not even call him Prince Yu, instead using his name. Bu Ni Shang's expression did not change, but Feng Yu Heng alone saw her pupils contract twice.

’’Very good.’’ Bu Ni Shang suddenly displayed a smile, her chin raising slightly with an incredible arrogance that became even more overbearing.

But, a feeling of frustration was still born in her heart. She had wanted to come over and disdain them for a while, but this pride did not at all get past Feng Yu Heng's carefree attitude. What's more, she felt defeated upon hearing the words ’’Xuan Tian Ming.’’

Bu Ni Shang's heart was in turmoil. Turning around, she left and entered the palace.

The girls were a little confused. Fung Tian Yu quietly asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’I heard that Bu Ni Shang and Qing Le do not get along. How is it that she also seems to view you as an enemy?’’

Feng Yu Heng shrugged, ’’Who knows.’’

While they were chatting, the old granny had already turned to ask them for their invitations. The old granny seemed to recognize the other three, as they exchanged a few words. When it came to Feng Yu Heng, she thought for a while then looked at the invitation. She then let out an exclamation in surprise ’’Pri-princess Yu? Oh my!’’ This granny was incredibly upset: ’’It's the fault of this servant for having eyes that can not see. How could I dare allow Princess Yu wait for such a long time. This old servant deserves to die. I beg princess forgive this old servant.’’ Saying this, she knelt down.

Feng Yu Heng quickly stopped her. She could tell that this old granny was truly upset. She could not help but mentally curse Xuan Tian Ming. Given this reputation, when people heard any mention of him, it would be as though they had seen a ghost.

’’Granny, please get up. I am simply engaged to his Highness Prince Yu. I have yet to get married.’’

’’Getting married is something that will happen sooner or later.’’ The old granny said while smiling: ’’Who doesn't know about the princess his Highness Prince Yu set his eyes on! This matter is something everyone in the palace knows about. There is no need for princess to be modest.’’ Saying this, she personally led the group though the palace gates. She then called for a guide servant, ’’Quickly bring Princess Yu and the young misses to Liu Li courtyard.’’

Hearing the words Princess Yu, the servant was frightened. Quickly coming over, she kowtowed. Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered with stopping her. Waiting for her to finish kowtowing, she said: ’’Well, bring us in then.’’

Finally leaving the gate, Bai Fu Rong smiled and said: ’’So amazing! Sure enough, there will be meat to eat when following A-Heng around.’’

Feng Yu Heng helplessly said: ’’There is no meat, but if there is medicine, will you eat it?’’

’’What medicine?’’ Their eyes lit up at the same time. In terms of medicine, Feng Yu Heng represented the Yao family, and when had the Yao family's medicine ever been a disappointment.

Feng Yu Heng told them: ’’I left them behind in the carriage. When we come out, I will give you your portions. Bring them straight back to your manors. It is a tea that I prepared that nourishes one's skin. There is also one that that reduces internal heat. There is another that is good for the eyes and improves your hair. Bring them home and drink them everyday like you would tea. The taste is good and it is effective.’’

Hearing this, the girls were extremely happy. They had never heard of this type of tea, and they all began to feel some hope in their hearts.

Feng Yu Heng then said to Ren Xi Feng: ’’I heard that General Ren's legs and feet do not feel well when the weather turns cold. I prepared some medicine for him. I will give them to you later on. If the general ever feels unwell again, I can go and personally take a look. Now that my maternal grandfather is no longer in the capital, although I may be immature, I believe my own medical prowess is not bad.’’

Hearing this, Ren Xi Feng was naturally very grateful. Holding Feng Yu Heng's hand, she said: ’’I won't say too many words of thanks. As for our family, father's injuries are the biggest concern. If father were to hear A-Heng's words, he would definitely be very happy.’’

Fung Tian Yu once again began pondering about Bu Ni Shang: ’’Speaking of battles, Princess Bu's eldest brother seems to have control of a quarter of Da Shun's army. These years, he has been stationed in the east and has not returned to the capital for a full two years.’’

