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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 104


Chapter 104

Give Chen shi a Stronger Medicine

The words Mo Bu Fan said made everyone feel something was off. Everyone surrounded Chen shi and looked at the bear-paw like hand. There, they saw Mo Bu Fan point at the index finger on Chen shi's right hand and ask: ’’Can everyone see this?’’

Everyone took a look. It appeared that under Chen shi's fingernails, there was actually a tiny bit of a white powder hidden. The amount was not great and only a few specs remained.

Mo Bu Fan used a silver needle to remove the powder. There did not seem to be any reaction from the silver needle, and he explained: ’’It can not be considered a poison. A silver needle can not detect anything.’’ As he said this, he brought the powder to his nose and smelled it. He then handed it to the other doctor, who also smelled it and said: ’’This is the vomit-inducing medicine. It seems that the thing that the head madam used was this.’’

The matriarch was so furious that her blood pressure rose drastically. Feeling that things were not going well, she reached into her sleeve. Finally pulling out the small porcelain bottle that she had received from Feng Yu Heng, she poured some medicine out and swallowed it. After a short while, she felt her blood pressure return to normal, and her dizziness subsided.

Mo Bu Fan noticed the matriarch's movements and went forward to check her pulse. Also noting the small porcelain bottle of medicine, he could not help but sigh: ’’Matriarch's blood pressure is not stable. In the face of great anxiety, it will rise quite high. Making light of it can be fatal. Fortunately, you have an odd medicine on hand;otherwise, it would truly be a dangerous situation. I, however, do not know where matriarch acquired this odd medicine? I fear that this would be hard to acquire even when divine doctor Yao was in the capital!’’

Hearing these words, the matriarch once again remembered how good Feng Yu Heng was, ’’This was given by this old one's second granddaughter. Oh, it's the second granddaughter who is engaged to his Highness Prince Yu.’’ When she said this, she felt incredibly proud, ’’This old one's granddaughter really is a divine doctor!’’

Mo Bu Fan nodded. Turning around, he pinpointed Feng Yu Heng's location and directed a salute in her direction: ’’So it was the princess' great skill.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and returned the salute, saying: ’’Sir Mo is exaggerating. The divine doctor Yao that sir speaks of is quite likely my maternal grandfather.’’

Mo Bu Fan let out an ’’oh’’ sound and nodded: ’’No wonder, no wonder.’’

As he exchanged greetings, Feng Jin Yuan glared at Chen shi, who was still feigning death. He was so furious that his lungs were about to explode. He had been wondering how this woman had suddenly changed her personality, and no matter how good Pu Du Nunnery was, the change had been too sudden. But it seems that this change was fake and this was all just an act.

’’Get up!’’ As he said this, he grabbed Chen shi by the collar.

Chen shi let out one of her weird signature yelps and bounced out of bed. She then immediately pointed at Feng Yu Heng and began cursing: ’’Slut! Why did you not die in the mountains to the Northwest? Since you came back, our lives have been complete messes! It's all your fault! It's you that is causing Chen Yu's position as daughter of the first wife to be unstable. It is you that caused Zi Hao to have fallen severely ill! You slut! You should die!’’


The matriarch suddenly swung her cane over, using a good amount of force. This cane struck Chen shi's head, and Chen shi did not even have time to cry out before fainting.

Mo Bu Fan heard the last words that Chen shi said and felt something was off. Walking forward, he grabbed Feng Zi Hao's wrist. Feng Zi Hao anxiously wanted to get away, but he could not escape Mo Bu Fan's grasp no matter what.

Feng Jin Yuan saw what Mo Bu Fan wanted to do and had wanted to stop him, but he also wanted to have him diagnose Zi Hao. Thus, he gave a stern warning to Feng Zi Hao: ’’Stop moving around!’’

Mo Bu Fan very quickly felt something was off and asked Feng Jin Yuan in confusion: ’’This one had heard news that the Feng family's second young miss was sent to the Northwest three years ago. In that time, she never returned once. As for this young master's illness, it began around two years ago. It should have nothing to do with the manor's second young miss? Why did the Feng family's head madam say such a thing?’’

Feng Jin Yuan let out a sigh and waved his hand, ’’Having such a situation occur in my Feng family has truly made sir Mo see some ridiculous things.’’ As he said this, he looked towards Feng Yu Heng: ’’A-Heng, how about you take sir Mo back to Tong Sheng pavilion to sit for a while. Leave the matters on this side to father.’’

Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to reply, Mo Bu Fan took the initiative to say: ’’Since a situation has come up for my Lord's family, this one will not overstay his welcome. This one also needs to return and report to the Emperor and the two princes.’’ After he said this, he gave a salute. He then waved to Feng Yu Heng and left the Feng manor with the eleven chefs.

The other doctor that had been called also knew that it was time for him to leave. He did not even dare to request payment for this visit.

The matriarch, hearing that Mo Bu Fan would be going back to report, much less three people of that stature, she felt her vision go dark and her hands tremble uncontrollably, her cane bouncing on the ground endlessly.

’’Mother, take care of your body.’’ Feng Jin Yuan went forward to support the matriarch, but nobody went to take care of Chen shi, who was unconscious on the ground. Even Feng Zi Hao and Feng Chen Yu did not think to go up their mother up.

The matriarch grabbed Feng Jin Yuan's hand, as her words carried a great hopelessness: ’’She's offended imperial concubine Yun, offended princess Wen Xuan, and as if that wasn't enough. She has now.... she has not even offended the Emperor himself!’’

Feng Jin Yuan also knew that this matter had become serious and could not help but complain to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Why did you not tell us earlier that people from the palace came?’’

