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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 112


Chapter 112

Not Good!

Because of the big fire that Feng Zi Hao started, the fire managed to enter the coffin through the corner that had been cut off. The fire outside had been put out, but nobody had thought that this fire would continue to burn inside the coffin. When everyone rushed back inside and looked, they discovered that Chen shi had been burned such that only half of her remained.

The matriarch was frightened and staggered to the ground. The cane in her hand was also tossed away, her eyes staring straight forward. It was as though she had become a statue.

Granny Zhao was worried and shouted to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Second young miss, quickly come look at the matriarch.’’

Feng Yu Heng walked over and pulled a silver needle out of her sleeve. Poking it towards her neck, the matriarch woke up again and immediately said: ’’What sin did the Feng family commit? Why have we been cursed by the heavens?’’

Xuan Tian Ming very seriously said to her: ’’Matriarch do not be so anxious, this prince will bring a Daoist master here tomorrow to help you figure out what sin was committed.’’

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to begin cursing, but he did not dare. He could only give an order to He Zhong to quickly buy a new coffin. As for the person, either way she was going to be put in the coffin. She just needed to not be seen by outsiders.

Feng Yu Heng helped support the matriarch and comforted her, saying: ’’Things have already progressed to this point. Grandmother, do not be too sad. Although A-Heng does not understand what kind of hatred eldest brother had for mother to do such an evil thing. Mother has already passed, yet he still burned her corpse.’’

On the way here, the matriarch had heard of such things. She could not help but glare at Feng Jin Yuan and spoke up for Feng Yu Heng: ’’Can this matter be blamed on A-Heng? They are both your flesh and blood. Both are my grandchildren. Even if you don't love them, I do! I am not as clear on what happened at the funeral as you, but you must give me an explanation of all that has happened. I also want to ask, who was it that told these things to Zi Hao?’’

Hearing the matriarch's shouts, Feng Jin Yuan also realized this issue. There must have been someone who had said something to Zi Hao on his way back to make him believe that Feng Yu Heng killed his mother.

If this were the case, then Feng Yu Heng had truly been wronged. Now that both Prince Yu and Prince Chun were here, no matter how reluctant he was, he still had to acknowledge his mistakes to his daughter!

Thinking of this, Feng Jin Yuan looked towards Feng Yu Heng. His mood was slightly more stable and kindly said to her: ’’Father was muddled earlier and did not take notice of your grief. A-Heng, given that such a big situation has arisen in the manor, give father a bit of sympathy. Everything that happened today was eldest brother's fault. When the funeral is over, father will force him to make amends.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded: ’’That's good! When the time comes, A-Heng wants father to tell the truth. Who exactly was it that sent eldest brother to do these things. If father can not find the truth, then A-Heng will investigate on her own.’’

Feng Jin Yuan quickly said: ’’I will definitely find the truth.’’ As he said this, he looked towards the two princes: ’’I have allowed the two princes to see something ridiculous. At present, the mourning hall has been ruined. Thinking about it, offering condolences is something that can not be done. How about your Highnesses come sit for a while and rest. This official will immediately go look for someone to fix up the mourning hall.’’

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, ’’The Lord Feng should quickly sort the matters within your home. Imperial brother and I will go sit for a while.’’

Feng Jin Yuan bowed, sending them off. He then gave a look to Feng Yu Heng. His intention was to have her go accompany them.

Who knew that Feng Yu Heng had no intention of going. She simply faced the two and said: ’’I will remain here to look after grandmother. Xuan Tian Ming, how about you take seventh brother to sit at Tong Sheng pavilion. Zi Rui is still over there. Help me take care of him for a while.’’

Feng Jin Yuan's nose nearly became crooked from anger. I wanted to you go take care of the guests. Instead, you not only send them off to take care of themselves, you had them help take care of a child.

But before he could say anything, Xuan Tian Ming very happily nodded: ’’Before we came, we brought some of the desserts that the child likes. Seventh brother even prepared a brush and ink. Like this, we can both deliver our gifts.’’

’’Then go quickly!’’ She waved to the two, ’’Take care, seventh brother.’’

Xuan Tian Hua smiled and began pushing Xuan Tian Ming's wheelchair. When they left, the guards that came with them also departed Jin Yu courtyard.

Seeing the two leave, the people of the Feng family let out of a sigh of relief. Feng Jin Yuan quickly ordered for the servants to carry Feng Zi Hao back to Jian Ling pavilion and to quickly call for a doctor. He then looked at the person who was still lying on the ground, Han shi. He could not help but frown: ’’I have never seen you this afraid before, what are you doing? Get up.’’

An shi went to help her up but felt that Han shi's entire body was trembling. She said: ’’I fear that little sister's body has not completely recovered. Being suddenly frightened like this, it seems to have gotten worse.’’

The matriarch waved her hand in irritation: ’’Quickly returned to your courtyard and lie down. Do not cause a mess here.’’

Han shi was unable to give thanks for the grace. With the help of some servants, she left the mourning hall.

She had indeed been scared. Upon seeing Xuan Tian Ming, she was scared witless. Because of this person, Fen Dai beat and cursed her. Just seeing Xuan Tian Ming nearly caused her to vomit blood.

After leaving Jin Yu courtyard, Han shi relied entirely on the support of the servants from her courtyard and subconsciously whispered: ’’Thankfully Fen Dai was not there. Otherwise, if she had see the ninth prince had come, who knows what trouble she may have caused.’’

The servant was suddenly startled then immediately said: ’’Concubine mother, do your best to hold on. We should do our best to return quickly.’’

