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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 70


Chapter 70: Silver-haired Exorcist (1)

Kang-jun headed down to the parking lot and tried the Skia space once again.

'Can my car really go in here?'

He couldn't just believe Han Yeon-soo without trying it himself.

The screen lit up.

[Would you like to store the Venta S Class in the space?]

[Store] [Cancel]

At the same time, the car disappeared from in front of his eyes and a cute car icon showed up on the screen.


Kang-jun was delighted. When he clicked to release it, the icon disappeared and the car appeared.

He was very interested in the Skia.

Han Yeon-soo had explained the simple operations, however, there were more details when he touched the smartphone.

'Oh, it is possible to use the space with my voice.'

He could use voice commands to store and take out items.

In other words, he had to touch the button on the screen when he first stored it. Once it was registered with the Skia, there was no need to shine the light from the screen on it a second time.

’’Store the Venta S Class!’’

He spoke to the Skia and the car really disappeared into the space.

’’Release the Venta S Class from the warehouse!’’

And the car reappeared.

'This is a very useful feature.'

Another useful feature was if he put the back of the Skia on his wrist, it would turn into a watch shape! He could even see a small screen in this state. The screen was smaller but the functions were still the same.

That wasn't all.

It could also be connected to a smartphone. In other words, if he entered the phone number of his smartphone into the Skia, he could send and receive calls using it. Likewise, his other apps and information on the smartphone were automatically transferred to the Skia. Of course, it was possible to use the Internet and banking as well.

'I don't need to carry a separate smartphone. I can just leave it at home.'

In addition, the Skia absorbed the mana around it as energy so no charging was required.

Kang-jun read the Skia's manual which was in the form of an app.

'Amazing. This is a smartphone that can be used indefinitely.'

Kang-jun left the Skia in the form of a watch around his left hand and boarded his car.

He left the parking lot.

At that time, dozens of people blocked Kang-jun's way.

'What is going on so early in the morning?'

Bang! Bang!

He beeped his horn but they didn't move. Rather, they headed toward his car.

’’Is Lee Kang-jun an exorcist?’’

’’You are Lee Kang-jun, right? Please have a quick interview with us.’’

This! They were journalists. There were also fans who had come to see Kang-jun.

Kang-jun didn't even know that a fan club had been made.

’’Wah! Kang-jun oppa!’’

’’Oppa~ so cool!’’

Kang-jun watched the crowd with a grim expression and reversed the car.

'I can't go this way.'

He quickly unlocked the door of the parking lot.


It was possible because it was the private parking lot used by the building owner, Kang-jun. There were separate parking lots for tenants.

Kang-jun got out of the car and instantly put it in the space.

He walked toward the emergency exit, then ran toward the rear of the building. He wanted to look for a suitable place to pull out the car from the space.

’’Kyak~! Kang-jun oppa!’’

’’So awesome!’’

’’Oppa! Please sign this!’’

However, there seemed to be people waiting at the rear door. They were busy taking photos of Kang-jun with their smartphones.

'What on earth is going on? Why am I so famous?'

Kang-jun had heard of people becoming famous overnight but he'd never imagined it would happen to him.

But right now, it wasn't important to be a celebrity.

If he lost time in this manner, he wouldn't be able to hunt as many evil spirits.

He wanted to just push them to the side.

’’Get out of the way.’’

’’Out of the way.’’

A van that celebrities normally rode in appeared on the road.

Then eight people in black suits pushed through the crowd and arrived next to Kang-jun.

’’Boss Lee Kang-jun, this way.’’

’’We will escort you.’’

Kang-jun was puzzled.

’’Who are you?’’

Then a familiar voice was heard from the rear.

’’It is me. I'll explain from the car.’’

Jang Seo-yeon? Sovereign Avia. The people in black suits were bodyguards that she hired.

’’Now, please move out of the way.’’

’’Out of the way!’’

’’Move. You'll get hurt.’’

The bodyguards blocked the fans and reporters. Kang-jun walked quickly and boarded Jang Seo-yeon's van.

The van left immediately. Kang-jun managed to escape thanks to her but he was still confused.

’’What's going on? Why are those people suddenly acting like that?’’

’’Hoho! Isn't it amazing?’’

Jang Seo-yeon laughed. She was wearing a training suit with her hair tied back like the first time he saw her.

She showed Kang-jun the screen of her smartphone.

’’Now, you will understand if you look at this situation.’’


Kang-jun cried out as he saw the screen. Various articles, blogs and SNS sites were talking about a silver haired exorcist.

The problem was that Kang-jun's photo was there! He'd been seen driving a Venta S Class.

People had seen Kang-jun and called him the silver-haired exorcist.

In the last few days, he had been taking care of many evil spirits, so it was natural that rumours would be made.

However, he didn't know he would attract this much attention.

There were also speculations that Kang-jun had originally lived in a goshiwon and managed to become a building owner in Gangnam through making money from his exorcist work.

’’These people have nothing to do. Why are they so interested in other people's business?’’

As Kang-jun grumbled, Jang Seo-yeon laughed and showed him other things.

There were photos of Jang Seo-yeon everywhere and she was called the Exorcism Goddess.

The exorcists continued to be the subject of conversation as people continuously searched them up in real time.

’’The sovereigns are attracting attention now due to the evil spirits. Of course, people don't know that they are sovereigns and call them exorcists.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

’’By the way, how did you know to come?’’

Kang-jun knew her house wasn't far away. However, it was surprising she had brought bodyguards because she expected him to be in such a situation.

Jang Seo-yeon smiled.

’’I hadn't been expecting this morning's situation to happen. I was just coming to see you when I saw the crowd.’’

’’You were coming to meet me?’’

’’Yes, I have something to tell you.’’

’’What is it?

