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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 94


Chapter 94: Base Defense (1)

’’Kuooooh! You dare!’’

The skeleton lord jumped up immediately after falling. He still had a threatening attitude.

However, he was staggering, so he must have suffered serious damage from the previous Heavenly Cut.

'Heavenly Cut! Heavenly Cut!'

Kang-jun immediately followed up with more attacks.

In order to conserve his chaos power, he refrained from using Will to Fight.

The power was strong but he felt bitter because 1,000 essences flew away at once.

Still, he was able to drive back the skeleton lord because to it.

Pak! Paak!

The magic defense of the armour was dissipated and the skeleton lord started receiving damage.


The skull of the skeleton lord cracked.

’’Kuooooh! You will see soon.’’

The skeleton lord started to flee.


Kang-jun was dumbfounded. He had never seen a lord level monster fleeing before.

The skeleton lord was also very fast.

'There is no way.'

Meanwhile, Mission 16 floated in front of him. It was ridiculous to fail a mission because the enemy ran away.



As Kang-jun tried to chase, the skeletons stood in his path and stopped him. When the skeleton lord called, many of his subordinates appeared.

The skeleton lord intended to run far away while Kang-jun faced his men.

However, a flash of light emerged from Kang-jun's sword and spread in every direction.

Flash! Kwajik! Kwajijijik!

It was his wide area skill, Heavenly Unyielding Slash.

The skeleton warriors literally turned to dust.

Kang-jun moved through the wreckage of the skeleton warriors and followed the skeleton lord.


Kang-jun's sword struck the head of a skeleton lord.


The skull of the skeleton lord caved in. His body shook and he fell down.


That was the end. His body turned into black smoke and scattered.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[10,102 nodes have been gained.]

[157 small moonstones have been acquired.]

[60 large moonstones have been acquired.]

[You have earned 600 red moon achievement points.]

[42 Essence of Darkness have been acquired.]

[The skeleton lord's silver box has been acquired.]

[The skeleton lord's golden box has been acquired.]

[Mission 16 has been accomplished.]

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.]

[17,000 nodes have been given as compensation.]

[120 large moonstones have been given as compensation.]

The messages popped up continuously.

Of course, the most pleasant thing was the level up.

Including the mission reward, he gained three levels and reached Lv.50.

Now, a lord level monster only increased his level by two. It was because more experience was required every time Kang-jun's level increased.

Fortunately, his level could rise further through missions.

That wasn't all. He also earned 600 red moon achievement points, so he would be rewarded with one more level later.

This was the charm of the Bloody Battlefield.

It was at that moment...

Kang-jun suddenly felt strange. A strong aura exploded inside his body.

'What is this great energy?'

To his surprise, the energy fell silent after a moment.

At the same time, a message popped up.

[Your war ability has increased to advanced level.]

[Reaching advanced warfare has increased charisma by one.]

[Reaching advanced warfare has increased good luck by one.]

After reaching Lv50, his war ability advanced from intermediate to advanced.

Lv.50 (Exp 00.00%)

[War] Advanced

Health: 6170/6170.

Black Magic Energy: 5830/5830

Strength: 54 (+5)

Agility: 55 (+5)

Intelligence: 51

Good Luck: 10

Charisma: 18 (+4)

Thanks to that, his charisma and good luck stats both rose by one.

However, that wasn't the end.

[The efficiency of black magic energy has risen.]

[The amount of black magic energy consumed by Heavenly Cut has decreased by 20 points.]

[The amount of black magic energy consumed by Heavenly Unyielding Slash has decreased by 40 points.]

[The efficiency of chaos power has risen.]

[The chaos power consumed when reviving a clone is reduced to 800 points.]

[The chaos power consumed by Will to Fight is reduced to 800 points.]

Consumption of black magic energy had decreased.

That alone was encouraging but chaos power consumption also reduced.


Kang-jun was especially welcome to the reduction in consumption of chaos power.

Even so, he still needed 800 chaos power if he wanted to use Will to Fight.

It was burdensome to use it and should only be a last resort.

However, the huge jackpot wasn't over.

As his level rose, Heaven's Blood Sword Style did as well!

This caused him to learn a new skill.

[The energy of the heavens is nestled in the flow of the sword, so there is no need to fear the flow...]

[The skill Heavenly Flow has been learnt.]

[Heavenly Flow]

-A strong sword will scatter the magic attack.

-The higher our intelligence, the greater the power.

-Can be used with a sword.

-Consumes 40 black magic energy.

-Restrictions: Intelligence: 51

It was a magic defense skill.

It was better to avoid magic attacks but sometimes that wasn't possible.

In the meantime, he had endured using the magic defense of the Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour but he didn't need to do that anymore.

It was possible to scatter magic using Heavenly Flow.

'The first skill that relies on intelligence.'

If he had high intelligence, not strength and agility, then he could block more magic attacks.

He currently had 51 intelligence points.

It was fortunate that he could reach the lowest level of Heavenly Flow.

'The skill is the greatest jackpot today. It is better than seeing my level rise.'