Ren Xi Feng nodded, ’’The one relied upon in the Bu family was not the standard second rank Lord Bu. Instead, it is General Bu Cong in the east. Speaking of, A-Heng, you and that person share a bit of an origin...’’

Bu Family Part 2

Feng Yu Heng desperately searched the memories of the body's original owner. She did not know what sort of origin she could have shared with the Bu family.

Ren Xi Feng resolved her doubts: ’’This is something I originally did not know about. It is something my mother brought up a few days ago. At the time you were born, divine doctor Yao was treating an injury for Bu Bai Ping's brother, which would be Bu Ni Shang's father, Bu Bai Qi. At the time, Bu Cong was also present. He is older than you by seven years, and I heard he is incredibly handsome. divine doctor Yao was very happy after helping your mother deliver you, so he gave a large amount of medicines to Bu Bai Qi. At the time, Bu Cong was still young, so when he saw divine doctor Yao happy, he also felt happy. He also hollered that he would marry you when he grew up.’’

Feng Yu Heng dropped her head in her hands. How the hell could this be considered an origin. This was clearly an unhappy love affair.

Gossip was something that women loved. Ren Xi Feng's words made the others feel very interesting, as they pushed her to continue, thus Ren Xi Feng continued: ’’divine doctor Yao thought it was just a joke, but who would have thought that Bu Cong would take it to heart. When you were only six, he begged his father to request a marriage;however, at the time, you were the Feng family's daughter to the first wife. The Bu family was also nothing in the eyes of the Feng family, so your father naturally would not agree. Bu Cong was depressed for a long time until you were sent out of the capital by the Feng family. The Bu family suddenly rose and Bu Cong requested the Emperor for a horse, after which he rushed to guard the eastern border.’’

Feng Yu Heng clicked her tongue. It was an infatuation too?

Fung Tian Yu reminded everyone: ’’This matter need not be mentioned any further. Who doesn't know that A-Heng and the ninth prince have already gotten engaged. The Bu family is also enjoying a pleasant dream. It's most likely that the they saw how the ninth prince didn't take the matter of marriage seriously for all those years. Only then did they find the courage to come forward.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded: ’’Un, the things in the past should be left in the past. Either way, I do not remember it. But Xuan Tian Ming not taking me seriously is a debt I will need to properly settle with him.’’

Fung Tian Yu shut her mouth. Had she caused some trouble?

Following the guidance of the palace servant, they went towards Liu Li courtyard, where the banquet was to be held. When they were halfway there, Feng Yu Heng stopped and pushed Xiang Rong towards the three, saying: ’’Bring my sister over. I will go pay respects to imperial concubine Yun first. Since I very rarely come to the palace, it would not be good to not visit her.’’

Everyone understood. Bai Fu Rong took the initiative and pulled Xiang Rong to her side. She then said to the servant leading the way: ’’Accompany young miss Feng to Winter Moon Palace. We know the way to Liu Li courtyard. We can just follow the crowd.’’

The palace maid actually did not want to go over to Winter Moon Palace. Ignoring the fact that the people over there were rather fiery, normal people who went in there would feel ill-at-ease. In addition to imperial concubine Yun's temper, there was a real fear of becoming a victim.

However, Feng Yu Heng presently desired to go, so there was nothing she could do. This was the future Princess Yu. Having entered the palace, going to visit the future mother-in-law was understandable. She could only bear with it and nod, preparing to bring Feng Yu Heng in the direction of Winter Moon Palace.

Feng Yu Heng naturally saw through this servant's feelings. She had no intention of causing this palace servant any hardship, she said: ’’There's no need. Just bring my friends to Liu Li courtyard. My servant here followed the ninth prince previously, so she knows the way to Winter Moon Palace.’’

Hearing this, the palace servant became happy. She then verified with Huang Quan that she indeed knew the way before leading Bai Fu Rong and friends to Liu Li courtyard.

Feng Yu Heng followed Huang Quan and hurried towards Winter Moon Palace. Huang Quan asked her: ’’Young miss, did you bring the gift you prepared for imperial concubine Yun?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’It's in my sleeve. It's a small thing that doesn't stick out.’’

