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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Becoming a Celebrity (2)

It was like a movie where he needed to swear allegiance to the Demon King.

'Damn! I'm going to die here.'

Kang-jun thought bitterly.

If he knew he Second Demon King was here then he never would have come.

Solving this would only give 300 points. The commanders were obviously crazy.


Then Kang-jun suddenly shook his head.

There was something strange. Were the commanders really crazy?

This situation was either one of two things.

What if the commanders weren't crazy? Then the Second Demon King in front of him wasn't real.

In other words, it was worth 300 achievement points.

Furthermore, he also had a mission. The 13th mission asked him to destroy the ghoul lord.

The mission wouldn't have been wrong.

'Maybe he is a fake?'

What if it was a type of confusion magic?

However, that wasn't possible. If it was confusion magic, he would be immune thanks to the Wyvern's Ring.

So, it wasn't a fake but the real Second Demon King. However, at the same time, it couldn't be the real Second Demon King!

He was somewhat confused.

'I don't know.'

Kang-jun gritted his teeth.

It didn't matter if it was the real Second Demon King.

He couldn't just sit down and die after deciding not to surrender to the Second Demon King. He would fight, even if it meant dying.

In the meantime, the ghoul lord had gotten closer to Kang-jun.

Unlike the force coming off the ghoul lord, it had moved closer secretly like a cat.

Now, only one more step was needed to for it to arrive near Kang-jun.

Until then, Kang-jun's eyes had been downcast as he showed signs of distress on his face. A satisfied smile appeared on the ghoul lord's face. It was on the verge of grasping Kang-jun with both hands.

However, Kang-jun had been waiting for this time and he leapt forward.

His sword swung in the space before him.

It didn't matter if the attack didn't do any damage. He couldn't just die. He needed to try striking.

'Heavenly Cut!'

Kang-jun reflexively used his skill.


At the moment, confusion shone in the ghoul lord's eyes. It jumped back hurriedly but Kang-jun's sword was faster.

Sukeok! Flash! Sukeok!

His sword flashed and the ghoul lord's head fell to the ground.

And then the body ran forward with agitation.

Kung kung kung! Hwing hwing hwing!

Despite having no head, the arms struck precisely where Kang-jun was located. Its huge foot stomped on the ground, making it shake.

Kung! Kung! Kuwuong!


Kang-jun's health was reduced by the shockwave.

Health: 704/810.

'Shit! What?'

It wanted a final struggle?

Its speed was like the wind, so he needed to pay careful attention.

Hwing hwing hwing! Kung! Kuwuong!

Kang-jun avoided the fierce attacks and responded calmly. His sword passed over the forearms and legs of the ghoul lord.

Chwack! Chwack! Chwack!

He didn't unleash a skill but it still caused damage. Kang-jun's sword sliced up the ghoul lord's body wildly.

Chwack chwack chwack!

The Vampire Lord's Sword then showed its ability to absorb health.

Health: 810/810.

The health that had been reduced by the shockwave was restored.

Conversely, the ghoul lord's body was gradually losing power.

It slowed down and stopped moving for a moment.

'A chance.'

Kang-jun couldn't miss this and his sword flashed in succession.

Flash! Flash!

It was the end. The ghoul lord's feet were cut off and its huge body fell to the ground.


Laughter could then be heard from somewhere.

He turned to see the cut off head laughing.

Its two eyes stared at Kang-jun.

’’Indeed. There has to be someone like you in order for me to enjoy conquering this place.’’

The light in those eyes made it seem like they found this situation rather interesting.

Kang-jun could tell that the Second Demon King himself was looking through the eyes of the ghoul lord.

Now, his confusion was cleared up.

He was controlling the ghoul lord from a distance. It was like controlling an avatar in the game.

’’Sovereign Lucan! You will see me again in the near future...’’

After those words, the body and head of the ghoul lord scattered into smoke.

[Your level has risen.]

[6,320 nodes have been gained.]

[61 small moonstones have been acquired.]

[22 large moonstones have been acquired.]

[You have destroyed the resurrected ghoul lord.]

[You have earned 300 red moon achievement points.]

[Mission 13 has been accomplished.]

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.]

[8,000 nodes have been given as compensation.]

[40 large moonstones have been given as compensation.]

Numerous messages appeared.

Kang-jun smiled as he confirmed that he gained two levels to reach Lv34.

He also enjoyed the 300 achievement points.

'Indeed, the commanders weren't crazy.'


At that moment, the battlefield distorted and started to disappear.

Kang-jun turned and looked at Jang Seo-yeon who was gazing at Kang-jun with a shocked expression.

[You have won the battle.]

[No more black magic energy can be obtained as it is full.]

As soon as the battlefield vanished, the black clouds over the mart disappeared. The identity of the scattered black clouds was revealed.

It was obvious. The ghoul lord had turned this area into a mess.

Kung! Kung!

Those inside the area collapsed immediately.

They were the sovereigns.

Except for Kang-jun and Jang Seo-yeon, the 10 sovereigns collapsed and their bodies were cold.

Originally, those defeated in the battlefield wouldn't die.

It only took the black magic energy.

However, the battles with evil spirits were an exception.

Defeat was certain death!

In the red moon battlefield, resurrection was possible but there was no such thing here.

Reality was an even more terrifying battlefield for the sovereigns.

Jang Seo-yeon's heart thumped once again as she looked over the corpses of the sovereigns.

If it hadn't been for the Protection of Time and Kang-jun, she would have turned out like these sovereigns.

’’Huh, what happened?’’