Inwardly, Kang-jun was impatient. He had to go hunting.

’’I'm sorry but can you give me another 10 minutes? I have to show you something.’’


Kang-jun nodded. He didn't know what she wanted to show him but 10 minutes wasn't that burdensome.

After approximately three minutes, Kang-jun and Jang Seo-yeon's van stopped behind a large truck.

’’We're here.’’

Jang Seo-yeon got out of the van and Kang-jun followed her.

At that moment, the door of the truck container opened and stairs automatically descended.

’’Come in.’’

Jang Seo-yeon entered the container.

There was a large screen on one side as well as various computers and unknown devices. Two people were working on something inside.

Jang Seo-yeon guided Kang-jun toward a sofa in the centre.

’’Sit down.’’

’’What is this place?’’

’’I made it to support our allied sovereigns. I call it the mobile support centre. It is equipped with all the facilities we need. We can also take a break and sleep in it. There are agents with excellent skills in analyzing information that can find us incidents of evil spirits.’’

Jang Seo-yeon pointed toward the people working.

On the big screen, many red dots were blinking.

’’All this time, the sovereigns had been reacting to the evil spirits but after the evaluation, all of them will be searching frantically.’’

’’For the moonstones?’’

’’Yes. Everyone will be moving, so we need to have rapid information and mobility.’’

’’That's right.’’

Kang-jun finally understood what Jang Seo-yeon had prepared. Of course, it couldn't compare to Kang-jun's detection app, so he didn't need her help.

However, that only applied to information. Mobility was different. The bodyguards would help clean up any situations.

They would make things more comfortable in many ways.

Jang Seo-yeon said with a warm smile,

’’Lucan! The van from before is a present. Additionally, I will give you one secretary and eight guards who will be your hands and feet. You don't have to feel pressured since I will be paying them.’’

’’Paying? You don't need to do that.’’

’’If it hadn't been for you, I would have been punished during the evaluation. Thanks to you, I gained one level and received a bonus of 1.4 billion won.’’

She seemed very pleased.

’’Our alliance is a give and take relationship. It is natural to repay something that I received.’’

As well as two large vans, he received a secretary and eight bodyguards.

They would wait beside Kang-jun and receive information from the support centre about where to go next.

Kang-jun just had to stay in the car and get rid of the evil spirits.

The secretary would take care of matters such as contacting the police or calling 119. It was the same for seeking legal advice.

Kang-jun laughed somewhat bitterly.

'Why didn't I think of this?'

It was no longer a burden for Kang-jun to hire a team of secretaries and bodyguards.

He wasn't accustomed to using people that way, so he had never thought about it.

However, using resources like these was very natural for Jang Seo-yeon.

In fact, it was very hard to find the right people. A specific type of know-how was needed.

Anyway, there were no more reasons to talk about who was paying.

Kang-jun nodded.

’’Okay. We are in an alliance so I won't feel burdened. By the way, the information on the screen is a little slow. There is an incident nearby.’’

Kang-jun compared the map on Skia to the one on the big screen. Jang Seo-yeon was confused.

’’What are you looking at?’’



Jang Seo-yeon couldn't see the Skia around Kang-jun's hands. Kang-jun seemed like he was just gazing at his wrist.

Kang-jun thought this was absurd.

’’You can't see it?’’

’’Is there something on your wrist?’’

’’It seems like you can't see it.’’

’’Yes. Please tell me what it is. I am curious.’’

Kang-jun discovered that the Skia was only visible to him. Of course, the exception was Lawyer Han Yeon-soo.

'She must be able to see it to give me the Skia.'

Kang-jun smiled and got up from the sofa.

’’I'll tell you next time. Anyway, I can find incidents faster. As a sign of my sincerity, I will give you useful information often.’’

’’Then please give it to me.’’

Jang Seo-yeon noticed that Kang-jun had a special mechanism.

However, she politely didn't ask Kang-jun anything else.

'It is good as long as he gives me information.'

Jang Seo-yeon smiled and shook Kang-jun's hand.

’’I'll get in touch. Then, I wish you good luck today.’’

’’You too.’’

Kang-jun exited the container. A woman in her 20s, wearing a neat suit, then ran toward Kang-jun.

’’Hello, Boss-nim. I am Secretary Kim Hye-na.’’

At the same time, a strong man in his 30s also greeted him.

’’I am Hwang Chang-min who will protect Boss-nim in the future. I am the leader, so you can just call me Team Leader Hwang.’’

’’It is great to meet you. Let's depart. The address...’’

Kang-jun called up the address of the dot on the screen.

’’Boss-nim! The closest spirit possession is in Jamwong-dong, but this address is in Apgujong-dong.’’

Kim Hye-na was confused because Kang-jun's information was different from what Jang Seo-yeon told her. Kang-jun just grinned.

’’I will specify the position. Please only tell me other information.’’

’’Yes, I understand.’’

Kim Hye-na didn't ask twice. It was the same for Hwang Chang-min.

The two vans immediately departed.

Kim Hye-na and Hwang Chang-min boarded the same van as Kang-jun.

Hwang Chang-min sat in the passenger seat and spoke to the driver, while Kim Hye-na was next to Kang-jun.

The van in front only had bodyguards on board and Kang-jun messed around with the detection map while sitting in the second van.

Seuk. Suuk.

If he clicked at a specific point on the map, the address would pop up.

'This isn't a red dot but a black one.'

If a person was possessed by an evil spirit, they would do something violent. As soon as others discovered it, they would post it on websites in real time or report it to the police.

However, black dots were where creatures came through a weakened barrier.

So, Jang Seo-yeon's support team hadn't figured it out yet.

’’We've arrived.’’

They were at a parking lot near a large apartment complex.

It was a clear day but this area was covered with fog.


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