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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 105


Chapter 105

Congratulations Father

That night, Feng Jin Yuan stayed at Ru Yu courtyard as usual. Jin Zhen, however, was not as active as previously in taking care of him. It seemed like she was dispirited and appeared to be lacking in interest.

Feng Jin Yuan could not help but feel this was odd and asked her: ’’Is your body not feeling well?’’

Jin Zhen sighed: ’’I do not know what has been going on recently. I always feel tired, I have no appetite, and I always feel nauseous.’’

Feng Jin Yuan's eyes lit up: ’’How long has it been?’’

Jin Zhen thought for a little while, ’’Around ten days ago, there was a bit of this feeling. It became more serious recently.’’

Hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan immediately smiled. He then stared at Jin Zhen and laughed for a while then loudly said: ’’My Feng family will be adding another member!’’

Jin Zhen was stunned and very quickly began to act happy: ’’Husband means to say...’’ She brought her hand to her belly, ’’This concubine... has one?’’

’’Most likely.’’ Feng Jin Yuan was very certain in his ability. Ever since he took Jin Zhen in, he had spent every night at her side. Jin Zhen was young, how could it be that she would struggle to get pregnant. ’’I will bring a doctor in tomorrow to take a look at you. You must rest properly. There is no need for you to go pay respects to mother early tomorrow morning. She will not make a fuss over it at this time.’’

Jin Zhen pondered a little then said: ’’Can a doctor only be called in the morning? This concubine is impatient and really wants to know if husband's flesh and blood really is in this belly...’’ She displayed her clinginess once again: ’’How about calling a doctor right now, would that be ok?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was also happy and impatient, but it was already the middle of the night. He saw that Jin Zhen's appearance was not too good and tried to coax her, saying: ’’You getting some proper rest is what's most important. If we go look for a doctor at this hour, they would only arrive very late in the night. Even if you are not thinking of yourself, think of our child. Be obedient and sleep for a while. When you wake up, a doctor will have arrived.’’

Jin Zhen was still unwilling and spoke while feeling Feng Jin Yuan: ’’There's no need to call a doctor from the outside. Isn't the second young miss a doctor!’’

Hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan also recalled this. That's right. Feng Yu Heng's medical prowess seemed to have improved drastically in these three years, especially her ability to provide medicine. Even Mo Bu Fan would exclaim his astonishment. ’’Very well.’’ He stood up and put on a robe. He went to the door and called for the servant who kept watch at night: ’’Go to Tong Sheng pavilion and call for second young miss to come over. Tell her that I have a matter that requires assistance.’’

The servant drowsily complied then drowsily stumbled towards Tong Sheng pavilion.

Jin Zhen sat on the bed. Hearing that Feng Jin Yuan called for Feng Yu Heng, she finally felt more at ease.

Tong Sheng pavilion was not close to the Feng manor. When Feng Yu Heng arrived, Feng Jin Yuan felt a little sleepy, but Jin Zhen was still alert. She endlessly spoke about the child in her belly and speaking about not knowing if it was a boy or a girl. As she spoke, Feng Jin Yuan began to have look forward to this more and more, thus when Feng Yu Heng arrived, he did not wait for her to speak. Feng Jin Yuan immediately said: ’’A-Heng, come quickly. Come take a look at concubine mother Jin Zhen. It is most likely that she has become pregnant.’’

Feng Yu Heng and Jin Zhen's eyes met, their faces showing no particular expression. Advancing lightly, she said to Jin Zhen: ’’Lie down flat and give me your hand.’’

Jin Zhen followed these instructions.

Feng Yu Heng placed her hand on her wrist for a while then nodded. She then turned to Feng Jin Yuan and said: ’’Congratulations, father.’’

’’She really is?’’ Feng Jin Yuan beamed with joy, ’’A-Heng you won't have made a mistake, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes, ’’If father does not trust me, why bother calling me over? It's so late, daughter had already gone to sleep.’’

’’No, no, how could I not believe you. Our family's A-Heng's medical prowess was praised by sir Mo. How could father not believe you.’’ Feng Jin Yuan was very happy, so he did not argue with Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng asked Jin Zhen: ’’When did your period come last month?’’

Jin Zhen thought a little then said: ’’The fifth.’’

’’Un.’’ She nodded, ’’Thirty five days.’’

Feng Jin Yuan lightly scolded Jin Zhen: ’’It's been this many days, yet you did not know to be a little more careful.’’ He did some quick calculations. Thirty five days, wasn't that the very first day that he took Jin Zhen in? He became even more delighted.

But at this time, Feng Yu Heng frowned, her hand still at Jin Zhen's wrist. She began to ponder for a long time.

’’Second young miss?’’ Jin Zhen timidly asked: ’’There... there shouldn't be any problems with the child, right?’’

Hearing these words, Feng Jin Yuan immediately became nervous and also asked: ’’What does this expression mean?’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at Feng Jin Yuan and began to clear his doubts: ’’A pregnancy requires a pleasant mood to ensure the fetus' health. But when daughter checked concubine mother Jin Zhen's pulse, I discovered that concubine mother Jin Zhen has been overly anxious. She seems to have a knot in her heart.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was stunned and asked Jin Zhen: ’’What sort of thing is troubling you?’’

Jin Zhen lightly sighed but did not speak. Her head lowered, and tears began to fall.

Seeing this scene, Feng Yu Heng felt she should not remain any longer. She stood up and bid farewell and advised Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father should talk more with concubine mother. Invite a doctor to ensure the safety of the fetus tomorrow.’’

