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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 96


Chapter 96: Boss of the Delta Building (1)

First, he opened the silver box that he had obtained from the skeleton lord.

[Return Teleport]

It was a magic skill.

'Oh! Teleportation?'

He finally got another magic skill after Dark Transparency. He immediately opened the book and various bizarre letters entered his head.

[Return Teleport has been learnt.]

[Return Teleport]

-You can move to pre-specified return points.

-20 black magic energy will be consumed.

-Return Point 0/10

-The return point can only be assigned within your territory.

-You can be accompanied by two people and it can't be used in some areas, including the Bloody Battlefield. Moving to another dimension is impossible.

'I wonder if this can be used in reality.'

The most important thing when learning a skill was whether it could be applied in reality.

It said that the skill couldn't be used in some areas, including the Bloody Battlefield.

He didn't know if reality fell into that area.

'I won't know until I use it myself.'

If this was possible in reality, it would be very convenient if he set Yugang building as a return point.

Of course, he could fly quickly these days.

Still, people always desired things that could make their lives a little more comfortable.

It would be fantastic if the restrictions on space disappeared.

For example, if he bought a building in Jeju Island or Hawaii and specify it as a return point, he could go for a stroll on the beach every morning.

'Shall I return to reality after opening the golden box?'

He wondered what would be inside it.

Kang-jun opened the golden treasure box with excitement.

[The Skeleton Lord's Heart has been acquired.]

[Skeleton Lord's Heart]

-Rating: Legend

-Can enhance the defense of an armour

-Increases physical defense significantly when mounted on an armour.

’’Yes! Heart!’’

Luckily, a heart came out.

But he couldn't help looking at the options.

'It is for enhancing armour, not a skill.'

What would happen if he attached it to the Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour?

It was a legend ranked armour with powerful physical defense. There would be a tremendous surge in his defense.

Was it the reason behind the skeleton lord's defense earlier?

'This is worrying.'

If he gave it to Heksia, it would surely be broken as part of the sacrifice.

Getting rid of it would be a waste.

However, he couldn't be stingy if he wanted to acquire Commander Heksia. He could get hearts if he kept hunting lord level monsters.

Just when Kang-jun was worried about the heart...

Chu chu chu.

There was a light from the portal and someone appeared.

It was a commander with an enchanting appearance and mysterious pink wings.

He hadn't expected that Heksia would come through the portal.

’’Lucan! Congratulations. A base was constructed... Ah, that is?’’

She heard about the base and came to the Bloody Battlefield to congratulate him. Then she saw the thing Kang-jun was holding in her hand.

’’That is a heart right?’’

’’It is the Skeleton Lord's Heart. I just opened the box and received it.’’

’’Ah! It really is a heart. You have incredibly good luck.’’

Heksia was shocked and looked at Kang-jun abruptly.

Her eyes shone as brightly as a lantern.

Kang-jun laughed bitterly.

In this situation, he couldn't not give Heksia the heart.

If he didn't, it might be impossible to acquire her as a household member after this.

’’Take it.’’

Kang-jun extended the heart. Heksia was surprised.

’’Are you really giving this to me?’’

’’Of course. Go ahead and take it.’’

Heksia took the heart and exclaimed.

’’Ah! It is a pure heart that has never been mounted.’’

’’It is a new one that I just received from a box.’’

’’This really isn't easy to obtain. You might regret it later.’’

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’No matter how rare a heart is, it isn't as rare as Heksia. For me, you are a million times more important.’’

It was better to give a pleasant speech than to hand it over begrudgingly.

In fact, his words were quite serious.

Heksis was a presence that couldn't be matched by a mere monster drop.

Of course, his words were slightly exaggerated.

However, the words left a great impression on Heksia.

Her eyes flowed with determination as she watched Kang-jun.

’’I didn't know that you cherished me that much. Then I'll keep my promise.’’

She immediately kneeled down in front of Kang-jun and said,

’’Sovereign Lucan! From now on, I will serve you, Lord. Can you please take me into your household?’’

She spoke with honorifics and her attitude toward Kang-jun was filled with politeness.

Kang-jun smiled with dignity.

’’Of course, Heksia. From now on, you will be part of Lucan's household.’’

’’I will dedicate my entire loyalty to Lord.’’

With those words, Heksia kissed Kang-jun's right hand.


Kang-jun stroked Heksia's head like he did to Queen Melinad.

’’I look forward to your work in the future, Heksia.’’

It was a reflexive behaviour.

Heksia made a strange expression but soon smiled happily.

’’I was attracted to something about you from the first moment I saw you. In the end, I will join your household.’’