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes towards her father: ’’I originally did not want father to meet with this person. This could be considered me using my personal face to make a request of the two princes. I wholeheartedly wanted to give mother a welcoming meal, and I wanted to give the people of the family a proper meal cooked with medicine to help restore their bodies. Who would have expected such a thing to happen?’’ Her tone was unhappy, ’’This was because a doctor made a diagnosis and sir Mo that discovered the trick in mother's nails. If mother had been more thorough, nothing could have been discovered. Then would father make A-Heng the scapegoat, or would father allow Prince Chun and Prince Yu become the scapegoats?’’

Feng Jin Yuan could not respond before Chen Yu lost it: ’’Why must second sister push the blame towards his Highness Prince Chun? How is this related to Prince Chun?’’

’’What does Prince Chun have to do with eldest sister?’’ She looked at Chen Yu with ridicule, ’’Mo Bu Fan was invited from the palace by Prince Chun and Prince Yu. Oh right, the Emperor also had a hand in this. Father, does the Emperor also need to be blamed for this?’’

’’Shut your mouth!’’ Feng Jin Yuan nearly went mad from anger, ’’You dare spout just about anything. Do you two want for the Feng family to come to a terrible end?’’ He spoke and glared at Chen Yu: ’’This has nothing to do with you. Go back to your room!’’

Chen Yu felt wronged and wanted to continue, but Feng Jin Yuan's expression sank, and she truly felt afraid. There was nothing she could do but bow and reluctantly leave. Right before she left the room, she spat out: ’’His Highness Prince Chun is innocent.’’

Feng Yu Heng very nearly let out a laugh. Only thinking about that person. Falling into the web of love, logic will fall to the side.

She had no intention of remaining here any longer. She looked once more at Chen shi, who was still on the ground, and coldly said: ’’I really do not understand. Why exactly did father bring such a person back to the manor? Grandmother was right when she said that this person had even offended the Emperor.’’

Saying this, she pulled Zi Rui and called Yao shi before turning and leaving.

The matriarch said with a trembling voice: ’’Jin Yuan, is that sir Mo very well respected by the Emperor?’’

Feng Jin Yuan sighed, ’’Not just respect. The Emperor thinks very highly of him. Did you not hear him say it, not only does he make food cooked with medicine for the Emperor and Empress, he even takes care of the food for imperial concubine Yun.’’

’’It's over!’’ The matriarch felt her soul leak out: ’’It's over!’’

Feng Jin Yuan looked over this dramatic scene. Looking down at Chen shi's body on the ground, he suddenly recalled the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye's, words ’’The daughter of the first wife must be fitting and proper. Her mother can die, but what is with leaving her in a nunnery?’’

Gritting his teeth, he immediately made a decision.

Inside Tong Sheng pavilion

Wang Chuan brought some food to Feng Yu Heng's room on a tray, ’’Young miss, this is a dish that sir Mo specifically had the chefs leave for you. You did not eat much earlier at Peony courtyard, so this servant heated it up, thinking that young miss would definitely be hungry.’’

’’It really is my Wang Chuan who is most dear!’’ Feng Yu Heng practically flew towards the table, ’’How was it that I did not eat much. I did not eat at all. Ah, what a pity, that table of good food. What a pity, those were good medical herbs. That's right, mother and Zi Rui did not eat much either. Was any food left for them?’’

Wang Chuan smiled and ladled some congee for her: ’’Young miss should eat quickly. Huang Quan brought food to madam and young master's side. There is some food left in our kitchen for tonight.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded. Thinking a little more, she said: ’’In the future, our Tong Sheng pavilion needs to eat foods cooked with medicine more often. You guys should also eat it. I will prepare the recipe for the chef and teach them how to make it.’’

Wang Chuan quickly thanked her: ’’Following young miss really is a blessing.’’

As the two spoke, a servant came in from outside and timidly reported: ’’Young miss, concubine mother Jin Zhen came to request a meeting again.’’

Feng Yu Heng still held a piece of lamb between her chopsticks. Thinking a little, she said: ’’Allow her in.’’

Very quickly, Jin Zhen came in behind the servant. The servant also knew how to act in this situation, as she turned and left the room. She then closed the door behind her.

Jin Zhen quickly walked over to Feng Yu Heng. She did not have time to worry about saluting, as she cried: ’’Second young miss, have you finished thinking about the matter this servant spoke about previously?’’

Feng Yu Heng's chopsticks did not stop moving. As she ate, she gestured to Jin Zhen: ’’I see that you probably did not eat enough. Sit and eat some more with me. Your body is one that should be craving for food.’’

Jin Zhen shook her head, ’’How could I have any appetite. This servant's mind is only thinking about the matter of this child. I beg second young miss to help this servant.’’ She said this then advanced a couple steps, quietly saying: ’’Chen shi has been locked up in Jin Yu courtyard by master. This time, she has not been punished with just confinement. She is being completely guarded.’’

’’Oh?’’ Feng Yu Heng looked at her, ’’What does completely guarded mean?’’

Jin Zhen replied: ’’The door has been locked from the outside. The servants have also been informed that they are not to deliver any food to her room. I secretly asked a servant I knew well and that servant said Chen shi's room only has a pot of cold tea. Aside from that, there is not a single thing that can enter her mouth. It has now become Autumn, but her room's blankets have been swapped to thin summer blankets. The servants are not permitted to change them back.’’

Feng Yu Heng blinked. For the sake of protecting Chen Yu, had her father finally resorted to that tactic?

Jin Zhen then continued: ’’It seems that second young miss has realized master's intentions;however, when Chen shi had previously been sent to the nunnery, master had said that she would never return to the manor. However, not a few days later, she was brought back. It seems that the Chen family's influence is quite large. The current opportunity is hard to come by. If they want to make sure that Chen shi has no way of coming back, they must use a stronger medicine.’’


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