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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 117


Chapter 117

A Strange Letter

Hearing Feng Yu Heng mention it, everyone recalled how Feng Zi Hao had chased her around while wildly swinging a sword.

The matriarch was the first to make her stance known: ’’Jin Yuan, have Zi Hao apologize to A-Heng. Also, that can not be the end of the matter!’’

’’I will not apologize!’’ Feng Zi Hao loudly screamed, ’’Why should I apologize to her? Mother was killed by her!’’

Feng Yu Heng did not get angry. Instead, she looked helplessly at Feng Jin Yuan, giving Feng Jin Yuan a headache.

The recent situation felt a little off. Chen shi had died, and the Yao family appeared to be making a come back. He had to protect Chen Yu and he could not offend Feng Yu Heng. Looking again towards Zi Hao, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly felt that there was no longer any point in keeping this son to the first wife. With his body being as much of a waste as it was, without speaking about how there was no way for him to continue the Feng family line, he also caused trouble, making the Feng family the capital's laughing stock. Such a vile son, what reason did he have to continue protecting him?

’’Since you do not intend to apologize, then father will not insist.’’ Feng Jin Yuan looked at Zi Hao and suddenly said this. He then called to housekeeper He Zhong: ’’Prepare a carriage. Bring the young master to chase after the Chen family's people. Tell them that the young master wants to return tot he old home to watch over his mother's coffin.’’ After he said this, he glanced at Feng Yu Heng. Without saying anything, he began walking towards Pine courtyard.

Feng Zi Hao was completely dumbfounded. He was going to watch over his mother's coffin? He wasn't even allowed to go attend school?

He wanted to scream to Feng Jin Yuan to return to change his mind, but when he turned his head, he saw Feng Chen Yu have a compassionate look. After compassion came despair. She then saluted to the matriarch and left.

At the moment, Feng Zi Hao truly became afraid and quickly begged the matriarch for help: ’’Grandmother, I...’’

’’Don't say another word.’’ The matriarch interrupted him, ’’Just do as your father said. He Zhong, go prepare the carriage.’’

The matriarch spoke these words and left for her own courtyard with the help of granny Zhao. After this, the females of the family slowly left one by one, leaving only Feng Yu Heng to stand in the yard.

Feng Zi Hao finally remembered the matter of apologizing and hurriedly said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Second sister, I was wrong. I really know that I was wrong. Can you go speak to father about me going to watch over mother's coffin?’’

Feng Yu Heng found that looking at this Feng Zi Hao was interesting. He truly was Chen shi's son. He just would not learn.

’’Eldest brother, being able to watch over your own mother's coffin, how glorious a matter is that? Could it be that you don't miss the mother that birthed you and raised you? Do not forget that you started a fire that burned away half her body. Little sister is reminding you to burn some more joss paper when you reach her grave to keep her from chasing after you in the middle of the night.’’

She coldly snorted then turned and left.

Behind her, Feng Zi Hao did his best to scream, but he was still seriously injured. How was it possible for him to get past the strong servants. Not long afterward, he was stuffed into a carriage. Fen Dai at least had time to tidy her things, but Feng Zi Hao did not even have the chance to take a brush from the Feng manor.

When Feng Yu Heng was on her way back to Tong Sheng pavilion, she did not feel relaxed at all. Chen shi was no longer there, Feng Zi Hao was no longer there, and Fen Dai was about to be sent away, but why was it that she felt even more nervous?

Feng Jin Yuan did not immediately return to Pine courtyard, instead turning towards the matriarch's Shu Ya courtyard along the way.

When he arrived, the matriarch had yet to return. After half a cup of tea, he saw granny Zhao enter the room with the matriarch.

Feng Jin Yuan quickly stood up and helped the matriarch sit down. The matriarch knew that he must have something he wanted to talk about. Waving her hand, all of the servants left the room. With granny Zhao being the last one out, she closed the door behind her. Only then did she ask: ’’Sending Zi Hao back to the old home to watch over his mother's grave, it seems that you have figured something out, right?’’

