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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 100


Chapter 100

Bite Me

Feng Yu Heng had a good understanding. It was the Chen family that fed ideas to that woman. They were helping Chen shi create the conditions for her return to the Feng manor, but it also required her to maintain the act. What she did not know, however, was how many days Chen shi could maintain this attitude after returning to the manor.

’’Master.’’ Ban Zou did not leave and continued: ’’This servant knows that your father has recently met with the third prince Xuan Tian Ye. It should be related to the competition for the throne and the Feng family's stance.’’

Feng Yu Heng frowned: ’’Does Xuan Tian Ming know?’’

Ban Zou nodded: ’’His Highness knows.’’

’’Speaking of, which group is our Highness part of?’’ Feng Yu Heng was a little curious. Xuan Tian Ming currently seemed to have no chance of fighting for the throne, so he had to be supporting or helping someone. The seventh prince? Not very likely.

On this matter, Ban Zou actually shook his head and told her: ’’This servant does not know. His Highness usually only gets along with his Highness the seventh prince, but his Highness the seventh prince has never once stated that he would like to strive for the throne.’’

’’If it's like that, then he is not on a team?’’ Feng Yu Heng was startled. It seemed that she had realized something. She did not want to investigate too deeply on this matter related to Xuan Tian Ming. She trusted that there would be a day that he would tell her personally: ’’It's fine. You can do what you need to do.’’ She waved her hand and dismissed Ban Zou. Ban Zou, however, completely ignored her dismissal. Feng Yu Heng was surprised, ’’Uh... Ban Zou, is there still something else?’’

Ban Zou looked at Feng Yu Heng with an impressed gaze ’’This servant heard that master left the manor when this servant went to Pu Du Nunnery?’’

Feng Yu Heng put her head in her hand, ’’I simply went take a look at Ding An palace.’’

’’But master promised that you would not leave the manor when this servant was not present.’’

’’I didn't leave the capital. What could possibly happen? Continuing, don't I still have Wang Chuan. Furthermore, as your master, I am not so easy to handle!’’ Feng Yu Heng raised her arm and flexed, ’’Look, me taking care of three to four people is not a problem.’’

Ban Zou raised an eyebrow: ’’Is it really not a problem?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and told him: ’’It really is not a problem.’’

’’That's good.’’ Ban Zou immediately disappeared, leaving behind the words: ’’Then this servant will go discuss this with Wang Chuan.’’

’’....’’ Wang Chuan, take care of yourself!

That night, Feng Yu Heng lightly slept for roughly two hours after completing her regular night time training. She found that she could not fall asleep at all, so she got up again. Pondering a little, she decided to practice her martial arts in the garden.

She felt that the reason she was losing sleep was because she had been instigated by Ban Zou. If her body was as physically capable as in her previous life, Ban Zou would not be so worried about her safety. After going back and forth, it was still her who was not strong enough.

With these feelings, Feng Yu Heng practiced a set of military training to quickly improve herself. She heard, in the air, the sound of Ban Zou's reprimanding voice: ’’Master, you are lacking a little qing gong.’’

She sniffled a little, qing gong? That was a little difficult!

When she moved again, she felt that there seemed to be some sort of movement coming from the distance. At first, she was a little surprised and stood in place. Feeling that the movement was coming closer and closer, it came with the wind and rushed straight towards her.

But Ban Zou did not have any sort of reaction. Un, it was more correct to say, he did not have any intention of rushing over to save her. Instead, he laughed then once again fell silent.

Feng Yu Heng let out an ’’oh’’ sound then moved her body, heading directly towards the garden.

Behind her, she heard a ’’hmph’’ as the person behind her also chased after her.

’’No using qing gong!’’ The person in front ran while shouting, ’’If you didn't use it, then you would have lost!’’

The person behind refuted this claim: ’’My legs are not well.’’


