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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 113


Chapter 113

Trouble at Tong Sheng Pavilion

Xuan Tian Ming reported to Tong Sheng pavilion every night. This was something that Yao shi knew, but she had believed it was simply to help Feng Yu Heng learn martial arts. She was anxious to go to the front yard to see Feng Yu Heng. She also did not treat Xuan Tian Ming as an outsider, saying: ’’Your Highness, take a seat over here. This concubine will bring Zi Rui to the front yard.’’

Xuan Tian Ming naturally understood her meaning and comforted her: ’’Madam, do not worry. Heng Heng is fine.’’

Yao shi nodded, moving forward and pulling Zi Rui away from Xuan Tian Ming.

The child did not want to and reached towards Xuan Tian Ming with his hands open. Xuan Tian Ming pinched his cheeks: ’’Follow your mother and go. Elder brother will come back and see you at another time.’’

’’Then brother Highness must keep his word.’’ The child repeatedly reminded Xuan Tian Ming that he absolutely had to come see him. Like this, he reluctantly left Tong Sheng pavilion with Yao shi.

Xuan Tian Hua watched this scene, his smile never leaving his face, ’’So it seems that Ming'er can cause others to feel warm once you've set your eyes on a girl.’’

Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow: ’’Is that so?’’

Xuan Tian Hua smiled but remained silent.

Huang Quan advised Qing Ling to follow Yao shi over, while she remained at Tong Sheng pavilion to speak with Xuan Tian Ming: ’’Your Highness, the Feng family's fourth young miss is coming over here. My guess is that she is coming for you.’’

He nodded and pondered a little. He then said to Xuan Tian Hua: ’’Seventh brother, come with me. Let's go see an interesting play.’’

He was very familiar with Tong Sheng pavilion. This place was originally his, so he naturally knew that there was a small pond towards the north of the garden. In the middle of the pond, there was a pavilion, but there was no bridge connecting it to land. There also was no boat to use.

Thus, this pavilion was simply there for aesthetic reasons. It was placed there to look good.

But today, Xuan Tian Ming felt that this could be used. He curled his lips into a devilish smile. Suddenly slamming his wheelchair, he flew into the air.

’’Go find a good spot. The play will begin very shortly.’’ While he spoke, he pulled out his whip and shifted some leaves to cover up the pond.

The amount of leaves that fell during Autumn was already quite high. This small pond had accrued a large amount of paying close attention.

Xuan Tian Ming was very satisfied with this outcome. After landing at the pavilion, he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. Keeping track of the time in his mind, he waited for a while before he felt a subtle sound coming from the garden.

’’You can just stay here.’’ Having been guided by Huang Quan, Fen Dai gave an order to the servants who had come with her, ’’Just wait here. You are not allowed to advance even one step.’’

The two maidservants obediently stopped but did not look forward. They knew what the fourth young miss was thinking, as she was extremely shameless. But they were still servants after all, so even if they had any ideas, they could not express them freely. They had to do as Fen Dai ordered. The servants hoped that the second young miss would return quickly and not be taken advantage of by the fourth young miss.

At this time, Fen Dai had already reached the side of the pond, and she had no idea that this place was indeed a pond. She simply believed that it was a patch of grass covered in leaves.

She looked up towards the pavilion and saw a man in a purple robe leaning back in his wheelchair. On his face rested a mask that reflected rays of gold. This attraction caused her to involuntarily walk forward.

Feng Fen Dai felt that no man could remain cold forever. Previously, he had injured her arm, but she thought it might have been him giving face to Feng Yu Heng before a crowd. Presently, there was not a single other person present. As a result of her infatuation, she did not believe that the ninth prince could truly remain complete indifferent?

The little girl walked forward step by step. Meanwhile, the man in the pavilion curled his lips into a smile, as he counted the steps in his mind.

When he counted to the fifth step, he heart a ’’splash’’ sound, as Feng Fen Dai fell in the water.

