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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Serving as Reinforcements (4)

’’Kuooh! It is really unbelievable.’’

Despite being in a berserk state, the man was still injured.

However, he still had a method of recovery available.

He had left someone behind for this very moment.

As the man prepared to move to where Radel was, Kang-jun smiled coldly.

'It won't work.'

He had seen it a few times already today.

The vampires' fearsome resilience meant they would recover unless they were killed!

It would be a hassle if he recovered again this time. The gaps were gradually increasing.

Therefore, Kang-jun had been slowly moving in the direction of the Jewel of Darkness during the battle.

He was now only 10 metres away!

He would destroy the Jewel of Darkness as the man absorbed blood.

And that moment came.


As expected, the man disappeared from before Kang-jun. Kang-jun didn't hesitate and rushed toward the Jewel of Darkness.

The man freaked out and appeared in the direction of the Jewel of Darkness to block Kang-jun.

’’Kukukuk! You dare...!’’

His sword struck the man's neck.

At the same time, an eerie sound was heard as he cut through bone.

’’Keoooook! Unbelievable!’’

The man trembled. He grabbed his neck and gazed at Kang-jun.

’’Goodbye, vampire!’’

In fact, Kang-jun hadn't run toward the Jewel of Darkness. He'd just made a motion and pretended like he was going to.

He guessed the point where the man would appear and hit him with Heavenly Cut.


In the end, the man's head rolled off his body and fell to the ground. The body that lost its head was destroyed.

'I'm tired.'

It had been a tough fight but it wasn't that difficult until the other sovereigns appeared in the middle.

[Your level has risen.]

[1,800 nodes have been gained.]

[32 small moonstones have been acquired.]

[11 large moonstones have been acquired.]

[The vampire lord's silver box has been acquired.]

Unlike when he killed the ghoul lord, his level only rose by one this time.

It was because the vampire lord was a clone.

Money and moonstones also came pouring out. Additionally, the vampire lord's silver box!

However, right now, it wasn't a situation where he could relax.

The vampire lord was angry over the death of his clone and shot a huge flame from the sky.

’’How dare you! I can't forgive you. You lowlife bastard!’’


Flames enveloped him from the sky!

There was no place to avoid it.

Kang-jun thought quickly and rushed toward the Jewel of Darkness.


Flames wrapped around his whole body.


It was unthinkable! His whole body seemed like it was melting.

The Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour protected Kang-jun's body but its defense was limited.

Health: 112/730.

Despite just levelling up, his health quickly reached the bottom.

If this continued on, he would really die.

But even if he died, he would just be resurrected anyway. He just needed to do one more thing.

'I have to destroy the Jewel of Darkness before I die!'

Kang-jun used a skill.

'Heavenly Cut!'

Flash! Paak!

The Jewel of Darkness turned into powder.

At that moment.

[Mission 12 has been completed.]

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.]

[6,000 nodes have been given as compensation.]

[20 large moonstones have been given as compensation.]

The messages seemed slow but the effects had already been applied.

The mission was completed just before his health reached zero and his level rose again. At this point, his health was restored and the maximum value increased.

Health: 750/750.

Of course, the flame damage kept occurring but the rate had slowed down.

Health: 452/750.

Flames were still burning the garden but a blue shield formed around Kang-jun's body and pushed away the flames.

(I worried that my shield was too late. However, I'm glad that you didn't die. It is really surprising how you managed to endure it. I can see why Heksia praised you.)

It was Commander Grania's voice again.

The vampire lord fighting her had suddenly fired at Kang-jun.

It was powerful and fatal to sovereigns!

Radel, the total sovereign, was near the flames, so his life was in danger.

Therefore, Grania covered Radel and Lucan with a shield at the same time.

However, Radel had melted before the shield was triggered and Lucan had endured it. This was despite the fact that he received stronger damage than Radel.

(Sovereign Lucan! I will destroy the vampire lord since you have taken care of the Jewel of Darkness. Now you will be rewarded for your achievements.)

