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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 107


Chapter 107

So What If I Extort You?

The person that came in was someone Feng Yu Heng had never met, but she still felt that this person was a little familiar. Wang Chuan, who had also dressed as a man, stood by her side and quietly said: ’’Chen family's third master, Chen Wan Liang.’’

No wonder!

Feng Yu Heng finally found the reason he felt familiar. This Chen Wan Liang and Feng Zi Hao looked a little similar. His facial features were also very similar to those of Chen shi. But it was unknown why he came to this Hundred Herb Hall.

Wang Lin had done business in the capital for many years. He naturally noticed Chen Wan Liang's uncommon clothing and realized that he must be a wealthy person. Normally, if someone like this came in, the shopkeeper would personally take care of them.

Thus, he quickly trotted over and bowed slightly to Chen Wan Liang, saying: ’’Has master come to see a doctor or request medicine?’’

Chen Wan Liang did not dawdle and directly stated his reason for coming: ’’I heard that you are selling a miraculous medical pill?’’

’’Oh! It will not perform miracles, but it is more effective than a normal prescription. Furthermore, it is easier to use and carry around.’’ Wang Lin replied naturally. He did not exaggerate the benefits of the pill, but he also made clear what benefits it did provide. Feng Yu Heng nodded while listening, praising herself for her ability to choose a shopkeeper.

Chen Wan Liang glanced at Wang Lin. Chen shi had controlled the three of Yao shi's shops for many years. There were some people within the shops that he would know of. Although he did not come here often, he would often observe it for a while.

He naturally knew that Wang Lin had been directly promoted by Feng Yu Heng;furthermore, he had risen to this position by stepping over another member of the Chen family. He could not stop his expression from turning ugly. Silently snorting, he then said: ’’Bring out the pills for external injuries and ones that treat the heart and lungs. I want them all.’’

Wang Lin spent his days in the shop, so what sort of person had he not met before. Previously, there had never been a person who would ask to have all the medicine wrapped up, but ever since Feng Yu Heng brought those pills and powders, a couple nouveau riche like that would come every day. He was unambiguous, as he raised his hand: ’’Apologies to this master. The pills and powders have been sold out for around ten days now. If you want to buy them, then you can only return at the beginning of next month. Furthermore, only after the doctors present have seen to your illness can a prescription be given for a set amount.’’

Chen Wan Liang's brows furrowed tightly and prepared to speak once more, but at this moment, he saw a handsome young man come out from the innermost area of Hundred Herb Hall. That young man looked very young, but when their eyes met, he seemed to have the steadiness of a grown man. He could not help but be stunned, as he heard Wang Lin take the initiative in introducing him: ’’This is Hundred Herb Hall's newest doctor. His surname is Le and given name is Wu You.’’

’’Le Wu You?’’ Chen Wan Liang repeated this name then shook his head, ’’I did not come to see a doctor. I only came to buy medicine;furthermore, I only want that miracle medicine.’’

Wang Lin told him once more: ’’It really is sold out.’’

’’Then tell me where you are getting this medicine. I will go retrieve it myself.’’

’’Oh!’’ Wang Lin was amused, ’’Even if this lowly one told you, I fear that you would not be able to retrieve it.’’

’’Nonsense!’’ Chen Wan Liang snorted, ’’I do not believe it. Is there anything under heaven that can't be bought with money?’’

’’There really is.’’ Wang Lin said: ’’Our boss said that only a certain amount of pills and powder will be provided each month. Those that did not manage to buy any can only buy medical soups. If you must know the origins of our medicines, then you will need to speak with our boss.’’

Hearing him say boss, Chen Wan Liang felt a rush of irritability. Boss, wasn't Feng Yu Heng the boss! Going to ask for medicine from Feng Yu Heng was even harder than ascending heaven.

’’Is there really no way?’’ In the end, he was making a request, so he softened his tone. It carried a begging tone, as he said to Wang Lin: ’’Help me think of a method.’’

At this time, Feng Yu Heng spoke under the alias of Le Wu You: ’’It isn't that there is absolutely no way. How about this master tell us about the patient's situation. That way we can think of a method for when you come again.’’

Seeing that Feng Yu Heng had spoken, Wang Lin quickly brought Chen Wan Liang to the area where patients see doctors. Feng Yu Heng sat inside, while he sat on the outside. Chen Wan Liang could be heard telling Feng Yu Heng: ’’The patient's external injuries are not too serious. The most important are the internal injuries. Their heart and lungs have been damaged by an expert from Jiang Hu. Now, the patient can not get out of bed, is clear-headed but can't move.’’1

Feng Yu Heng obviously knew who he was talking about. Chen family coming at this time to look for medicine, and they specifically mentioned wanting her medical pills. Hearing him describe the symptoms, if this wasn't for Chen shi, who was it for? She could not help but curse internally ’’Shameless.’’

But the reason she had opened a shop was to do business. If a patron came, and a wealthy one at that, how could she not want to squeeze him for his money.

Thus she nodded and said to Chen Wan Liang: ’’I am a newly arrived doctor. Earlier, the shopkeeper left a few pills with me in case of emergency. Among these pills, there is miracle pill that will treat internal injuries. It can be sold to this master, but the cost...’’

’’Money is not a problem.’’ Chen Wang Liang waved his hand and interrupted Feng Yu Heng. What his Chen family lacked the least was money. So long as Chen shi could be saved, it would be worth any cost to prevent her from dying a dubious death.

’’Good.’’ Feng Yu Heng reached a hand into her sleeve and pulled out a heart medicine. ’’500 taels for one pill. There are a total of five pills. This is all that I have remaining.’’