Feng Yu Heng felt Xuan Tian Ming was most adept at being shameless! Even if your legs are not well, you were sitting on a wheelchair and using qing gong. You would be faster than a horse-drawn carriage!

That's right, the person that came was precisely Xuan Tian Ming. Before Feng Yu Heng noticed Ban Zou's reaction, she had already determined this fact. Only if Xuan Tian Ming would that smelly Ban Zou not care if she lived or died. Right before he left, he remembered to laugh at her.

Feng Yu Heng felt a playfulness arise, as Xuan Tian Ming began to give chase. She, however, specifically chose to wrap around many corners. Whether it was crevices in the rockery or spaces between shrubs, if it could hinder the passage of a wheelchair, it was a top choice for her.

Xuan Tian Ming fiercely gritted his teeth, ’’You're bullying a handicapped person.’’

’’The one I'm bullying is you!’’ She ran and laughed, ’’If you have the ability, then bite me!’’

The person behind was speechless. Did this girl not know what she was saying? Bite her? What would she do if he really bit her?

Finally, someone began to run out of energy, as their pace gradually slowed. Xuan Tian Ming snorted then rushed forward in his wheelchair and grabbed hold of her, ’’Well, keep running!’’

Feng Yu Heng was so tired that she felt as though her lungs were about to explode, ’’I'm done. I'm done! I haven't exercised for many days, so my physical abilities have not recovered.’’

He had heard previously that this girl would run and bounce around every morning and night. Originally, he had wanted to come and watch her. He had even brought some desserts. Who knew that this girl would still be in the garden so late at night!

’’It's the middle of the night, so why do you not sleep. What weird martial arts are you practicing?’’ He was a little annoyed, so he slapped Feng Yu Heng on the back.

Feng Yu Heng cried out an ’’ah’’ sound, as she wriggled to escape his grasp, ’’Is losing sleep not ok?’’ She stared at Xuan Tian Ming, ’’The hidden guard you gifted me looks down upon me as his master. If I do not practice well for him to see, then I really would be crushed by his gaze.’’

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, ’’You never were as good as Ban Zou.’’

’’That is only in battle.’’ Feng Yu Heng moved her legs, ’’Medical arts have their own specialties. I am not skilled at qing gong, so I naturally can not be compared to him. But if it were a competition in other things, Ban Zou does not seem to be my opponent.’’

Xuan Tian Ming was very interested in these ’’other things’’ and asked her: ’’What are you skilled in?’’ Thinking a little, he said: ’’Oh, medical skills.’’ Feng Yu Heng's medical abilities were very good, this was a point he had to admit.

Who knew that this girl would actually shake her head, ’’Not only that.’’ But she would not say what it was exactly: ’’In the future, you will slowly find out. Immediately giving away the answer to a riddle is too boring.’’ As she said this, she recalled the Ding An palace and could not help but ask: ’’How could you be so vicious? Ding An palace was burned to nothing by you.’’

Xuan Tian Ming gave a noncommittal response: ’’Because they bullied my wife.’’

’’Who is your wife! I haven't married into your family yet!’’ She corrected him, as she could not stop the corners of her lips from raising into a smile. She quickly turned her head, not wanting to let him see, so he would not become too gleeful.

But how could this small change be hidden from Xuan Tian Ming's eyes. Feeling in a bit of a trance, it was as though the two had returned to the mountains in the Northwest when the two had first met. The girl had begun drooling the moment she saw him. She even hid a clever and naughty appearance.

’’Xuan Tian Ming.’’ feng Yu Heng turned her head around, her eyes radiating with vigour, ’’If you are not busy at night, can you sneak out and teach me how to use a whip?’’ She was not very proficient with cold weapons, and she had never thought of learning anything;however, she did feel that Xuan Tian Ming was very cool when he whipped people. ’’When I have learned it well, bring me along when you go to whip people. Let's whip them together, how does that sound?’’