Huang Quan then felt at ease. She spoke while walking: ’’All of the servants in the Imperial Palace fear imperial concubine Yun. But in reality, imperial concubine Yun is pretty nice. She is especially good towards the two princes. The only thing is her personality is a bit cold, and she does not like meeting with the Emperor.’’

Feng Yu Heng was helpless. How could imperial concubine Yun's personality be described as cold. It was outright strange. What sort of imperial concubine didn't meet with the Emperor yet wasn't put in limbo. Furthermore, despite this continuing for so many years, she is still loved. It seems that it wasn't just imperial concubine Yun that was strange, the Emperor was also strange. She recalled some words of wisdom from her previous life. Could it really be true that the unattainable really was best?

’’That's right.’’ She remembered what Ren Xi Feng had just said: ’’Regarding the Bu family, how much do you know?’’

Huang Quan pondered a little then said: ’’Not very much. I only know that Bu Cong has been stationed at the Eastern border of Da Shun with a quarter of the army under his command. At first, the sudden rise of the Bu family was related to Bu Bai Ping becoming a princess. Now, however, it is Princess Bu that relies on Bu Cong. The only one that the Emperor loves is imperial concubine Yun, and this is something that even the Empress can not control. Princess Bu, however, was not treated poorly. Anything she should have, Princess Bu has, with the sole exception being children.’’

’’Not having a child, then that means there is no future.’’ Feng Yu Heng understood this sort of concept, ’’Bu Ni Shang is Bu Cong's full sister. Looking at her age, she should be around the same age as Feng Chen Yu. Has there been talk of marriage?’’

’’There has.’’ Huang Quan said: ’’Bu Ni Shang is engaged to the fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi. I believe the marriage is set for the beginning of Spring next year.’’

As the two spoke, they arrived before Winter Moon Palace.

Feng Yu Heng looked at this palace that was aloof and desolate yet beautiful beyond compare. She could not help but feel a little moved.

She did not know what exactly happened between imperial concubine Yun and the Emperor, and she had no intention of asking Xuan Tian Ming about it. It was just that an imperial concubine was able to go ten years without meeting the Emperor, yet the Emperor was still willing to dote on her to such a degree. It could be considered a miracle.

When she and Huang Quan arrived at Winter Moon Palace's gates, the servant inside did not seem too surprised to see them arive. She simply went forward and said: ’’This servant pays respects to princess.’’

Feng Yu Heng was accustomed to the people around Xuan Tian Ming calling her princess, so she did not stop her. She only said: ’’I came today to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Banquet in the palace. Before the banquet begins, I wanted to first come pay respects to imperial concubine Yun. I do not know if now is convenient or not.’’

The palace servant raised her head and said: ’’Of course it's convenient. Imperial concubine knew long ago that princess would come, so she had this servant come over in the morning to welcome you.’’

Feng Yu Heng was stunned. Imperial concubine Yun had even considered that she would come? But upon further consideration, it wasn't anything odd. Without exception, anyone with a hint of common sense would go visit their future mother-in-law to pay respects when they enter the palace, right.

She followed the palace servant and walked in. Imperial concubine Yun was still at her favorite moon viewing platform. The palace servant entered and reported before saying to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Princess, please enter.’’ Looking over to Huang Quan, she said with some embarrassment: ’’Huang Quan girl, could you wait together with this servant?’’

Previously, Huang Quan had been a frequent visitor of Winter Moon Palace. Even more, she had been imperial concubine Yun's hidden guard for two years. There wasn't a single servant in this palace that didn't recognize her. She naturally understood imperial concubine Yun's rules, so she nodded and did not say anything else.

Feng Yu Heng entered the moon viewing hall and saw imperial concubine Yun wearing a cotton rose dress today. She still had the aloof appearance that she shared with Xuan Tian Ming. Sitting on the steps to the moon viewing platform, she held a cup and was drinking something.

Feng Yu Heng's nose was sharp. Sniffing a couple times, she could tell that it was wine.

