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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Serving as Reinforcements (2)

It was a huge enclosed stone room.

There was a red gem on one side of it.

It was a very familiar training room.

Heksia immediately swept a glance over the sovereigns and said,

’’I will choose the total sovereign again. That method is to challenge the current total sovereign, Lucan, and take him down. Your achievements won't be cut if you are defeated. However, in the case of victory, you will become the total sovereign and receive 50 achievement points. Any challengers, come out.’’

The strong-willed Zenith pulled out his axe then.

’’I will do it.’’

’’Okay. Start.’’

Zenith instantly rushed toward Kang-jun and wielded his axe. The axe grew three or four times larger and literally exploded in Kang-jun's space.


'I won.'

Zenith was delighted. This was his strongest skill.

If he hit properly with the axe, it was a power that couldn't be tolerated even by an ogre or a minotaur.

The last time, he had been confused and couldn't use this skill. However, this time he was confident of his victory.

But unlike his expectations, Kang-jun had already escaped the radius of the skill.


Then Kang-jun's sword flashed and Zenith's head was cut off.


Zenith's body turned into smoke and appeared in front of the resurrection jewel.

’’Shit! It is a scam. This is nonsense!’’

He screamed. Heksia snorted and glanced at the other sovereigns.

’’The next challenger.’’


’’No one?’’

The sovereigns all avoided Heksia's eyes.

Avia was more competitive than the others, yet she showed no signs of moving.

’’What? This is so boring. There is nothing to lose when you die, so don't any of you want to challenge him?’’

She taunted them.

’’Then the total sovereign is Lucan.’’

[You have earned 50 red moon achievement points.]

The message was sent to Kang-jun straight away.

'It feels like I got it without doing anything.'

If that was the case, the gap would increase even further.

Heksia turned toward Kang-jun.

’’Lucan! Be vigilant. You are still a frog inside a well. The sovereigns of the other armies are also building up achievement points like you.’’

That's right. Kang-jun's competitors weren't the sovereigns in the 439th Army.

The sovereigns of the other armies, particularly the strongest of them, would be his true competitors.

’’I know. So, let's go destroy the subordinates of the Second Demon King.’’

Heksia nodded.

’’Since the ghoul lord was defeated last time, many nagas have been attacking our territory.’’

Nagas were monsters with the head of a person but the body of a snake.

’’Then there is a war with the nagas.’’

’’I haven't seen the naga queen appear yet but I still think I should take the vanguard today.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’However, not you. Right now, I have a request for assistance from another army.’’

’’Request for assistance?’’

Heksia nodded.

’’I am the commander of the army and can't leave this area, so you will lead any volunteers.’’

Heksia immediately cried out to the other sovereigns.

’’The 438th Army has asked for support. Does anyone want to go with the total sovereign to help? Except for the volunteers, the other sovereigns will go with me to hunt nagas.’’

Five sovereigns, including Avia, raised their hands without hesitation.

’’I will go help.’’

’’I will follow the total sovereign.’’

They were the sovereigns allied with Kang-jun.

Apart from them, no one else decided to go help.

It was the same for the other sovereigns, not just the ones in Hardis' alliance.

They thought it would be better to hunt monsters safely with the commander than to go somewhere unknown.

Heksia nodded.

’’Okay. Instead, you must follow the command of the total sovereign on the battlefield.’’


’’I understand.’’

Hardis' and Zenith's eyes narrowed as Avia, Caper, Haniel, Brio and Rosina followed Kang-jun.

'What? Have they joined up with Lucan?'

'Do they think it will be safe to make us their enemies?'

However, Avia and the others didn't even blink.

They didn't ally with Kang-jun because they were afraid of Hardis or Zenith. They only feared Kang-jun.

Heksia handed a scroll to Kang-jun.

’’Lucan, give this to Commander Grania of the 438th Army.’’


’’Then move to that portal. Good luck.’’

A new magic circle appeared on the floor and Kang-jun entered the magic circle with Avia.

After a few moments, Kang-jun appeared at the battlefield where the red moon was floating.



A shield was spread out over a certain radius around the resurrection gem and laughter could be heard from every direction.

He could see pale faces with pointed fangs protruding from the mouth. They were vampires.

’’Kill these damn vampires!’’



’’Give me blood!’’

’’Aaaah! H-help...aaaack!’’

A group of people were fighting the vampires.

Of course, they were the sovereigns from the 438th Army.

Some sovereigns were able to get rid of a few vampires but more sovereigns were falling to them.

However, their battle was nothing compared to the other one taking place.

A woman with blue wings and a man with huge bat wings were engaging in a fierce battle.

Hwaruru! Kuaang!

Pajik! Jijijik!

Lava-like flames flashed in their air. Clouds formed in the sky and lightning flashed down.

It was a spectacular sight.

Unlike Heksia and the ghoul lord who fought physically, magic was prevalent in this battle.

Avia stiffened as she saw them.

It was at that moment.


There was a horrifying scream and the woman with blue wings crashed to the ground.


The man with bad wings just laughed coldly from the sky.


At the same time, the woman with blue wings appeared in front of Kang-jun. She was the woman who had just crashed. She staggered and groaned.

’’Ha! I don't know how many times I've died. If it wasn't for the Jewel of Darkness...’’

She suddenly turned and looked at Kang-jun, then she said with a straightforward attitude.

’’I am Commander Grania of the 438th Army. Who are you?’’

