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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 116


Chapter 116

The Emperor's Junior Disciple

Hearing these words, even Feng Yu Heng was shocked.

She had been in this era for quite a while, so how could she not have heard of imperial tutor Ye Rong. That was a person talented in both academics and martial arts. Although his age was advanced, his body was still something that could not be rivaled by even a man in the prime of his life. The current Emperor revered him as a teacher, and countless academies under the heavens worship Ye Rong's teachings. Being able to receive teachings from Ye Rong, this was truly a stroke of heavenly fortune for Zi Rui!

Yao shi did not pay any heed to being stopped by Xuan Tian Ge. Pulling Zi Rui down, the two kowtowed to her three times. Feng Yu Heng walked forward. Looking at Xuan Tian Ge, she sincerely said: ’’Thank you.’’

The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan both bowed. Regardless of whether Zi Rui was the son of the first wife or son of a concubine, the Feng family being able to have someone become the disciple of imperial tutor Ye Rong was also a matter that could be considered the current Emperor giving them some face. It had to be known that Ye Rong had only had one personal disciple in this lifetime, and it was the Emperor! Feng Zi Rui, from this point onward, would become the Emperor's true junior disciple, something nobody else could claim.

Feng Jin Yuan felt a bit of discomfort in his heart. Recalling the matter that year with the Yao family, the Ye family did not interfere. Now, that they were actually taking Zi Rui in, they were letting the whole world know that the Yao family and Ye family are still on good terms. Not only this, they were telling the current Emperor that this was the Ye family's position!

The matriarch suddenly came up with an idea. Now that Chen shi had died, if Yao shi returned to her position as head wife, this would also be pretty good for the Feng family.

Xuan Tian Ge looked around at everyone and continued speaking: ’’As for the second imperial grace...’’ She lightly walked forward and grabbed Yao shi's hand, ’’Aunt Yao, my imperial father said that the members of the Yao family may participate in the Imperial Examination in Autumn.’’

’’Truly?’’ This news was something that even Yao shi did not dare believe. The Yao family had committed such a large crime that even she was quickly chased away in the middle of the night by the Feng manor. She had long believed that her maternal family would never recover, but she never thought that the younger generation would be able to attend the imperial examinations.

’’Of course it's true.’’ Xuan Tian Ge smiled and said to her: ’’Imperial father especially told this news to me and told me to come cheer up aunt Yao. As for Huang Zhou, the royal decree was handed down today.’’ Xuan Tian Ge spoke while looking at Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Although this imperial grace is not directly related to the Feng family, thinking about it, Lord Feng should also be happy for the Yao family, right!’’

Feng Jin Yuan's mind was in utter disarray. He truly could not understand things for a while. After three years, how could the situation have suddenly become like this?

Feng Zi Rui being accepted as a disciple of imperial tutor Ye Rong, and the Yao family's grandchildren were permitted to participate in the imperial exams. What exactly was going on? Was the Yao family making a come back?

He reigned in his thoughts and quickly replied to Xuan Tian Ge: ’’Naturally, this official is happy. Many thanks to imperial daughter for bringing this news. This official will definitely go to the Imperial Palace to thank the Emperor for his grace.’’

Xuan Tian Ge nodded, ’’Us sisters have remained for quite a while, so we will not trouble you any further. The gifts us sisters brought today were all for the elderly madam because we are all girls. Thinking about it, Lord Feng will not blame us right.’’

Feng Jin Yuan said: ’’Naturally, I will not.’’

’’Thus we will not remain any longer.’’ She nodded towards Feng Yu Heng and prepared to depart with her friends;however, a servant loudly reported: ’’His Highness Prince Xiang has arrived!’’

This sort of announcement came one after another for the Feng family on this day. Feng Jin Yuan was the a standard first rank official, so the people who had come to offer their condolences earlier were people of prominence. They were all worthy of being announced upon arrival;however, the third prince was different from the others. For him to have come, for Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch, who was in the know, this was something that had to be respected.

