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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 114


Chapter 114

Chen Family and Feng Family Make a Clean Break

Feng Jin Yuan felt that this daughter was truly a slap to the face. Angrily flicking is sleeve, he said: ’’Send the fourth young miss back to her room. Send someone to keep watch. Absolutely do not let her take even half a step out of her room!’’

Han shi was very surprised and recalled how the Feng family had treated Chen shi a few days prior. In an instant, she seemed to see Fen Dai meeting the same outcome as Chen shi: ’’Husband!’’ She hugged Feng Jin Yuan's leg, ’’Husband, you can not treat Fen Dai like this! She is still just a little child who does not understand anything. Husband, you can not kill Fen Dai like the head madam!’’

’’Kill?’’ Feng Yu Heng was very surprised, ’’Mother was killed?’’

’’Nonsense!’’ Feng Jin Yuan kicked Han shi far to the side, his heart no longer feeling even a shred of love for this concubine, ’’How could my Feng family have a mother and daughter like this? Servants! Lock both of them up!’’

Immediately, some servants came forth and dragged Han shi away with Fen Dai. Finally, the noisiness died down. Feng Jin Yuan turned around and said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’A-Heng, do not worry. Father will make things right for the things that happened today.’’

He was obviously speaking of the mess caused by Fen Dai. Feng Yu Heng smiled and even saluted her father, saying: ’’Then A-Heng will thank father. Being able to have father fairly deal with eldest brother, A-Heng truly feels extremely flattered.’’ Seeing Feng Jin Yuan's face become whiter and whiter, she continued: ’’Father, quickly go to the front yard. Do not keep the two Highnesses waiting.’’

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly nodded and quickly left.

Seeing Feng Jin Yuan depart with everyone in tow, Yao shi and An shi along with Xiang Rong and Zi Rui were the only ones remaining. Zi Rui did not understand what exactly had happened and asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Why did fourth sister speak like that to brother Highness?’’

Feng Yu Heng patted his head and told him: ’’Because fourth sister is tired of living.’’

Yao shi advised her: ’’Don't randomly scare little children.’’

Only then did she change her tone: ’’Zi Rui will grow up some day. He will need to know about the problems of the Feng manor sooner or later.’’

An shi was quite angry, ’’That Fen Dai's demeanor is completely like Chen shi. Having caused such troubles in the manor, I really do not know what sort of bright future she can have.’’

Feng Yu Heng sneered, ’’Who cares if her future is bright or not. Let's just happily enjoy our days.’’ Saying this, she grabbed Xiang Rong and Zi Rui then headed towards the front yard. Yao shi and An shi also quickly followed along.

The mourning hall had been rebuilt in Peony courtyard. Xuan Tian Hua went up and lit three sticks of incense and began praying. Xuan Tian Ming could only watch from the side because of his handicapped legs.

Feng Jin Yuan did not dare to cause a fuss. Having the two princes come offer their condolences was already something that gave him face. If it weren't for the trouble earlier in the day, his Feng family would have gained quite a bit of face. Thinking along these lines, he felt extremely disappointed towards that son and daughter.

Xuan Tian Hua stuck the sticks of incense in the incense burner then said to the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Do not mourn too greatly.’’1 The two quickly thanked Xuan Tian Hua.

When they finished offering their condolences, they prepared to leave. Xuan Tian Hua turned around and saw a woman in plain clothing coming in from the outside.

He was stunned for a moment. When the girl walked in, he discovered that it was a Feng Chen Yu that had redone her make up and drawn on eyebrows.

When Chen Yu arrived at the mourning hall, she was too preoccupied to greet Feng Jin Yuan or the matriarch. She went directly towards Xuan Tian Hua and bowed before him. Using a very fine and delicate voice, she said: ’’Chen Yu thanks your Highness the seventh prince for coming to offer condolences for my mother. Chen Yu will remember your Highness' kindness.’’

Xuan Tian Hua, however, shook his head and left her no dignity and directly said: ’’Eldest young miss Feng is too polite. Something happened in my sister's family. This prince accompanying Ming'er is something that should be done.’’ I came because of Feng Yu Heng. It had nothing to do with you.

Chen Yu was completely embarrassed but could not say anything. She could only smile and remain silent. Raising her gaze, she looked straight at Xuan Tian Hua, her eyes filled with love to the point that she almost could not bear it.

’’Chen Yu.’’ Feng Jin Yuan could no longer bear to continue watching, ’’The two Highnesses are wanting to return to their manors. Stand aside.’’

Chen Yu was startled and subconsciously said: ’’Your Highness is leaving so soon? How about staying at the manor and eating a meal?’’

Xuan Tian Hua was puzzled and asked her: ’’Is your Feng family conducting a celebration or a funeral?’’ With nothing left to say, he turned around and and pushed Xuan Tian Ming away.

Chen Yu was frozen in place, as she heard the person in the wheelchair laugh and loudly say: ’’Eldest young miss Feng, the eyebrows you drew on, one is higher than the other!’’

Feng Chen Yu quickly used her hands to cover her face, but she found that the seventh prince didn't even turn around to glance at her. She could not help but feel her mood sour.

Feng Jin Yuan looked at Chen Yu's appearance and felt a slight resentment towards her immaturity swell up. There were times he wondered if he had committed some sort of sin. Why was it that none of his children allowed him feel at ease? Un, there were some that allowed him to relax, like Xiang Rong. There was also An shi. That mother and daughter pair never caused him any trouble.

