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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Being Rewarded for Achievements (1)

[Lucan, the total sovereign from the 439th Army!

During the invasion of the Second Demon King Colladikus, you have truly amazed the commanders and shown great achievements on the red moon battlefield.

The achievements you've accomplished during this short period will inspire all the sovereigns in Earth Hwanmong.

I will keep watching your work from now on.]

Those words appeared when Kang-jun opened the scroll. At the same time, some messages appeared immediately.

[You are special, amazing and have great achievements.]

[You are at the forefront of most sovereigns.]

[Your level has increased by 3.]

[Charisma has permanently increased by 2.]

'Charisma increased?'

Kang-jun's eyes widened.

It was unbelievable that he went up to Lv32 at once but that wasn't the part he was amazed about.

He normally gained one level when completing a mission, so he had expected a similar reward.

However, charisma was a fixed stat and it had permanently increased by two points.

Lv.32 (Exp 00.00%)

[War] Intermediate

Health: 810/810.

Black Magic Energy: 550/550

Strength: 36 (+5)

Agility: 37 (+5)

Intelligence: 33

Good Luck: 7

Charisma 11 (+4)


His hard work had been rewarded. If he hadn't risked his life fighting monsters, he wouldn't have received such compensation.

[Your achievement points have been adjusted to 100 points.]

[Your achievement points have been reduced by 460 points.]

By the way, the rewards for his achievements didn't end here.

No, they were just getting started.

[As a reward for the reduced achievement points, the effect of your charisma has greatly increased the abilities of your household members.]

His charisma had an effect on his household members? They referred to the subordinates that Kang-jun accepted directly, not the ones he summoned to the barracks.

[Hayun's abilities have risen.]

[Keirun's abilities have risen.]

[Rodiam's abilities have risen.]

[Colt's abilities have risen.]

[Germuz's abilities have risen.]

[Kajel's abilities have risen.]

'Unbelievable! These are the rewards for my achievements?'

Kang-jun's mouth dropped open. Having his charisma rise was already an incredible reward. The power of his household was Kang-jun's power, so this would benefit him.

But there was something else.

[The amount of taxes collected from the territories you own will increase.]

[The possibility of finding rare items from the mines will increase.]

[The likelihood of finding hidden places in the territories you own or occupy will increase.]

[The amount of black magic energy consumed when summoning troops in battle will be reduced.]

[In addition, you will be given a reward in reality.]

He was even given a reward in reality.

'I really hit the jackpot.'

Kang-jun realized why Keirun had laughed so loudly the day the red moon rose.

'You still don't know? It is great luck for Lord that the red moon has appeared.'

'Sovereigns like Lord who aren't afraid to fight monsters can raise their levels tremendously in this event.'

'Your achievements will pile up and you can get big rewards.’’

Even if he was a sovereign lacking foundation in the beginning, he could become more powerful through the red moon battlefield.

It really was true.

'I will work harder to gain more achievements in the future.'

Kang-jun suddenly closed his eyes.

Something new about Heaven's Blood Sword Style had popped into his head.

A shadow holding a sword started dancing.

Sususu! Pa pa pa pa!

It seemed like Heaven's Blood Sword Style had levelled up. Perhaps that was what happened.

As the shadow swung its sword, Kang-jun's consciousness became one with the shadow and he learnt its actions.

After a while, the shadow disappeared and Kang-jun opened his eyes.

And a message floated in front of him.

[The strength of the sword that will stretch out in every direction...]

[The skill Heavenly Unyielding Slash has been learnt.]

[Heavenly Unyielding Slash]

-A sword skill that attacks a large number of enemies on the left, right and front.

-The higher your strength and agility, the more powerful the attack will be.

-Can be used with a sword.

-Consumes 50 black magic energy.

-Restrictions: Strength 35, Agility 40



He received a skill. After Heavenly Cut, this was a second attack skill that could damage a wide range of enemies!

He had enough strength and agility to now use the skill.

Of course, it cost 50 black magic energy to use, so it was a little bit burdensome. However, it was useful for killing many enemies at once.

Unlike the proud Kang-jun, most of the other sovereigns stared at the evaluation scroll with an expression like they were chewing on faeces.

[Sovereign Hardis of the 439th Army!

During the invasion of the Second Demon King Colladikus, the commanders showed great concern for your incompetent, lazy and foolish actions on the red moon battlefield.

It is due to pathetic sovereigns like you that the Second Demon King makes fun of this place.

Take this disciplinary punishment seriously and show a better performance in the future.]

Shake shake.

Hardis' hands trembled as he held the scroll.

'W-what is this?'

Until this morning, he had 90 achievement points. He didn't build up any additional achievements but he had 125 points due to the moonstones.

However, he suffered a complete failure in today's battle.

