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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 83


Chapter 83: Becoming a Commander (2)

Binhaim sighed with a little bit of regret. He tried to conceal it but there was envy in his eyes. Based on the shape, he had the Wings of Light.

From the 1st to 12th Army, the only commanders who had Wings of Chaos were the 3rd commander, Ligas, and the 12th commander, Rainkar.

Ligas was a commander that had the terrifying appearance of a devil.

’’Your decision is the Wings of Chaos? If you choose now, there is no turning back.’’

’’I've decided. I will choose the Wings of Chaos.’’

’’These wings originally belonged to the commander of the 7th Army. He died and now you will have his wings.’’

One of the commanders that had been killed this time was the 7th commander. Binhaim spoke with a solemn expression.

’’Now, turn around. I will give you the Wings of Chaos. These wings will not only be your strength in Hwanmong but also in the world you belong to and all other worlds.’’

Kang-jun turned around and Binhaim placed the mysterious, shining Wings of Chaos on Kang-jun's shoulders.

The wings shone with a transparent light that appeared like a halo behind Kang-jun, giving him a mysterious atmosphere.

[Those who transcend will meet the wall of chaos. If you grow beyond the wall of chaos...]

[If you want to know the will of chaos waiting in the wings, upgrade it.]

The contents about transcendence and chaos made Kang-jun's head confused.

[You have worn the Wings of Chaos.]

[The wings can't be dismounted but it is possible to hide the wings.]

[Health has risen by 1,000 points.]

[Black magic energy has risen by 1,000 points.]

His health and black magic energy increased greatly due to the wings.

It wasn't simply a numerical increase.

At the same time, Kang-jun felt an unknown vigor enter his body.

A strong vitality.

Now, he had obtained a vitality that wouldn't die.

As it continued, Andras chose the Wings of Light, Agnus - the Wings of Fire and Damas - the Wings of Darkness.

It was the same for the later sovereigns.

They also heard from their commanders that they should choose the Wings of Chaos. Once Kang-jun chose it, they picked wings that fit their needs.

Once the 10 sovereign chose wings that were a symbol of strength, Binhaim said with a smile,

’’Now, you have become a commander. However, we haven't decided where to put you yet. The next time you come to Hwanmong, you will be able to choose.’’

He continued,

’’Now that you have become commanders, your public evaluations will be completed differently from other sovereigns. For that reason, your achievements during this period of time will be rewarded immediately.’’

At the end of his words, a message appeared in front of Kang-jun.

[You have become a commander of Earth Hwanmong's defense forces.]

[Charisma has increased by two.]

[Good Luck has increased by two.]

Becoming a commander increased his charisma and good luck by two points.

However, that wasn't the end.

[As a reward for becoming a commander, 500 red moon achievement points will be given.]

[You currently have 2,350 achievement points.]

[This will be adjusted to 100 achievement points.]

[Your achievement points are reduced by 2,250 points.]

[As a reward for the reduced achievement points, the effect of your charisma has greatly increased the abilities of your household members.]

[Your level has increased by five.]

[Charisma has increased by two.]

Lv.40 (Exp 00.00%)

[War] Intermediate

Health: 1970/1970.

Black Magic Energy: 1700/1700

Strength: 44 (+5)

Agility: 45 (+5)

Intelligence: 41

Good Luck: 9

Charisma: 16 (+4)

Kang-jun rose to level 40 all at once.

His mental state could barely keep up with the rewards. Still, something like this was always welcome.

[Hayun's abilities have risen.]

[Keirun's abilities have risen.]


The abilities of all his household members, including Hayun, rose again. It was always a pleasure to have the attack power of his subordinates increase.

There was a prominent message among them.

[Melinad's abilities have risen.]

Naga Queen Melinad, who had just become a member of Kang-jun's household, had her abilities increased.

'Melinad has become stronger?'

Melinad was already at a level where she could trouble two commanders. An increase in her attack power was a welcome thing for Kang-jun.

Additionally, the probability of obtaining rare items in areas such as the mines, lakes and grasslands increased.

[Black magic energy will no longer be consumed when you enter Hwanmong.]

There was a new addition.

Now, 100 points of black magic energy would no longer be consumed when the door to Hwanmong opened. His maximum black magic energy had increased significantly but it was still 100 points.

In the meantime, the intensity in Andras' and the other sovereigns' eyes increased due to their growth.

’’Then, you should go back to your world.’’

Binhaim spoke in a light tone. Before he knew it, the surrounding space distorted.

[The door to Hwanmong is closed.]

He opened his eyes.

’’You woke up.’’

A gentle light gleamed in Hayun's smiling eyes.

There was a mysterious halo around her.

She had looked completely like a ghost when he first saw her. Now, she felt like an angel.

She had originally been an advanced ghost. As her ability continued to rise, she felt as fresh as an angel. Maybe one day but not now.