’’Chen Yu.’’ Feng Jin Yuan advanced two steps and stood by Chen Yu's side. Looking forward, he lowered his voice and spoke to her. ’’You must understand what you should do and what you shouldn't do. This sort of thing, father does not want to see happen every again.’’

Chen Yu's heart sank and asked with grief: ’’Must father choose the third prince?’’


’’But the third prince already has an official princess!’’

’’The official princess is the official princess. So long as you are obedient, you are bound to become the future Empress.’’

’’Why can it not be the seventh prince?’’

Feng Jin Yuan frowned and helplessly said: ’’You do not understand the matters of the court, but father definitely will not harm you. The path chosen for you is the best one under heaven. Chen Yu, remember this. You are the aspect of the phoenix. You will become the mother of all under heaven.’’

Those five words, mother of all under heaven, were like a magic spell engraved into her soul. Finally putting away her mischievous ideas, her expression calmed down and she finally responded to Feng Jin Yuan in a calm tone: ’’Daughter will remember it.’’

Finally, the Feng family's funeral was restarted once again. The females of the manor went to the mourning hall to keep vigil, while Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch handled greeting the guests.

When dinner time approached, people from the Chen family came. At the front was Chen Wan Liang, with the master of the Chen family, Chen Wan Jin, and the second master, Chen Wan Shun, behind him.

The matriarch watched as these three menacingly walked over. Knowing that they had not come as guests, she also prepared herself. Chen shi's funeral had already become a mess. The Feng family had already become the laughingstock of the capital. If, at this time, her maternal family came to cause even more trouble, what face would Feng Jin Yuan have left to go out and do business?

The matriarch quietly reminded Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Do your best to avoid any trouble with them. At a later date when the manor's gates are closed, feel free to argue with them as much as you like. Doing it now would cause us to lose even more face.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded. He understood this concept, but could the Chen family pass up this sort of situation?

Obviously not.

They saw the one with the most speaking rights within the Chen family, Chen Wan Liang, quickly walk forward. Dropping to his knees before Chen shi's memorial tablet, and began crying towards the new coffin: ’’Big sister! You truly died such a cruel death!’’ He cried out then lit three sticks of incense. When he stood up and faced Feng Jin Yuan, his eyes were filled with a fiery anger: ’’My big sister's death, does Lord Feng have a confession to make?’’

He no longer called him brother-in-law and directly called him Lord Feng. He had made it clear that there was some distance from the Feng family.

Feng Jin Yuan also had a belly full of anger. He could not settle anything with a prince, but he could still manage the Chen family, thus he immediately replied: ’’Everyone was present. Chen shi was seriously ill. What sort of confession do you want?’’

’’Serious illness?’’ Chen Wan Liang gritted his teeth, ’’For a serious illness, why did you not call a doctor to see her?’’

Feng Jin Yuan replied with a question: ’’How do you know I did not call one? My Feng family might not be as wealthy as your Chen family, but it is not to the point where a doctor can not be called.’’

The master of the Chen family, Chen Wan Jin, finally ran out of patience and also began speaking: ’’My little sister has always been in good health. How could it be that she suddenly contracted a life-threatening illness? Feng Jin Yuan, if you do not give me a proper explanation, then do not blame me for not being polite!’’

’’Impudent!’’ The matriarch also became furious and directly asked Chen Wan Jin: ’’Not polite? Who are you speaking to? You are threatening the current court's prime minister! I am telling you, based on the words you have just said, if anything should happen to Jin Yuan, your entire Chen family will be sent to prison!’’

Chen Wan Liang glared at his elder brother then turned to the matriarch and said: ’’My eldest brother has become too emotional and had a slip of the tongue. I request the matriarch excuse us, but we truly can not accept the reason for our sister's death. I request the Feng family give an explanation.’’

At this time, Chen Yu, who had been standing to the side, spoke up. Looking at her three uncles, she spoke sadly with tears in her eyes: ’’Uncles, father did not trick you. Mother did indeed fall very ill. The family called for many doctors, even one imperial physician was called, but... none of them could treat her!’’

Chen Wan Liang looked at Chen Yu, remaining silent for a long time. The one who spoke words that he did not believe was the niece he had doted on since she was a child. Chen Yu, who had always attached the utmost importance to her mother, how could she suddenly tell such a lie with such a straight face at such a time?

Chen shi's matters that others did not know about, he, Chen Wan Liang, knew very well. Although he had not personally seen what the Feng family had done, he was reasonably certain he could guess;moreover, he had once gone to find medicine for Chen shi personally. He had even sent people to go deliver it, but the people he sent lost their lives in the Feng manor.

He could not help but ask Chen Yu: ’’Do you know what it is you are saying? Do you know who it is that is lying in that coffin?’’

The expression on Chen Yu's face became even sadder, ’’Of course I know. That is my mother. It is the mother that became pregnant with me in the tenth month.’’

’’Then why do you speak like this?’’

’’But this place also has my father!’’ Once these words came out of Chen Yu's mouth, her tears dripped down her face, ’’Uncle, mother died of illness. Chen Yu will bear attest to that.’’

Chen Wan Liang closed his eyes and two tears came out.

He knew that Chen Yu had to protect herself.

That's right! This niece had always been a smart one. The Feng family had promised her a bright future. That future enticed her into casting everything aside. If sacrificing a mother could protect her future, why would Chen Yu not do it?

’’Forget it.’’ Chen Wan Liang felt physically and mentally exhausted. He originally had the intention of seeking revenge for his sister, but it immediately disappeared. He turned around and said to this two brothers: ’’Let us burn some incense for sister together. After this moment, the Chen family and Feng family... will make a clean break.’’

1: Something said when offering condolences.


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