Her voice was excited. The vampire lord was still alive, yet she was convinced of her victory?

Then a new message appeared.

[The reinforcement mission has been completed.]

[You have destroyed the Jewel of Darkness.]

[You have earned 100 red moon achievement points.]

The rewards for his achievement arrived. By this time, Avia and the other sovereigns who were waiting at the resurrection gem would be given 50 achievement points.

Kang-jun's mission was over.

The support mission had been to destroy the Jewel of Darkness, not kill the vampire lord.

Grania's figure disappeared as she fought the vampire lord in the air.

However, Commander Grania had promised him additional compensation. So, Kang-jun waited without leaving his position.

'Should I open the box?'

The vampire lord's silver box he obtained was in his inventory.

The size was small.

It was a lower ranked box than the golden treasure chest but it was still a box.

Kang-jun opened it instantly.

'A book?'

[Vampire Mage]

It was a thick book titled, Vampire Mage.

He could tell it was an old book just by looking at the cover.

There was a picture of a vampire similar to the ones at the entrance of the mansion.

'What is this?'

He felt somewhat reluctant but decided to touch it.


At that moment, the vampire and bizarre letters made of flames were sucked into his head.

[Intermediate knowledge about the vampire magic has been acquired.]

It was knowledge.

Usually, there was a rare chance of a knowledge scroll being dropped if he killed many monsters.

This was the first time it appeared in the form of a book.

[You can summon a vampire mage in the barracks by constructing a magic tower.]

[Vampire Mage]

-Resources: 100 nodes, 1 Essence of Darkness

-It is possible to summon one if you have 3 charisma points

'Oh! This is?'

It was possible to summon them as long as the magic tower was built. Of course, there was a limit to the knowledge gained.

'I need a magic tower.'

The offensive power of the vampire mages wasn't a joke. If Kang-jun hadn't been wearing legend grade armour, he might have been turned to ashes.

If he could summon vampire mages, his base power would increase a lot.

The problem was the magic tower.

He had yet to see a place where he could build a magic tower in an occupied territory.

'I'll have to ask Kajel.'

Kajel specialized in things related to magic.

It was at that moment that a huge storm occurred again in the quiet sky.

Flash! Pajijijik!


The man with red wings fell down with a terrible scream.

He was the vampire lord.

Kwarurung! Jijijik!

Grania sent another lightning spell toward the falling vampire lord.

Pasususu -

The body of the vampire lord turned to smoke and scattered.


Thus, the body of the vampire lord disappeared.

At the same time, Grania landed in front of Kang-jun. She had a very pleasant expression on her face.

’’Hoho! I finally caught him after a long chase. I also received a heart, so I feel good.’’

A heart. Did it mean that Grania received the heart of the vampire lord?

It was an item that Heksia wanted to obtain.

It was a very good item for Kang-jun.

However, the vampire lord never attacked Kang-jun directly, so he had no claim over it.

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’Congratulations on getting the heart.’’

’’Thank you. It is all thanks to you.’’

Grania handed something to Kang-jun.

’’Now, take this. It is the extra reward like I promised.’’

It was a glowing long sword with an eerie black blade. At the first glance, it didn't look ordinary.

’’A sword?’’

Grania laughed at Kang-jun's amazement.

’’I received two golden boxes. The heart is necessary for me but it seems like you need the sword more. I saw that your sword is broken.’’

Like she said, the Warrior's Sword was no longer suitable to be used as a sword.

Of course, he didn't want to throw away this sword.

It was a rare item with the option to increase his defense when he used Aura of Earth.

Repairing it was easy.

If he kept it in the base warehouse, it would be repaired and its durability recovered.

’’Then I will gratefully receive it.’’

Kang-jun placed the Warrior's Sword in his inventory and grabbed the sword from Grania.

[Vampire Lord's Sword]

-Rating: Legend

-It has a strong durability due to the special ability of the vampire lord.

-The sword's attack power will increase greatly when used with Aura of Darkness.