It would be good for Kang-jun if her abilities continued to increase.

'Her face has become more beautiful.'

The other members had their abilities strengthened but their appearances hadn't changed as much as Hayun.

Did it only apply to women?

If so, Queen Melinad would become even more beautiful. If he entered Hwanmong, he would naturally find out.

Kang-jun would welcome it if it had really happened.

Then Kang-jun had an unfortunate thought.

'It is too bad. If Heksia and Grania were already in my household, my abilities would increase.'

It was really important for their abilities to rise.

He had 20 charisma, so he decided to try it the next time he met them. There was no guarantee that they would accept, but he had to try it.

At that time, Hayun let out a sound of surprise when she looked at Kang-jun.


Kang-jun asked,

’’Why is your expression like that?’’

’’You have changed a lot during the night. Something huge can be felt from you.’’

’’I have become a commander- or maybe it is due to the wings.’’


Kang-jun shrugged and unfolded his wings.


Then a mysterious, glittering pair of wings spread out behind Kang-jun.

’’Wah! How wonderful!’’

Hayun shouted. Kang-jun admired his reflection in the mirror.

’’It is real even in reality.’’

Binhaim had said it. He said that the wings would be present in Hwanmong and all other worlds.

So, he had been hoping the wings could be unfolded in reality.

It was also possible to fly. He floated slightly in the air. It wasn't uncomfortable but felt natural.

That's right. Now was the time to fly.

Kang-jun was able to fight on the ground and in the sky.

He had seen Heksia and other lord level monsters doing so.

The problem was that it would cause a frenzy in reality. He wouldn't be able to fly without having people concentrate their gazes on him.

'That's right. Can't I become transparent?'

Kang-jun instantly used Dark Transparency.


His appearance then turned transparent. However, there was no surprise in Hayun's eyes. Kang-jun smiled.

’’I'll go out and fly for a while. I need to look at the performance of the wings.’’

’’Then I'll go with you.’’

Hayun also turned into a transparent state.

’’You can fly?’’

’’Yes, although it isn't fast.’’

She was a ghost, so limited flight was possible. Kang-jun opened a window and flew out.


He was above the clouds in an instant.


Kang-jun was amazed by the power of the wings.

He was moving like a bird.

Neither mana nor black magic was consumed.

He didn't even feel any resistance as he flew freely.

’’Let's go together.’’

Hayun whined from below. After a while, she finally arrived at the place where Kang-jun was.

’’That's too much. Why did you go so fast by yourself?’’

Kang-jun smiled.

’’It was my first time flying, so I couldn't control the speed. Now, I'll go slowly.’’


After flying over Seoul for a while, Kang-jun returned to the Yugang building.

'Huhu, I don't need to waste time driving around in the future.'

Due to the transparent state, he wasn't visible to anyone and it would shorten his movement time.

As a result, Kang-jun was able to solve almost 100 cases of evil spirit possession.

However, the experience from the evil spirits wasn't that high.

Still, he hunted them diligently as they still dropped japtem and moonstones.

Then it was time to enter Hwanmong again.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

He arrived at the base of Yugang building where Keirun, Melinad, Rodiam, Germuz and Kajel were waiting.

’’Is everyone well?’’

Kang-jun smiled as he spread out the Wings of Chaos and everyone replied with a resounding ’’Yes’’.

’’Congratulations on becoming a commander, Lord. Now that you have obtained the Wings of Chaos, Lord is surely the strongest of all the sovereign in this world.’’

’’I sincerely mean it, Lord. I am proud that you are my master.’’


Everyone had already known Kang-jun had become a commander. Kang-jun smiled.

’’Thank you.’’

Looking at the changes in his subordinates, he was able to fully appreciate their rise in abilities.

As expected, Melinad's appearance had become more dazzling. Additionally, the look in her eyes she had toward Kang-jun had changed.

It was full of respect.

Perhaps it was due to his charisma. Kang-jun's 20 points of charisma was enough to make Melinad's chest beat.

Then Keirun said,

’’Lord, do you know how to upgrade your wings?’’

’’I was wondering about that. It says that Chaos Power is required? However, it didn't fill up no matter how many evil spirits I killed.

Keirun immediately replied,

’’Chaos Power can be increased if there is Essence of Chaos. However, it is extremely difficult to obtain Essence of Chaos. The Essence of Chaos is the rarest among all essences.’’

’’Then it won't be easy to upgrade my wings.’’

Keirun just smiled.

’’That's not it. In fact, the Wings of Chaos is actually the easier one to upgrade.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

’’Unlike other wings, the Wings of Chaos can absorb the essence of all attributes. Therefore, you can raise Chaos Power by absorbing the Essence of Wind, Essence of Earth and Essence of Darkness. Of course, the amount is small compared to the Essence of Chaos.’’

’’Oh! Really?’’

He then decided to try it straight away as there were miscellaneous items already piled up in the base warehouse.


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