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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 82


Chapter 82: Becoming a Commander (1)

The dueling method was the same as before.

All 10 people would duel once with each other. Victory gave two points while defeat caused one point to be deducted. There would be a total of nine duels and the victory points would determine the rankings.

However, there was no time limit for the duel. It would continue until the opponent was defeated.

Kang-jun's first opponent was Sovereign Fade.

He looked to be in his mid-30s, a Chinese person. His height was approximately 190cm. He looked imposing and reminded Kang-jun of Guan Yu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

’’Lucan, you were the best in the first duels but now it will be different. The one who smiles last will be the winner!’’

Fade was ranked 5th in the main duel and had been defeated by Andras, Damas and Agnus.

However, after the last two hours, he had gained enlightenment and showed confidence in winning against the 1st ranked Kang-jun.

’’If you are confident, come on.’’

Kang-jun raised his sword.


Then Fade sank into his thoughts.

'Strange. Why is he showing such a loose posture?'

Kang-jun had so many gaps, he couldn't figure out how to attack.


Fade hesitated, so Kang-jun stepped forward.

’’Then I will attack first.’’

Kang-jun's posture instantly changed. All his gaps had disappeared.


His sword flew with him. It was an ordinary strike but the momentum behind it felt like it could split apart a mountain.

'Block the weapon!'

Fade blocked it hurriedly.


An advanced weapons blocking skill - through the teachings, this skill reached a new level.

Not only was it a perfect defense, he could also counterattack and deal a fatal blow to the opponent.


There was a ringing sound as Fade's sword ripped through the space like a storm.

Swiik! Papapat!

It was a formidable momentum that seemed like it could crush anything in its path.

However, Kang-jun silently evaded the attack and proceeded to cut Fade's neck.



Fade's head rolled to the ground.

The second sovereign was Damas. He was a Japanese warrior who used two swords of different lengths.

Damas, who had won against Allamo, showed his confidence in winning against Kang-jun.

’’Be prepared.’’

Damas rushed forward like the wind. He narrowed the distance in an instant like a flying arrow.

Kakang! Puhak!

At that moment, Kang-jun rushed forward and brandished his sword. Damas' swords were blocked and he was struck at the same time.


Damas sank down. He was bleeding from a half-cut neck.

The third opponent was Sovereign Agnus.

She also gained new enlightenment as a battle magician. Originally, her skills had a long casting time, but now she had a teleportation skill called Blink.

Its casting speed was extremely short. It was advantageous when fighting enemies that used warrior-type melee attacks. She could maintain a distance and use attack magic.

’’Bah! This time will be different, Lucan!’’

She still had the memory of being defeated in the first duel, so Agnus' gaze towards Kang-jun was filled with poison.

Hwaruk! Hwaruruk!

She immediately launched attack magic and a series of flames flew from her staff.

As Kang-jun approached, Agnus used Blink to get away.

Hwiing! Hwing!

This time she made arrows of wind. The strength was slightly lower but the casting time was shorter than fire magic. The so-called moving shot was possible, so her speed didn't decrease.

However, it was powerless against one of Kang-jun's skills.

'Heavenly Unyielding Slash!'

It was a wide area skill that could be used at a reasonable distance.

Flash! Paaaat!

Since the damage dealt to individuals was less than Heavenly Cut, it would be less powerful against warriors like Damas and Andras.


However, it was fatal to Agnus who had weak defense. She quickly used Blink to avoid it, but she had already received some damage.


She collapsed.

Next was Andras.

He was in second place after the primary duels. As soon as the battle began, Andras ran forward like he had been waiting.

Swiik! Supapak!

Kang-jun's sword pushed the shield back.

However, unlike before, Andras'posture wasn't disturbed. He was perfectly harmonized with his shield. Furthermore, his psychological flaws weren't exposed anymore.

His combat power had doubled.

However, Kang-jun thought it was easier to face Andras compared to before. It was because Andras' balance broke whenever he tried to attack.

Sukeok! Chwack! Chwack!

Kang-jun's sword cut off Andras' right wrist, followed by a slice to his chest and neck.


Andras collapsed but his eyes were still glaring.

Kang-jun's winning streak continued on.

He used Dark Transparency to confuse the opponent in addition to his other skills to achieve victory.

Before he knew it, he had eight victories. Now, there was only one person left.

The commanders watching Kang-jun's duel were surprised and impressed.

1st commander, Binhaim, glanced at 12th commander, Rainkar, with dissatisfaction.

’’Lucan's attack power seems several times stronger than before. Rainkar-nim seems to have taught him a lot.’’

The 2nd commander, Madun, nodded.

’’Although it is an inevitable choice to stop the Second Demon King, it will be impossible to prevent Lucan from walking over everyone else in the sovereign world.’’

The other commanders agreed with him and stared at Rainkar. However, Rainkar didn't even blink.

’’I don't know why you think I taught Lucan something great. I didn't teach him. He learnt everything by himself.’’

Rainkar just killed him. Lucan came to the realizations on his own in order to live. There were no teachings other than killing.

