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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 86


Chapter 86: The Bloody Battlefield (1)

Once they died, that was the end. Yet, four sovereigns still chose to go to the Bloody Battlefield.

It was amazing.

If they decided to follow Binhaim, they would have to deal with the subordinates of the Second Demon King. They could also revive again through the resurrection gem.

However, the Bloody Battlefield didn't have a resurrection gem.

Just like in reality, death was the end.

Nevertheless, why did they want to risk their lives?

He was different from sovereigns who had gold spoons. Kang-jun had come up desperately from the bottom, so risking his life had become a habit.

'Maybe they started from the bottom like me?'

That might be the case.

If they had many things in reality, it wouldn't be easy to choose the Bloody Battlefield, no matter how fast they would grow.

’’What will you do?’’

Rainkar asked again. Kang-jun nodded immediately.

’’I will choose the Bloody Battlefield.’’

If all the other sovereigns had followed Binhaim, Kang-jun might have hesitated a little bit.

He could become strong enough through Binhaim's way, so there was no need to choose a dangerous route.

However, what if Kang-jun didn't choose the Bloody Battlefield and Andras survived until the end?

Kang-jun might have to give up his number one spot.

It wasn't just a matter of ranking but survival as well. The existence of a stronger sovereign would bring a serious crisis to Kang-jun after the red moon was over.

Thus, Kang-jun chose to live.

He couldn't be pushed in the competition among sovereigns.

’’Follow me. We are going to the Bloody Battlefield.’’

Rainkar moved to a magic circle.


Light from the magic circle covered his body and he disappeared.

Andras flinched at the sight.

Teleportation to the Bloody Battlefield!

They were just going without any explanation?


Then Kang-jun stepped onto the magic circle and disappeared.

Andras became determined after seeing Kang-jun step in with no hesitation.

'Doesn't he have any fear?'

In fact, Andras wouldn't normally have chosen the Bloody Battlefield. He wanted to become stronger in a place where resurrection was possible if he died.

However, he couldn't do that when there was someone above him.

'Lucan! I can never be safe as long as he is above me. In order to jump over over, I have to go to the Bloody Battlefield.'

This was the reason. If it hadn't been for Lucan, he wouldn't have chosen the Bloody Battlefield.

It was the same for Damas, Agnus and Fade.

They are also afraid of death. However, they were more afraid of having someone above them.

It was because they would eventually be hunted by him. They chose the Bloody Battlefield to become stronger, even if it meant risking death.

They would survive and become the best. That was their wish.

Chuuot! Chuuuot!

Andras disappeared into the circle after Kang-jun and Damas, Agnus and Fade followed silently.

After a few moments, they arrived on the Bloody Battlefield.

Unlike the name that implied a field of blood, the Bloody Battlefield was a place where mysterious weather was unfolding.

The sky was covered with purple clouds and mysterious plants formed forests everywhere.

On the ground where Kang-jun was standing, a huge magic circle was spread out over a radius of 100 metres with a red gem in the middle.

There were hundreds of thousands of different types of species.

There were some creatures performing their duties in the magic circle and they bowed politely when they saw Rainkar.

However, they didn't pay any attention to Kang-jun.

Rainkar said,

’’The Bloody Battlefield is in a niche dimension. It is also a gate that can allow someone to enter Earth from another dimension. Therefore, if this place is left open, Hwanmong will be destroyed.’’

If the gate opened, that meant all the commanders had died and Hwanmong would fall apart. It would be disastrous for Earth.

’’This place is protecting the real Earth where you live. So, while you are here, don't try to interfere with each other and become colleagues. You will be too busy dealing with the enemies to keep each other in check.’’

’’I understand.’’

Kang-jun nodded.


It was at that time that someone suddenly ran into the circle in a bloody state.

’’Kuheheok! Heok! Heok!’’

It was a face he had seen somewhere before.

A commander who looked like a demon.

It was the 3rd commander Ligas.

Yet he entered in such a horrible state.

’’Kuooh! D-dammit! I was stuck with the Second Demon King. I nearly died.’’

Ligas shook his head. Listening to his words, it seemed like he had a fight with the Second Demon King, Colladikus.

Chu chu chu chu.

Meanwhile, a light from the red gem in the middle of the circle flowed over Ligas' body - his injuries started to heal quickly.

After a while, he was restored to his original appearance.

Then he saw Rainkar and approached.

’’You came?’’

Rainkar nodded.

’’What has happened today?’’

’’I had almost killed Keldiak when the Second Demon King appeared. The Second Demon King is in a furious state due to the death of Medes.’’

There were four great people who could be called the strongest subordinates of the Second Demon King.

One of them was Medes.

However, Medes died a while ago. He was killed by the 7th commander of Earth Hwanmong, Tesiarus.

Tesiarus, however, also died from a fatal injury on his way back. It was from another one of the Second Demon King's four great subordinates, Kadiana.

Rainkar sighed.