He tried to succeed in the mission but ended up dying eight times. He only had 10 achievement points left and might have disappeared if it hadn't been for Heksia.

This was due to his desire to win over Kang-jun.

If he had known there would be a periodic evaluation today, he wouldn't have done it. The evaluation was also demeaning.

[You are an incompetent, lazy and foolish sovereign.]

[The Second Demon King makes fun of sovereigns like you.]

[Your level has fallen by one.]

[Charisma has been permanently reduced by one.]

’’Euh! Unbelievable!’’

He didn't mind everything else. Being called incompetent didn't matter.

However, his level and charisma were reduced.

In particular, losing charisma was a heavy blow.

Level could be raised by gaining experience, but charisma couldn't.

Hardis was going crazy.

But that wasn't the end.

[You currently have 45 achievement points.]

[This will be adjusted upwards to 100 achievement points.]

[55 achievement points were borrowed in order to do this and you will have to pay them back.]

He lost charisma and one level, and now this?

Hardis looked at the next message with an uneasy expression.

[The abilities of the subordinates you have gained through charisma have fallen.]

[The amount of taxes collected from the territories you own will be reduced.]

[You will have a price to pay in reality.]

As if those weren't enough, he had to pay another price in reality.


Hardis screamed.

Meanwhile, Zenith was in a similar situation.

[Sovereign Zenith of the 439th Army!

During the invasion of the Second Demon King Colladikus, the commanders showed great concern for your incompetent actions on the red moon battlefield.

Take care!

Take this disciplinary punishment seriously and show a better performance in the future.]

[You are an incompetent sovereign.]

[You need to make an effort.]

[Intelligence has been permanently reduced by one.]

’’Ugh! This is ridiculous!’’

His results were better than Hardis'. When today's achievement points and moonstones were combined, he had a total of 88 points.

Fortunately, his charisma and level didn't fall. Instead, he was punished with a drop in intelligence.

There was also a decline in territory taxes and the capabilities of his subordinates!

Furthermore, he had to pay something in reality.

For the sovereigns who only had 10 points even with the moonstones, the results were literally disastrous.

Their charisma and levels dropped by a maximum of three.

Naturally, there was a reduction in the capabilities of their households and territory taxes. Additionally, they had to pay a huge price in reality.

On the other hand, the expressions of the sovereigns who followed Kang-jun today were bright.

Avia had 140 achievement points.

The moonstones she held had a value close to 100 points. It was because she diligently searched for evil spirits in reality.

The Black Dragon Law Firm had advised her not to exchange her moonstones. However, she had thought her achievements weren't that high and exchanged them.

[Sovereign Avia of the 439th Army!

During the invasion of the Second Demon King Colladikus, you have shown great achievements on the red moon battlefield.

You are a competent sovereign.

I will keep watching your work from now on.]

[You are an outstanding sovereign.]

[You are competent.]

[Your level has increased by one.]


Avia cried out with delight at her level increase. Additionally, the abilities of her household members and her tax revenue were increased.

Caper, Rosina, Haniel and Brio were also rewarded, instead of punished. However, it wasn't enough to raise their level. They only received a slight prize of having their territory taxes increased.

But that alone created a large gap with the other sovereigns.

All the sovereigns in the army, except for Kang-jun and his allies, were punished.

In other words, they just needed to maintain the status quo to be ahead of the others.

'It was good that I allied with Lucan.'

'This is a beneficial alliance.'

Avia and the others all had smiles on their faces.

Then Commander Heksia opened her mouth.

’’Everybody has read their evaluations. Congratulations to those who were rewarded. As for those who received punishment, please do better next time.’’

Heksia stared at the sovereigns.

’’Especially those who were punished today, don't be disappointed. There will be many opportunities in the future. But if you don't risk your lives, it won't be easy to move forward. Build up your foundation in reality.’’

Her gaze moved toward Kang-jun.

’’Lucan, don't forget that you can fall down at any time.’’

’’Of course.’’

Kang-jun nodded. Heksia swept a glance over the sovereigns again.

’’After today, you should have realized how important your achievements and moonstones are.’’

Heksia smiled as she took out one moonstone.

’’As time passes, the probability of moonstones being dropped will decrease. Monsters will also get stronger, so it will become harder to kill them to obtain the moonstones.’’

Heksia continued.

’’Instead, it is possible to trade the moonstones. Whether it is among the sovereigns or with anyone else, you can secure moonstones through transactions. I only care about the results, not the process.’’


The eyes of the sovereigns' shone.

It was possible to make deals?

Of course, they had heard these facts from the Black Dragon Law Firm.

Until then, they hadn't known the moonstones had such an important value.

If they had known, they would have tried to trade when the sovereigns had gathered.

’’Now, it is time to return to reality. I'll pray you have more power the next time I see you.’’

Heksia's voice echoed as the space around them started to distort.


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