Hearing that Prince Xiang had arrived, Chen Yu felt a twinge in her heart.

This person signified her future, signified her marriage and signified that she would be spending a lifetime with him. However, up until this point, she had no idea what Prince Xiang looked like. Her mind remained filled with images of Prince Chun's face.

With the arrival of Prince Xiang, everyone knelt in the middle of the yard. Aside from Xuan Tian Ge, everyone was kneeling.

Xuan Tian Ge found looking at the Feng family to be funny. How could she not know what Feng Jin Yuan was thinking, but that third brother of her's...

’’You may all rise!’’ While she was thinking, Xuan Tian Ye had already come forward. Raising his hand, he allowed for everyone in the Feng manor to rise.

Xuan Tian Ge waved her hand and greeted him: ’’Third brother.’’

Xuan Tian Ye nodded, ’’Tian Ge has become quite understanding and came to Feng manor to take a look. A few days ago, third brother had someone bring some fruits from the south. I will have someone send them to your manor later.’’

’’Thank you, third brother. Tian Ge loves eating fruits from the south.’’

The two siblings chatted for a while before Xuan Tian Ge left with her friends. Xuan Tian Ye went to the mourning hall and lit some incense then looked at Chen Yu for a while.

Chen Yu did not dare look straight at him because of his stares, but she did not feel her heart flutter.

The people of the Xuan family were all beautiful, even the ninth prince with his ruined face was still extraordinary.

But this Xuan Tian Ye, Chen yu did not feel that he was particularly superior in any way. Whether it was his physique or his appearance, everything was common, but his cold appearance gave him a slightly dignified air.

This made her think of the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, and she thought that he truly was the best man in this world. He had a refined elegance and a warm smile. His tone when speaking was like a spring breeze that made people subconsciously want to get closer to him.

Xuan Tian Ye's gaze still remained on Chen Yu, while her thoughts had gone to who knows where.

Xuan Tian Ye coldly snorted, flicked his sleeve then left.

The matriarch had remained attentive the entire time, as she sent Feng Jin Yuan a glance telling him to personally send him off.

In reality, there was no need for the matriarch to say anything. Feng Jin Yuan naturally wanted to send off Prince Xiang.

The two left the manor together. When the two reached the gate, Xuan Tian Ye coldly said to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’I heard that Lord Feng's son to the first wife caused another mess today.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was helpless. It truly seemed that good news never made it out, but bad news travels at the speed of light. Feng Zi Hao's idiotic actions had been seen by many people, so it was possible that the entire capital was passing this along as some sort of joke.

Seeing this appearance, Xuan Tian Ye felt a sudden surge of anger: ’’If Minister Feng can not even control your own family's children, how do you plan to help this prince?’’

Feng Jin Yuan quickly bowed and said: ’’Your Highness, please do not worry. This official will definitely resolve all of the matters within the home and will definitely not cause your Highness any problems.’’

’’Then Lord Feng, do put in some more effort. You must maintain internal stability while resisting external pressures. This should not require this prince to explain further. Do not allow your son to the first wife ruin any plans. Also,’’ He paused for a moment and glanced back at the Feng manor before saying: ’’That one just now, that was Chen Yu?’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded: ’’Indeed.’’

’’Un, truly stunning. This prince will tell Minister Feng the situation. That daughter of yours does not need to love this prince, but she, as a person, must do things for the sake of this prince. She must be careful and not ruin this prince's ambitions because of her desires.’’

After these words were spoken, Xuan Tian Ye left with his people.

Feng Jin Yuan could feel the cold sweat on his back. Prince Xiang had seen through Chen Yu's desires? When the funeral concluded, he had to properly lecture Chen Yu and Zi Hao. He had to ensure that it did not go as Prince Xiang said with Chen Yu and Zi Hao ruining his plans.

