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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Evil Spirit Possession (2)

The monster flinched.

A strong presence was felt from Kang-jun!

It meant a strong being that they couldn't beat.

However, there was no way to avoid fighting in the battle field. A place where they would die if they didn't kill!

The monsters knew this fact and had no choice but to aim their tentacles towards Kang-jun.



Chwack! Chwack! Chwack chwack chwack!

The three monsters moved their tentacles at the same time so the entire space was filled with tentacles. It was like there were more than 100 snakes in the area.

Pak! Supaak!

Kang-jun calmly cut off the tentacles.

He didn't need to use any skills.

The severed tentacles turned into small slime monsters, however Kang-jun's sword had already destroyed the hearts that were the source of the monsters' power.

'It is bland.'

[Experience has been gained.]

[32 nodes have been gained.]

[Experience has been gained.]

[37 nodes have been gained.]

[Experience has been gained.]

[One small moonstone has been acquired.]

Kang-jun was startled.

'What? Experience and item drops.'

Unlike Hwanmong, the battle field normally didn't give any experience.

Surprisingly, the monsters in the Second Demon King's army gave experience. Furthermore, he got nodes and a moonstone!

'This is?'

Kang-jun's eyes shone. It meant that the experience was real, not virtual.

In other words, the monsters were really killed by Kang-jun's strikes.

[You have won.]

[25 black magic energy points have been acquired.]

Their black magic energy went to Kang-jun.

25 black magic energy points was the amount consumed when using a management skill. It was all filled up.


The battle field immediately disappeared. The battle only took 20 seconds, but in reality, it felt like time had stopped.


The only difference was the expression of the homeless man holding the knife.

His face distorted. Then he flopped down on the ground.

’’Ohh! No way! W-why did I do this...?’’

He trembled as he saw the bloodstained knife in his hand and the people collapsed near him.


’’Get down!’’

At that moment, the heavily armed police ran and grabbed the knife from his hand before handcuffing him.

Eeeeng -

After calling 119, the paramedics arrived and the situation started to be cleaned up.

Two people died and five were injured.

This would be reported as another incident of evil spirit possession. But people didn't know why the homeless man suddenly lost strength and collapsed.

If Kang-jun hadn't removed the evil spirits then what terrible catastrophe would have happened in the market?

Kang-jun stared after the police cars and ambulances with a bitter expression.

He felt sorry for the victimized people. They died for no reason, just because they were near a possessed man.

'If I found him a little sooner then I might have prevented the incident.'

Kang-jun went around the market to see if there was anybody else.

In the aftermath of the murders, the market was completely empty of guests. The merchants maintained their positions, but they all looked uneasy.

It was the same for the part time workers at Kang-jun's underwear stall.

’’Today, take a day off.’’

’’Thank you, Boss-nim. But I don't think I'll be able to come tomorrow. I'm sorry.’’

’’Me too. I can't come back here because I'm too afraid.’’

The part time workers declared. Kang-jun nodded.

’’I understand. I will try to clean up the stall. In the meantime, you both did really well so thank you.’’

Kang-jun shook the hands of the two part time workers.

They had been very skillful and worked sincerely. If it wasn't for them, Kang-jun wouldn't have been able to read the books comfortably or use the management skills.

After a while, he headed to the market's parking lot.

Kang-jun sat in the car and searched through his smartphone for a while.

It was impossible to comfortably read books when he knew that the Second Demon King's creatures were attacking people in reality. He decided to actively look around for them.

He could help people as well as gain experience, nodes and moonstones from the creatures.

In the past, he had only been able to level up in Hwanmong. But now, there was a chance that he could even level up in reality.

So there was no reason to spend time reading books in reality. He would read on a semi-regular basis.

If possible, he would search for other places where incidents were occurring to increase his experience.

'There are still incidents going on today.'

This wasn't just happening in Korea but all over the world.

On the Internet and SNS, there were reports about monsters and evil spirits.

There were even those who gathered the information and made maps. People marked the map whenever they found a place where evil spirits or monsters were.

The map of Seoul had many red dots all over the place. He zoomed into the map where there were no red dots.

Kang-jun recalled Colt's words.

'Didn't he say that they can't appear in the territory of the sovereigns?'

Indeed, there were no red dots in the vicinities of the Yugang, Dafeng, Echo, Sungkwang, Dain building, etc.

However, the radius around the Yugang and Dafeng buildings was much wider compared to the buildings that he only occupied.

This meant that the safety zone effect was stronger when the sovereign owned the building.

As he continued to look, he could see that there was a safe zone around the Seyoung building that Yoo Seung-hwan owned.

That wasn't all.

He could find the locations of other sovereigns from the map.

Of course, there were still many obscure areas. But as more red dots formed, he could clearly see the safety zones around the sovereigns' bases forming.

'I got some unforeseen information.'