He always thought that magic attacks were tough.

In the future, there was no need to be afraid of magic attacks anymore.

'Then shall I open the boxes?'

The skeleton lord had dropped two boxes.

One silver and one gold box.

The happiest moment since destroying the monster had come.

It was at that moment...

[As your war ability reaches advanced level, you are qualified to build a base on the Bloody Battlefield.]

[20 charisma]

[Stage 4 wings]

[Advanced war capabilities]

[Only sovereigns who meet all of the requirements above can build a base on the battlefield.]

What was this?

'Build a base?'

When he read the explanation, Kang-jun barely met the requirements.

[This is a suitable place to build a base.]

[If you build a base that can be used as a strategic base for the Defense Army, your achievements will greatly increase.

[Would you like to build a base? Yes/No]

[One Dimensional Piece will be consumed.]

Fortunately, he had one Dimensional Piece.

It was what the demon Sud found in the Aok.


Although a Dimensional Piece was rare, he shouldn't hesitate when building a base would greatly increase his achievements.

Moreover, allies could use it as a strategic base, so it would be a great help against the Second Demon King.

[Sovereign Lucan is constructing a base. 1%]

[One Dimensional Piece has been consumed.]

The place where Kang-jun was standing shone with a red light.

What would appear?

A gem spread red light in every direction like a wave.

Chu chu chu chu.

A huge magic circle started to form around him.

The radius of the magic circle was 50 metres.

It was similar to the Defense Army's magic circle but smaller.

[Lucan's base has been completed.]

'Is it done?'

The inside of the magic circle was empty except for the portal near the gem.

[You have built an outpost on the Bloody Battlefield that will become a strategic base for Earth Hwanmong's Defense Army.]

[3,000 red moon achievement points have been gained.]

A message immediately appeared.

He appreciated that he received 3,000 achievement points, but was creating a magic circle that great?

At the same time, a group of people poured out of the portal in the magic circle.

The 1st commander, Binhaim, and the 2nd commander, Madun.

After that, troops of the Earth Hwanmong Defense Arm poured out.

’’Oh! Unbelievable!’’

Binhaim's expression was tinged with amazement. He watched Lucan with amazement.

’’Commander Lucan! Did you build this base?’’

’’That's right.’’

Kang-jun nodded and Binhaim said with a tumultuous expression.

’’It is true that a sovereign can build a base on the Bloody Battlefield if their power rises. A special ability given only to sovereigns! It is surprising that you have already reached that level.’’

’’Is building a base here that great?’’

Binhaim smiled.

’’Of course, it is great. Spatial movement isn't possible in the Bloody Battlefield but it is possible to move to the base here. That alone is enough to make it a strategic hub.’’

Kang-jun's base was the only place on the Bloody Battlefield that they could move spatially to.

’’As time passes, an environment favourable to our allies will be established around the base. The enemy's combat power will decrease while our allies' will increase. Therefore, the enemy can't approach.’’

’’I see.’’

Kang-jun had a rough understanding of Binhaim's reaction.

It wasn't simply a protective circle. It was an outpost that the Earth Hwanmong Defense Army would be centred around.

Binhaim looked around and said,

’’Therefore, it is clear that the Second Demon King will try and destroy this base. A massive engagement is coming.’’

’’Then I will add some strength.’’

’’Lucan! I will be looking forward to your performance. Hrmm! I see that the enemy is already coming.’’

It was like he said.

A massive number of creatures were flocking towards the base.

Furthermore, there were two demon shaped beings with huge horns in the sky.

'They are?'

Kang-jun's heart sank at the sight of them. It wasn't as strong as the Second Demon King Colladikus, but they gave off a scary atmosphere.

'Are they the supreme commanders under the Second Demon King?'

Kang-jun heard that there were four top commanders under the Second Demon King. One of them died and there were only three demons left. Of those three, two of them had appeared here.

However, there were already such beings at the base.

The 3rd Commander Ligas.

He gave off a bloody atmosphere after the demons appeared. The mysterious 3rd commander appeared through the portal and stared at the demons with a bitter expression.

He didn't forget to turn his head and say some words toward Kang-jun.

’’Lucan, you did a great job. If we defend here today, the powers of the Second Demon King will shrink.’’

At that time, a person that looked to be in his 40s appeared.

The other commanders, including Binhaim, bowed at his appearance.

He was the 12th commander, Rainkar.

Kang-jun felt relieved after seeing him.

Rainkar was the strongest person on Earth Hwanmong. Therefore, they could protect the base even if the Second Demon King appeared.

Rainkar shouted as he looked over them.

’’Due to the great thing that happened today, the balance that had been tightly maintained with the Second Demon King has started to change. Of course, it is extremely beneficial to our side. Therefore, today we have to protect Lucan's base no matter what.’’


All individual missions on the Bloody Battlefield were stopped and there was an order to protect Lucan's base.

Agnus and the other sovereigns appeared at the portal and looked around.

At that moment, Rainkar walked toward Kang-jun.


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