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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Wings Strengthening (2)

The amount of 30 million won was five million higher than Han Yeon-soo's offer.

If he disposed of the moonstones at this price, he could earn 54 billion.

However, Kang-jun shook his head with a frown.

’’I'm sorry but I don't intend to do so.’’

’’Ah, then it can't be helped.’’

Ruel had a sad expression but Kang-jun then muttered unknowingly,

’’If you give me essences, then... I don't know.’’


His words entered Ruel's ear and her eyes shook as she spoke.

’’Do you mean essences such as the Essence of Fire or Essence of Water? If it's those essences, then I have some. Will you really sell moonstones for essences?’’


Kang-jun made an embarrassed expression. He needed essences to strengthen his wings, so he had spoken unknowingly.

However, he couldn't help feeling embarrassed when seeing Ruel's expectant face.

Even so, he couldn't exchange moonstones for just one or two essences.

However, Kang-jun's eyes widened as he heard Ruel's next words.

’’If you sell me three moonstones, I can give you all of my Essence of Fire. I think I have 40 right now?’’

Ruel possessed five buildings and had approximately 30 billion won in assets. Although her attack power wasn't high, she collected many essences from the mines.

Particularly, there was a fire mine in her territory, so the Essence of Fire came out well.

Thanks to that, she had around 40 essences.

Kang-jun smiled.

’’No, that isn't enough. I will sell you three moonstones for 30 million won each as well as the essences.’’

Earlier, the dimensional merchant was selling one Essence of Fire for three moonstones.

Even if he had increased the price by two or three times, it implied that an Essence of Fire was worth one moonstone.

Now, Ruel was offering 40 Essence of Fire for three moonstones.

This was indeed an incredible deal. He also received cash. Additionally, it was more than the price offered by the Black Dragon Law Firm.

'Why didn't I think about this sooner?'

Kang-jun smiled widely.

That's right.

It wasn't difficult to obtain various essences because the rich sovereigns owned many territories. Even if it wasn't a large number, there was a high possibility that everybody had dozens of them.

Conversely, moonstones were very hard to get. Therefore, they were willing to trade essences for moonstones.

Moonstones were more important than essences because with them, they could avoid punishment or have points for resurrection.

Ruel instantly returned to her base, sent the Essence of Fire to Kang-jun's base through a transportation order and returned to headquarters.

[Sovereign Ruel has sent 40 Essence of Fire to your base.]

The transfer was instant between the bases. In the meantime, he wasn't interested in these functions since he had nothing to do with other sovereigns.

[40 Essence of Fire have been stored in your warehouse.]

After confirming the message, Kang-jun immediately took three moonstones from his inventory and handed it to Ruel. She jumped with joy.

’’Thank you, Lucan. Once I return to reality, I will send 90 million won to your account. Let me know your account number.’’

’’Send it through the Black Dragon Law Firm. It is better for them to handle it.’’

’’Yes, that would be good.’’

Ruel left with an excited expression. Then the other sovereigns, who had been watching from afar, ran toward Kang-jun.

’’Will you really give moonstones for essences?’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’Of course.’’

He shouted loudly so that all the sovereigns could hear.

’’If you send me various essences, I will sell you moonstones for 30 million won. I don't care who the person is, so please don't hesitate. The essence type doesn't matter. I will trade three moonstones for every 40 essences.’’

In fact, it was a tremendous transaction even if he didn't accept cash. One moonstone could be traded for 13 essences.

However, Kang-jun also received cash.

The exchange value was determined by Kang-jun but the other sovereigns consented.

Kang-jun had put a lot of effort into obtaining the moonstones, so he had to receive an appropriate price.

He had become a commander and received wings, so the essences from other sovereigns were essential right now.

Although essences were used to summon troops, it was possible to collect more in the future as most of the sovereigns had several mines. Additionally, 30 million won wasn't a burden for those who were born with golden spoons.

This deal was good for everyone.

Kang-jun added something.

’’In reference to the deal, I won't enter into hostile relationships with sovereigns who keep their end of the bargain.’’

The sovereigns were lining up to do business with Kang-jun and once Kang-jun said that he wouldn't enter a hostile relationship after making the deal, they became more frantic.


’’Haha, I have many essences.’’

’’I want to make a deal.’’

In fact, most of them were wary about having a hostile relationship with Kang-jun.

It was the same for Hardis. Even if he was hostile, he wasn't even a match.

The first ranked sovereign in Earth Hwanmong. Now that he had become a commander, it was impossible to survive if they turned Kang-jun into their enemy.

So, Kang-jun's words made him feel relieved. However, he couldn't bear to make himself stand in the line.

It was the same for Zenith.

Hardis and Zenith couldn't go forward due to pride.

Furthermore, unlike the other sovereigns, they didn't need moonstones.

Therefore, they just watched as the other sovereigns did business with Kang-jun.

’’I have 38 Essence of Earth, 12 Essence of Wind and 10 Essence of Fire.’’

’’I can trade four moonstones.’’

’’I have 30 Essence of Darkness.’’

’’I can trade two moonstones.’’

Kang-jun finished his business with the sovereigns. After finishing the deals with 30 sovereigns, 102 moonstones disappeared.

He now had 1,300 essences piled up in his warehouse.

In reality, 3.06 billion won in cash would enter his account.

At that moment, Heksia entered headquarters and saw Kang-jun.

’’Lucan is here. Congratulations on becoming a commander. Did you get the Wings of Chaos?’’

’’Thank you. Your advanced notice was a great help.’’

Kang-jun smiled at her. Grania, the commander of the 438th Army, was also behind Heksia.

’’Hoho! Lucan! I really congratulate you.’’

’’I expected it, but it is still great.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Then Kang-jun said to them,

’’That went well. I have something to say.’’