She advanced a few steps and knelt before imperial concubine Yun: ’’Daughter-in-law pays respects to imperial concubine mother. It has been many days since I last saw imperial concubine mother, has everything been well?’’

She used the same way of addressing her as was permitted the previous time. The familiarity was immediately felt.

Imperial concubine Yun was very pleased with this. Nodding, she reached out her hand: ’’Don't remain kneeling there the entire time. There are no outsiders here. Come sit.’’

Feng Yu Heng obediently walked over. Reaching her hand to her arm, she pulled out the gift she had prepared beforehand from her space, ’’This is a gift prepared by princess daughter for imperial concubine mother. Does imperial concubine mother like it.’’

Imperial concubine Yun had heard Xuan Tian Ming speak highly of Feng Yu Heng's medical ability and her quirky things. She also knew that she had once been in a master-apprentice relationship with a Persian eccentric. Now that Feng Yu Heng had pulled out an odd thing, she could not help but feel curious.

’’What is it?’’ Imperial concubine Yun held it in her hand. Opening the wooden box, she discovered that there was a round thing the size of her palm. She held it in her hand, but she could not tell what sort of material it was made of. There were numerous beautiful gems on top that she could not name. It was so beautiful that it made people reluctant to put it down. ’’What sort of gems are these on top?’’ The ever aloof imperial concubine Yun could not endure it and asked. Using her hand to feel it, it was polished and smooth with clear edges.

’’It has everything.’’ Feng Yu Heng pointed at the stones, saying: ’’Imperial concubine mother, look. There is pink quartz, green turquoise, yellow quartz, purple quartz, as well as gold and silver ornaments. The one in the middle is cat's eye.’’ As she spoke, she pointed at a spot and told imperial concubine Yun: ’’Imperial concubine mother, press here.’’

Imperial concubine Yun was surprised. After having pressed the spot, the small round item in her hand suddenly opened up. She then discovered that a small beautiful face appeared from inside, shining.

Imperial concubine Yun nearly threw it in surprised, but she also felt that beautiful face was very familiar. She could not help but look at it some more before she realized ’’Is this not me?’’ In her anxiety, she even forgot to refer to her own position, ’’Is this... a mirror?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded. A very normal round mirror from the 21st century. On the outside, there were many little stones, while the inside had two round mirrors. One of them showed a regular reflection, while the other magnified the reflection. She had once felt it was quite pretty, so she bought some then threw them in the pharmacy's drawer. Prior to entering the palace, she decided to give this to imperial concubine Yun. For a woman, it was best to cater to their tastes;moreover, this era did not have such a mirror. The bronze mirrors were vague and unclear. They couldn't even compare to the reflection from water.

’’Daughter-in-law once had a Persian eccentric for a master. He left some good things before returning to Persia. Daughter-in-law found this mirror to be small and exquisite, so I thought to give it to imperial concubine mother.’’ Persia was a country that only existed in tales, so she used it to explain her odd things. This was a method that has seen repeated success.

Imperial concubine really liked it. She then discovered the mirror with the magnification and could not help but sigh: ’’Persian artisans really superb to be able to craft such a thing. Thinking about it, there should not be many that have such a thing in Da Shun, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng dared to guarantee: ’’Only imperial concubine mother has one.’’

Imperial concubine Yun was incredibly happy and grabbed Feng Yu Heng's hand: ’’If Ming'er bullies you in the future, just come to see me here in the palace and tell on him. Or you can tell your seventh brother, as well. He will only listen to the two of us.’’

Feng Yu Heng covered her mouth and lightly laughed. A woman's friendship really had to be maintained by gifts.

’’Many thanks, imperial concubine mother.’’ She gave her thanks then recalled how imperial concubine Yun's attitude towards the Yao family was quite familiar, thus she told her about Zi Rui being taken in as imperial tutor Ye Rong's disciple and the Yao family's younger generation being permitted to participate in the Imperial exam.

She did not think that imperial concubine Yun would lightly snort then say: ’’The people of Yao family will not participate in this Imperial exam. If you don't believe me, just wait and see.’’


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