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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Evil Spirit Possession (3)

Kang-jun was surprised. It was amazing that he automatically joined with someone from his army, but also that it was Sovereign Avia.

However, his surprise was incomparable to Jang Seo-yeon's.

Just before the battle field was activated, this message had appeared in front of her.

[Fight with an ally, Sovereign Lucan from the Hwanmong Defense Troops 439th Army.]

Sovereign Lucan! She could never forget that name.

Since the red moon rose, he was the existence she hated the most in the 439th army!

She hadn't forgotten the memory of Lucan's sword in the first training room.

Since then, Lucan had advanced beyond her imagination.

When she saw the message that the ghoul lord mission she thought was impossible was fulfilled, she really wanted to go on a rampage.

That's why she searched through real time reports of evil spirits.

She wanted to win against Lucan. She had to somehow gain experience and raise her level. Yet she ended up meeting Lucan.

’’You are Avia?’’

’’You are Lucan?’’

Kang-jun asked casually, but Jang Seo-yeon stared at him with challenging eyes.

However, they had to turn their gazes back to the front again.



Although they saw that message that a large number of enemies were attacking, there were over 50 tentacle monsters.

Furthermore, one of them was two to three times bigger than the others and seemed quite powerful.

In the first battlefield of the red moon, there was a battle with more than 100 tentacle monsters. However, there had been 40 sovereigns present.

Now Kang-jun and Jang Seo-yeon had to deal with 50 of them as well as a boss monster.

Therefore, Jang Seo-yeon's face suddenly became confused.

'Oh my god! Why are there so many?'

Now it wasn't a problem of the experience distribution.

It was whether or not they could win this battle. If they were defeated then terrible things might happen.

Fortunately, it was possible to summon their subordinates here.

She became overconfident after realizing that.

'Okay. I will wipe them all out.'

She immediately summoned her subordinates.

Susu! Sususu.

Blue skin. The face was a lizard. The body looked like a human.

A monster called lizardman.

The five monsters summoned by Jang Seo-yeon were giant lizardmen. They were twice as big as normal lizardmen and were her main troops when taking over buildings.

’’Did you call, Lord?’’

’’Lord! You called us.’’

Jang Seo-yeon nodded. She wore white armour and had a blue spear in her right hand.

’’Jackel! Now is the time to prove your bravery.’’

Jackel was the strongest one among them. He smiled at the tentacles.

’’Those guys?’’

’’Yes. Call your servants to take care of them.’’

After that, over 100 lizardmen appeared.

They were lizardmen spearmen.

Then another 200 lizardmen heavy armour fighters showed up.

This was followed by 100 crossbow lizardmen.

Jang Seo-yeon's black magic energy was exhausted after summoning them and she drank a potion. It was a medium sized potion that restored 150 points of black magic energy at once.

Sususu! Susususu!

It seemed like she was trying to show off her troops to Kang-jun. After the lizardmen shamans, lizardmen healers and more than 500 troops were present, she stopped summoning.

She only drank two black magic potions. She finished and stared at Kang-jun.

’’The total sovereign doesn't need to move against such things, does he? Leave it to me.’’

She didn't listen to Kang-jun's answer and cried out loudly.

’’Go ahead and sweep them away!’’

’’Yes, Lord!’’

’’Everybody charge!’’

’’Kukik! Wah! Get rid of them!’’

’’Kukik! Kukikik! For Lord!’’

Under Jackel's command, the lizardmen squadrons rushed towards the monsters.

However, Kang-jun didn't summon a single subordinate.

He was even stronger than when he did his first mission on the red moon battlefield.

He had risen seven levels compared to that time!

Furthermore, he was equipped with the legend ranked Ghoul Lord's Heavy Armour and the Ghoul Lord's Heart greatly increased the damage of Heavenly Cut.

In other words, he was good enough to sweep them away alone.

There was no need to trouble himself with summoning his troops.

He judged that it would be better to use his black magic energy on Heavenly Cut.

He decided not to touch Jang Seo-yeon's momentum and just watched for a while. Indeed, they fought well.



Chwack! Chwaack!

The lizardmen bit at the tentacles flying at their arms and legs.