Although the pond did not look very big, it was quite deep. Based on Fen Dai's height, there would need to be two of her to touch the bottom.

As she fell in, she did not even have time to call for help, and because her arm had been injured, she could not even struggle to stay afloat. Some air bubbles bubbled for a while before the surface became peaceful once more.

Xuan Tian Ming looked at the pond for a while, not wanting to have someone save her;however, Xuan Tian Hua, who had been watching the play from the side, could no longer sit still. In the end, this was still a human life, so he could not just leave it be.

Thus, he called a eunuch that they had brought from the palace and pointed at the pond, ’’Go so her!’’ He then turned to pavilion where Xuan Tian Ming sat and yelled: ’’The Feng family was already conducting a funeral. Is it worth it filling a second coffin for them.’’

He heard the person in the pavilion reply: ’’Then isn't it perfect. It will save them the effort of conducting a second one.’’

Xuan Tian Hua was speechless. Was it really that perfect.

Huang Quan rushed over at this time and loudly said: ’’Your Highness, some servants have already gone to call Minister Feng over. How does your Highness want to take care of things here?’’

At this moment, the eunuch pulled Fen Dai out, but the girl had already swallowed a lot of water and had fainted.

Xuan Tian Ming glanced at her and said: ’’Just leave her here. Leave it to her father to take care of.’’

Xuan Tian Hua did not say anything else. He had also become a little irritated by the Feng family. What sort of father and mother caused children to be raised in such a way? There were one who rushed towards him. There was one who rushed towards Ming'er. There was even one who had set fire to their own mother's mourning hall, burning their mother's corpse. This was truly an eye-opener for him.

They waited for a while then heard a noise come from not too far away. It was a woman's voice shrilly calling out: ’’Fen Dai! Fen Dai!’’

Then came the deep voice of a man reprimanding her: ’’Shut your mouth!’’

Immediately after this, following behind a servant, Feng Jin Yuan and the others came around the rockery and quickly came towards them.

With Han shi at the front, she could be seen crying and yelling. Finally seeing Fen Dai lying on the ground, she began sobbing, as she rushed forward.

Xuan Tian Hua retreated a few steps. Looking at Feng Jin Yuan, who had come forward, he said: ’’Would Minister Feng give an explanation.’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt his head swell. What could he explain? How could he know what Fen Dai was doing coming over here? The servant who had gone to call him said that the fourth young miss came to Tong Sheng pavilion to look for the ninth prince. Could it be that Fen Dai felt something for Xuan Tian Ming....

’’Wu!’’ Beginning to vomit, Feng Fen Dai woke up. After throwing up countless mouthfuls of dirty water, she drowsily opened her eyes.

She only remembered that she had come to see Xuan Tian Ming and had accidentally fallen in the pond. Here, aside from the maidservants she had brought herself, there were no others. As for men, there was only Xuan Tian Ming.

Now, there was a person before her. Her sight had yet to completely recover, so she could not see clearly, but she knew that it was a man. Then it should be the ninth prince, right? It was the ninth prince that saved her!

’’Your Highness!’’ Fen Dai choked back tears and wrapped her arms around the neck of the person before her. Snot and tears dripped from her face as she cried: ’’Fen Dai really missed your Highness Prince Yu. Fen Dai knows your Highness also likes Fen Dai. Wu. Your Highness does not want second sister now, right. Fen Dai will marry you. Your Highness...’’

The eunuch who had been hugged felt a great deal of embarrassment. Desperately pushing Feng Fen Dai away, he shrilly shouted: ’’This servant kindly saved you. What is fourth young miss Feng doing?’’

Once the unique tone of the eunuch's voice came out, Fen Dai also sobered up a little. She could not help but freeze in place and stare at the person who had pushed her away. She began to feel a little panicked.

Feng Jin Yuan had long since flown into a rage over Fen Dai's words. He could not help but walk up pick up his daughter with one hand and slap her twice across the face.