Xuan Tian Ming felt this suggestion was very good, thus he handed his whip to Feng Yu Heng. Pushing his wheelchair, he moved behind her and began to demonstrate while telling her: ’’The most basic whip techniques include entangling, striking, sweeping and tossing. After you have become proficient in these basics, you can begin putting them together. Furthermore, you can alternate between left and right hands. Once you begin doing it, a vigorous wind will blow, and that is also quite spectacular.’’

Feng Yu Heng expressed her agreement: ’’Not only is it spectacular, the most important thing is that this is easy to carry. Its concealment is a strength, as is its striking power. It is very useful.’’

He helplessly asked her: ’’After you have learned this, what are you planning to do on the battlefield?’’

Feng yu Heng very seriously replied: ’’Just protecting against what if.’’

Very well! He felt this girl's thoughts were pretty good sometimes, but... ideals were lofty, but reality was a bit appalling...

’’Uh... save me! Xuan Tian Ming, quickly! Quickly help me untie this. I can't breathe!’’ This girl had whipped the whip once and had managed to strangle herself.

He laughed at her: ’’How about you stick to throwing rocks.’’

As the two fooled around, Feng Yu Heng managed to roughly learn the basics. Xuan Tian Ming really admired this girl's ability to learn. This girl's talent was not an average level. Thinking back to when he had learned to use this whip, the basic movements took him nearly three days to remember. Feng Yu Heng, however, could accomplish this in under one night. This made him unable to avoid sighing.

The two agreed to meet in the garden every night to practice martial arts. Xuan Tian Ming looked around and discovered that although it was now Autumn, there were still plenty of insects in the courtyard. He could not help but propose: ’’How about I bring you to Yu Palace's martial art's field?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: ’’Dates should be the boy coming to find the girl. What would it be if I went to chase after you.’’

’’Ah?’’ He was stunned, ’’Date?’’ Damned girl, this was considered a date?

But thinking about it, this was the case. Meeting in the middle of the night. If this wasn't a date, what was it?

Thus, Xuan Tian Ming also raised the corners of his mouth into a handsome smile, ’’Good, then I will come to find you.’’

When she awoke, she found that she had slept through morning training and paying respects to the matriarch.

When she woke up, it was almost noon. She could not help but complain to Wang Chuan: ’’Why did you not wake me up earlier?’’

Wang Chuan helplessly waved her hands: ’’This servant tried to wake you, but you would not wake up.’’

Very well! She put her head in her hand. It seemed that she was dreaming the entire morning. The dream was filled with Xuan Tian Ming saying ’’Good, then I will come to find you.’’ It would be odd if she could wake up.

’’Young miss will eat lunch now, after having woken up, right.’’ Wang Chuan helped her tidy her sheets. Chen shi would return to the manor the next day. She still had to take care of the family feast.

’’That's right.’’ Feng Yu Heng had just remembered this matter, ’’How troublesome.’’ She felt that Feng Chen Yu's tricks to harm people were a little stale. Could she not hurry it along and get it done with? It would have helped if she had called for assassins to fight against her. Why did she want to cause trouble by making her make food.

There was nothing she could do, since she had already agreed to do it. After tidying herself up properly, Feng Yu Heng brought Wang Chuan to the manor's main kitchen to take a look around. Originally, the servants in the kitchen, under Chen shi, were exceedingly cold towards Feng Yu Heng, but ever since Prince Yu delivered the betrothal gifts, Feng Yu Heng's position in the eyes of the servants was no lower than Chen Yu's.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng come personally, the servants stood neatly, with the leader greeting her first then saying: ’’It was heard yesterday that second young miss would personally come to handle the banquet for tomorrow. Second young miss, do not worry. These servants will definitely listen to second young miss to take care of the food and drinks.’’

’’You will all listen to me?’’ Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow.

’’We will all listen to second young miss.’’

’’Good, then you may all leave! The further from the kitchen the better.’’


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