However, this information wasn't given unconditionally. Conversely, Kang-jun's position would also be exposed to other sovereigns.

The positions of sovereigns could be figured out through this map.

'I should be glad that the red moon is floating.'

Otherwise, the world might have been confused by the war between sovereigns, not the appearance of evil spirits or monsters.

Anyway, the situation was now different.

The emergence of the Second Demon King! The situation had dramatically changed.

In the meantime, all the sovereigns hiding in the darkness were revealed. Now that sovereigns could no longer hide, the war between sovereigns would enter a new phase.

Of course, sovereigns were still unknown to the general public.

'Then shall I go hunting?'

Kang-jun searched the forums of the site containing the map for tips.

Rather than going where an evil spirit had once appeared, it would be better to find the information in real time.

Then he heard that a high school contained students possessed by evil spirits.

'K High School?'

It was only five minutes from here.


Kang-jun quickly drove there.


’’Help me!’’

After a while, Kang-jun arrived at the road next to K High School.

The school's back gate.

There was a police car waiting there. Three police officers stood with a grim look like they were afraid to approach the school.

’’Ah, crazy! When will support come?’’

’’Isn't an incident occurring at this place?’’

’’Even if the army is mobilized, we will be the ones to die first. It has already been a few days since I last slept.’’

Kang-jun listened to their words as he glanced towards the school.

Teachers and hundreds of students were shaking in the middle of the playground.

It was due to the students possessed by the evil spirits.

Some of the teachers and students, including the principal, were captured and the police were dispatched to subdue this situation.

At that time, students with dark eyes dragged out a bloody man onto the central porch. It was the principal. After that, bloodied teachers, students and police officers were also dragged out.

’’Kikikik! Who cares about the police? If anyone is confident then enter.’’

’’Hihihi! First, I will kill the principal and then the teachers. And then you will all die!’’

There were at least 20 students possessed by evil spirits. The police's guns didn't work. As soon as the policemen pointed their guns, they shivered and collapsed.

’’Ah, f*k! How can I be afraid at school?’’

’’Sob. Mother...’’

’’Please do something!’’

The students in the playground were crying. The school's front gate, back gate, fence etc. were all guarded by possessed students so they couldn't escape.

If the police couldn't do anything then who would protect them?

’’Wait! Where are you going?’’

’’You shouldn't go in there.’’

The police who were watching the back gate shouted urgently.

Then one possessed student laughing smugly at the back of the school fell down.

And a man walked leisurely into the school.

It was Kang-jun.

’’Kiki! Who is this bastard?’’

’’How dare you?’’

Two other nearby students rushed towards Kang-jun. Of course, they also fell down as they neared him.

Everyone who saw the scene was shocked.

The police couldn't bring down the possessed students yet this man did it so easily!

Then the amazing sight occurred again.

This time it came from the main gate.

Two students standing there suddenly collapsed.

A woman in her 20s appeared. She wore a training suit with her hair tied back, and her slender figure was reminiscent of a model.

’’Agassi (Young lady, used for addressing young, unknown females)! It is dangerous.’’

’’I'll be okay so you guys stay behind.’’

Two sturdy men dressed in suits came after her, but it was useless.

She used considerable force to push their hands away.


’’This strength!’’

In the meantime, she walked from the main gate towards the front door of the school. Then she saw Kang-jun, who came from the other side.

Kang-jun could tell with one glance that she was a sovereign.

It wasn't because she had a distinctive aura.

It was because she took care of two possessed students easily. It was easy to see.

Of course, he had been busy fighting the possessed students in the meantime.

’’Who are you?’’

The woman in front of him, Jang Seo-yeon asked. Kang-jun answered quietly.

’’A person who came with the same purpose as you.’’

Then Jang Seo-yeon formed a mocking expression.

’’I can guess that much. But I will take care of it, so get out of here.’’

Kang-jun shrugged.

’’No matter how valuable the experience is, the situation is like this. Can't you see how terrified the students are?’’

It was human nature. Although they had the goal of levelling up as a sovereign, they also needed to help the students. It wasn't the time to fight over experience.

Kang-jun ran straight to the central porch. If he didn't take care of them quickly, an irreversible situation might occur.

Jang Seo-yeon came chasing behind Kang-jun.

’’Wait. This is my area.’’

Kang-jun ignored her words and approached the possessed students. The possessed students felt a sense of crisis and focused on Kang-jun and Jang Seo-yeon.

Even the ones far away ran like the wind and gathered in front of the central porch.

’’Kikiki! I will try it once.’’

’’Yihihihit! Do you think you can beat us?’’

At that moment, the area changed as the battle field was unfolded.

[A large number of enemies have attacked you and the battle field is automatically activated.]

[Fight with an ally, Sovereign Avia from the Hwanmong Defense Troops 439th Army.]


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