A monster with dozens of arms. That was the tentacle monster. If the body wasn't killed at once then there was bound to be a struggle.

Fortunately, Jackel the lizardman knew how to deal with the tentacles. He commanded his men to attack their bodies.

Of course, quite a few lizardmen died.

Jang Seo-yeon was also fighting fiercely at the vanguard of the lizardmen.

Kang-jun watched her carefully.

Jang Seo-yeon was obviously a gold spoon. Even though she wore a training suit, there was something luxurious about her.

Nevertheless, it was unusual that she would fight the enemy directly in the vanguard.

In addition, her skill at wielding the spear was exceptional. She handled a tentacle monster one-on-one without any difficulty.

Of course, it was trivial when compared to Kang-jun. However, based on Heksia's words, it was highly likely that Jang Seo-yeon had gained an intermediate or advanced spearmanship skill.

Therefore, it was possible for Jang Seo-yeon and her troops to handle the monsters without difficulty.

But then there was a variable.


The giant tentacle monster gave a loud roar. At that moment, the size of the monsters increased.

Suok! Suuok!

Even the cut off tentacles became large slimes.

Thanks to the strength of their attacks increasing, Jang Seo-yeon and the lizardmen started being pushed back.

Furthermore, blood was flowing down from her forehead where she had been hit.

Even if Jang Seo-yeon won, it would require a considerable sacrifice of her troops. It would take a long time.

'I will go and finish it off.'

He had watched for a while to check how well she fought.

The timing didn't matter because it was slowed in reality, but Kang-jun became bored of watching.

Susuk! Hwiririk!

Kang-jun immediately passed between the lizardmen and the tentacles.



As he passed, the tentacle monsters collapsed.

[18 nodes have been gained.]

[16 nodes have been gained.]

[An intermediate black magic recovery potion has been acquired.]

Kang-jun rushed straight towards the giant tentacle. Everything in his way fell down.


At that moment, a giant fireball poured from the mouth of the giant tentacle.

Hwaruruk! Hwaruru!

It was stronger than Kajel!


Kang-jun quickly evaded sideways. Still, the fireball caught up and flew close to Kang-jun.


It sounded like a grenade had exploded. Kang-jun reflexively moved out of the radius, but some of the flames still wrapped around his body.

'There isn't a lot of damage. It is comfortable now that I'm wearing good armour.'

If he knew this then he would have rushed in without hesitation.


Kang-jun's sword flashed the moment the giant tentacle opened its mouth to use another fireball.


At that moment, the giant tentacle seemed like a stone statue.

Kung! Kuuong!

Then it fell to the ground in two pieces.

[Two intermediate black magic recovery potions have been acquired.]

[One large moonstone has been acquired.]

He earned some japtem.

The tentacles and slimes returned to their original size.

Kang-jun's sword swept all over the place like a storm.




Kang-jun swung his sword at all objects that tried to stop him. Everything in front of him seemed to die.

'That is impossible!'

Jang Seo-yeon stared blankly at Kang-jun like she had lost her soul.

'He is now...'

A sigh emerged from her mouth.

The lizardmen were also watching him.


At that time, Kang-jun shook the blood off his sword.

The situation had ended.

Kang-jun nodded towards Jang Seo-yeon who still looked confused.

[You have won the battle.]

[40 points of black magic energy have been acquired.]

[Black Magic Energy: 470/470]

His black magic energy was full again.

Originally he might have received more, but Kang-jun had only consumed 40 points of black magic energy.

He used Heavenly Cut once and Aura of the Wind twice.

After a while, the battle field disappeared.

The students who had been possessed suddenly hesitated.

’’Ohh! Why I am here!?’’

’’Ugh! What happened?’’

They cried out frantically as their spirits returned.

’’Teacher! The kids are back to normal!’’

’’Wah! The evil spirits have been chased away!’’


’’They must be exorcists!’’

The nervous students and teachers approached Kang-jun and Jang Seo-yeon.

’’Rest assured that the evil spirits are gone. Then I will go.’’

Kang-jun smiled at them before running towards the rear door. It would be a nuisance if he was caught by the police or other people, so he needed to leave as quickly as possible.