’’It is truly a pity that Tesiarus died. At that time, if some of the other 12 commanders had helped, he would still be here now.’’

’’I also think that. I couldn't afford to fight both Keldiak and the Second Demon King but the others stalled despite being able to help.’’

Keldiak was also one of the Second Demon King's four great subordinates.

Ligas sighed with exasperation while Rainkar nodded.

’’They are watching us. They are hoping we will disappear while fighting against the Second Demon King.’’

They were the beings with the strongest combat power in Earth Hwanmong.

The 3rd commander, Ligas, the 7th commander, Tesiarus, and the 12th commander, Rainkar.

All of them were commanders with Wings of Chaos and were, therefore, the targets of other commanders.

In the end, the 7th commander, Tesiarus, died and Lucan received the Wings of Chaos.

’’So, Ligas, you should be aware.’’

’’Kukuku, don't worry. I have survived worse places than this.’’

Ligas laughed before turning his gaze toward Kang-jun.

’’He is?’’

’’i respectfully greet the 3rd commander, Ligas.’’

Kang-jun politely said. Ligas then folded his arms and asked,

’’How unexpected. You chose the Bloody Battlefield. Lucan, why did you come to the Bloody Battlefield?’’

’’In order to be strong.’’

’’Kukuk! This isn't the place to become strong. Before getting stronger, it is better to learn how to survive.’’

Ligas said before disappearing somewhere.

Then Rainkar said to Kang-jun and the others,

’’You might have just seen it, but entering their magic circle means you can keep your lives. It is because your wounds will be recovered. However, there is no resurrection. So, even if you are defeated by the enemy, don't die. When it comes to your body, throw it towards this place.’’

Everyone nodded. Rainkar continued,

’’Today is the first time, so you will be moving with me. One battle is better than one hundred explanations about what the Bloody Battlefield is like.’’

Rainkar laughed.

’’However, you are all commanders, so I won't pay attention if you die. After all, there will be many sovereigns to fill your place if you do die.’’

Kang-jun and the others stiffened. They already knew that, but it didn't feel good hearing it.

At that time, an unusual message appeared in front of them.

[The 12th commander, Rainkar, of the Earth Hwanmong Defense Army has requested to form a party with you.]

[Would you like to accept? Yes/No]

What was this? Party. A party similar to those in games?

It wasn't just Kang-jun, but Andras and the other sovereigns also looked awkwardly at the message.

Rainkar frowned and said,

’’There is no need to think strangely. I just did it this way to avoid annoying explanations. Don't hesitate and accept quickly.’’


[You have joined Commander Rainkar's party.]

[Commander Lucan has joined the party.]

The messages stating that Andras and everyone else had joined the party emerged.

[Commander Rainkar has changed the distribution of items to sequential acquisition.]

[However, items legend grade and above will be determined by a dice.]

’’Legend grade and above items will be distributed with a dice roll, while items below that will be done with sequential acquisition. You should know what this means. Is there anyone who doesn't know?’’


’’I know.’’

Sequential acquisition meant that every time an item came out, the party members would receive it in turn.

In other words, Rainkar would receive it first, then Lucan, then Andras and so on.

However, in the case of legend grade items, the player who rolled the highest number would receive it.

Kang-jun was familiar with this. Anyone who joined a party in a game would know it.

'However, why is he doing this? Does he mean to hunt in a party with us?'

He only found out about item allocation after coming to the Bloody Battlefield.

’’Today is the first day, so you can receive items without any contribution. Of course, this good fortune won't come twice. After this, no one will show kindness to you.’’

’’Thank you very much.’’

’’Thank you, Commander.’’

He would allow everyone to take the items.

Rainkar said in a blunt tone,

’’From now on, maintain your mental state and follow me. You would do well to remember the terrain. It is impossible to have a portal here, so it is very important to memorize the terrain.’’

Rainkar warned before departing.

’’Also, don't forget to fly low. You will suffer terribly if you rise above the clouds on your wings.’’

He seemed to be saying that they would die if they flew above the clouds. Kang-jun and the others nodded with a nervous expression.

Rainkar flew up and started moving. Kang-jun followed him. Rainkar flew slowly so that Kang-jun and the others could keep up.

After passing through dozens of forests, fierce fighting could be seen taking place everywhere.

There were fearsome looking creatures. He could see monsters like ghouls and vampires.

There were also army commanders and warriors from Hwanmong fighting.

Rainkar passed over them without any hesitation. There were many bloody monsters flying in the sky but they all avoided Rainkar.

Where were they going?

Even more horrible creatures could be seen.

The terrain became more difficult. There were areas of boiling lava and intense storms. The climate had changed.

Seeing demon monsters everywhere, it really felt like they were flying over hell.

'Ohh! What the hell am I doing here?'

'Shit! Hell is stretching out in front of us.'

Andras, Damas and the others started feeling sick. They started regretting going to the Bloody Battlefield.

However, unlike them, Kang-jun's eyes were shining.

[An Aok has been found.]

[An Aok has been found.]


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