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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Total Sovereign War (2)


-Hello, Lee Kang-jun. Is everything okay? Did you have breakfast? The bean sprouts soup from last time was really delicious. I'm afraid I can't come again to eat, so I contacted you by phone.

It was her habit to not get to the point straight away. Kang-jun remained silent until she finally spoke again.

-25 million won per moonstone. What do you think?

This was the reason for her phone call. The offer was five million more than last time.


-I see. What price do you want?

’’I'm just going to hold on to it for a while. I won't sell it quickly. I will think about it slowly.’’

-Yes, I understand. By the way, you solved the problem of the ghoul lord, so the Black Dragon Law Firm has prepared a small gift.


-A bike. It runs on many, so no fuel is needed and the speed can go up to 300km per hour.

’’A bike?’’

-It is convenient when traffic is blocked. It will be comfortable to switch. For more details, check out the space app. Then I will go.

’’Yes, thank you. I'll use it well.’’

After the call finished, Kang-jun looked at the space app.

[New Storage: 1]

He touched it with his fingers and the following content appeared.

[A gift has been sent from the Black Dragon Law Firm to your space.]

Just like money from a bank account could be transferred, the Black Dragon Law Firm could also transfer objects.

[The Prutun has arrived in your warehouse.]

[The Prutun is now yours.]


It was a bike-shaped icon of a funky-shaped bike that seemed like it would appear in a SF movie.

'I don't know if I can ride it. They could have just given me money.'

Anyway, it wasn't a bad thing.

There was no burden in keeping it because it would be in the space.

Shortly afterwards, Kang-jun shook hands with Hayun as he prepared to leave the house.

’’Be careful.’’

’’Then I will be going.’’

Today's menu was bean sprouts soup.

Kang-jun had ordered it for the luck effect.

However, unlike the last time, the effect wasn't luck but +3 to strength.

The same menu didn't always have the same effect. In the future, it would be better for Hayun to cook the food that she wanted.

Anyway, the strength increaser buff was very useful, so he placed three bowls of soup in the space.

Due to the buff effect being different, the bean sprouts icon also looked different.

'By the way, there are many people out there today.'

There was a huge crowd in front of the building.

'Dark Transparency!'

Kang-jun immediately used the skill.

And he was able to leave through the front door.

It was the best skill to use to escape from reporters and fans.

For the next three days, Kang-jun continued hunting through the app.

In the meantime, Secretary Kim Hye-na and Kim Seok-cheol succeeded in purchasing the 4-story Gayoung building that was between the Yugang and Dafeng buildings.

The value was 4.8 billion. Two billion in cash was used for the purchase and the rest was a bank loan.

He could use the rest of the money to buy another building. The bank interest would be covered by rent and the quality of the tax effect would be enhanced.

He had a competent secretary to take care of everything. Additionally, the legal issues regarding the source of the cash was handled by the Black Dragon Law Firm.

As a result, Kang-jun became the owner of three buildings.

'Melinad will be happy.'

At 10 o'clock in the evening, Kang-jun lay down in his bed.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

Upon reaching the base in Hwanmong, he saw Naga Queen Melinad standing beside Keirun.

’’Oh! Lord, you came?’’

’’Naga Queen Melinad, I see Lord.’’

Melinad greeted Kang-jun then kissed his hand.

Rodiam and Melinad seemed to like touching Kang-jun's hands.

Rodiam liked to rub his cheek against Kang-jun's hand like a cat while Melinad seemed to like kissing it.

There was a style for every household member, so he should respect it.

Just like he normally did to Rodiam, Kang-jun stroked Melinad's head without thinking.

Seuk seuk.

’’Have you been well?’’


Melinad seemed to be embarrassed but she spoke calmly.

’’Oh, I'm sorry.’’

Kang-jun quickly pulled his hand away. Even if she was a household member, she was still a queen, so he shouldn't be stroking her hair like she was a pet.

Then Melinad smiled.

’’It's okay. This is the first time I've had my head stroked like this. It doesn't feel bad to receive praise.’’

’’Then I'm glad.’’

Kang-jun smiled. It seemed like he had permission to stroke her head.

’’I have some good news. I bought a new building. It is the Gayoung building that is close to here.’’

Then Keirun said with an excited face,

’’I already know, Lord. That is why Melinad-nim submitted to Lord.’’

Melinad only treated Kang-jun with respect. Melinad stared at Kang-jun with a red face.

There was something like expectation in her eyes.

However, she also looked half-resigned.

Kang-jun knew the reason behind the complex look in her eyes. Her previous lord, the Second Demon King, had never kept his promise.

Although Kang-jun said that he would keep his promise, it couldn't be helped that she didn't believe him. She might have been deceived.

So, she had half-way given up.

However, Kang-jun had no intention of breaking his promise. He immediately spoke to Melinad with a gentle smile.

’’Melinad! Now, the Gayoung building will be a home for you and the nagas. Use the taxes from there to build fortifications and facilities. As promised, I will entrust you will the rights.’’


