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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 92


Chapter 92: Will to Fight (1)

[Health has risen by 2,000 points.]

[Black magic energy has risen by 2,000 points.]


It was finally a success. Surprisingly, this time his health and black magic energy were increased by 2,000 points.

However, that wasn't all.

[You have awakened the Will to Fight.]

[When Will to Fight is activated, the energy of chaos will enter your skills.]

[A skill with chaotic power will ignore the opponent's defense and deal damage.]


Kang-jun was surprised.

Will to Fight was a power that ignored the opponent's defense!

This meant that if defense was displayed in numbers, his opponent's defense would be zero at that moment.

In that state, he would be able to inflict huge damage if he unleashed a powerful skill like Heavenly Cut.

'This is a jackpot.'

It was an ability that consumed 24,000 essences.

However, it was worth every essence.

[This does not apply if the skill is blocked or missed.]

[1,000 points of chaos power will be consumed every time it is cast.]

The skill only applied when the opponent was hit.

If the opponent avoided or blocked the skill, it wouldn't work!

Furthermore, it consumed 1,000 chaos power every time, so Kang-jun couldn't abuse it.

-Chaos power needed to upgrade to Stage 5: 3000/32000

His chaos power had been filled up to 3,000 points.

Although it should be kept to strengthen the wings, the chaos power allowed him to use Will to Fight three times if he encountered a formidable foe.

'By the way, it is just the beginning of Stage 5.'

32,000 chaos power were required, so he needed 2,134 pieces of moonstones.

What would happen if he collected all of it and failed?

2,134 moonstones would fly away at once.

Then he would find out exactly what it meant to have a mental breakdown.

However, Kang-jun was determined to strengthen his wings as soon as he saw his status window.

Lv.47 (Exp 00.00%)

[War] Intermediate

Health: 6110/6110.

Black Magic Energy: 5780/5780

The wings increased his attack power and gave various abilities but the rise in health and black magic energy were the most impressive.

'My health is over 6,000 points.'

If he fought the ratian lord again, he wouldn't need to be afraid of dying.

Additionally, his black magic energy was at a level where he didn't to worry about using Heavenly Cut and Heavenly Unyielding Slash.

This was all due to the upgrade of the wings.

This was only Stage 4, so Stage 5 or 6 would exceed his imagination.

Therefore, although it would be hard, he had to try and collect enough moonstones to strengthen it.

He shouldn't think of failure.

If he thought about it in advance, he would have to give up everything for the upgrade.

After looking at the status window, he saw two boxes in the inventory below it.

'That reminds me, I still have the boxes.'

[Ratian Lord's Silver Box]

[Ratian Lord's Golden Treasure Box]

He didn't have time to open it after the ratian lord dropped it.

'What is inside?'

The happiest moment in Hwanmong was probably when his level rose.

Of course, he was happier now that his wings level was rising.

Additionally, it was similar to the joy he felt when the abilities of his household members rose.

Now was the time to enjoy the rewards.

'First is the silver box.'

Kang-jun left the delicious food for later and opened the silver box first.

[The Guardian's Heavy Armour has been acquired.]

[Guardian's Heavy Armour]

-Rating: Hero

-The Guardian's Heavy Armour greatly increases physical defense when equipped and slightly increases magic defense.

-Equipped area: Whole body

-20 inventory spaces.

-Wearer Restriction: Strength 18, Agility 15

Hero grade equipment.

'Equipment came from the silver box.'

He wanted knowledge or skills, so he felt regret for some reason.

Moreover, it was unnecessary for Kang-jun who already had the Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour.

'I'll give it to my clone.'

If it was possible, he wanted to equip legend ranked equipment on his clone. However, that wasn't easy, so he decided to give the clone hero ranked armour.

He immediately summoned the clone and equipped the Guardian's Heavy Armour.

It was yellow armour. The shine made it look quite flashy.

He was in a good mood after seeing the shine on his equipment.

Kang-jun smiled.

’’Go back - summon release!’’

The clone entered his wings again.

'Next is the golden treasure box!'

In the meantime, other lords had dropped golden treasure boxes and legend ranked items came out with almost no exceptions.

'A heart or Aok Key! Please have one of these two come out.'

Kang-jun took a deep breath and opened the box.

[Shining Scroll]

However, this time, a scroll emerged unexpectedly.

'A scroll?'

He opened it and all types of strange characters were sucked into his head.

[Advanced ratian knowledge has been acquired.]

It was knowledge.

[Your attack power against the ratians has increased by 30%.]

[When a ratian is defeated, the probability of acquiring items will increased by 15%.]

It didn't just apply to the ratians but the entire ratian clan.

To his surprise, he gained advanced knowledge of one species.

It was a scroll from a golden treasure box, so it wasn't an ordinary knowledge scroll.

[You can summon ratian flying soldiers at the barracks.]