’’500 taels for one pill?’’ Chen Wan Liang had made mental preparations, but he still felt that this young man before him was too cruel. Even if he had money, this was not any way to spend it. ’’What the hell is this?’’

Feng Yu Heng pulled her hand back, ’’This is the heart medicine that our Hundred Herb Hall sells. If this master does not believe it, there is nothing I can do. But this Hundred Herb Hall has been in the capital for many years. I sit here now with you having been referred personally by the shopkeeper. I most definitely would not be a cheat.’’

Her logic was correct. Chen Wan Liang wanted to negotiate the price, but he also did not want to lose any dignity. After all, his Chen family had money. They were very liberal in how they spent it, and now this was to save his sister. When it was related to life and death, wa she not embarrassed to negotiate?

Helpless, he pulled out five bank notes from a bag in his sleeve and handed them to the young man, ’’Each note is 500 taels, and there are five notes.’’

Feng Yu Heng received the bank notes and glanced over them. She then handed over the medical pills. She even called out to Wang Lin: ’’Shopkeeper, gift a porcelain bottle to hold this master's medicine.’’

Her words about giving a free gift nearly caused Chen Wan Liang to die of anger. Snatching the porcelain bottle that Wang Lin brought, he left Hundred Herb Hall.

Seeing him get further away, Wang Lin could not help but give Feng Yu Heng the thumbs up: ’’Boss, your abilities to cheat others is not any worse than the previous shopkeeper!’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’Not at all. That person sold fake wares. The stuff I sold was real, but the price was slightly higher. But this is simply a person by person case. You guys absolutely must not do this. That person just now and I have some enmity. I am simply exacting some revenge. That's all.’’

Wang Lin quickly complied: ’’Boss is right. Do not worry. These ones have done things honestly. We will not cause Hundred Herb Hall any trouble.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, very happy with Wang Lin's words. She then continued to work in Hundred Herb Hall for the majority of the day. She saw no less than twenty patients before taking Wang CHuan to get changed and leaving through the back entrance.

These days, Xuan Tian Ming had gone to the military barracks, so she could only practice with the whip on her own. That night, after she finished practicing with the whip, she looked at the sky. It was about time. She gestured into the air. Somewhere hidden in the darkness, Ban Zou understood the meaning and quietly followed her out of Tong Sheng pavilion.

Feng Yu Heng's goal was Jin Yu courtyard. When she was almost there, Ban Zou quietly asked: ’’Why are you going?’’

She quietly said: ’’To go provide assistance to Feng Jin Yuan's hidden guards and provide them with additional security.’’

Ban Zou did not say anything further. After reaching the area near Jin Yu courtyard, Ban Zou realized that he did not know when they had wrapped around the entire courtyard. He then told her: ’’Minister Feng left only two hidden guards here. One is in the yard and another is on the roof.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Yu Heng had no intention of avoiding those two guards. She was not here to personally kill Chen shi. Moreover, she doubted that Feng Jin Yuan could have remained prime minister for all these years if he did not know she had some level of proficiency in martial arts.

Feng Yu Heng boldly entered the courtyard. The servant keeping watch outside was Man Xi. Seeing her come, she quickly greeted her. She did not remain with Man Xi for long and only said: ’’You do what you should be doing. I will only be sitting here for a while.’’

Man Xi bowed then returned to guarding Chen shi's door.

Just like this, the Feng family's second young miss and three hidden experts gathered in Jin Yu courtyard.

The hidden guard left in the yard by Feng Jin Yuan could not understand Feng Yu Heng's methods. This second young miss came over here in the middle of the night, yet she simply sat in the yard. What sort of situation was this?

But this guard did not dare to act rashly. They already knew that Feng Yu Heng had strong experts at her side;furthermore, Ban Zou was simply too much stronger than they were. Forget about two versus one, even in a ten versus one, they were not his equal.

Thus, the two groups simply did not proclaim anything. They both went about their own business, with neither disrupting the other.

Only when something happened did they finally make a move.

The sound of something rushing through the wind at high speeds alerted Feng Yu Heng. She immediately shifted her body to the left and in the blink of an eye, a sharp sword flew past her ear. She did not, however, hear the sound of the sword pierce anything at her side or the ground. She wanted to turn her head to look, but she heard Ban Zou's voice say: ’’Not bad, you dodged it.’’

She was speechless.

Are you a damn hidden guard or not. When there is danger you don't think to protect me, instead you actually test my reaction speed.

Feng Yu Heng did not even think. She simply raised her hand and gave him the middle finger.

Unfortunately, Ban Zou did not understand.

In a short span of time, several people in black landed in the courtyard. Their movements were very fast, pulling out their swords and rushing towards Feng Yu Heng. There was no other choice, who allowed her to sit around alone completely exposed.

But Feng Yu Heng was not careless. These days, she had been persistent training allowed her body to begin developing in the right direction. Although there was still a gap between her current form and her form in her previous life, she was different from the day she had been forced to jump into a river.

She did not use the whip. Although the whip that Xuan Tian Ming had given her was resting on her hip, she had not had many days to practice with it. Secondly, she did not want to expose this strength in front of others. Thus, she pulled out some silver needles that had been dipped in anesthetics. Placing them between her fingers, she rushed towards the enemies before her.

Previously, she did not really know how to deal with enemies that wielded weapons, but after receiving some tips from Xuan Tian Ming, she became more accustomed to dealing with this style of fighting. Five to six people in black charged towards her. After a bit a time, Feng Yu Heng gained the upper hand. One of them had already fallen to the ground, fast asleep.

But at this time, unknown to her, one person sneakily crawled into Chen shi's room through her window.

1: I don't remember if I ever explained what Jiang Hu is. It's the society that all fighters are part of. Members of Jiang Hu are expected to stay away from members of the political world, and vice versa.


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