’’What do you want to say?’’

’’Tell us.’’

’’It is a bit difficult. so let's move to a quiet place.’’

Heksia shook her head.

’’There is no need to move. It will be quiet after a while. Wait until they go to the battlefield.’’

Heksia led the sovereigns and moved somewhere else. Only Kang-jun and Grania remained at headquarters. She asked,

’’Now that it is quiet, speak.’’

Kang-jun gave her an intense stare and declared.

’’Grania! Have you ever thought of joining my household?’’

He didn't mess around and went straight to the conclusion - that was Kang-jun's personality.

Grania stared at him with a bemused expression.

’’Bah! You must be looking down on me after becoming a commander.’’

This! It was a failure. Kang-jun mourned inwardly. Then Heksia reappeared.

’’What? What is with this atmosphere?’’

Grania stared at Kang-jun and asked again,

’’Answer me. Are you making fun of me?’’

’’This isn't a joke but something you need.’’

’’Something I need?’’

’’Of course. I will be a great power for you.’’

’’I'm sorry but I don't need your strength. Bah! Bah! Bah! Don't make me laugh.’’

Grania snorted angrily and left.

Heksia looked after her with a fascinated expression.

’’What? Did you just ask Grania to join your household?’’

Kang-jun sighed and nodded.

’’But I failed.’’

’’Failure. Grania has a habit of getting angry if she likes it.’’


’’Ask her again the next time you see her. She might grudgingly accept. Of course, she might react angrily once more.’’

It was an unexpected fact, then maybe it wasn't a failure.

Kang-jun smiled at her.

’’Thank you. I would have been greatly disappointed if it wasn't for your words.’’

’’There is no need to thank me.’’

Heksia then stared at Kang-jun with an offended expression.

’’But why didn't you ask me? Am I not worth it?’’

Kang-jun turned red and said,

’’I was just about to. Heksia, would you like to join my household?’’

’’Bah! That won't happen. It absolutely won't happen. I don't like being under someone else. Look elsewhere.’’

Heksia continued to laugh. It seemed like she was making an angry face on purpose.

’’I see. I understand. Then you might change your mind the next time you come back.’’

Heksia might also have an odd habit of having a temper tantrum. Anyway, Kang-jun would come back at the next opportunity.

A messenger scroll had arrived at headquarters for Kang-jun, but he had something to do before that.

'I need to strengthen my wings quickly.'

Combined with his original essences, he had close to 1,500.

Most of them were Essence of Earth and Essence of Wind.

After that, there were many Essence of Fire, Essence of Water, Essence of Abundance, Essence of Enchantment, followed by Essence of Darkness and Essence of Light.

That meant the last two were rare.

So, he set aside the rare ones and filled his Chaos Power using the relatively common essences. It didn't matter because if it wasn't the Essence of Chaos, every essence gave one point.

[459 points of Chaos Power have been obtained.]

[429 points of Chaos Power have been obtained.]

[128 points of Chaos Power have been obtained.]

The conversion of Chaos Power was done in bulk by specifying numbers, rather than having to do it one at a time.

-Chaos Power needed to upgrade to Stage 2: 1000/1000

He was able to fill his Chaos Power in an instant.


At that moment, his wings shone with a brilliant light.

[The Wings of Chaos have been strengthened to Stage 2.]

[Your damage has increased greatly.]

[Health has risen by 1,000 points.]

[Black magic energy has risen by 1,000 points.]

[You have awakened the Will of Survival.]

[Once your health drops below 30%, Will of Survival will automatically activate.]

[Your physical and magic defense will increase significantly when Will of Survival is activated.]

Numerous messages appeared.

The Wings of Chaos were strengthened to Stage 2 and an ability was added.

Wings of Chaos (Stage 2)

-Rating: Myth

-Wings with a chaotic will.

-Free flight is possible.

-Health +2000, Black Magic Energy +2000.

-As the stage rises, attack power will increase significantly.

-Resistance to all properties will increase greatly.

-Will of Survival will activate automatically when health drops below 30%.

-Starting from Stage 2, a unique skill will be gained at every stage.

-Chaos Power needed to upgrade to Stage 2: 0/2000

'I have Will of Survival.'

It was a type of passive skill that appeared at Stage 2.

His physical and magic defense would increase significantly. Therefore, he wouldn't die easily.

Additionally, his health and black magic energy had increased again.

Health: 2970/2970.

Black Magic Energy: 2700/2700

As a result, his health and black magic energy couldn't be compared to before.

'Huhu, I won't be able to die even if I want to.'

He felt an energy overflowing from him.

'Stage 3 requires 2,000 Chaos Power.'

If so, he would try it when he had more than 2,000 essences.

After a while, Kang-jun moved to the Defense Army's headquarters. The 1st commander, Binhaim, and the 12th commander, Rainkar, were waiting.

’’You came, Sovereign Lucan. From now on, you must enter the red moon battlefield as a commander.’’

’’Where am I going?’’

’’It depends on your choice. Your career will be completely different according to your will.’’

’’What are the choices?’’

Binhaim replied,

’’There are two. One, fight with the sovereigns in the manner that you have previously fought. Two, fight on the Bloody Battlefield.’’

The Bloody Battlefield? Wasn't that the place where it was the end once someone died?

Binhaim continued,

’’If you prefer the first way, then follow me. However, if you choose the second one, follow Rainkar.’’

Andras and the other sovereigns were already waiting.

Andras, Damas, Agnus and Fade were behind Rainkar. They chose to go to the Bloody Battlefield.

The others chose Binhaim and now, only Kang-jun's decision was left.

Rainkar then looked at Kang-jun and said,

’’I will just say one thing. The Bloody Battlefield is dangerous but it can be the fastest method of growth. I believe that you will understand this.’’


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