[Ratian Flying Soldier]

-Resources: 300 nodes, 1 Essence of Earth, 1 Essence of Wind

-It is possible to summon if you have 4 charisma points

'Ratian flying soldiers?'

They were the flying ratians that he'd met a few days ago.

Although Kang-jun easily took care of them, their combat power was several times stronger than the giant ratian warriors. Above all, they could fly, so it was possible to secure air superiority.

That wasn't the end.

[You can summon ratian rangers at the barracks.]

[You can summon giant ratian greatsword warriors at the barracks.]

[Ratian Ranger]

-Resources: 240 nodes, 1 Essence of Earth, 1 Essence of Wind

-It is possible to summon if you have 4 charisma points

[Giant Ratian Greatsword Warrior]

-Resources: 280 nodes, 2 Essence of Earth

-It is possible to summon if you have 4 charisma points

Ratian rangers and giant ratian greatsword warriors!

He could guess easily the power they'd have by the amount of resources required to summon them.

’’Lord! Did you obtain advanced ratian knowledge?’’

Keirun ran into the warehouse.

His expression was excited.

This was because the information about the troops that could be summoned was immediately sent to the military adviser.

Kang-jun laughed bitterly.

’’I thought a legend ranked item would come out from the box but it was only knowledge.’’

Keirun grinned.

’’Advanced knowledge about a species is harder to find than legend ranked items. Summoning advanced troop is possible and the power of your allies will be several times stronger.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’I thought about buying a few buildings, so it is great. Sooner or later, we will own a territory than is several times larger than it is now.’’

’’Huhu, then I will build some barracks.’’

Keirun had an earnest expression.

’’And we need some Essence of Wind.’’

’’I will save it soon.’’

Currently, Kang-jun only saved two types of essences.

1,211 Essence of Earth.

509 Essence of Darkness.

The Essence of Wind had been converted to chaos power.

In the future, it would be better to leave a few hundred of each essences in case this happened again.

’’I will use the Essence of Earth to awaken the giant ratian warriors as giant ratian greatsword warriors.’’

’’Is that possible?’’

’’Of course. Only the additional resources are consumed.’’

There were sufficient nodes and essences, so there was no reason to hesitate.

After a while, Kang-jun visited the 439th Army Headquarters.

He wanted to see Commander Heksia before going to the Bloody Battlefield.

Of course, he didn't come to see her face.

Today's purpose was to let her know that Kang-jun was still interested in her. Of course, it was interest as a sovereign.

Heksia was in the palace.

The periodic evaluation was over, so the expressions of their sovereigns were completely different from last time.

Among them, Avia smiled proudly at Kang-jun.

’’Welcome, Commander Lucan.’’

’’Have you been doing well? You seem to be in a great mood.’’

’’My level has gone up.’’


’’Hoho! Thank you.’’

After Kang-jun left, she had defeated Hardis and Zenith and become the total sovereign of the 439th Army. It was due to the gap caused by participating in the reinforcements mission with Kang-jun.

Therefore, her eyes were filled with confidence and full of favour toward Kang-jun.

Most of the other sovereigns were also favourable toward Kang-jun.

Last time, Kang-jun sold them three or four moonstones and it was a little bit of help in their assessment.

However, Heksia was startled when she saw Kang-jun.

'I can't believe it. How did he become some strong in the meantime?'

The atmosphere coming from Kang-jun was unbelievable.

It was so formidable that it couldn't just be due to a rise in level!

'There's no doubt about it. He upgraded his wings!'

Heksia moved the sovereigns to the battlefield and returned to Kang-jun.

’’What brings you here today? If you're here to talk about what I think you're talking about, just go back.’’

Kang-jun smiled.

’’I came to greet you for a moment before going to the Bloody Battlefield. It isn't just due to the offer.’’

Kang-jun didn't deny that he was interested in Heksia joining his household.

At that moment, the small smile on Heksia's face disappeared.

’’You seem to have become quite strong in the meantime. Your aura has changed.’’

’’There has been some progress, but I am still far from strong.’’

’’Show me your wings.’’


Kang-jun spread open the Wings of Chaos.

As his wings spread out, a glowing light emerged from them.

However, the light changed to darkness and then an enchanting pink. This kept repeating.

The same was true for the shape. Its form wasn't constant and kept changing.

’’Great. What stage is it now?’’

’’Stage 4.’’

Heksia was astonished.

’’It is already Stage 4? No way! What was the probability of failure?’’

’’I failed twice.’’

Heksia's expression stiffened.

’’Just two times? So, it only took three times?’’

’’Only? 16,000 essences flew away. My luck was really bad.’’

However, Heksia's expression distorted even more.

She flopped down on the ground with a blank expression and pulled something out of her pocket.


A cigarette. The shape was similar to a cigar.

Kang-jun was shocked by Heksia suddenly pulling out the cigarette. He thought she would congratulate him on strengthening the wings, but she was smoking?


She had a frown on her face and seemed slightly gloomy.


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