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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 103


Chapter 103

Your Feng Manor's People Really Are Damn Lucky

When the people from the kitchen arrived at Peony courtyard, Chen shi had already been helped into a room to rest. Chen Yu continued to hold her head while sitting on a soft chair and leaning back.

The person in charge of the kitchen saw this scene and felt his legs turn soft in fear. With a ’’bump’’ sound, he knelt on the ground and yelled that he was wronged: ’’Matriarch, master, this is unrelated to us servants! Second young miss chased all of the servants from the kitchen. This meal... was made by a chef that second young miss had called herself!’’


Hearing these words, everyone was stunned. The hearts that originally supported Feng Yu Heng began to slightly shift towards Chen shi's side. The matriarch held her chest, as she began to feel that it was harder to breathe. It shouldn't be that there really was something wrong with the dishes, right?

Feng Jin Yuan became furious and violently smashed a tea cup. Pointing directly at Feng Yu Heng, he said: ’’Speak! What did you put in the dishes?’’

Feng Yu Heng shrugged: ’’Medicine!’’

’’What medicine?’’

’’I already told you about then when listing the dishes.’’

’’I am about about poisons!’’

’’Why does father say I put in poison?’’ She was completely confused, ’’Has father looked for someone to test you? Has a doctor come? Has someone personally seen it? Father, without evidence or reason, you say your daughter put poison in the dishes. Then might I ask father, why is it that when you were all eating, there was nothing wrong. Only mother and eldest sister had problems?’’

’’It might be that we still have not reached the point of feeling ill.’’ Fen Dai rushed to speak, ’’Except mother and eldest sister's body's are weak, so they reacted first. Perhaps at night, we will all...’’

’’The words fourth sister says really do follow a pattern.’’ Feng Yu Heng smirked, ’’I really do not know what good would come to me as a daughter of the Feng family by poisoning all of you to death. Would I choose to live as an orphan because I do not want a prime minister as a father?’’

Saying it like this, Feng Jin Yuan also felt that it was logical. An shi also spoke up at this time, reminding Feng Jin Yuan: ’’How about calling second young miss' chef over to ask some questions.’’

’’Right!’’ The matriarch spoke up, ’’Quickly go and call over all of the people that handled the food today!’’

The servants accepted and left. When they returned, twelve strangers returned with them.

Looking at these people, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly felt a feeling of dread creep up in his heart, but he truly did not know where this feeling came from. He asked the servant in charge of the kitchen: ’’Take a look. Are these the people who made today's meal and drinks?’’

The person in charge turned his head and looked carefully. Not long after, he nodded with certainty, ’’Replying to master, there is no mistake. It is them.’’

Feng Jin Yuan waved and had the person in charge of the kitchen return. Looking again towards the twelve chefs, his right eyelid began to twitch uncontrollably.

Among the twelve people, the leader had extraordinary poise. Seeing the members of the Feng family, he were neither haughty nor humble. He completely lacked the comportment of a chef. He only bowed slightly and cupped their hands, saying: ’’Greetings Lord Feng.’’ After he said this, he did not greet the madams or young misses.

Behind him, the remaining eleven people also did this. They slightly bowed and saluted, saying in unison: ’’Greetings Prime Minister Feng.’’ They also ignored the madams and young misses.

The matriarch was a little angry and lightly snorted. Preparing to reprimand them, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly raised his hand and interrupted the words the matriarch wanted to say. He then took the initiative and said: ’’Might I ask you sirs, where do you work? Why come to my Feng manor to act as chefs?’’

He had a vague feeling that this person looked familiar. Looking again at his elegant and reserved bearing, he was certain that he was definitely not a chef. As for the eleven people behind him, they should indeed be chefs, and they were definitely not just normal chefs.

Thinking a little more, these people were invited by Feng Yu Heng. How could Feng Yu Heng know any chefs. It was highly likely that they were people invited from the ninth prince's Refined Deity Building.

Feng Jin Yuan felt his head swell. With Xuan Tian Ming's personality, even if the staff of Refined Deity Building truly did something to the food, was it possible that he would dare to settle this debt with him? Ignoring the fact that Chen shi merely vomited, even if they really had, Xuan Tian Ming dared to brazenly kill someone in the palace, reduce Ding An palace to nothing but ash, it would be odd for him to even notice the head madam of a Feng manor.

Pondering the possibilities, if they really were from Refined Deity Building, what could he do to avoid the ninth prince's hate. He had long put the idea of settling any debt to the side.

But this was still the case. After the man with an uncommon bearing revealed his name, Feng Jin Yuan's legs trembled with fear. He felt that he had been too simple in his considerations.

’’This one is Mo Bu Fan. This one was originally a traveling doctor in Jiang Hu. A few months ago, the Emperor recognized this one's worth and kept me in the palace to specially prepare food cooked with medicine for the Emperor, the Empress and imperial concubine Yun. The ones behind me are imperial chefs who had been working with me the past few months on food cooked with medicine.’’

A cool breeze began to blow against the back of Feng Jin Yuan's neck. Both he and the matriarch were speechless. She should have expected this. Regardless of what Feng Yu Heng did, she would leave herself a way out. Pushing away her own family's chefs, she made use of outsiders. How could someone as intelligent as Feng Yu Heng do something like that.

’’Minister Feng.’’ Mo Bu Fan began to speak, ’’Just earlier when this one was coming over, this one heard that the food today poisoned the head madam and eldest young miss?’’

’’That's right!’’ Feng Zi Hao was a simpleton who had not yet realized what sort of background Mo Bu Fan had. He went ahead and said: ’’Since you admit that you were the one who made the food, then must must give out Feng family an explanation!’’

