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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 106


Chapter 106

Le Wu You

Jin Zhen was a very intelligent person. Man Xi's words made it very clear to her that she was already one of Feng Yu Heng's people. Thinking about it, it made sense. Given Chen shi's death-seeking methods, with someone as prudent as Feng Yu Heng, how could she not have recruited one of the people at her side.

Now that she had an understanding, she did not say anything else. She retreated a couple steps and knelt before Chen shi's door.

Man Xi stood to the side and listened to Jin Zhen speak towards the room: ’’Madam, it is Jin Zhen. I have been a servant by your side ever since childhood. Jin Zhen came to see you, madam. You have suffered!’’

There was not much movement from inside the room. Jin Zhen paused for a moment then said: ’’Madam, I have become pregnant with husband's flesh and blood. Jin Zhen has followed madam since childhood, so now that a celebratory matter has come, I have come to celebrate with madam.’’


The sound of porcelain falling to the ground came from inside the room. The corners of Jin Zhen's mouth curled up, as she continued to speak: ’’Being able to take care of husband, Jin Zhen will truly remember madam's grace. Last night, when I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I thought of was coming to thank and kowtow to madam. If it were not for madam's training, how could Jin Zhen receive the special treatment as I did today. Many thanks to madam for giving me this child. Many thanks madam. Many thanks madam!’’ She said this then lowered her head to the ground, but her ears remained alert. She carefully listened to the movements inside the room.

Jin Zhen had spoken about her pregnancy and about her child. How could Chen shi endure this aggravation. She immediately began shrieking. She had not eaten anything for one day and one night, so she was originally quite weak. Now it seemed that she was suddenly bursting with energy. With a crackling sound, it seemed that she began thrashing about in her room.

Jin Zhen slightly frowned and thought to herself, just thrashing about in your room is no good. Thus she added: ’’Madam, you must take care of yourself. Husband wanted this concubine to rest her body. I fear that I will not be able to come see madam more often. Madam, you absolutely must take care of your body. After this child is born, it will be calling you mother. Last night we invited second young miss to take a look. Second young miss said... it should be a boy.’’

She deliberately added this bit. Sure enough, the person in the room snapped and began forcefully ramming against the door. As she rammed the door, she screamed: ’’I will kill you! I will kill you!’’

Jin Zhen's heart was moved, as she loudly called out: ’’Madam, what did you say? Did madam say that you miss Jin Zhen? Jin Zhen also misses you!’’


Finally, the door was broken open by Chen shi's fat body.

At the same time, Jin Zhen felt a movement in her abdomen, as something was forcing its way down.

She hurriedly stood up and headed towards Chen shi. As she walked over, she said: ’’Madam, what happened to you? Madam, you.... ah!’’

Chen shi violently pushed her and Jin Zhen fell to the ground.

Chen shi could be heard hollering at the top of her lungs: ’’Slut! Whore! I will beat you to death! I will beat the evil spawn in your belly to death!’’ As she cursed, she kicked Jin Zhen's body twice.

Jin Zhen did not dodge. Instead, she gritted her teeth and let out a scream. When the maidservants finally pulled Chen shi away, she lowered her head and saw a puddle of blood. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief. She then immediately let out an ’’ow’’ sound and began screaming ’’My child!’’

In Jin Yu courtyard, Jin Zhen's sad and depressing screams filled the entire manor. Not long after, everyone gathered around.

Chen shi had already been restrained inside her room. Man Xi was presently kneeling in the yard and explaining the situation to the matriarch: ’’Concubine mother Jin Zhen became pregnant and came to thank head madam for her grace and to report the happy tidings. As a result, the head madam actually broke through the door and rushed out, pushing concubine mother Jin Zhen to the ground and... and kicked directly at her belly many times.’’

Jin Zhen was in a pool of blood, appearing incredibly frail. Feng Yu Heng held her wrist, her face solemn.

At that moment, the matriarch was not in the mind to scold Chen shi. Her face showing her anxiety, she asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’How is it? Can the child be saved?’’

Feng Yu Heng wanted to ask are you blind? The floor is covered in blood, what the hell can be saved!

But, she maintained a straight face and sighed before saying: ’’There is no hope. Mother's kicks were heavy. Both kicks landed directly on the child, and the child was kicked out of the mother's body by mother.’’

’’Do not call her mother!’’ The matriarch suddenly shouted in anger. She then pointed to the other children and said: ’’You must all remember, none are allowed to call her mother! In our Feng family, there is no such first wife!’’

’’Mother-in-law.’’ Jin Zhen weakly called her: ’’You absolutely must support this concubine!’’

Feng Yu Heng quickly added: ’’Concubine mother's body is too weak. It would be best to not speak too much. Do not worry, you are still young. There are still plenty of chances to get pregnant.’’

The matriarch nodded: ’’A-Heng is right. Rest your body and recover properly. I do not blame you for this matter. If there is anyone to blame, it is that vile woman, Chen shi!’’ She solemnly slammed her cane and said through gritted teeth: ’’This time, I definitely will not forgive her!’’

That night, everyone in the Feng manor received word of Chen shi's serious illness. Jin Yu courtyard was put under lock and key. Aside from the servants who kept watch, none were allowed even half a step inside. Even Feng Chen Yu and Feng Zi Hao were ordered not to visit.

As for that night in Ru Yi courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan, the matriarch and Feng Yu Heng were gathered by Jin Zhen's bedside. Feng Jin Yuan asked Feng Yu Heng with a heavy expression: ’’It was really a male fetus?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Last night, the pulse indicated that it was a male fetus. Originally, I had wanted to wait for father to invite a doctor to announce it.’’

The matriarch wheezed in anger, ’’This is not the first son that Chen shi killed!’’