Melinad's body trembled with disbelief.

’’You really kept your promise.’’

’’I wanted to buy a bigger building but this was the only one being sold. I'll change it to a large building later on.’’

’’No, Lord. This building is sufficient.’’

The tears in her eyes showed that she was touched.

Anyway, if they raised the facilities, the space would be greatly expanded. It wouldn't be difficult to make space for 800 nagas if there were enough nodes.

Furthermore, there were enough taxes coming from owned territories to solve this.

’’I won't forget Lord's grace.’’

Melinad once again kissed Kang-jun's hand. Kang-jun stroked her hair and smiled.

[You have entrusted the rights of the Gayoung building to your household member, Naga Queen Melinad.]

[Melinad has built a naga base on the 4th floor of the Gayoung building.]

[The base at Gayoung building will be upgraded to stage two. 1%]

Stage one was completed in an instant and the base expanded instantly to stage two. From stage two onwards, it would be more time consuming.

In the meantime, the nagas staying at the rest area moved to the Gayoung building under Melinad's command.

Kang-jun watched the scene with a gentle expression.

In fact, as the base of the nagas developed, Kang-jun's bases would become safer. Therefore, he wouldn't receive any losses from entrusting them with power.

’’Lord! An army command scroll has arrived.’’

At that moment, a command scroll from Heksia arrived. Kang-jun immediately used the magic power to move to the Army Headquarters.

’’Come in, Lucan.’’

Heksia was sitting on the throne. The other sovereigns, except for Kang-jun, had already arrived.

While Avia and his allies sent him favourable glances, the other sovereigns were looking at him with either jealousy or fear.

Kang-jun was already accustomed to such eyes and responded with a smile.

Heksia turned to them and said,

’’As I said before, a competition between the total sovereigns will be held. The top 10 will be able to become commanders and receive wings. If you want to become the total sovereign, challenge Lucan.’’

Two hands shot up.

’’I will try it.’’

’’I will challenge.’’

They were none other than Zenith and Hardis.

Zenith was someone with an unrelenting nature and would challenge even if it meant death. In particular, this battle would involve becoming the commander of an army and receiving wings.

On the other hand, Hardis was a person who didn't do well in the original fight. Nevertheless, he raised his hand due to his greed for the wings.

'It is over if he gets wings.'

Lucan already had the strongest combat power, so who knew what would happen if he received wings.

That was why it was necessary. He didn't know if he could win but he had to try.

Heksia nodded.

’’Okay, then we will move to the training room.’’

Of course, she hadn't thought that a challenger would come out.

However, it couldn't be helped.

It was a rule that if anyone challenged the total sovereign, it had to be accepted.

’’How annoying. Both of you fight me together.’’

Kang-jun declared while holding the Vampire Lord's Sword.

Then Zenith and Hardis glanced towards Heksia for permission. Heksia nodded.

’’Go ahead. If you both win then you can compete again with each other.’’

At that moment, Zenith and Hardis' expression brightened.

No matter how strong Kang-jun was, they thought there would be a chance of winning if it was two against one.

Zenith and Hardis rushed straight toward Kang-jun.

Sswing sswing!

First, Zenith's axe flew with a sharp sound. It was an offensive that was much faster and sharper than before!

He had become quite strong in the meantime.

It was the same for Hardis. He moved behind Kang-jun like a shadow, then aimed a dagger at Kang-jun's back.

At that moment, Kang-jun spun around.

An axe was aiming at him from the front and a dagger from behind.

His sword moved around him.


Of course, it was a display that didn't require any skills.

Nevertheless, Hardis and Zenith's bodies were sliced.



The sovereigns were astonished when they collapsed.

It was a one-sided match.

However, the sovereigns in Kang-jun's alliance, including Avia, cheered.

’’Lucan! Thank you for your efforts.’’

’’You have to go to the Total Sovereign Competition and win!’’

Kang-jun smiled and waved at them.

The bodies of Zenith and Hardis turned to smoke and they appeared again in front of the resurrection gem.

Hardis thought that he had no luck and hung his head but Zenith was unable to acknowledge it.

’’Kuoh! Dammit! This doesn't make sense! Why am I in an army with him?’’

Zenith felt wronged. He appreciated that Kang-jun was strong.

However, he was convinced that he would have been the total sovereign if he was in another army.

Even though he might not reach first place, he could rank within the top 10. He asked Heksia,

’’Move me to another army!’’

Heksia snorted and replied,

’’It is unfortunate for you to be assigned to the same army as Lucan but that is also your luck. Blame your own bad luck.’’

Then she turned towards Kang-jun.

’’Sovereign Lucan! Now, you will move to the Defense Army's headquarters where you will face the other total sovereigns. I wish you all the best.’’

There was a magic circle. Kang-jun nodded and stepped into it.

’’Then I will be going.’’

Kang-jun's body was surrounded by a light.


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