[The demon, Heksia, has joined your household.]

[Heksia will become your faithful subordinate in Hwanmong.]

Heksia was a demon.

He had already guessed but it somehow felt new. Following Sud, he had become the lord of another demon.

It was at that time...

[The demon Heksia is the boss of the Delta building.]

[You have acquired the Delta building.]

[Heksia and the wolf tribe lycanthropes will automatically join your camp.]

[5,000 advanced bloody lycanthrope warriors have become your subordinates.]

[300 advanced bloody lycanthrope shamans have become your subordinates.]

[Heksia's seductive succubus species will automatically join your camp.]

[200 advanced succubus healers have become your subordinates.]

Kang-jun's eyes widened with surprise and his mouth dropped open.

What was this?

It didn't make sense for a moment.

The Delta building!

Kang-jun had known that it was a high-rise building with over 40 floors.

Heksia was the boss of a famous building worth close to one trillion won.

Of course, she wasn't the actual owner of the Delta building, just the ruler in Hwanmong.

Thus, she had a huge force under her.

Despite being a commander, she had always appeared alone.

He had never thought she would have a large force of 5,500 troops.

Along with the messages that the subordinates joined, images of their appearance passed in front of Kang-jun like a video.

The advanced bloody lycanthrope warriors.

The advanced bloody lycanthrope shamans.

Blood red fur - they were monsters with the body of a human and the head of a wolf as well as terrible combat power.

Advanced succubus healers. 200 healers with excellent beauty.

If any of them randomly joined a girl group, they would be assigned the idol position of a visual. They had the power to enchant the enemy and steal the enemy's minds. However, they used their magic similar to a healing spell on their allies.

200 advanced healers with exceptional abilities had become Kang-jun's subordinates.


No other word could describe it.

There was an old saying about the first vine pumpkin that represented his situation.

She was one of the commanders of Earth Hwanmong, so this type of power might be natural.

’’Tell me if you need anything, Heksia.’’

Seuk seuk.

Kang-jun said while stroking Heksia's head. Her eyes shook and she said,

’’If you can afford it, please delegate one good building to me. I feel like my subordinates are stationed in desolate occupied territories.’’

’’Don't worry. If it is a building, it isn't hard for me to buy one.’’

If he was a transcendent, he might not need a building. However, Kang-jun wasn't a transcendent yet.

Until that time, he would collect money and buy buildings like normal.

If he invested the nodes into his territories, then he would be able to build various facilities and expand the territories.

’’I can't keep my precious subordinates stationed in remote territories. Just wait a few days, Heksia.’’

’’Thank you, Lord. Then I will return to my army.’’

’’Good work.’’

Although she became Kang-jun's subordinate, she had to remain the 439th commander until the war against the Second Demon King ended.

'Then I suppose I should return now.'

Kang-jun then left and was rewarded for today's achievements.

He had a huge 4,102 achievement points.

Killing the skeleton lord had gotten him 600 points while establishing Lucan's base had given him 3,000 points.

The remaining achievements were gained from the skeleton warriors and defending the base.

'Huhu, my level will climb again.'

[You have gained great achievements today on the Bloody Battlefield.]

[Building Lucan's base and giving the Defense Army an advantage against the Second Demon King Colladikus deserves a reward.]

[Your level has increased by seven.]

[Charisma has risen by two.]

He gained seven levels and became Lv58 at once.


There were many achievements today.

More than 4,000 points!

Maybe it would rise even more. As his level rose, more achievements were required.

The abilities of all his household members, including Hayun, rose.

There was a message that Sud's inventory spaces had increased to 200. Heksia had just became a member of his household and her abilities also increased.

The taxes obtained increased and the probability of finding rare items rose.

Then he saw something unusual.

There was something separate at the bottom of the status window.

[Achievements Compensation]

[6,994 cash points are available.]

[The exchange rate per point is ₩9,800,000]

[The exchange rate may rise or fall depending on the performance of other sovereigns.]

That reminded him he had received a cash compensation of 10 million won per achievement point during the first evaluation period.

That was the 4.6 billion won that had been sent to the Skia.

After that, he hadn't received any cash compensation for his achievements.

'If I convert all of it into cash, it is 9,800,000 won per point.'

It was 200,000 won lower than before.

It was proof that the other sovereigns had put in a lot of effort. It meant there were more people who received compensation and less people who were punished.

If so, the exchange rate was likely to fall in the future.

'Switch all!'

Kang-jun turned the 6,994 points into cash.

Then a new message appeared.

[You have switched all your reward points to 68,541,200,000 won.]

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

[Your time in the world of Hwanmong is over.]


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