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly sighed and nodded: ’’Even if I didn't figure anything out, there is nothing I can do. Presently, the situation has changed. If Zi Hao continued acting out as he did, then it would be difficult to make ends meet with his Highness the third prince.’’

The matriarch then brought up and important matter: ’’With Chen shi's passing, the manor will be without head wife. What are your thoughts on the matter? Take one in or promote one up?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was silent for a while then replied: ’’Son has not made any considerations towards the head wife position for the moment.’’

The matriarch did not force him, but she did help him analyze the situation: ’’Taking your time to observe for a while is also good. Chen shi has passed away and was not demoted. In the future, regardless of who you bring in or promote, Chen Yu will always be the daughter to the first wife. The only thing that has me feeling anxious is the Yao family.’’

’’Son is also anxious.’’ He could not at all grasp what the Emperor was thinking!

’’Regardless of what the situation, while ensuring Chen Yu's interests are not in jeopardy, I advocate protecting A-Heng.’’ The matriarch spoke while thinking, ’’Although it is no longer a possibility for the ninth prince, that does not mean there is no possibility for the seventh prince. Although he had once clearly stated before the Emperor that he did not want the throne, who can say for certain what will happen in the future. Moreover, Zi Rui will be going to Xiao Zhou, so he will become the Emperor's only junior disciple! Un’’ She solemnly looked at Feng Jin Yuan, ’’For now there is no need to consider the matter of a head wife. Look at the Yao family's prospects. If it seems that they really will be allowed to return, you must promote Yao shi once more.’’

Feng Jin Yuan did not make a sound for a long time, but his mind did not stop thinking for even a second.

The matriarch had been very thorough. He had also been thinking this way. As soon as the Yao family seemed to receive any kind of grace, he would once again promote Yao shi to the seat of the head wife. Like that, Feng Zi Rui would become the son of the first wife, and he could have a rapport with the ninth prince.’’

’’Son has remembered it all. Mother, you rest first. Son will think about it a little more.’’ Feng Jin Yuan saluted to the matriarch and quickly left.

The matriarch brought a hand up and felt the gold earrings she had put on this morning. She then brought her other hand up to her chest and felt the warmth emanating from the jade. In fact, she actually began hoping the days would cool sooner because she really wanted to be able to wear the sable cloak.

Recently, she no longer feared her waist problems flaring up in the winter. So long as Feng Yu Heng was there, what sort of illness could not be treated! She could not help but become happy from these thoughts. Doing things like this, neither side would be offended. Like this, she could both preserve Chen Yu and avoid disappointing Feng Yu Heng. It truly was killing two birds with one stone.

That day at noon, Fen Dai was tied up by servants and thrown, screaming, into a carriage. But as the carriage set off, Feng Fen Dai gritted her teeth and secretly vowed to the Feng family, I will definitely return! All of the humiliation that you have caused me to suffer, I will return it many times over. Just like Feng Yu Heng's retaliation, I will follow suit and have you all feel that living in humiliation is worse than death.

With Chen shi, Zi Hao and Fen Dai's departure, the Feng family became peaceful.

Feng Yu Heng felt that some matters had been dragged on for long enough, and it was time to resolve them.

While Yao shi was watching over Zi Rui's noon nap, she called granny Sun to her own courtyard. Under a jujube tree in her yard, she handed a small chest of loose silver to granny Sun.

Granny Sun was stunned for a moment, seemingly unaware of what was happening. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she knelt down.

’’This old servant thanks second young miss for the grace of not being killed.’’ She knew that she could not hide it from Feng Yu Heng. She was clear on this point from the moment she saw the hairpin;moreover, after they returned from Pu Du Temple, Feng Yu Heng had kept an eye on her. However, over the past few days, she did not chase her away either. These sorts of days, from granny Sun's perspective, were harder to endure than hell itself. She spent every day thinking it would be her last, but the next day, she would always see the sun rise again. There was no surprise, just fear.