’’Shut your mouth!’’ Feng Jin Yuan fiercely reprimanded Feng Zi Hao. He then said to Mo Bu Fan: ’’Sir Mo, I fear there have been some misunderstandings.’’

As the prime minister, Feng Jin Yuan naturally knew that there was someone who handled cooking food with medicine in the palace. Mo Bu Fan was someone without rank, but he was not ranked lower than himself. Having such a unique position in the courts, Feng Jin Yuan could only be polite towards him. Most importantly, he was not worried that he could make food for the Emperor and the Empress. What frightened him was that he could make food for imperial concubine Yun! Someone who could be assigned by the Emperor to imperial concubine Yun's side, just how much did the Emperor value him!

Hearing Feng Jin Yuan say this, Mo Bu Fan could not help but smile and say: ’’As I said, the Emperor and the Empress just ate food cooked with medicine three days ago. How come when I came to the Feng family, someone became ill from it?’’

This was something everyone could understand. His meaning was, if the Emperor and Empress could eat it, could it be that your Feng family was even more lavish than the Emperor?

Feng Jin Yuan also smiled, ’’It's a misunderstanding. Just a misunderstanding.’’

’’Minister Feng.’’ Mo Bu Fan's expression became serious, ’’Me coming to the Feng manor today was something his Highness Prince Chun and his Highness Prince Yu requested from the Emperor. They said that the Feng family's head madam was returning to the manor and hoped that this one could come with the imperial chefs to prepare a meal. The ingredients used today were just as good as those used three days ago for the Emperor and Empress. The kitchen staff were today were ones I personally chose. All of the ingredients used today were delivered from the Imperial kitchens. All of the medical herbs used today came from your Feng manor's Hundred Herb Hall. Those herbs were then inspect by this one personally before being used. Does Minister Feng feel that there is a problem with this one, or is there a problem with the chefs that personally prepare food for the Emperor?’’

Feng Jin Yuan wiped his sweat, ’’There are no problems at all.’’

’’Un.’’ Mo Bu Fan nodded, ending all doubts, ’’Then what is the meaning of this? Oh, could it be that my Lord is unhappy with his Highness Prince Chun and his Highness Prince Yu's arrangements? Ah! Then Minister Feng truly has let down the two princes' good will.’’

Hearing that Xuan Tian Hua was related to this, Feng Chen Yu, who was sulking on a bed, immediately stood up and said: ’’Thinking about it, there really has been a misunderstanding. Just now, I ate a little out in the garden. I fear that my body is not well, and I caught a bit of a chill, thus my head began hurting. I am completely fine now.’’

Ever since Feng Jin Yuan received the purse from Feng Yu Heng that Feng Chen Yu had sewed, he had understood how she felt towards Xuan Tian Hua. Now that he saw Chen Yu act this way, how could he not understand why she said this, but he could not speak out so easily. After all, Chen Yu had already said that she was fine, which was better than having her head hurt.

But Chen shi was still lying on the bed. Looking at her appearance, it did not appear that she was pretending. Feng Jin Yuan was a little embarrassed. How exactly would this case be resolved?

Just as everyone was in a deadlock, the Feng family's servants finally managed to bring a doctor over. This doctor had some fame within the capital, and this was not the first time he had dealt with the Feng family. Seeing Feng Jin Yuan, he quickly knelt and kowtowed.

Feng Jin Yuan did not have the time to stand on ceremony and anxiously said: ’’Hurry and take a look at the madam. What exactly happened?’’

The doctor gave a compliant reply and stood up to walk towards the bed.

Chen shi's situation had improved since earlier, but she still had an exhausted appearance. The color of her face was still quite poor, as waves of nausea would periodically rise up.

The doctor checked her pulse on her wrist. After a while, he said ’’huh’’ then seriously checked for a while. After this, he stood up and asked Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Lord Feng, has the madam eaten anything unclean or poisonous?’’

Once these words came out, everyone suffered a shock. Previously, they had thought that Chen shi was being mischievous. How could a doctor and chefs from the Imperial kitchen poison the people of the Feng family. Now, this doctor asked about poison. What exactly was going on?

Yao shi anxiously asked: ’’Why does doctor ask this?’’

The doctor replied: ’’If it wasn't from poison, then why would she eat a vomit-inducing drug?’’

’’Vomit-inducing?’’ Fen Dai subconsciously asked then looked at Chen shi. Noticing that Chen shi rolled her eyes after hearing the doctor's words, she immediately felt that something was wrong.

Feng Jin Yuan said: ’’Doctor, if you have something to say, please say it clearly.’’

The doctor spoke bluntly: ’’The manor's head madam must have vomited after falling ill, right? That is because the head madam used a vomit-inducing drug. After eating this type of medicine, within half a stick of incense time, the person will vomit. But after everything has been vomited out, everything will be fine. Usually, this is used as emergency detoxification.’’

Mo Bu Fan pondered for a while and took a few steps forward: ’’Minister Feng, this one is unworthy, but this one's medical prowess has been praised by the Emperor. Could it be possible for this one to take a look at the head madam?’’

Hearing Mo Bu Fan say this, Feng Jin Yuan was definitely happy. He quickly stepped aside and allowed him to pass.

Mo Bu Fan walked to Chen shi's side but did not check her wrist. Instead, he reached directly for Chen shi's fat and thick hand.

Feng Zi Hao saw this from the side and could not help but scream: ’’What are you doing? Checking an illness is checking an illness, why are you grabbing my mother's hand?’’

Feng Jin Yuan reprimanded him: ’’Cease this nonsense!’’

And at this time, Mo Bu Fan's voice came over ’’Odd, Minister Feng, please come take a look. Why did the head madam do this?’’


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