Feng Jin Yuan knew that she was talking about the matter of the previous year with Han shi. He could not help but also get angry, ’’Do not worry, mother. This time, son definitely will not tolerate this.’’

Jin Zhen sobbed and tugged at Feng Jin Yuan's sleeve, bitterly begging: ’’I'm sorry, husband. It is all this concubine's fault. This concubine did not protect our child. Would husband allow this concubine to follow our child!’’

Feng Jin Yuan very rarely saw this side of Jin zhen. He quickly comforted her, saying: ’’Do not speak nonsense. Didn't A-Heng say that your body was not too affected. You can still have a child in the future.’’

The matriarch joined in and said: ’’You are young. There will be more opportunities.’’

Jin Zhen looked at the matriarch, her face apologetic: ’’This concubine is unworthy of the Feng family. This concubine is too worthless and can't even protect a single child.’’

Feng Yu Heng also quickly comforted her, saying: ’’A miscarriage can also be seen as a period.1 You must not cry. When I return, I will personally prepare some medicine for you. After eating it and resting for half a year, your body will be completely better.’’

Jin Zhen's face was filled with gratitude. It was true gratitude, ’’Thank you, second young miss. Second young miss' medicine is the best medicine under the heavens.’’ Looking again towards Feng Jin Yuan: ’’This concubine will definitely help husband have a son, but...’’ Tears began to fall once more, ’’This child was lost to such an injustice.’’

Feng Jin Yuan also felt that this was unjust. Jin Zhen had clearly gone over to give thanks as good will, but she had been kicked by that vile woman and lost her child. That was his son!

Thinking of that, Feng Jin Yuan's anger rapidly rose. He suddenly stood up and left without a word. He did not even pay any attention to the matriarch's calls.

The next day, Huang Quan brought word from Man Xi: ’’Man Xi said that Minister Feng rushed into Jin Yu courtyard yesterday and cruelly beat Chen shi. Now, Chen shi's face is swollen, and she is lying in bed with an illness. The Feng family, however, is not calling a doctor for her. But at that time, the eldest young miss had also gone to Jin Yu courtyard, and Minister Feng pointed at Chen shi saying that even if this mother did not exist, she would always be the daughter of the first wife.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed: ’’Feng Jin Yuan seems to have come up with a good idea. What I do not know, however, is if the Feng family will remain without a head wife, or if they are preparing to promote someone great.’’

Two days later, Feng Zi Hao was once again sent out of the manor towards Qi Zhou's Zi Yan Academy.

This silkpants young master did not even think to ask about his mother even once before leaving the manor. He did, however, do his best to get closer to Chen Yu. This caused Chen Yu to angrily return to her courtyard.

An shi let out a sigh next to Yao shi: ’’I really do not know what method Chen shi used to raise children like them.’’

Yao shi comforted her, saying: ’’Fortunately our children are very good and understanding. Lately, I have been seeing Xiang Rong get up early and accompany A-Heng in running around Tong Sheng pavilion. Thinking about it, these two sisters seem to want to spend time talking to each other.’’

Hearing this mentioned, An shi became happy and said: ’’This is thanks to second young miss bringing along our Xiang Rong. Big sister, you also know Xiang Rong's personality. She has always been timid. When she was young, she spent every day saying that she liked second sister, but she never dared say a word to second young miss. Now that second young miss treats Xiang Rong so well, I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.’’

Finally sending Feng Zi Hao away, the Feng manor enjoyed a few days of calm.

Feng Chen Yu spent all day sitting under a garden pavilion playing the zither. The tune of her zither did not sound sad, but it did leak the scent of a conspiracy.

As for Feng Yu Heng, she began to dress up as a man and gave herself the name Le Wu You. On certain days, she would go to Hundred Herb Hall to act as a doctor. As for knowledge about her being a woman dressed as a man, only Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Qing Yu knew. Aside from them, within Hundred Herb Hall, only the shopkeeper, Wang Lin was aware.

Because Feng Yu Heng did not visit often, Wang Lin had not seen her for quite some time. Recently, Wang Lin had been telling Qing Yu that the boss needed to bring more medical pills and powders over;however, Qing Yu always used the same words to refute him: ’’Go tell the young miss yourself.’’

Today, when Wang Lin saw Feng Yu Heng, how could he let her go. Crowding around Feng Yu Heng's side, he began circling around her. He circled around her so much that Feng Yu Heng began to feel dizzy. Only then did she helplessly ask him: ’’What are you doing circling around me and not watching the front of the shop?’’

Wang Lin made a request with a bitter face: ’’Boss, when will you bring more of the medical pills and powders over?’’

Feng Yu Heng asked him: ’’Are you sold out?’’

Wang Lin reached out both hands: ’’They were sold out within ten days. At the start, nobody was convinced, but after following Qing Yu girl's directions, the present doctors chose some patients and gifted them the medicine. Not two days later, the effect was seen.’’ Wang Lin sighed: ’’Where boss got the medicine is truly a mystery. Even the doctors present could not determine their origins, but the medicine has remarkable results.’’

Feng Yu Heng had no way of explaining to Wang Lin. Medicine that has been concentrated would have a much higher medicine content than those bitter medical soups. As for the matter Wang Lin mentioned of replenishing stock, she did not agree: ’’Producing those medicines is very problematic. All of the medical herbs required are many times more expensive than normal medical herbs. That is why I had you sell them for more. After today, I will provide a portion to Hundred Herb Hall. Once it is sold out that month, you can only wait until the next month for more.’’

After she finished saying this, she stood up and prepared to go to the front and act as a doctor. At the door, however, she saw some familiar people coming in.

1: The original text here is 小产也算是小月子 I do not know if I translated this correctly. If anyone has a better translation, please do let me know.


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