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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Serving as Reinforcements (1)

’’I'll formally greet you. I am Jang Seo-yeon.’’

She was dressed in a suit compared to the casual training clothes she wore during the day. If she looked like an attractive female trainer during the day, now she was a competent career woman.

But how did she find this place? It wasn't just Jang Seo-yeon, but the guests inside as well.

Of course, the information about sovereigns was exposed so people could find it if they wanted to.

Still, it was surprising that she found him so quickly.

’’Are you going to keep me standing outside?’’

’’Come inside.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Jang Seo-yeon smiled. On the other hand, the people sitting on the living room sofa also got up and greeted Kang-jun.

A man in his early 30s spoke first.

’’I'm sorry that I came here so rudely. I'm Kim Dong-hyun. I run a small company in Seocho-dong.’’

The next man in his early 40s said.

’’Greetings. I am Jung Sung-wook. I own a building in Daechi-dong.’’

This time, a stylish woman in her mid 40s spoke.

’’Please forgive my rudeness. I am Jang Yoo-kyung. I own a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.’’

The final person was a woman in her early 20s.

’’I'm sorry for coming so late. I am Choi Hyun-joo. I am enrolled in the psychology department at S University and have a building in Nonhyun-dong.’’

They introduced who they were without Kang-jun even asking. Everyone had a very courteous attitude.

’’I am Lee Kang-jun. Please sit down. What is your purpose for visiting me tonight?’’

Then Jang Seo-yeon said.

’’I am sure they came for the same purpose as me.’’

’’The same purpose as you?’’

’’The identity of Jung Sung-wook sitting there. I know it very well. He is the owner of the 60 billion won Daedo building in Daechi-dong. But it is even more surprising that he is a sovereign.’’

Jung Sung-wook looked at Jang Seo-yeon nervously.

’’I also know that Jang Seo-yeon is the owner of the Ohyun building in Daechi-dong. The only child of Gangnam's big spender, Oh Jae-sa. You are also a sovereign. I just don't know what sovereign.’’

Gangnam's big spender Oh Jae-sa? The one that was said to hold billions of dollars in real estate? Then how many buildings would she have?

She was so famous that even Kang-jun had heard of her. However, Jang Seo-yeon was Oh Jae-sa's daughter.

Just like the case of Kang-jun and Yoo Seung-hwan, Jang Seo-yeon and Jung Sung-wook seemed to be close competitors. Jang Seo-yeon nodded and said.

’’I'm Sovereign Avia.’’

Jung Sung-wook's eyes widened with surprise. He hadn't expected that Jang Seo-yeon would be Sovereign Avia who was one of the members of the 439th Army.

’’I am Caper.’’


’’I am Brio.’’


Jung Sung-wook was Caper, Jang Yoo-kyung was Rosina, Kim Dong-hyun was Brio and Choi Hyun-joo was Haniel.

Jang Seo-yeon nodded.

’’Nice to meet you. Anyway, the purpose of your visit is to form an alliance with Lucan.’’

’’That's right.’’

Jung Sung-wook scratched his head and gazed at Kang-jun. Kang-jun's expression was serene.

It wasn't unexpected information. After guessing that they were sovereigns, Kang-jun already knew the reason for their visit.

At that time, Kim Dong-hyun glanced at Kang-jun and said.

’’I'll speak bluntly. Lucan, we want an alliance with you. We will co-exist and not show hostility towards each other.’’

’’Do you think an alliance will be meaningful?’’

’’Before the red moon appeared, an alliance between sovereigns was really meaningless. It is because we don't know when we will be stabbed in the back. But now it is different. Sooner or later, everyone will be out in the open. We won't be able to hide anymore.’’

’’But that doesn't change anything. We can't trust each other even if we are out in the open.’’

’’Of course. Honestly, it is too much to hope for a relationship of trust. If it is possible, I would like to maintain a relationship of give or take.’’

’’Give or take?’’

Kang-jun asked and this time Choi Hyun-joo replied.

’’Lucan, no matter how strong you are, Earth has many sovereigns. Many of them are starting to get together. This is due to the red moon. The era of moving alone is gone.’’

’’How do you know that?’’

’’Sovereigns are humans. And human psychology is similar. The behaviour of the 40 sovereigns in our army can be seen as a miniature of all of Earth's sovereigns.’’

Jang Yoo-kyung continued.

’’Hardis has already created an alliance hostile towards Lucan.’’

Jung Sung-wook's eyes flashed as he spoke.

’’Alone they are weak, but they become stronger when joined together. Humans form a group to deal with wild beasts. No matter how strong you are, there are limits to surviving on your own.’’

Kim Dong-hyun said with an intense gaze.

’’In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a fief couldn't deal with an army of one million troops alone. We can give you strength. The strength to go against one million troops.’’


Jang Yoo-kyung replied with an odd smile.

’’It isn't just funding. Information is power.’’


’’I know that recently Lucan met with Hardis. In addition, 12 sovereigns including Hardis and Zenith met today to form an alliance against you. The meeting place was the Jade Incense Restaurant in Cheondam-dong.’’

Kang-jun was surprised. How did she knew that he met with Yoo Seung-hwan as well as other sovereigns?

’’Are you wondering how I know? In fact, I am the owner of the restaurant.’’

The owner of the fine dining Jade Incense Restaurant was Jang Yoo-kyung?