’’What happened?’’ Han shi was puzzled. What could cause a normally stable servant to become panicked?

The servant stomped: ’’Fourth young miss may not be there at this moment, but is it possible that word of the ninth prince's arrival would not make it to our courtyard? I fear that it has already reached fourth young miss' ears!’’

Han shi immediately became attentive, ’’Not good!’’

On her end, she rushed to return to her own courtyard. Meanwhile at the mourning hall, Feng Jin Yuan simply ordered He Zhong to build another mourning hall at Peony courtyard. With this side being burned to its current condition, it could no longer be used.

The matriarch quietly snorted and unhappily said: ’’A perfectly good Peony courtyard will be tainted with bad luck for no reason.’’ As she said this, she looked at Feng Jin Yuan and suddenly asked: ’’When the ninth prince swings his whip, could it be that you lost your mind? You actually wanted to push me out. Why don't you just have them beat your mother to death?’’

Feng Jin Yuan hurriedly knelt in fear, ’’Mother, I absolutely do not dare say this. Even faced with the whip, son definitely does not dare let mother be harmed!’’ As he said this, he looked towards Feng Yu Heng. His tone was completely helpless: ’’A-Heng, father knows that my actions today caused to you feel cold, but on the basis of blood relations, can you not incite Prince Yu to whip the people of your family?’’

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled: ’’When did I incite him? It was eldest brother that ran over on his own. He event yelled something about wanting Xuan Tian Hua to help his mother right a wrong? Father, could it be that you did not hear it?’’

Feng Jin Yuan had obviously heard it. Helpless, he clenched his fist and punched the ground, ’’Zi Hao had been spoiled rotten by his mother.’’ He said this and recalled something he had wanted to say to Feng Yu Heng: ’’A-Heng, father also needs to remind you. Those two are princes, after all. How can you directly call them by their names?’’

Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to respond, the matriarch became angry: ’’Can you worry about the important matter? A-Heng gets along well with the ninth prince. Have you not seen how happy the ninth prince looks when she calls his name? Did you not hear A-Heng call the seventh prince seventh brother? A-Heng is a very understanding child. There is no need for you turn A-Heng into a scoundrel like Zi Hao!’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt his temper fade, as he was scolded. He only nodded and remained silent.

Feng Yu Heng picked up the matriarch's cane and handed it back to her. She was completely satisfied with the matriarch's actions today. She could tell that the matriarch had said these things not for the sake of receiving some sort of goodwill. Instead, she said these things because they were indeed what she thought.

Once again holding the cane, the matriarch's mood stabilized and could not help but hold on to Feng Yu Heng's hand and lightly pat of the back of it. ’’A-Heng, grandmother's age is getting up there. I can no longer control this family. In the future, stay further away from that eldest brother of yours. Do not let him hurt you in his frenzy.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Do not worry, grandmother. A-Heng will be careful.’’

The matriarch glanced at Feng Jin Yuan and helplessly shook her head. Her gaze slightly gave off the air of her pondering something.

At this time, Xuan Tian Hua was pushing Xuan Tian Ming towards Tong Sheng pavilion. With a servant leading the way, they arrived at the moon gate in Liu courtyard. They stopped there: ’’Your Highnesses, just ahead is Tong Sheng pavilion.’’

Xuan Tian Hua nodded and calmly said to the servant: ’’We will go in alone. You can go back.’’

The servant's face instantly became red. Bowing to the two, she covered her face and trotted away.

The servant guarding the entrance to Tong Sheng pavilion naturally knew who it was that came. Long before these two powerful people arrived, someone had come to report this ahead of time. Now that they saw them approaching, they quickly went forward and saluted before leading them to their master's courtyard.

Yao shi had gone earlier in the morning to the Feng manor and returned at noon to take care of Zi Rui. Just before Xuan Tian Ming arrived, she was preparing to go over again, but Huang Quan came back with news of what happened at the mourning hall and concisely told her about it.

Yao shi was very surprised and immediately asked: ’’Did A-Heng get hurt? You said Zi Hao used a sword? Did he hurt our A-Heng? Did the fire burn her? Wang Chuan will be fine in taking care of A-Heng, right?’’

These words were heard by Xuan Tian Ming, and he could not help but say: ’’Hear that. Those are the words of a birth mother.’’

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, but he also refuted him: ’’Not all foster mothers are bad. Our princess mother, example, treats me like a birth mother would.’’

Xuan Tian Ming replied, bragging: ’’Of course! Could my mother be the same as other mothers!’’

The two spoke and did not avoid other people. Yao shi and Huang Quan had heard what they said. Yao shi pulled the recently-arrived Zi Rui and went over. To show politeness, they knelt and paid their respects, but they were stopped by Xuan Tian Hua.

’’Madam, there is no need for this.’’

Xuan Tian Ming also said: ’’You are A-Heng's birth mother. If I accepted your politeness, A-Heng will bite me.’’

Yao shi felt a wave of embarrassment. What did he mean, bite him?

Feng Zi Rui was happy to see Xuan Tian Ming. The young child did not know fear and jogged over to Xuan Tian Ming, happily saying: ’’Very powerful Highness, did you come to see my big sister?’’

Recently, he had become chubby from eating, and his round face was very adorable.

Xuan Tian Ming picked this child up and put him on the armrest of his wheelchair, telling him: ’’I have already seen your sister. Now, I came to see you.’’

As he said this, a guard brought a bag of desserts forward and handed them to Zi Rui.

At this time, a servant jogged over to Huang Quan's side and quietly said to her: ’’Fourth young miss is coming over here.’’


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