-When attacking, there is a low probability of absorbing the target's health.

A legend grade weapon.

It also had two amazing options.

Of course, one of them had no power right now because Kang-jun hadn't acquired the Aura of Darkness skill yet.

But that wasn't a problem.

In the end, the last option was the real jackpot.

Health absorption!

If the attack was successful, there was a chance to absorb health from the enemy.

The probability was low but that didn't matter. It would be a great help even if this ability was activated once in a dozen times.

During fierce battles, there were often times when he couldn't afford to drink a potion to restore his health.

’’The sword suits you.’’

’’I like it very much.’’

’’I'm glad. Then I'll see you next time if there is another chance. Thank you for the work today, Sovereign Lucan.’’

Grania waved her hands and chanted a spell.


A glittering light wrapped around his body and Kang-jun reappeared back at the 439th Army headquarters.

Hwakak! Hwaaak!

Kang-jun was followed by Avia. She greeted Kang-jun excitedly.

’’Lucan! What happened to that terrible guy? I got the reward thanks to you but I don't deserve it.’’

Avia fidgeted with one side of her neck. She still seemed to be shocked by the vampire lord's clone sucking her blood.

Caper, Rosina and Brio also scratched their heads.

’’I am really ashamed of myself, total sovereign.’’

’’I didn't help but was still rewarded.’’

’’I'll do better next time.’’

In particular, Haniel who died first was apologetic.

’’I'm sorry. I will increase my skills in the future so that I don't become disruptive.’’

However, their expressions were shining brightly. These were the first achievement points they received after the red moon rose.


Then the magic circle glowed and Heksia appeared in a tired state. She wasn't in a very good mood but she looked happier after seeing Kang-jun.

’’The total sovereign is back. The mission?’’

’’It was completed successfully.’’

’’Huhu, as expected from the total sovereign. But thanks to that, our side was a total failure. I shouldn't have sent you as support.’’

Heksia sighed.

’’Did the naga queen appear?’’

’’I'll explain later. For now, there is something more important than that. Enter the palace.’’


Kang-jun nodded. Kang-jun entered the palace where the other sovereigns were already waiting.

Everyone seemed to have bitter expressions on their faces, so something must have happened against the nagas.

Heksia sat on the throne and said.

’’Everybody listen up. After the red moon rises, there will be a periodic assessment of your accomplishments.’’

Periodic assessments. What did that mean? The expressions of the sovereigns stiffened.

’’The commanders decided this in order to encourage and motivate the sovereigns. Therefore, you will keep being evaluated in the future.’’

Naturally, the sovereigns frowned. Those who lost most of their achievement points wouldn't be happy.

’’Everything will be judged thoroughly. People who have less than the standard number of achievement points will be punished, while those who have more will be rewarded. Then the achievements will be reset.’’

She said with a calm expression.

’’For those who feel like they are lacking achievement points, place your moonstones in the box in front of you. Then the value of the moonstones will be added to your achievement points.’’

Heksia waved her hands and a large box appeared at the side of her throne.

Multiple sovereigns ran up to the box. The moonstones they received from killing monsters or mission accomplishments were placed in the box.

Of course, Kang-jun didn't move.

He currently had 560 achievement points.

It would increase if he exchanged his moonstones but he kept in mind what Han Yeon-soo said.

After a few moments.

Heksia raised a hand.

’’It is over now, so everyone go back to your spots.’’

The sovereigns returned to their positions.

Heksia closed the lid of the box.


There was a bright light and the box disappeared.


After a while, a different box appeared in its place.


Heksia immediately opened the box.

There were many scrolls inside.

There were 40 of them.

The name of each sovereign was displayed on the scroll.

’’Sovereign Lucan!’’

Heksia called out. Kang-jun approached and Heksia handed him the scroll.

’’Now, take this.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’Read the evaluation yourself. The contents are different for everyone.’’


Heksia continued to distribute the scrolls to the other sovereigns.

Kang-jun returned to his position and opened the scroll.


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