’’The reason I did not kill you is the grace of the long relationship you have had with my mother.’’ Feng Yu Heng looked at granny Sun and also felt a little emotional, ’’I also know that you did it for your grandchild, but you can no longer be kept in the Feng family. This money can be considered a bit of goodwill. Take it and leave now. There is no need to go bid farewell to my mother. I will go tell her later.’’

Tears flowed from granny Sun's old eyes and kowtowed deeply to Feng Yu Heng three times. Wiping her tears, she turned and left.

When Wang Chuan saw that granny Sun was far away, she whispered: ’’Young miss did not kill her, but from the Chen family's perspective, there is no reason to keep her alive. Moreover, once this type of person has failed, they will naturally be taken care of by somebody else.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’That is the reason. Why should we dirty our hands.’’ She stood up and took a deep breath. It was not that she was ruthless, it was simply that there was no logic in being sympathetic in some situations. ’’That's right.’’ She called Wang Chuan, ’’Come with me to the medicine room.’’

A master and a servant entered the medicine room. Feng Yu Heng picked up a handwritten book and gave it to Wang Chuan: ’’This is a book I organized myself. In it are details of how to proceed in taking care of various patients. There is also some very basic information on medicinal herbs and diagnosis. Zi Rui will be going to Xiao Zhou in a couple days, and you will accompany him. Find the twelve girls a teacher who has knowledge in the medical field to teach them how to read and write, and also have them learn some medical knowledge. Of the twelve girls, pick one that learns steadily and give them this book. When they have more or less learned what's in it, they can go practice what they have learned. If I have the chance in the future, I will go on a trip to Xiao Zhou. I will also personally go and take a look.’’

Wang Chuan received the book and began calculating the days mentally, ’’Going there and back, Mid-Autumn will have arrived. If this servant can not return in time, young miss must take Huang Quan when you go into the palace. Ban Zou can not enter the Imperial Palace, so young miss must be extra cautious.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’I, your family's young miss, am not an easy target. Moreover, isn't the Mid-Autumn banquet held with males and females together. Xuan Tian Ming will also be there!’’

Saying it like that, Wang Chuan also completely relaxed and did not speak about it any further.

In the evening, Xuan Tian Ge sent some people over to remind Zi Rui to head towards Xiao Zhou as soon as possible. Imperial tutor Ye Rong planned to take Zi Rui in on the night of the Mid-Autumn banquet and announce it to the entire academy.

Hearing this, Yao shi quickly set to work with packing Zi Rui's things.

Feng Yu Heng did not understand what sort of rules there were in attending school in the ancient era. Unable to help out, she could only stand the the side and hold on to Zi Rui, while Yao shi did all the work.

Yao shi packed while sighing: ’’You two finally let me be at ease. A-Heng has the ninth prince yearning for her, so there is naturally nothing to discuss there. Now, Zi Rui also has a great future ahead. If your maternal grandfather were to hear about this, he would definitely be very happy.’’

Zi Rui's impression of his maternal grandfather was very blurry. After all, he was still very young at the time;however, he had always heard Yao shi and Feng Yu Heng mention him, so he had some expectations of this maternal grandfather.

’’In the future, when Zi Rui has made good progress, I will definitely treat maternal grandfather really really well.’’ The young child raised his head towards Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’If big sister has time, remember to come see me in Xiao Zhou. Zi Rui will definitely make a good showing. In the future, regardless of how big sister is doing, Zi Rui will be able to take care of big sister.’’

Hearing the young child's words, Feng Yu Heng actually felt a tingling in her nose.

Compared to the warm and full-of-hope Tong Sheng pavilion, the once prosperous Jin Yu courtyard was now like a living corpse. Even Chen Yu moved out and went to live in a side room.

At this time, Chen Yu held a letter in her hand and asked the servant Yi Yue: ’’Who sent this?’’


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