Commander Grania? She was a commander and she just died. This must be a terrible battlefield for a commander to have died.

Kang-jun immediately handed her the scroll.

’’I am Lucan, the total sovereign from the 439th Army. Commander Heksia ordered me to give you support.’’

Grania unfolded the scroll and read the contents.

’’Ah! Are you that Lucan? The sovereign who made a decisive contribution against the ghoul lord.’’

’’You know about me?’’

’’Heksia complimented you so much that I got a tick in my ear.’’

’’I was just lucky.’’

’’I don't care if it was just luck. As you can see, I am currently in a desperate situation. There isn't a competent sovereign in this army, so no one has succeeded. They all died as soon as they entered the mansion.’’

Grania raised her hand and pointed to a place.

A large mansion could be seen on a distant hill.

’’The Jewel of Darkness is in that mansion. Whether you are lucky or skillful, please destroy it as soon as possible.’’

’’Will we get anything for destroying the Jewel of Darkness?’’

’’Of course. If any of you complete the mission, they will receive 100 achievement points and the others will receive 50 points. In addition, the one with the largest contribution will be given extra compensation. How about it? Can you do it?’’

’’I will do it.’’

The attack power of the vampires seemed to be superior to the ghouls, so it was a tough mission.

’’Then I will go and deal with the vampire lord.’’

Grania flew back to the vampire lord.

Kwarururung! Flash! Pajijijik!

The magic battle started once again.

Kang-jun looked at Avia and said,

’’I will rush ahead to the mansion. Follow behind me and take care of the enemies on the side.’’


’’I understand.’’

Avia and the others were nervous. Even if Kang-jun pierced a path, it wasn't easy to pass the area filled with infested vampires.

Moreover, it wouldn't end when they reached the mansion.

They didn't know what it might be filled with.

It would be hard to find and destroy the Jewel of Darkness.

Kang-jun raised the Warrior's Sword and said,

’’If you die then just wait here in front of the resurrection gem. Coming alone can also cause death. Also, those who don't have any confidence should just stay here. You will still be given a reward anyway.’’

Avia and the others shook their heads.

’’I can't do that.’’

’’Even if I end up dying, I want to try it at least once.’’

’’We can't receive compensation without even trying.’’

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’Then let's depart.’’

’’Yes, total sovereign.’’

Avia and the others tightened their grip on their weapons.

The moment that Kang-jun ran out of the shield,



A vampire that had been hitting the shield fell down with a wound in its chest.


Another vampire was cut at the neck and died. Avia saw it and hurriedly exclaimed.

’’There is no time to hesitate. Go and follow behind Lucan.’’


Avia and the others followed Kang-jun.

Kang-jun adjusted his speed so that they could follow.

However, the vampires were clever and quick. They approached like shadows and attacked secretly.



Eventually, Haniel was bitten by a vampire and died.


Unfortunately, Kang-jun couldn't do anything about it since he was running ahead.

Of course, he could move slowly and protect everyone but the situation didn't allow it.

Like Grania said, they were running out of time.

If the sovereign couldn't come out, then it was better for them to wait at the resurrection gem.



Caper and Rosina were the next ones slain by vampires.

Kang-jun ignored the screams behind him and ran forward. Even if they were in an alliance, he couldn't protect them like they were children. They needed to raise their skills themselves.

’’Aaaah! These guys, come on! Kuaack!’’

In the end, even Brio was hit by the vampires.

At this time, Kang-jun arrived at the mansion. Avia killed the vampires and approached. She gazed at Kang-jun.

’’We finally arrived at the mansion.’’

’’There will be many enemies inside, so be careful.’’

’’Don't worry. I can protect my own body.’’

Avia smiled confidently as she held up her blue spear. Kang-jun nodded and entered the front door of the mansion.


The door was broken and a garden with many black flowers could be seen.


’’Kill them!’’

There were vampire magicians wearing red robes.

Blackish red flames emerged from their hands.

Hwaruru! Hwarururu!

Receiving damage couldn't be avoided.

'Shit! This is why the sovereigns died.'

Kang-jun just rushed through the flames.

It was something he wouldn't have been able to do without his legend grade armour.


Fortunately, the flames winding around his body disappeared without a trace. Additionally, only a little bit of his health was reduced.


’’Avoid it!’’

The confused vampire magicians tried to flee but Kang-jun's sword was faster. Avia also ran quickly and swung her spear.




The vampire magicians collapsed helplessly.

Kang-jun moved forward.

'Over there.'

A shiny black jewel was inside the garden!

It was the Jewel of Darkness.

Surprisingly, a man with bat wings was guarding it. Both his eyes burned blood red.

’’Huhuhuhu, you have amazing skills to come this far.’’

The pale skin and red eyes were filled with madness.

An eerie aura was coming from him.

'What? Are there two vampire lords?'

Grania and the vampire lord were still fighting fiercely in the air, yet there was another vampire lord here.

(Lucan. He is a clone of the vampire lord.)

It was Grania's voice.

(His clone can't use a lot of magic but he is still a tough opponent to deal with. You have to destroy the jewel somehow.)

’’Kuhuhuhu! Then shall we make this a festival of blood?’’

At that time, the man giggled and disappeared.


And there was a scream from the rear.

Kang-jun turned around to see the man biting Avia's neck.


Avia turned pale as her blood was sucked and turned into smoke.

’’Kikikik! Delicious. Too fresh.’’

The man poked out his tongue and gazed at Kang-jun.


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