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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 87


Chapter 87: The Bloody Battlefield (2)

'These are Aoks. There are Aoks everywhere.'

While flying behind Rainkar, Kang-jun saw lights sparkling all over the Bloody Battlefield.

The lights were Aoks.

He had finally found the space prisons.

The problem was that all the Aoks were surrounded by fearsome monsters. Therefore, if he approached one, he would die before he could even open it.

He decided to remember as many locations as possible.

Then Rainkar stopped flying and looked down.

’’Those guys over there are good. It is hard to protect you if I deal with the demon king.’’

He then suddenly said,

’’You don't need to fight. I will take care of all the monsters, so watch how I fight.’’

After saying those words, Rainkar flew down to the forest where demon shaped monsters with blue horns were gathered.



Then the monsters started rushing over.

Although Rainkar, the mighty commander of the Earth Hwanmong Defense Army appeared, they attacked without any hesitation.

Rainkar's sword moved lightly.


The dozens of monsters in the front literally turned to powder and disappeared.

[121 nodes have been gained.]

[127 nodes have been gained.]

[Rainkar has acquired the Essence of Darkness.]

[176 nodes have been gained.]

[Lucan has acquired a large moonstone.]

[Andras has acquired one advanced health potion.]

[119 nodes have been gained.]

Money poured in endlessly while the items were distributed to party members in sequential order.

'This is great.'

More than 100 nodes were received every time a monster was killed.

In addition, essences came pouring in. There was also a large moonstone! Luckily, Kang-jun was the one who received the moonstone.

Flash! Su-pak!



The monsters continued to fall.

Then the monsters scattered and a huge demon-shaped monster appeared.

It was a demon shaped monster with blue horn.

The monster was Lapus, one of the Second Demon King's commanders.

’’Kukuku! Rainkar came here!’’

Lapus didn't shrink away despite knowing Rainkar's identity. As a servant of the Second Demon King, he immediately waved a huge sword.

Hwaruru! Kwa kwang!

Every time the sword moved, flames poured in that direction.

The ground split apart and the forest burned.

Kwa kwang! Hwaruru! Ku kwa kwa kang!

Rainkar didn't fight back, he just received Lapus' attacks coldly. Some would think that Rainkar was being pushed back.

However, Kang-jun quickly recognized that Rainkar was purposely on the defensive. Why did he continue to defend despite being able to win?

'He is trying to teach us.'

Rainkar was teaching Kang-jun and the others how to be careful and to defend during fighting.

However, as always, he didn't give a detailed explanation. They had to realize if for themselves!

Therefore, Kang-jun focused on watching Rainkar's battle. He didn't miss even one small movement.

On the other hand, Andras and the others were anxious as they saw small and large monsters heading towards them.

The monsters were low levelled for Rainkar. However, they were unbelievably strong for Andras and the others.

The sovereigns immediately prepared to fight.

Despite that, Kang-jun only focused his attention in the battle between Rainkar and Lapus.

In fact, this was a type of courage.

Rainkar had told them not to worry.

Just like Rainkar said, he occasionally swept away all the monsters while fighting Lapus.

However, Andras and the others were still uneasy and kept watching their surroundings. Monsters approached within 10 metres, so it was natural to be uneasy.


Rainkar then swung his sword again and the monsters turned into dust.

At the same time, Lapus staggered and blood poured from his chest.

’’Kuooooh! H-how vexing.’’

Rainkar just stared nonchalantly as Lapus turned into smoke.

[6,201 nodes have been gained.]

[Rainkar has acquired Storm Sword (Hero).]

[Lucan has acquired a large moonstone.]

[Andras has acquired Storm Shield (Hero).]

[Damas has acquired one Essence of Darkness.]

[Angus has acquired Storm Bracelet (Hero).]

The items dropped by Lapus!

Hero grade items came pouring in. They were one grade higher than rare rank and one grade below legend rank.

If this was a game, hero grade items would be rolled with a dice. However, Rainkar decided to roll only for legend grade items.

Thus, the items came in sequential order.

Unfortunately, Kang-jun only received a large moonstone.

Despite not being legend grade, he still felt regret at not receiving any hero grade items.

It was at that moment...

[Lapus's golden treasure box has been acquired.]

[Lapus's golden treasure box has been acquired.]

Two shining boxes appeared in the place where Lapus disappeared.

'Oh! Golden boxes.'

There was no way Kang-jun couldn't recognize the boxes.

He had opened a golden treasure box in the past and received the legend ranked heart and Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour.

'Legend grade items will unconditionally come out from those boxes.'

Even Rainkar smiled at the sight of the golden boxes.

’’It is nice that he gave me two golden boxes.’’

Then Rainkar said towards Kang-jun and the others,

’’It is natural for me to have it but as I said earlier, I will give you the chance to win these items. Of course, you will have to get the highest number when throwing the dice.’’

Everyone swallowed their saliva. If they threw the dice well then they could receive huge items.

’’Then I will open them one by one.’’

Rainkar opened one golden box.

[Rainkar has opened Lapus' golden treasure box.]

[Lapus' Heart (Legend) has come out.]


Kang-jun's eyes widened. Unlike Kang-jun, Andras and the others didn't know what the heart was.

They just wanted it because it was legend grade.

Additionally, Rainkar was also interested in the heart.