Rainkar frowned and said,

’’Don't think about unnecessary things. It can be considered as acting against me. He had increased the power of his skill greatly. So, I taught him a desire to win.’’

The commanders flinched and avoided Rainkar's gaze.

While a strange current was flowing between the commanders, Kang-jun won the last duel.

Nine duels and nine wins. He had 18 victory points.

Kang-jun was crowned as the No.1 sovereign in Earth Hwanmong.

2nd was Andras.

3rd place was Agnus.

4th was Damas.

There wasn't a big change in the rankings compared to the primary duels, except that Agnus had climbed in front of Damas.

The ten commanders, including Binhaim, said to him,

’’Now, you must choose a wing that is a token of strength. With these wings, you are qualified to become a commander. Once you have chosen your wings, you can't change them forever. So, choose carefully.’’

Finally, the wings. The eyes of the sovereigns, including Kang-jun, shone. Everyone had heard about the wings from their commander.

’’Sovereign Lucan, I will give you the choice first. Which one of these wings do you want? The wings' flight speed will increase as your level rises.’’

At that moment, 13 wings appeared in front of Kang-jun.

Wings of Light, Wings of Darkness, Wings of Chaos, Wings of Fire, Wings of Water, Wings of Wind...

They were beautiful and mysterious wings. Furthermore, he could see information about their capabilities when he looked at the wings.

Wings of Light (Stage 1)

-Rating: Myth

-Wings with a transcendent will.

-Free flight is possible.

-Health +1000, Black Magic Energy +1000, Strength +10.

-Resistance to all properties will greatly increase.

-Starting from Stage 2, a unique skill will be gained at every stage.

-Light Power needed to upgrade to Stage 2: 0/1000

Wings made of brilliant light - if he wore these wings, everyone would mistake Kang-jun for an angel.

A myth grade item! Amazing! It was literally a jackpot item.

'The abilities are enormous.'

It was natural to gain the ability to fly freely with wings.

Yet his health and black magic energy rose by 1,000 and his strength by 10!

Additionally, his resistance to all properties increased.

The difference between having wings and no wings was like the difference between heaven and earth.

It was natural that the ten sovereigns in this position would reign supreme in the world of the sovereigns in the future.

'If I have Light Power, I can upgrade it further.'

When the wing level rose, it would be possible to open up unique skills.

Binhaim smiled as he saw Kang-jun looking at it.

’’Do you want the Wings of Light?’’

’’I will look some more.’’

Kang-jun had heard from Heksia and Grania that the Wings of Chaos was the strongest.

However, instead of listening to their words, he decided to look himself so that he wouldn't have any regrets.

Wings of Darkness (Stage 1)

-Rating: Myth

-Wings with a transcendent will.

-Free flight is possible.

-Health +1000, Black Magic Energy +1000, Agility +10.

-Resistance to all properties will greatly increase.

-Starting from Stage 2, a unique skill will be gained at every stage.

-Dark Power needed to upgrade to Stage 2: 0/1000

When he looked at the Wings of Darkness, there was no difference with the Wings of Light except for the fact that agility was increased by 10 instead of strength.

The Wings of Abundance, Wings of Water and Wings of Fire were similar. They just differed by increasing intelligence, strength or agility.

Kang-jun shook his head and Binhaim said,

’’The wings will start showing unique abilities at Stage 2 onwards. Well, it will be obvious once Stage 4 or 5 is reached. At first it is similar, so it doesn't matter what you pick.’’

’’I see.’’

Kang-jun nodded and looked at the Wings of Chaos. The colour and shape were constantly changing, so he couldn't tell what it looked like originally.

Wings of Chaos (Stage 1)

-Rating: Myth

-Wings with a chaotic will.

-Free flight is possible.

-Health +1000, Black Magic Energy +1000.

-As the stage rises, attack power will increase significantly.

-Resistance to all properties will greatly increase.

-Starting from Stage 2, a unique skill will be gained at every stage.

-Chaos Power needed to upgrade to Stage 2: 0/1000

However, it was strange.

'What? There are no increase in stats.'

There was only an increase in health and black magic energy, not stats.

Why was only the Wings of Chaos different?

That wasn't all. There was also a difference in the description of the wings.

The other wings contained transcendent will, but this one contained chaotic will.

What was transcendent and what was chaos?

Furthermore, there was something else about the stages.

-As the stage rises, attack power will increase significantly.

This was it. There was no other information about the wings.

'This option is attached instead of an increase in stats.'

Maybe this was why the Wings of Chaos was said to have the strongest combat power.

At first, the increase in stats might be more powerful. A huge 10 point increase was never low. Strength rising by 10 points was like having his level increase by 10.

However, later on the increase in damage from the Wings of Chaos would be much more powerful than the rise in stats.

Of course, that was assuming he could upgrade the wings.

Anyway, he had decided on an answer.

He was sure of the reason why Heksia and Grania recommended the Wings of Chaos.

Kang-jun's eyes flashed as he spoke.

’’I will choose the Wings of Chaos.’’


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