If so, that made sense.

While concentrating on beating him, they allowed others to jump over them.

Hardis and the others wouldn't be aware that their secret meeting had been discovered.

Kang-jun nodded.

’’I roughly understand. By the way, I am curious about why you chose me. Why didn't you go to Hardis?’’

At this time, Jang Seo-yeon replied.

’’While you were dealing with the ghoul lord, the other sovereigns were waiting in front of the resurrection gem. At that time, Hardis offered me an alliance. He also informed me that you are the owner of the Yugang building. It is probably the same for the other sovereigns.’’

Something like that had happened. As a matter of fact, he expected Hardis to do something like that. He had no confidence so he proposed an alliance.

’’Why did you reject him and come to see me?’’

’’There are those who go together and those who don't. Hardis is someone who doesn't fit with me. I honestly dislike Hardis more than I do you.’’

She continued.

’’I hate that you are so strong. It is because of jealousy. But Hardis is sly.’’

Kim Dong-hyun also agreed.

’’I think the same. I hate people like Hardis.’’

Kang-jun asked Jang Seo-yeon.

’’But didn't you seem hostile towards me when I met you earlier in the day?’’

’’To be honest, I was worried at the time. I didn't want to make an alliance that wasn't centred around me. However, my thoughts shifted after watching you in the battle field.’’

Kang-jun nodded.

He roughly understood why they came to find him.

They didn't want to become enemies with Kang-jun. Furthermore, they wanted to establish an alliance of co-existence!

The night was deepening. Now he had to come to a conclusion.

It was true that he needed allies.

It wasn't even to protect himself if people started aiming at him from every direction.

However, he couldn't trust them.

They wouldn't have reached out to Kang-jun if he wasn't strong.

In reality, all of them had a foundation that Kang-jun couldn't compare to. Among them, Jang Seo-yeon was one of the biggest gold spoons that Kang-jun had ever met.

But even she bowed before Kang-jun's strong attack power.

She didn't want to be his enemy. Joining an alliance!

When looking at it, there would definitely be a reward.

Kang-jun was silent for a while before saying.

’’Okay. In the future, we are allies. It isn't a complete alliance, but we won't become hostile to each other. I will watch over you in the future.’’

He had to take care of them if he wanted it to develop into a full alliance. Jang Yoo-kyung was satisfied just hearing that Kang-jun wouldn't become hostile towards them.

’’It is a wise decision.’’

’’Thank you very much, hahaha. Let's survive together until the end.’’

They seemed confident that there would be a full alliance with Kang-jun in the future. Jang Seo-yeon smiled.

’’Thanks to you, I can now sleep comfortably. Recently, I haven't been able to sleep after remembering you killing me.’’

Kim Dong-hyun also agreed.

’’That's right. I really don't want to be your enemy.’’

The others all looked the same. Kang-jun nodded.

’’If you aren't hostile towards me then I won't strike first. Then if you don't have anything else to say, let's end this here for today.’’

And Choi Hyun-joo said.

’’I have something else to say. Hardis and his group made a plan today to isolate Lucan. For example, they are buying the nearby buildings.’’

It was a simple but powerful method.

Once the red moon was over, a considerable offensive would pour out from the buildings surrounding him.

Choi Hyun-Joo kept talking.

’’If they launch a massive offensive then we also need to prepare the same. I can buy one or two of the smaller buildings.’’

’’Then I'll join you.’’

’’Me too.’’

’’Haha, if that is the course you've decided on then I will also join.’’

Everyone was burning with a will to confront the enemy. They had enough money anyway.

Kang-jun just smiled.

’’It is up to you. But if I receive help then I will return the favour.’’

Then he said.

’’It is late. If you want to sleep here then I am happy to offer an empty room.’’

There were enough rooms for five people. However, he didn't really think they would sleep here.

As expected, everyone got up.

’’I have many things to do, Lucan.’’

’’I will see you in Hwanmong, Lucan.’’

They gave him their contract details and left.

Kang-jun immediately fell asleep.

The next day, Kang-jun watched the real-time reports and hunted evil spirits. He chased them all day and was able to get rid of dozens of them.

Thanks to that, he levelled up and reached Lv27.

Of course, the other sovereigns also played a role. Therefore, the evil spirits were swept away at a rapid rate.

As a result, various SNS talked about the mysterious exorcists, and people preferred that the exorcists arrived rather than the police. Thanks to that, Kang-jun wasn't alone in the spotlight.

However, he didn't know that one of the hottest stories on SNS was about the silver-haired exorcist. There were photos of Kang-jun driving a Venta S class so his popularity rose to that of a celebrity.

Anyway, today was the day to go to Hwanmong.

Kang-jun fell asleep while listening to Hayun's lullaby.

[The door to Hwanmong is open.]

[You have entered the world of Hwanmong.]

This time, he received a command scroll immediately. Kang-jun arrived at the army headquarters through the portal.

'Today it is headquarters instead of the battlefield.'

As he entered, Command Heksia sat firmly on the throne and some sovereigns were already waiting.

’’Welcome, Lucan. Wait until everyone else has arrived.’’


Kang-jun replied to Heksia and went to his designated spot. After a while, all the sovereigns arrived.

Heksia got up and declared.

’’Everyone will be going to the training room. As I said last time, I will give you a chance to prove how strong you are.’’

After her speech was over, the surroundings changed.


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