This day, from morning to night, was spent welcoming and seeing guests off. The Feng family's doorstep was nearly worn by all the visitors that came, and the family only ate dinner a full four hours late.

After the meal, the matriarch's body could no longer handle any more, so she was the first to go and rest. With only some servants to watch over the coffin, everyone else returned to their own courtyards. The Chen family's side had sent people over, saying that they would come at daybreak to send Chen shi off.

Because of Xuan Tian Ge's imperial graces, Yao shi was so moved that she could not fall asleep. Feng Yu Heng went to her room and accompanied her. The two chatted until just before the sun came up, when the two fell asleep. The two had not slept for long before they were awoken by Huang Quan: ’’Madam, young miss, it's time to get up. The CHen family's people are already at the Feng manor's gates.’’

Chen shi being buried by the Chen family would save the Feng manor a good deal of trouble. When it came time to move the coffin, the entire family knelt while an attendant addressed them. After this, the coffin was carried out of the manor and put in a horse-drawn carriage.

Feng Zi Hao had come to bid farewell to Chen shi with the help of some servants. Seeing the coffin be placed on the carriage, Feng Zi Hao began to cry.

Seeing him cry, Chen Yu also began crying.

Seeing the two children cry, Chen Wan Liang felt moved and wanted to say a few comforting words, but he then heard Feng Zi cry and say: ’’Now that mother is gone, who will I ask for money to spend?’’

This one sentence nearly caused Chen Wan Liang to vomit blood.

Turning around, he cupped his hand to Feng Jin Yuan and said: ’’Minister Feng, the Chen family does not blame anyone. It is all because of my sister's lack of discipline towards her children. I hope Minister Feng will properly educate the two. Aside from that, my Chen family will be pulling its businesses out of the capital. The entire family will be moving back... I fear that we are unlikely to meet again.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was very emotional. After all, it had been many years. Regardless of what was said, Chen shi had been of great help to the Feng family at the start.

He sighed and said: ’’Take care and be careful. There is nobody who can foresee the future. If there are any problems that arise in the old home, send someone over. You are, after all, still Zi Hao and Chen Yu's uncle.’’

Chen Wan Liang did not say anything else. Waving his hand, he left with the group that came for the coffin.

After this ordeal, he looked towards the concubine mother's of the Feng family and felt his heart chill.

After the death of the dignified head wife of the house, there was no a person in the Feng family that took part in sending off the coffin. It was the maternal family that carried the coffin off to bury it at the old home. What sort of situation was that?

If this was the case with the head wife, then if it someday came around to them....

Han shi was under watch. In order to send off Chen shi, she sent some servants to take part in the crowd. She had originally wanted to beg for lenience with Feng Jin Yuan and have him forgive Fen Dai;however, seeing how miserable Chen shi was, she did not feel like there was any way to help Fen Dai.

Just as she was preparing to return to her courtyard, she heard Feng Jin Yuan suddenly call her: ’’Han shi!’’

She felt a sudden rush of joy. She believed that Feng Jin Yuan was finally willing to stop ignoring her. She quickly raised her head and put on her customary obsequious look.

But Feng Jin Yuan currently had a head full of official matters. How could he be in the mood to notice her flirtatious looks. He only coldly told her: ’’Go back to your courtyard and tidy up Fen Dai's things. Today before noon, I will send someone to have her sent to a hamlet in the suburbs of the capital.’’

’’What?’’ Han shi was shocked, ’’Husband, this is...’’

’’Don't say another words.’’ Feng Jin Yuan was exhausted, ’’This is a poisonous fruit she planted herself, so she must eat it herself.’’ Saying this, he looked towards the other concubine mothers, ’’You should also remember what happened today. Although you are not the first wife, the young masters and young misses are still being raised before you. Do not allow them to become like Fen Dai and cause me heartbreak.’’

The concubine mothers all complied, while Feng Yu Heng scratched her chin and asked Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, what happened to making things right for me?’’


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