And the students flocked around Jang Seo-yeon.

’’Wah! Pretty Noona! (honorific used by men for older females) Are you a real exorcist?’’

’’Unni (honorific used by women for older females) was hurt in the forehead. Were you injured fighting the evil spirits?’’

’’No, that's not it...’’

Jang Seo-yeon was surrounded by students and faced difficulty escaping.


She looked in the direction where Kang-jun had disappeared.


Shortly afterwards, Kang-jun got in his car and started it.

Now this situation was resolved. Kang-jun watched the real-time tips and moved to another place.

At nine in the evening. Jade Incense Restaurant, Cheongdam-dong.

A nicely decorated room in white had 12 people sitting down.

There were three women and nine men.

Their ages ranged from the 20s to 50s.

Among them, a man in his 50s was Yoo Seung-hwan, who called the meeting.

The man in his mid-30s sitting next to him was Kim Kun-woo, also known as Zenith.

They had met at 7 o'clock and after two hours, they decided to form an alliance. They promised that after the red moon was over, they would deal with the opponent Lucan.

’’Hahaha! It is nice to open up to each other like this. Who would have thought that Kim Kun-woo, the youngest son of the Cheongma Group, would be Sovereign Zenith?’’

Kim Kun-Woo laughed.

’’I should be saying that. I would have tried to get closer if I knew that Sovereign Hardis is Yoo Seung-hwan, who is a genius in regards to stocks.’’

’’Hoho! That's what I mean. I should use this opportunity to make some money in stocks, Representative Yoo-nim.’’

Kim In-hye, a 30 year old female building owner and Park Chang-sup, a businessman in his 40s laughed.

’’Hahahat! Correct. Teach me about stocks, Representative Yoo-nim. I am personally a fan. I've read the books about stocks that you wrote. Hahaha.’’

Yoo Seung-hwan smiled.

’’Yes, please come to my company at any time.’’

’’Didn't you say that guy called Lucan was originally living in a goshiwon? It sounds like he really has good luck.’’

’’Hoho! He isn't a black hen laying a white egg.’’ (proverb for a great person might be born of ordinary parents).

Then Yoo Seung-hwan shook his head.

’’But we shouldn't underestimate him. He is a scary guy.’’

Kim Kun-woo also agreed.

’’Representative Yoo-nim is correct. From now on, we have to be vigilant regarding him. As soon as you have enough funds, you should purchase buildings near the Yugang and Dafeng buildings. We need to surround him.’’

Kim In-hye laughed.

’’Can we do that? Right now there is a war ban.’’

Kim Kun-woo smiled.

’’Just look at the buildings owned or occupied by sovereigns. We can find out whether a territory is occupied or not from the Black Dragon Law Firm.’’

’’I understand. Then I will do it.’’

’’I will also participate. We have to unite.’’

’’Me too. Let's work together to survive and get rid of him.’’

Everyone was willing to participate. Yoo Seung-hwan watched with a slight smile.

'Stupid bastards! After you have ruined Lucan, all of you will be mine.'

However, Yoo Seung-hwan wasn't the only one smiling. Kim Kun-woo also had a strange smile on his face.

'Hardis! I will take care of you after Lucan. Until then, I will work together with you.'

His eyes shone eerily as he drank a glass of wine.

Kang-jun parked his car in the parking lot of the Yugang building.

Starting from the incident at K High School, he solved another seven incidents of possession.

Unfortunately, he didn't get enough experience to level up but he was still proud.

Today he could save dozens of people who would have died.

'I will take a break.'

He immediately took the elevator to the 5th floor.

As soon as he opened the door with his keycard, he saw four people sitting on the living room sofa.

Hayun welcomed Kang-jun.

’’You're back. Guests have arrived.’’

’’Guests? These people?’’

’’Yes. They didn't seem like bad people so I told them to come in and wait. I made ramyun noodles.’’

He could smell it. Kang-jun was hungry so the smell seemed even more delicious.

But now wasn't the time to eat ramyun.

He wanted to know why they came looking for him.

Ding dong.

Then the doorbell rang. Who was coming at this time? Kang-jun opened the door.


Jang Seo-yeon suddenly stood before him.


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