After she left, Feng Jin Yuan lovingly held Jin Zhen in his embrace then asked her: ’’What exactly is troubling your heart? You are young, so why are you being so anxious?’’

Jin Zhen raised her head and looked at him, her appearance was that of a weeping beauty. This appearance could make anyone dote on her. Feng Jin Yuan really did not want to continue asking. He just wanted to properly care for her for a while, but he also remembered the child in her belly. He could only bear with his heart's stirring.

Jin Zhen noticed his intention and could not help but feel a little more comforted. Regardless of what method she used, capturing a man's heart was most important. She quickly began speaking to him: ’’This concubine indeed has something troubling me. This knot... is actually related to the head madam.’’

’’Chen shi?’’ Feng Jin Yuan frowned, ’’What are you paying attention to that vile woman for?’’

Jin Zhen said: ’’This concubine believes in cause and effect. That day, because of that bowl of medicine from the head madam, this concubine received this outcome. Regardless of her original intention, this concubine was raised from a servant to being someone who could take care of husband. Now, there is dear husband's flesh and blood. She and I have been master and servant for many years, so I feel that if I do not go thank her now, then I fear that perhaps... in the future, there will not be a chance.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was incredibly moved by her words and could not help but sigh, ’’You really do understand how to be grateful. That vile woman usually does nothing to help others.’’

’’Husband.’’ Jin Zhen begged him: ’’Regardless of what head madam does, she will reap what she has sown, but this concubine really wishes to accumulate some goodwill for both husband and the child in my belly. If husband lets this concubine undo this knot, then I can be me and she will be herself. There will be no more need for worry.’’

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly sighed, ’’She treated you in such a way in the past, yet you still treat her with goodwill. You really are a good girl.’’

’’Jin Zhen thanks husband for the praise.’’

’’How do you want to resolve this?’’

Jin Zhen thought for a little while then said: ’’Tomorrow morning, I will go to the head madam's Jin Yu courtyard to kowtow. I will just kowtow in the yard towards her room and say a few words. That will be enough.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Jin Yuan felt that this was alright. There was no need to stop her from seeing Chen shi. This also would not give Chen shi a chance to harm the child inside Jin Zhen, ’’Then bring some more servants with you tomorrow. You absolutely must not enter her room.’’

’’This concubine knows.’’

’’Then sleep.’’

The two finally fell asleep in each others' arms. Only when Feng Jin Yuan's breathing became steady, Jin Zhen curled her mouth into a sneer. Bringing her hand to her belly, she said to herself: ’’Dear child, it isn't that mother does not want you, but you came from the wrong father.’’

The next day, Feng Jin Yuan got up early for court. After Jin Zhen sent him away, she called for two servants and went to Jin Yu courtyard.

Right before Feng Jin Yuan left, he told her not to remain too long near Chen shi. When he returned from court, he would announce this matter to everyone.

But right after Feng Jin Yuan left, she sneakily ate an odd medical pill.

That was something that Feng Yu Heng had given her. She obviously did not know that this was considered a medicine-induced abortion in the 21st century. She only remembered the words that Feng Yu Heng told her: ’’After eating this medicine, there will be a reaction within an hour. You must take care of the timing. Also, after this, I will personally take care of your body and ensure that you are able to bear a child again.’’

Hearing the final words from Feng Yu Heng, Jin Zhen was completely at ease. The reason she had gone to Feng Yu Heng was because she did not want a third party to know about this matter. Secondly, it was because she had hoped that Feng Yu Heng could preserve her body.

Now, she did not have many worries. Jin Zhen quickly walked towards Jin Yu courtyard.

When she arrived, there was a servant guarding the gate to Jin Yu courtyard. Because Feng Jin Yuan had sent people to inform them, this servant did not stop Jin Zhen. She only told her: ’’You must be careful. The head madam's mood is a little abnormal.’’

Jin Zhen was actually only worried that Chen shi's mood would be normal. What she wanted was for Chen shi to go crazy. Only when a person went crazy were they likely to do something overboard.

The walked into the yard with the two servants. Because Chen shi had been confined, Feng Chen Yu had already been moved to a different yard to live. Now, Jin Yu courtyard no longer had its prosperous appearance. Although it was still quite beautiful, it now had a weird atmosphere surrounding it. She also could not help but feel a little emotional. Thinking about how she had been in this courtyard since she entered the manor, she had been one of Chen shi's maidservants from a young age. For small mistakes, she was punished, and for big mistakes, she was beaten. What sort of hardship had she not tasted? Now, she had some independence in a little courtyard of her own. She could also serve the master of this manor in bed. The person behind all of this, however, was not Chen shi. It was Feng Yu Heng.

She did not care what Feng Yu Heng's intentions were. Either way, it was Feng Yu Heng who sent her to Pine courtyard's study and left alone inside with the drugged Feng Jin Yuan. Although it sounded like a strange set of circumstances, this had allowed her to come out ahead.

Thinking like this, she had already arrived at the closed door to Chen shi's room. She stopped and saw Man Xi, who was standing guard. She was a little stunned: ’’I heard that Yu Luo and Bao Tang have both been sent out of the manor and sold. How are you still here?’’

Man Xi smiled but did not respond. She simply walked forward and greeted Jin Zhen: ’’This servant greets concubine mother.’’

’’Quickly get up.’’ After all, they had both been cursed as servants by Chen shi. Jin Zhen still felt some closeness with Man Xi. Seeing her greet herself, she quickly went forward to help her up.

At this time, she heard Man Xi quietly say: ’’I have already opened the lock on the door. Be careful.’’


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