Fen Dai had been slapped silly, but these slaps also woke up her. For a while, she was so frightened that she did not know what she should say.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Feng Yu Heng walked forward at this time. Looking at Fen Dai, she asked the servant who guarded the gate with confusion: ’’How did fourth young miss enter Tong Sheng pavilion? Could it be that anyone can enter and exit my courtyard as they please?’’

The servant quickly knelt on the ground and explained: ’’Fourth young miss said that it was the second young miss who sent her to deliver something to his Highness Prince Yu. She also told this servant not to delay second young miss' business.’’

Feng Yu Heng felt this was strange: ’’Fourth sister, when did I have you send something to his Highness? After his Highness arrived, when did I meet with you?’’

Fen Dai's face became bright red, as she had been picked up by Feng Jin Yuan's hand. Water droplets dripped from her body to the ground, forming a puddle of water and aquatic plants.

Feng Jin Yuan threw Fen Dai to the ground, and Han shi once again ran over;however, she was pushed away by Fen Dai: ’’Stay away from me! You worthless thing!’’

Han shi did not dare let out a sound from being yelled at and could only sob.

Feng Jin Yuan had no other option. Looking at Xuan Tian Hua and then again at Xuan Tian Ming, who was still in the pavilion, and simply knelt on the ground. Everyone else, aside from Feng Yu Heng, also knelt.

They heard Feng Jin Yuan say: ’’This official's house has not had any peace of late and has caused trouble for your Highnesses. There is nothing this official can do with punishing this evil girl. Prince Yu, you may do as you see fit.’’

Xuan Tian Ming snorted: ’’Earlier, this prince was saying that your family could just have their funerals together. That way, you can save yourself the effort of a second funeral. Seventh brother, however, told this prince that your family has already suffered enough. Is it worth filling a second coffin. This prince, however, still feels that it is easier to just hold them together. What does Minister Feng think?’’

Feng Jin Yuan's heart was thumping rapidly. Xuan Tian Ming's meaning was that he wanted to kill Fen Dai. She was his daughter after all. Although she was an unlovable daughter of a concubine, if word of this got out, what dignity would the Feng family have left?

He faced Xuan Tian Ming and kowtowed, saying: ’’On the neck of this official, would your Highness Prince Yu leave this girl a chance to live.’’

Xuan Tian Ming shot a cold gaze over: ’’Minister Feng, if the same mistake is made twice, then it is not a mistake. It is provocation.’’

Feng Jin Yuan hurriedly said: ’’This servant promises that when the funeral is completed, this girl will be immediately sent out of the manor. After that point, she will no longer be a daughter of the Feng family. Whether she lives or dies, it will be of no matter to the Feng family. Would your Highness consent.’’ He once again kowtowed. After he kowtowed, he turned to Xuan Tian Hua and kowtowed again.

Xuan Tian Hua helplessly shook his head, ’’The children of Minister Feng's family really are abnormal.’’ He said this then called towards Xuan Tian Ming: ’’The new mourning hall should be completed. Let us go light a stick of incense then return.’’

Xuan Tian Ming smacked his wheelchair and immediately flew from the pavilion then landed stably before Xuan Tian Hua. ’’Then let us do it as Minister Feng proposed.’’ Turning his head, he looked at Feng Yu Heng: ’’Our Heng Heng really has a difficult life. Not only are you bullied by her seniors, even her little sister dares step on her head. How pitiable that you need to remain in this family for three more years. I really do not know if Minister Feng will be able to deliver a healthy and lively princess to this prince.’’

Feng Jin Yuan quickly made his position clear: ’’Your Highness can rest assured, the Feng family will definitely take good care of A-Heng.’’

’’Hmph.’’ Xuan Tian Ming snorted. Pushed by Prince Chun, they went towards the front yard.

Fen Dai, however, did not give up. She was like a clay pot that endured much abuse and screamed at the top of her lungs from the back: ’’Your Highness! Your Highness can't not want me!’’


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