Meanwhile, the police and crowd of people were looking at Kang-jun with unease and anticipation. Kang-jun replied with a serious expression,

’’I took care of the evil spirit but they are victims of it.’’

Kang-jun pointed to the dead sovereigns on the ground.

People had no idea they were sovereigns. They called them exorcists.

Was there anything else?

They felt more relief that the evil spirit was destroyed than sympathy for the dead.

At the same time, Kang-jun's credibility rose sharply for taking care of the evil spirits when the other exorcists had failed.

’’The rumors are true. Really amazing.’’

’’He isn't called the strongest exorcist for nothing.’’

Kang-jun briefly explained the situation to the police and headed to the van.

Jang Seo-yeon was escorted by bodyguards and also boarded her van.

She sat for a moment with a stunned look before sending a message to Kang-jun.

[Thanks again. And I'm sorry. I nearly died today due to my stubbornness. I regret not listening to you.]

Then Kang-jun's messaged back.

[From now on, you should move with the allied sovereigns. Even if you don't get a lot at once, it is better to hunt reliably.]

If it had been the same as before, she would have refused out of pride. Of course, she still didn't feel good.

However, Jang Seo-yeon admitted that Kang-jun's words weren't wrong.

Dying once was the end. Rather than getting moonstones, she could die in vain from her greed.

The only exception was if she was as strong as Kang-jun.

[I'll do that.]

Then another message came from Kang-jun.

[And I will send a warning message in advance if there is something dangerous like today's situation. You won't be a match for such things even in a party.]

[I understand.]

Jang Seo-yeon was a bit upset but had nothing to say. If it hadn't been for Kang-jun, she would have died today. He wasn't an allied sovereign but a lifesaver.

She immediately contacted Choi Hyun-joo, Jung Sung-wook and the other allied sovereigns. She told them to move together in a party.

Among the allied sovereigns, except for Kang-jun, Jang Seo-yeon was the strongest. There was no reason for them to refuse to move with Jang Seo-yeon.

On the other hand, Kang-jun started hunting again.

Unlike Jang Seo-yeon, he was naturally alone.

He only picked the strongest evil spirits in order to gain as much moonstones as possible.

'Huhu, due to the increase in good luck from the bean sprout soup, my japtem income has increased slightly.'

But the drop rate of the moonstones was the same. It didn't come out frequently but it still came out.

However, he got a lot of moonstones from the ghoul lord, so today's profit was quite good.

Thanks to the secretary and bodyguards, he didn't need to drive and the inconvenient chores were taken care of.

While going to the next destination, he could nap or have some snacks while the car was moving. So, even if he hunted all day, he was less tired than before.

The next day, reporters came in the morning.

Kang-jun, who destroyed an evil spirit strong enough to kill 10 exorcists, became known not only in Korea but also the world.

One page of the newspapers was dedicated just to Kang-jun. It was also reported on the Internet and television, so Kang-jun had become a celebrity. Everywhere he went, he was asked for interviews and photos with fans.

Fortunately, Hwang Chang-min was a bodyguard for popular celebrities and was good at coping with such things. Kim Hye-na took care of various interviews so Kang-jun could concentrate on hunting.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

[You have entered the world of Hwanmong.]

The next night, Kang-jun appeared at his base in the Yugang building in the world of Hwanmong.

’’Lord! You've arrived!’’

Keirun ran over and greeted him. His blue hair and eyes had become clearer than before. He had the distinctive air of a dark elf but also a mysterious atmosphere around him.

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’You have changed a lot, Keirun.’’

’’Huhu, of course. I made great progress in my abilities as a military adviser as well as my personal abilities. It is all thanks to Lord.’’

’’What are your individual capabilities?’’

’’An increase in my combat power. I can also use a few magic spells.’’

’’That's great. Then what about your abilities as a military adviser?’’

’’In combat, I have the ability to raise the morale and combat strength of allies. I also have the ability to make the enemy confused.’’

’’Okay. I am looking forward to your actions in the future.’’

Kang-jun nodded with a warm expression. Just like Hayun and Colt, Keirun had also become stronger.

’’Has a scroll from Commander Heksia arrived yet?’’

’’Not yet.’’

’’There is no mission today?’’

’’If nothing special happens, it will arrive after a while. Meanwhile, why don't we go around the territory?’’

’’Is that so? Then, it will be good to see how the area has changed.’’

Due to the abundant funds acquired from Kang-jun, the base at the Yugang building had been upgraded to stage three.

Upgrading from stage one to two cost 5,000 nodes and 10,000 nodes were required for stage three. Therefore, the advantages were incomparable.

Not only was there an increase in taxes but new types of bases could be built.

’’Germuz, seeking an audience with Lord!’’

Germuz realized that Kang-jun was here and greeted him with a smile.

’’It is great to see Lord.’’

After that, Rodiam and a young slime-like man greeted him.

’’Kajel greets you.’’

The slime-like young man was Kajel.

’’It has been a while.’’

Kang-jun nodded as he saw them.

Once he saw Germuz's blazing eyes and steel like skin, he could tell that there was a significant upsurge in the combat strength of his troops.

Rodiam's healing abilities and capabilities as a supervisor increased significantly.

The current workshop was stage three and could accommodate 200 workers. Amazingly, 200 hundred people were summoned every night and put to work.

Finally, Kajel's attack power rose and he could summon three alternative bodies.

Then Keirun said,

’’Then, we shall move to the rest area on the 3rd floor, Lord.’’

’’Okay, be my guide.’’

Keirun led Kang-jun with Germuz, Rodiam and Kajel following behind him.


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