’’Once the dice is rolled, you will get a number between 1 and 100. Then, I will start.’’

[Rainkar rolled the dice and 92 has come out.]

This! 92! Everyone's complexion changed. On the other hand, Rainkar smiled with satisfaction.

’’I tried to share but it seems like the dice doesn't allow it. But don't be disappointed. There are eight higher numbers. Now, try your luck.’’

Then Andras rolled the dice.

[Andras rolled the dice and 1 has come out.]

[Damas rolled the dice and 86 has come out.]

[Agnus rolled the dice and 77 has come out.]

[Fade rolled the dice and 93 has come out.]

Kang-jun hadn't rolled the dice yet but they thought it was likely that Fade would receive the heart.

’’Ugh! Why did one come out? One!’’

Andras grabbed his hair and screamed while Fade laughed as he threw a 93.


On the other hand, Rainkar frowned. He felt a regretful for losing the heart.

’’Today, there is a lucky person. By the way, why hasn't Lucan thrown the dice yet?’’

’’I am going to throw it now.’’

Kang-jun exclaimed before throwing the dice. He prayed that a 94 or higher would come out.

'Please! Heart!'

[Lucan rolled the dice and 94 has come out.]

[Lucan has acquired Lapus' Heart (Legend).]


Kang-jun cheered.


Fade flopped down while Rainkar laughed.

’’There is another lucky guy. Anyway, you got something good, so use it well.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Kang-jun looked at the information of the heart after receiving it.

[Lapus' Heart]

-Rating: Legend

-Can enhance the power of a skill.

-Greatly increases physical attack skills.

Kang-jun immediately mounted Lapus' Heart on Heavenly Unyielding Slash

[Lapus' Heart has been mounted on Heavenly Unyielding Slash, strengthening its power.]

[The physical damage of Heavenly Unyielding Slash has increased significantly.]


Now he had a heart mounted on both special moves. While Kang-jun was doing that, Rainkar opened another box.

Rainkar has opened Lapus' golden treasure box.]

[Aok Key (Legend) has come out.]


A legend ranked item that could open the space prison.

Kang-jun had one, so he was well aware of its uses.

'I have to get it.'

It might be unreasonable after just receiving the heart, but he desired the Aok Key. It was better to have more keys.

On the other hand, Rainkar's expression became determined. It was because an Aok Key was more necessary to him than a monster's heart.

'This is rarer than the heart, dammit! I shouldn't have opened my mouth. Now, I have to rely on luck.'

He was the greatest fighter in Earth Hwanmong, so he couldn't go back on his words.

Moreover, taking things back didn't fit his personality. He glanced at Kang-jun.

’’Lucan, roll first this time.’’


Everybody agreed with Rainkar. They thought that Lucan received a high number before he threw the dice last.

'Please! The key!'

Just like Kang-jun did with the heart, he prayed eagerly and threw the dice.

[Lucan rolled the dice and 100 has come out.]


Kang-jun cheered but he celebrated quietly.

Everybody's face hardened. The atmosphere was bad.

Kang-jun tried to maintain a calm expression as much as possible.

[Rainkar rolled the dice and 98 has come out.]

[Andras rolled the dice and 3 has come out.]

[Damas rolled the dice and 43 has come out.]

[Agnus rolled the dice and 87 has come out.]

[Fade rolled the dice and 80 has come out.]

Rainkar was upset.

'I got 98.'

Sometime, commanders fought in parties.

Even then, they used dice to roll for items over legend grade.

By the way, 98 were the best he had ever rolled. His record before today was 97.

However, what was this? Someone got 100.

Then there was someone who wasn't so lucky.

’’Aaaah! This time, it was a three? Three!’’

Andras disliked the dice.

'Crazy! Why is it always Lucan?'

His stomach hurt.

It was the same for Damas and the others.

They would have preferred if the dice hadn't been rolled and Rainkar had received both items.

Kang-jun received the Aok Key.

[Aok Key]

-Rating: Legend

-Can open the space prison.

-It is possible to use it three times.

This meant Kang-jun was able to open six Aoks.

He knew the locations of some Aoks, so he decided to open them sooner or later. The Aoks were surrounded by monsters, so he needed to raise his skills first.

’’We should go back now. This is the extent that you can travel on the Bloody Battlefield.’’

Rainkar flew up and Kang-jun followed him immediately.

At that moment...


A laugh seemed to shake the earth and sky. Their surroundings became static, like time had stopped.

All creatures nearby stopped moving and even the blazing lava subsided.

A great presence appeared in front of Rainkar.

It was a handsome youth riding a bird with red feathers.

His appearance looked human, but he gave off a presence that was beyond imagination.

Who was he?

Kang-jun suddenly felt like the laughter was vaguely familiar.

It was the same laughter he'd heard when the red moon first appeared in Hwanmong. Not long ago, he had also heard it from the person controlling the ghoul lord.

'Perhaps, the Second Demon King?'

Rainkar stiffened with tension.

Rainkar gazed at Kang-jun and said,

’’This is a highly unexpected situation. You will die if you remain here. Get as far away from here as possible. Don't look back. If possible, go back to the place with the magic circle.’’


There was no time to hesitate. Kang-jun immediately flew away from the Second Demon King. Andras and the others followed hurriedly behind him.


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